coco and hunter


We love nothing more than to load up the car with all our camping gear and go off on a nice camping adventure. We love to explore new places and enjoy being outside.

We now have two dogs, Coco and Hunter. Coco has been camping with us and loved it, Hunter is yet to experience a camping adventure but we are sure he will love it.

With Coco being a Siberian Husky and Hunter being a German Shepherd, both dogs love being outdoors and enjoy long walks so we go off hiking with them both for miles at a time as often as we can.

We really enjoy the camping life and experiencing of living outdoors along with finding beautiful destinations to stay and explore with our fur babies.


We have created a camping checklist to help make sure no essentials are forgotten.


Are you like me and always panic that you have forgotten something? I am terrible for doing this so we created a useful camping checklist to make things easier when it comes to packing to go camping. I’d hate to have forgotten something. Well we did on one trip, we actually forgot to pack our blow up bed. We packed the sleeping bags but forgot the bed so a trip to the shop was needed.

We went on a fun 2 night camping trip to Maldon with other family members. It was great fun and the boys really enjoyed being able to spend quality time with their cousins. It also gave us adults some time together and have a good laugh and a catch up. Late night walks was enjoyed along with ghost stories and some family games.


We went on a press trip and was camping in the new forest with other bloggers. We enjoyed a two night stay in the forest. We had a great time and met some lovely bloggers whilst there. We went on a bug hunt, bike ride and a lovely hike taking in the lovely views.

For Our next big camping adventure we have given it some real thought and we would LOVE to be a little more adventurous. The real beauty of camping is that you can go absolutely anywhere, and you aren’t constrained to one place – all you need is a tent, your bags, and a sense of adventure, and you’re ready to go!


Camping with pets

Have you ever been camping with your dog? we have. Some say it must be hard work. I won’t lie I was rather worried the first time we went with Coco mainly due to the fact it was her first time going and we didn’t know how she would take to it.

She absolutely LOVED it. We went of hiking with her and she loved laying by the tent watching the world go by. We are now looking forward to booking this years adventures and taking both Hunter and Coco with us.


A full review of our trip can be found on our travel blog.

Ten reasons to go camping

For anyone who hasn’t been camping before and is thinking about going – do it, you won’t regret it. Camping is great fun and an adventure you will not forget. We go camping with our kid’s and also go off on our own. It isn’t just for family’s it can also be enjoyed on your own, as a couple or as a family.

Here are >>10 reasons to go camping<<.


Finding the right place to camp

We love our camping trips and have now pitched up at many of different destinations from the Cotswolds, Norfolk, New Forest, Salisbury, Essex, Cambridge and hopefully many new places very soon. 

Trying to find a camp site that caters for all our interest can sometimes prove difficult. As some want somewhere peaceful to sit and relax, some like to go where there is loads on offer and like to be active whilst some like to go off and explore. 

When booking up our camping trips I always like to see whats on offer at the other end just to make sure it caters for everyone’s needs. 

One destination that is still spoken about today that the boy’s really did enjoy and that was Breydon Water. It had everything needed for us campers and it also had a caravan park next to our camping field, allowing other family members who wasn’t so keen on camping to be able to holiday with us. Such as Ian’s Mum and Dad and my Sister and her family.

The site had everything from an arcade room, club house, restaurant to an outdoor swimming pool and sports courts. There were also walking routes to go off and enjoy a hike. 


On this holiday the club house knew we was visiting as Lee ended up in a competition and winning, and myself and my Sister ended up in the Miss Breydon Water competition, ending up with us on stage along with other ladies doing the cancan and alsorts. To say Ian and the boys was crying with laughter would be and understatement. Brilliant camping trip where memories was definitely made.

Please check back for more camping updates soon.