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Upside Down House – Lakeside

Upside Down House - Lakeside

***We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

Sometimes in life you need to look at life from a different perspective! having a Grandson certainly helps with that, as he is often turning our world upside down – in beautiful and funny ways of course!

Dylan is an extremely energetic and fun toddler, who is at the age now of where he wants to explore everything – when we say everything we mean “everything”. When he comes to stay with us every other weekend, we have to what we call “stick everything on the ceiling” until he leaves.

Where would you take a fun and crazy toddler who is into everything, for a crazy and fun-filled day out that all the family can enjoy?

We enjoyed an afternoon at Lakeside in Essex, whilst there we visited the Upside Down House. This is a perfectly normal house – only thing is, it’s upside down and you are stepping into an incredible illusion!

Dylan found this incredibly fun and extremely funny. He loved the fact that he was walking on the ceiling. This little house is extremely fun and makes a very unique experience for everyone. We all got very creative and enjoyed imaginative play with Dylan during our visit.

Upside Down House - Lakeside

We all had great fun climbing on worktops, walking on the ceiling, doing handstands on the toilet…..YES, the toilet! now you can’t get crazier than that can you?

Upside Down House - Lakeside

I have a feeling that potty training is now going to be rather fun after this visit!

Always be different, be fun and most importantly always be the best version of yourself and capture the good times whilst doing so!

The Upside Down House can be found in Lakeside shopping centre, Essex.

Please do check out Dylan’s tab on our website for other fun he has been having whilst living his best life!

All Things Dylan

All Things Dylan
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Free Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

Free Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

Free Things To Do During The Summer Holidays

The summer half-term has arrived in England.  While older students will find this period as a time for intensive last-minute revision, parents find it as a time to search for something to do.  For parents of younger children, the half-term is a ‘things to-do’ period that is associated with ‘money to spend’ because the majority of popular attractions will come at a price.  In fact, most of these places increase their rates during the half-term and that’s before children begin asking for snacks or souvenirs.

Of course, it is possible to avoid the £60 for Legoland or £52.80 for CBeebies Land by merely heading to the cinema.  While the rate of the film is typically only £10 each, the cost of the confectioneries is exorbitant!

The option of lounging at home spending time glued to a television screen, laptop or tablet is there – well, not really.  Children need to enjoy activities out of the house, but what activities are available where the family can enjoy a day at a minimal cost or free?  WOW Free Stuff have come up with the top active, creative and innovation events hosted in Britain on the most exciting things to do in the summer holidays.


  1.  Tree Week

If you want to head off to London, or happen to live in London, it is possible to celebrate the city’s abundance of trees at the Woodland Trust’s Tree Week.  This arboreal even is held in the last week of May from May 27th to June 4th with over 50 activities taking place in the area – the majority of them free of charge.  Ranging from guided cycles and forest-inspired haiku-writing sessions to tree trails and storytelling events, it is possible to spend hours enjoying outdoor tree-loving excitement.

For more information on Tree Week and the different events held during this time, check the Woodland Trust’s website at

  1.  The Wild Parks

Located in Queen’s Park (NW6 6SG), the Wild Parks event provides families with many free family-friendly activities from the beginning of the summer half-term until the 25th of June.  In addition to the typical playground with a pets’ corner, paddling pool and petanque; the RSPB includes mini-best safaris, bird-watching and scavenger hunts to amuse children who are looking for wilder activities.  New wildflower areas have also been incorporated to attract insects and unique birds and guides are on hand to help children identify these new species.

For more information on the Wild Parks events and activities, check the RSPB website at

  1.  The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

While this location may not be the most popular option for younger children during summer half-term, the playground does have an immense pulling force when looking for free activities.  The majority of the action takes place around a large pirate ship with a surrounding ‘beach’.  However, there is also a sensory trail on offer with tepees and seating available for tired parents.

The playground can be found in London at W2 2UH and more details can be located on the Royal Parks website:


  1.   Paddle boarding

An activity located in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (HP22 5PS), stand-up paddle boarding can be an exciting activity for older children.  While paddle boarding will require a rate – dependent on the number of boarders and the size of the boards – it is possible to have free taster sessions at the Canal & River Trust paddle boarding centre.  The taster session is held on June 2nd from 5 pm to 7:30 pm and it is supervised by coaches from the Chiltern Canoe Club.  The session will be at the Weston Turville Reservoir, which is calm and ideal for beginners although you do need to look out for waterfowl when paddling.

An exciting sport, this is an activity reserved for older kids and the minimum age for paddle boarding is 14-years-old.  For more information check the Canal River Trust website at

  1.  Junior Golf Day

The Lee Valley Regional Park is one area that has so many free activities you could spend the full half-term here.  Located in Lee Valley, London (N9 OAR), it is possible to enjoy cycle routes and walking paths from the Lee towpath to rural Hertfordshire.  However, one of the most intriguing free activities is the Junior Golf Day.  Each Wednesday, the golf course at the Lee Valley Country Park provides a free day for children under 18 to play between nine and eighteen holes.  They are provided expert advice and can feel like a professional for a single day.

For more information on the park and the golf day, check the website at


  1.  Rock pools

While you may need to pay to enter the castle and gardens located in St. Michael’s Mount of Cornwall (TR17 0HS), the Great Scott Outdoor Adventure Rock pool sessions are entirely free of charge.  Running on May 29th at 1pm and May 30th at 2 pm, the rock pool explorer sessions begin near the start of the tidal island and take a walk along the causeway meeting critters all along the way.

For more information on this activity, check the St. Michael’s Mount website at

  1.  The Bath Fringe Festival

Running until June the 11th, the Bath Fringe Festival is an event bringing people a combination of comedy, music, theatre, film, circus acts and more to the city of Bath, Somerset.  This Festival is unique in that it is particular child-friendly and free of charge.  The Bedlam Fairs run in association with the Fringe Festival from June 3rd to June 4th and they display an eclectic range of performers from all around the Georgian area.

For more information on the festival and fair check the Bath Festival website at