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Painting Walls? Follow These 9 Tips for a Smooth, Successful Finish

Painting Walls? Follow These 9 Tips for a Smooth, Successful Finish

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If you’re getting ready to paint your walls, it’s essential to do a little prep work first. By following these nine tips, you can ensure a smooth, successful finish that will last for years. Let’s get started!

Remove All Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

The first step in painting your walls is to remove all of the switch plates and outlet covers. This will give you a clean surface to work with and will prevent paint from getting on these surfaces.

Wash The Walls With a Degreaser

If your walls are particularly dirty or greasy, you’ll want to wash them with a degreaser before painting. This will help the paint adhere better and give you a smoother finish. You can make your degreaser by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar.

Fill Cracks and Holes

If you have any cracks or holes in your wall, it’s important to fill them in before painting. This will ensure a smooth finish and prevent the paint from peeling off down the road.

Apply Bonding Agent

When painting walls, always apply a bonding agent first. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface and create a smoother finish. We recommend using blue grit, as it provides good coverage and is easy to work with.

Sand The Wall Smooth

You’ll want to sand your wall smooth before painting it. This will help the paint go on evenly and help you avoid any brush strokes. Use fine-grit sandpaper and sand in a circular motion. Then, wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Mask Off The Area

Once the primer is dry, it’s time to start masking off the area. This can be a little tedious, but it’s worth it in the end. Again, be sure to use painter’s tape to don’t accidentally paint over something you don’t want to.

If you’re painting a room with multiple colours, you’ll also need to tape off the areas where the different colours will meet. This can be a little tricky, but just take your time and be careful.

Prime The Wall

The next step is to prime the wall. This will help the paint stick better and provide a more even finish. You can use any primer, but we recommend using an oil-based primer for best results. If you have never used an oil-based product before, don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Just be sure to read the directions carefully, and be prepared for a little extra work.

Apply Two Coats of Paint for a Smooth Finish

To achieve a smooth finish, it is essential to apply two coats of paint. The first coat will help fill in any cracks or holes, while the second coat will provide an even and consistent colour. Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely between coats for the best results.

Install The Switch Plates

You might not think about it, but your switch plates can get in the way of a perfect paint job. However, they’re easy to remove (just unscrew them from the wall) and just as easy to put back on once you’re finished painting.

In conclusion, following these nine tips will help ensure a smooth, successful finish when painting your walls. With proper preparation and the right tools, you can achieve professional-looking results without spending a lot of money.


New House Update

new house update

New House Update

We have been in our new house for four months now, wow that has gone quick. We thought we would give a new house update to show how we have been getting on in that time.

Take a look…(after photos will be in our next post).

From November right through to January we was busy unpacking boxes and finding homes for things, sadly not everything fitted and we had to then minimise what we kept. Come January/February time we was sick of the sight of boxes and definitely not sad to see them go.

Slowly becoming box-free following moving house back in November. We are slowly but surely settling in nicely ????????

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Come January we made a start on the bedrooms. Three out of four bedrooms have been painted, but only one has new carpet and underlay. Well they was off-cut’s that we had spare from our old house, we had kept hold of them as we was going to use them at the old house but never did get round to it. They worked out to fit perfectly in our office. The bedrooms are yet to bed finished off.

At our old house Ian had use of the conservatory for a smoking room, when we moved he lost this space as we no longer have a conservatory and I will not have smoking in the house. As a Christmas gift we bought him his very own man-cave, this will be his own little space, somewhere he can escape to for peace and quite and enjoy his fag in peace whilst keeping warm with his feet up. It is yet to be kitted out but he loves it.

Hubby finally got round to setting the heater up in his man cave. ????

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One of the first jobs we done as soon as we could was take all the wallpaper off the walls. With Ian being a fully qualified electrician he has also been busy moving and adding light switches and plug sockets – these are things you can never have too many of in our house. Even adding outside power too – this is always handy to have.

Come February we painted the lounge, hall, stairs and landing. The downstairs toilet has also been painted. We have painted for now just to give it a brighter fresher feel as the previous owners taste DID NOT match our taste/colour scheme.

Here is a before photo.

We moved house on the 12th November. We spent Saturday stripping the wallpaper as it was not something we wanted to keep.

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We have a huge lounge area now, this is something we have dreamed of having, our lounge at our old house was tiny so we are loving the extra space. The size of the lounge is perfect but the lighting was poor, there was only two very dark/dim lights in place when we moved in and we wasn’t finding them sufficient enough so we spent a few day’s changing them for down-lights.

Whilst we was swapping the lighting for down-lights we insulated the ceiling and then re-plastered to help keep it warmer and sound-proof it that bit more. We had a mad moment and had this done about 10 days before Christmas.

Getting there slowly with our new house. Today we have a plasterer in. Messy job but will be so much better.

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The bathroom was a room we had all agreed was in desperate need of needing a makeover first. The people who lived here before us was disabled and had the bathroom fitted to meet their needs. At our old house we had a walk-in shower which we all loved but we all missed being able to have a bath. We had all agreed that we would like a bath put in place with an over-head shower – meaning the best of both worlds, a choice of a shower or a bath can now be had.

Teen has been busy helping hubby with the bathroom makeover. He was doing all the measurements to help make the new door frame.

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We was in our previous house for 13 years and we was very settled. Why we moved house can be read >> here. We have had to adjust to so many changes, minimise our belongings as not everything could come with us sadly. We gained a larger lounge but lost kitchen space, gained and extra bedroom but the master room is smaller. There have been lots to adjust to and work our way round but we are getting there slowly and making this house feel like home.

In March we had to say a very sad goodbye and come to terms with the sad loss of our loving dog Buddy, he sadly passed away on the 8th March in his sleep.

Never forgotten ????

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Also in March we had our carpet fitted in the lounge, hall, stairs and landing. Having carpet down has made a huge difference. It feels more homely, cosy and much warmer and welcoming.

Crazy teen. We are waiting on our brother in law to fit our carpet. Whilst waiting teen thought he'd strike a pose or three lol ???????? Crazy child.

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It is all slowly coming together, as you can see it has been a busy few months but we are now slowly starting to settle. Next new house update to follow shortly showing you all the changes made so far in more detail.

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Multiple Use Of Living Space

Multiple use of living space

Multiple Use Of Living Space

Organising your space in an efficient way that still makes your home feel like a home can be a really tough challenge. For some we don’t have the luxury of lots of space to have a games room or an office so making multiple use of living space is all that is on offer to us.

We have recently been looking at what space we do have and making it work to our needs the best way we can. We have found that we may only have small rooms to work with but by some planning and measuring we are currently making it work to full potential.

We have been purchasing items that can be easily folded away when not in use and even looking at furniture that has multiple uses to make life easier and be a great space-saver. We may have a small house but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the space we need for the areas that we are wanting does it?

Nothing makes a home feel smaller – and claustrophobic than lots of clutter, so we have been busy building/creating built-in storage space for belongings to reduce this. We have also been creating more space by de-cluttering and having a good sort out of things no longer in use and either passing to family members or handing in to our local charity shop. By doing this we have maximised our available space, giving us much more room to work with.

Now we have de-cluttered our home we have freed up some space to create a home office in our main bedroom, this however overlooks our garden, which at the moment does not look all that pretty but with spring soon upon us we will have to get planning for some garden ideas to help make our view from the office much more nicer. At the moment it is horribly over-grown and has been very much neglected due to not having the time needed to spend out there at the moment.

We have lived in our house for 13 years now and now the kid’s are older and we are in a much better position we are really enjoying putting our stamp within our home, together as a family, making it unique and multifunctional to meet all our needs.

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Great Fun Styling

Great fun styling

Great Fun Styling

When decorating you want to get it right, it can be a challenging job but also a rewarding one. Lee recently started decorating his bedroom which he had great fun styling, he enjoyed getting creative with colour and personalizing his space with soft furnishings. Whilst he was having great fun styling he learnt some useful decorating tips along the way.

Lee really enjoyed being involved in the styling of his space/bedroom, we thought with it being his personal space he should definitely be the one behind the styling of the room along with the layout. Who would be the best person to decide but the person who’s space it is.

We had great fun helping Lee style his space and also enjoyed giving/sharing some decorating tips along the way.


Deciding the layout of the room was the first piece of advice we gave Lee, he was asked how he was wanting his room, whether he was wanting a feature wall or not. He was also asked if he was wanting any major changes made before painting. Good job we asked as he was wanting changes made to his fitted wardrobe (post on this to follow).


We then asked him if he was wanting a theme in his room as we thought this would be a good starting point when it came to deciding on the colour, whether he was wanting a football theme as he is a huge football fan. This is the part Lee really enjoyed as the decision was all his. Lee had decided he wanted to look at the colour trends, he couldn’t decide if he wanted one or more colours but soon decided to go for plain walls in a Dulux Malt Chocolate colour and style his room in soft furnishings as these are easily changed if/when he wishes.

Colour scheme

We advised Lee that it is always best to get colour samples to colours he liked, a colour may look perfect in the shop but can look so different in the room itself due to a change of lighting and room size.


Storage is something that we don’t have enough of in our house and is something we definitely need to create more of. We advised Lee to make full use of any available space and create more if/where possible. With Lee’s room only being a box room this is what he is definitely doing as space is limited. Lee is currently thinking about whether or not to change his bed to one with storage space.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can make a room look so different yet they can finish off any theme perfectly. They can help add character and warmth to any room. Soft furnishings are a perfect place to start when you’re wanting to add character, colour and your own personal style to your room.

Wall art

We said to Lee whatever way he decided to decorate his bedroom we could guarantee that he would be able to find wall art that would work perfectly and help add character to his room. There are so many different options available that he could choose from. He could choose posters, canvases, framed pictures, mural he could even make a collage of fun he’s had with friends at the football and give it that extra personal touch if he wishes.

We can safely say that Lee has thoroughly enjoyed himself and had great fun styling his bedroom so far. He is still hunting for soft furnishings but we said that will take time and it will all come together eventually. We have been looking at Baytree Interiors and Lee has seen some amazing ideas that he likes.

With all the excitement of Lee’s room being decorated it has made us think of our room. We have been looking at the trends for 2016 as we wish to turn our bedroom into the perfect relaxing space needed after a long day. I love the Rose Quartz and Serenity, these two colours do work seamlessly together, a relaxing enthralling palette mixing both cool and warm tones harmoniously. These two colours add a softness to interior trends, perfect for creating a relaxing environment which will work perfectly in our bedroom, they are even chosen as the Pantone colour of the year 2016.

What do you think?

Great fun styling

In 2016 we are wanting to wave goodbye to our plain walls and boring furniture. We are now wanting to slowly add colour, style and bring in some bold and exciting interior to our home.

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Teen Style Bedroom

teen style bedroom

Teen Style Bedroom

Lee has been a busy teen this weekend, he has been busy getting creative in his bedroom by giving it a much-needed makeover to create his own teen style bedroom that he has been wanting.

Lee’s bedroom used to be Danny’s room until he moved out and there has been so many changes that Lee has patiently waited to change so we thought it only fair that these changes are now made for him.

Lee’s been wanting to change the wall colour, some of the fixtures and fittings, have a change in layout and get creative with the room putting his style in there.

Lee has a box room so there’s not a great deal that can be done in there apart from try and create as much space as possible. Lee has a good few ideas up his sleeve. He wants to put a TV on the wall, move his bed to a better position in the room he also wants to turn a fitted wardrobe into a shelving unit to give him more storage space.

Once the room is painted and things are in position we will then help him hunt for soft furnishings to help decorate the room that bit more.

Our weekend went a little like this

Friday night

Our weekend started off with a trip to B&Q for Lee to choose his wall colour and to also get the wood needed to start his fitted shelving unit. On our return home Ian and Lee was eager to get started and decided at 8pm at night that they would make a start on the wood-work to the fitted shelving unit. Lee’s room was then Emptied into our room and wood was being cut along with new skirting being glued. Good job we are friendly with our neighbors and they didn’t mind the noise.

teen style bedroom

This used to be Lee’s wardrobe space – not any more, this has now been emptied, all the old frame removed and new added (at 8pm). This is now being painted, shelved and turned into a new spacious shelving/storage space for books etc…..Still in progress!

teen style bedroom


It was an early rise Saturday, we cleaned all wood-work and made sure the room was clear ready for painting. The paint was then opened, Ian and Lee got started with the painting whilst I went off to work, they enjoyed some father and son time with Ian giving Lee some painting lessons, he was shown how to cut-in and roller the walls which he thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst I was at work I done what I do best – internet shopping and ordered the carpet….well it had to be done!

We ordered carpet samples from Online Carpets over Christmas and we really liked the carpet so ordered in the colour and size we wanted. We will have to get a move on now with the painting – I thought this would give us the kick up the bottom needed. We have ordered carpet not just for Lee’s room but for all three bedrooms.

teen style bedroom

What do you think of Lee’s colour choice?

teen style bedroom

teen style bedroom


Lee spent Sunday having a sort out of all his stuff and boxing up what he no longer wants/needs in his teen style bedroom to give to the local charity shop.

What a productive weekend, how was your weekend?



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Home makeover

Home makeover


It has been a while since our house has seen a lick of paint and had a home makeover, well the lounge and hall anyway. We spent a while deciding on the colours we wanted to go due to us decorating the main areas of our home we wanted to get it right. I have been wanting to go a little warmer in colour and Ian has been wanting to stay a lighter colour. We have always gone for the cream/magnolia range in colour so I thought why not go for the change wanted and go warmer in colour.

I stopped off during my lunch break one day and got some samples/testers as we like to put these on the wall and see what colour grows on us. We planned to decorate over the half term week as I had booked time off work, I got told I had holiday left to use up at work so I thought oh well I may as well use it and make use of the time off. With it being half term we had a day where we prepared the areas being painted and then we had a good few days of day trips and fun so the half term week was not all about decorating and the kids be bored as that just would not be fair on them.

Once we had agreed on the colours we wanted we went on a shopping trip armed with a long list of items needed for our home makeover.

home makeover
A small but expensive shopping trip to collect all what we needed for the home makeover.

Our lounge is not a very big lounge, infact it’s tiny, but we did put an archway in by knocking a wall down between the lounge and dining area so this made it more open for us and lets more light in the room.

I have been doing some online shopping and ive been looking at patterns and colours I would like to add at a later date, I have found some nice curtains I like, new cushion covers, a nice rug for the lounge and even a nice lamp for some mood lighting. On the wall we are looking to update the family photo’s as this has not been done for a while so it will be nice to put some up to date ones up.

We found having a home makeover has given us loads of new daring ideas for adding colours and patterns to our home. There will be lots of changes happening to our home over the next few weeks, I already have plans for a furniture change around.

home makeover
We have changed from the top colour to the bottom colour.


home makeover
Finished colour.

The decorating took us four days to complete from start to finish, we are so pleased it is now done. We didn’t want to start the glossing until the kid’s was back at school, we did get quick drying gloss to save us from any disasters as it is so easy to forget the doors are wet…….As Ian soon found out, and there was me worrying about the kid’s touching the wet paint!

What sort of colours do you tend to choose for your home?