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Fun Family Day’s Out

Fun Family Day's Out

Memory Making With Family

Like most families we enjoy nothing more than fun family day’s out. We are an active family and enjoy the great outdoors. We are always looking for fun, cheap family activities to enjoy. Nothing beats quality time together as a family.

Here Are A Few Of The Things We Are Currently Enjoying Together:

London – Being a family living in North London we often enjoy a family day out in London. Purchasing a day travel card and then go off exploring our home city. Visiting galleries, museums, dungeons and Londons must-see attractions. We had seen stunning views of London from up high on the Coca-Cola London eye. We have seen over 20 iconic landmarks and sites from the Thames whilst travelling via a speedboat with Thames Rockets, who offer speedboat experiences.

Fun Family Day's Out

We Love Making Memories

Family picnic/games day – When the weather is nice we love to make the most of it. We enjoy loading the car up with our family outdoor adeventurous games. Loading the cool box with a nice picnic, and then head off for a day full of family fun. A Picnic in the park with family whilst enjoying the great outdoors and a few competitive games. Having a laugh whilst making lovely memories to cherish forever is pricelss.

A day at the seaside – Seaside trips are one of our family favourites. Where better to meet up with family and enjoy a day filled with sun, sand and sea. A day filled with beach games followed by a nice family fish and chip dinner is just perfect.

Our Boy’s Love Action And Activity Day’s

An activity day – Activity day’s such as paintballing are brilliant action packed days. With having teen sons who are thrill-seekers and love adrenoline days, this made a great activity day. We enjoyed a paintballing day which we all enjoyed very much. It was an action-packed day out that certainly left us with lots of funny memories.

A family experience day – An experience day such as climb the O2 is perfect for thrill-seekers. Our boy’s are thrill-seekers and this was an awesome experience that we enjoyed together as a family. We conqured the summit together as as a family. We climbed over the O2 and took in some amazing views of London whilst doing so.

Fun Family Day's Out

A competitive day – We really enjoy competitive days/nights out, such as bowling, go karting, golf, foot golf and even getting competitive in our daily step counts. We tend to follow these day’s by enjoying a nice family meal out. Or if we are too knackered then a nice takeaway whilst watching a movie.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

We Really Enjoy Sporty Activities And Adventures

Sporty day – Being an active family we do enjoy sporting activities and competing againts each other. Such as swimming, bike rides, football, racket sports, going to the gym and even enjoying family games such as rounders, disc golf and water sports.

Theme park day – A theme park is the ultimate place to go for thrill-seekers. A place to reach new heights, have vertical drops and enjoy roller coasters. The perfect place to enjoy life in the fast lane from the height and speed from a roller coaster. Or the darkness and horrifying journey into chilling depths of the unknown on the ghost train. A theme park makes a perfect funny family day’s out.

Movie time – We also like to enjoy a night out at the cinema. Luckily enough we live just five minutes away from an Odeon Cinema. So if we have had a busy week at work but still fancy a night out we tend to go for a nice family meal and then on to the cinema. With the new fancy luxury seating we can now relax and recline during our movie. Making it the perfect relaxing night out.

Always Make Time To Check For Discounts

With any family day’s or night out we plan we always try our best to plan ahead if possible. This allows us enough time to help keep any costs down. We do this buy using any work perks, online codes, GroupOn deals, reward points or memberships. Any saving on our days/nights out all help add to the fun.

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Kids in the driving seat

kids in the driving seat

Kids in the driving seat

Well it has been the Easter holidays after all so that meant one thing, time to have some family fun and put the kids in the driving seat for a change.

I was searching the internet as you do looking up some family fun that would hold a teenage boys attention for more than five minutes, I came across our local boat hire. We have hired a day boat from them a few years back and I remembered that the boys absolutely loved it so I thought this would make for a fun afternoon.

kid's in the driving seat

I picked out what boat I would like to hire, I didn’t tell the boys about my plans as they may be teenagers but they still love a surprise, I wanted to keep an eye on the weather as a nice dry day would be perfect for going out on a boat. I thought it would be nice for us all to get outdoors for a while and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I must say put the kids in the driving seat and just watch the smiles grow, we had an amazing time, the weather was beautiful and the kids loved every minute of it.

Kid's in the driving seat

Kid's in the driving seat

when we arrived at the boats the boys got so excited and couldn’t wait to get in the boat and get in the driving seat. The boys found it highly funny watching me trying to get the boat going in a straight line, let’s just say “me and boats don’t go”.

The kids in the driving seat was much safer I think than me, they was brilliant and it was so lovely to sit back relax and watch the brotherly love take force, they was helping and guiding each other and even complimenting each other’s driving/steering.

Kid's in the driving seat

Kid's in the driving seat

There was only 5 seats in our boat so Ian was walking along side us taking the pictures.

Once we had finished on the boat we sat and enjoyed a lovely picnic together then the boy’s enjoyed some fun in the park.

Can you think of anything that may grab my boy’s attention?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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London zoo

london zoo

During the six week’s holidays we had a fun-filled day at London zoo, we was invited along to the little creatures family festival, the festival was a weekend dedicated to celebrating the story of one of its most famous residents Winnie the bear. The festival was to mark the centenary of the arrival of the worlds most famous bear Winnie.

photo 2

Winnie was a black bear who was given to ZSL London zoo at the start of world war one, she was frequently visited by author A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin whose fondness for the bear was immortalised in the classic tales. While we was at the festival we enjoyed some fun games in Winnie’s village and then went on a lovely walk around the zoo, we was amazed at how big the zoo was, the zoo has 17,000 animals to see along with craft activities and nature workshops even face painting, plenty of fun to be had.

brad and tigerWhilst we was walking around we saw the very excitable Jae Jae, he is a very handsome male Sumatran tiger who became a dad to three Sumatran tiger cubs back in February.

photo 1There was so many excitable places to visit on our walk round the zoo, there was a reptile house, gorilla kingdom, a beautiful penguin beech, an amazing butterfly paradise exhibit that features species from central and south America, south-east Asia and Africa, the butterfly’s took a like to Ian and kept landing on him. Ian’s dad has a love of bird’s and fish and loved the aquarium and bird’s, we loved listening to the lovely sounds of the birds as we was walking round. We all really enjoyed watching the monkeys swinging round and hanging upside down, the boy’s found them rather funny to watch.

ian an butterflyLee and Bradley loved being in with the bugs where there are over 140 different species, they found this rather enjoyable looking at big hairy spiders, millipedes, insects and other creepy crawlies. One place we really enjoyed was animal adventure as this is where you can get hands on, touch and feed some of the animals, Bradley enjoyed feeding the goats, we also saw sheep, donkeys, llamas and Kune-Kune pigs. We sat and enjoyed some lunch before heading over to see the giraffe’s, zebra’s, okapi’s, warthog’s and hippo’s, we did hope to get to the giraffe’s for feeding time but we just missed it.


While we was walking round the zoo Bradley was saying how he would enjoy being a zoo keeper and get up close to some of the beautiful animals he had seen, this will be something we will look into for him from the zoo experiences on offer.

Here is our photo album of our day at zoo. If you would like to visit you can plan your day here.





Disclaimer: We recieved free entry into London zoo in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

A Day Of All Things Mysterious

Ripley’s believe it or not! London showcases more than 700 astonishing artifacts being displayed over 6 floors in interactive galleries, these include fascinating, incredible, bizarre and very mysterious.

With our boy’s being teenagers they do love things out of the ordinary and as it was the six weeks holiday’s the boredom sets in rather fast for teenagers so Ripley’s was definitely a place I knew they would love to visit and really enjoy themselves as Ripley’s offer a fascinating mixture of entertainment, facts and figures.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

It was amazing to see how many bizarre things you can see under one roof, they all ranged from Amazonian shrunken heads, there was also a 8ft scale model of the famous titanic made of more than 147,000 match sticks, there was an upside down room, Lee is a big fan of Micheal Jackson’s music and loved the candy portrait of him, Ian loves Ferrari’s and loved the full size Ferrari they had on display made of 12 miles of yarn.

On our tour round we had great fun measuring ourselves next to the worlds tallest man, and weighing ourselves up next to the worlds heaviest man, the boys had great fun getting as many of us as possible on the scales until we matched the weight, we also had great fun trying to find our way out the marvellous mirror maze, this took us longer than we thought but it was great fun racing each other out.

We Was All Amazed

We was amazed to see what can be made out of things that we all have lying around in our homes, we saw all different kinds of art using toilet paper, keyboard letters, candy, cigarette ash, even lipstick, Bradley loves his art and really enjoyed seeing all of this before getting creative on the graffiti wall.

On our way round the boys enjoyed the black hole, this was a rotating vortex tunnel, this was rather a strange feeling as your senses get put to the test, the boys found this an amazing experience.

We finished our tour with the boys racing against the clock doing the lase race, they both got very competitive at this, they both tried to beat each other and see who can complete it the fastest, seeing who hit the minimum amount of beams and to see who was the fastest, points are awarded for speed, agility and success.

Here is our photo album of our experience of Ripley’s believe it or not! London

Ripley’s believe it or not! London can be found in the heart of Piccadilly circus and is open 7 days a week from 10am-midnight.


Disclaimer : We was offered free entry to Ripley’s believe it or not! London in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Fun at Southend on sea

fun at southend

Fun at Southend on sea

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we packed the car up and went for some fun at Southend on sea for the day for loads of fun to be had.

First stop was the beach where we took a picnic and had our lunch, we then went and met with family at a family bar along the seafront where there was karaoke going on and had a refreshing drink and a sing along, we all had such a laugh at this as none of us can sing but they do say karaoke is meant to be fun and it sure was, it is great to meet up with friends and family and have such great fun.

The kids really enjoyed the arcades and winning on the machines, the excitement on the kids faces said it all, they had such a great time with a day at the beach, arcades and adventure island.

We then went back to beach so the kids can run off some energy together and we could make the most of a beautiful day before dinner.

fun at southend on seafun at southend on sea
It was lovely watching them all have so much fun together, running off lots of energy, kids grow up so fast and we love to cherish every moment of them being young.
fun at Southend
We then went for some lovely fish and chips for dinner, we love a fish and chip dinner by the sea. After we had our dinner we grabbed an ice cream as we walked to adventure island and took advantage of the half price wrist bands after 6 pm.
fun at southend

The fun then began.

The kids had a good few hours of fun at adventure island, there was plenty of laughter, especially when the kids dragged the adults on the rage roller coaster ride which loops and twists, most of the kids was all tall enough to go on, our kids do not see any fear and they are very daring, most of the adults got off the rage very pale but the kids wanted to go again.
They was very excited and did not know what ride they wanted to go on next, they even braved the vortex ride and the sky drop.
Fun at southend
Demi being the only green band had just as much fun as the older ones joined her on the rides she was allowed to go on, she enjoyed the green scream, barnstormer, drop ‘n’ smile, big wheel and many more rides and there was plenty of big smiles and laughs by all of them.
The park closed at 10.30 pm and by this time all the kids was very tired and they all slept in the car on the way home.

Big smiles as they leave to head home after a fantastic day at Southend on sea.

fun at southend

Have you ever visited Adventure island?