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5 Tips to Cope With Post-Covid Travel Anxiety

5 Tips to Cope With Post-Covid Travel Anxiety

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As Covid restrictions are gradually being lifted around the world, the tourism industry is taking off once again. People are finally able to enjoy the freedom to travel to far-off destinations and visit their loved ones around the globe.

But after two years of lockdowns, social distancing, and self-isolation, it’s understandable that you might be feeling a little anxious about going on vacation. You spent the majority of the pandemic avoiding large crowds and remaining two meters apart from other people, and now you’re faced with the prospect of an endless airport queue and a longhaul flight on a cramped plane. These concerns will be heighted if you are vulnerable, or live with someone who is. 

But we need to find ways to live with this disease in society, and you shouldn’t let it prevent you from living your life to the fullest. It is perfectly possible to travel safely, as long as you take precautions and remain vigilant. Getting comfortable with big crowds will take some time, but eventually you will start to feel less anxious and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

To help you adventure with confidence, here are five tips to cope with post-Covid travel anxiety.

Ease into it

Sometimes jumping straight into an uncomfortable situation is the best way to adapt, but you do risk putting yourself off travel for good. A wiser course of action may be to start small and ease yourself in. Begin with a travel setting in which you are more comfortable, such as a weekend break in your own country. You can then start working up to more tourist-heavy areas before taking the plunge and booking a flight abroad.

Travel off peak

Most people travel in the summer holidays, so you can avoid large crowds at the airport by traveling at less popular times. Take a holiday at the start or end of the year, and consider a night time flight that won’t be full to the brim. This way, you can acclimate yourself to the experience of traveling without being overwhelmed by other people.

Stay safe

Just because no one else is wearing a mask, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Rules and regulations are different depending on where you are in the world, but whatever the Covid laws you can keep yourself safe by wearing a face covering in public and taking a bottle of hand sanitiser with you.

Plan ahead

Even before Covid, traveling could be a logistical nightmare full of stress. But with many Covid regulations still in place, it is even more confusing and anxiety-inducing. The rules you need to adhere to will differ depending on your destination, so you should make sure you are aware of the forms you need to fill out and the travel guidance for the country you’re visiting. 

Use calming techniques

You may have a long flight in store, and the last thing you want is a panic attack at 30,00 feet. Come equipped with some tools and techniques for calming yourself when anxiety hits. This might be relaxing music, medications, or a journal. Find out what works for you, and use it to your advantage.

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Fun Family Day’s Out

Fun Family Day's Out

Memory Making With Family

Like most families we enjoy nothing more than fun family day’s out. We are an active family and enjoy the great outdoors. We are always looking for fun, cheap family activities to enjoy. Nothing beats quality time together as a family.

Here Are A Few Of The Things We Are Currently Enjoying Together:

London – Being a family living in North London we often enjoy a family day out in London. Purchasing a day travel card and then go off exploring our home city. Visiting galleries, museums, dungeons and Londons must-see attractions. We had seen stunning views of London from up high on the Coca-Cola London eye. We have seen over 20 iconic landmarks and sites from the Thames whilst travelling via a speedboat with Thames Rockets, who offer speedboat experiences.

Fun Family Day's Out

We Love Making Memories

Family picnic/games day – When the weather is nice we love to make the most of it. We enjoy loading the car up with our family outdoor adeventurous games. Loading the cool box with a nice picnic, and then head off for a day full of family fun. A Picnic in the park with family whilst enjoying the great outdoors and a few competitive games. Having a laugh whilst making lovely memories to cherish forever is pricelss.

A day at the seaside – Seaside trips are one of our family favourites. Where better to meet up with family and enjoy a day filled with sun, sand and sea. A day filled with beach games followed by a nice family fish and chip dinner is just perfect.

Our Boy’s Love Action And Activity Day’s

An activity day – Activity day’s such as paintballing are brilliant action packed days. With having teen sons who are thrill-seekers and love adrenoline days, this made a great activity day. We enjoyed a paintballing day which we all enjoyed very much. It was an action-packed day out that certainly left us with lots of funny memories.

A family experience day – An experience day such as climb the O2 is perfect for thrill-seekers. Our boy’s are thrill-seekers and this was an awesome experience that we enjoyed together as a family. We conqured the summit together as as a family. We climbed over the O2 and took in some amazing views of London whilst doing so.

Fun Family Day's Out

A competitive day – We really enjoy competitive days/nights out, such as bowling, go karting, golf, foot golf and even getting competitive in our daily step counts. We tend to follow these day’s by enjoying a nice family meal out. Or if we are too knackered then a nice takeaway whilst watching a movie.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

We Really Enjoy Sporty Activities And Adventures

Sporty day – Being an active family we do enjoy sporting activities and competing againts each other. Such as swimming, bike rides, football, racket sports, going to the gym and even enjoying family games such as rounders, disc golf and water sports.

Theme park day – A theme park is the ultimate place to go for thrill-seekers. A place to reach new heights, have vertical drops and enjoy roller coasters. The perfect place to enjoy life in the fast lane from the height and speed from a roller coaster. Or the darkness and horrifying journey into chilling depths of the unknown on the ghost train. A theme park makes a perfect funny family day’s out.

Movie time – We also like to enjoy a night out at the cinema. Luckily enough we live just five minutes away from an Odeon Cinema. So if we have had a busy week at work but still fancy a night out we tend to go for a nice family meal and then on to the cinema. With the new fancy luxury seating we can now relax and recline during our movie. Making it the perfect relaxing night out.

Always Make Time To Check For Discounts

With any family day’s or night out we plan we always try our best to plan ahead if possible. This allows us enough time to help keep any costs down. We do this buy using any work perks, online codes, GroupOn deals, reward points or memberships. Any saving on our days/nights out all help add to the fun.

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Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Very Handy Travel Hacks

There is an art to budget travelling, especially if you’re traveling with kid’s – this creativity is most evident in the resourceful and ingenious ways that parents and travelers make the most of whatever they can fit into their luggage, this is where travel hacks come in very handy.

Below you will find a short video which demonstrates the most innovative travel hacks for hassle-free hosteling.

This is travel inspiration without the perspiration. So whether you’re looking to cut back on costs and add more efficiencies to your packing strategy, look no further as the YHA have it covered in their top 12 hosteling hacks. This is a master class in staying in hostels from those who have it down to a fine art.

Who would have thought you could create a bunk bed cinema or create a speaker out of a mug.

Some great ideas there!

We are loving the look of the multi charger and the fab idea for stopping headphones getting tangled. Some great tips in the video some of which we will be putting in to practice when on our travels next.

I will be the first to admit that I ALWAYS overpack when we go off on our travels, after watching the video I will certainly be taking on board  some of those hacks, what brilliant ideas.

What are you like when you go off on your travels, are you like me and always over-pack or do you travel light?

*Posted in partnership with YHA*