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The Best Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy

The Best Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy

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In the United States, the number of people who are unhealthy is on the rise. The study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that nearly two-thirds of adults in America are considered obese. The study also found that about one-third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. This means that more than three out of every four American adults are struggling with their health in some way or another. Obesity is a major health problem in America, as it has been linked to a variety of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

So, it’s natural to want to take better care of your health and want to improve your life. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can do that.

Why You Should Care About Implementing Healthy Habits

Health is a key factor in determining your overall well-being and happiness. It is important to not only focus on physical health, but also mental and emotional health. One of the best ways to achieve this is by implementing healthy habits. By implementing healthy habits in your life, the process of getting healthier should be so much easier for you. Let’s consider things to help you do that!

How a Physical Activity Plan can Improve Your Health

A fitness plan helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also has the potential to improve your health. It is not just about following a plan but it is about making small changes in your life that can help you improve your overall health. It can be as simple as finding a local fitness gym or bringing in a whole routine. However, a fitness plan should be something that you can stick to, that’s why it is important to make sure that it is achievable. It will also help you stay motivated and accountable for your goals.

The Most Effective Ways Your Diet Can Improve Your Health

The human body is a complex machine and the key to overall health is eating the right foods. The best diet for most people will consist of plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, healthy fats and dairy. A diet that is high in protein may be beneficial for those who are trying to build muscle mass. There are also many other factors that need to be taken into account when considering your diet such as exercise and sleep.

How a Morning Routine Can Change Your Health

A morning routine can make a huge difference in your health. You should get up early, exercise, and eat a healthy breakfast. The morning routine is the first habit you set your day, so it’s important to make sure that it’s healthy. Here are some tips for creating the perfect morning routine:

– Get up early. Your body needs time to wake up and process what you’ve done overnight. Getting up at 7 am will give you enough time to do other things before work or school starts.

– Exercise everyday in the morning. You’ll feel better and more energized, and it won’t take as long because you’ll be used to it by then!

– Eat breakfast every day! It’s important that your breakfast provides nutrients like protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids.


An Athlete’s Guide On Who To Have In Your Corner

An Athlete's Guide On Who To Have In Your Corner

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While the world is filled with people who will pat you on the back and tell you that they are behind you, it’s not always easy to find those who have your best interests in mind.

Athletes are the epitome of dedication, discipline, and hard work. When you’re a serious athlete, it is important to have people in your corner that will help motivate you on your journey.


Coaches and trainers are crucial to the success of an athlete. Not only do they keep you on track and motivated, but they help you develop your talents as well. A good coach will ensure that their athletes reach their full potential as athletes. The best coaches know how to push performers without breaking them.

Without a good trainer, athletes may not be able to perform at their best because they would constantly get injured or simply lack proper guidance in how to prepare themselves mentally for competition day. A coach is someone who believes in an athlete and makes sure they are in the right mindset to succeed. The coach will be the one who devotes everything they have to you and makes sure things are done right, giving their best effort every step of the way.


Parental support is key for any athlete who wants to succeed. You need someone there for you during practices, games, competitions, and whatever else life throws your way. One of the most important people many athletes have in their corner is parents.

Make sure that your athlete coach and parents are on the same page when it comes to what athletes should be doing during practices and games; sometimes there can be conflict because of different views even if everyone is trying their best!

Parents are a great option as they have been around from the beginning of this journey. They know what you’ve accomplished in your career as an athlete but more importantly, they understand where all those hours went when no one was looking.


When you’re a serious athlete, it’s important to have someone who can educate and guide you on what kind of foods are the best for your body. Nutritionists know exactly how much protein, vitamins/minerals, carbs, fats, etc that your body needs to stay energized throughout an active day or while training. It is also important to have a nutritionist in your corner when you’re injured. Nutritionists know exactly the best foods that are good for your body while recovering from an injury or surgery, which can prevent further injuries and other complications.


Having friends in your corner is even more important if you’re an athlete because they provide the support that most people don’t understand unless they are athletes themselves.

Friends can motivate you, push you, and help keep things in perspective for you. They’ll be there when no one else will or when someone else might try to bring you down.

Athletes need friends who are there for them no matter what because life can be really hard when your mind is constantly running with questions like “why am I doing this?”, or “does anyone even care about me?”. You want people in your corner that will push you and keep things positive so you don’t fall into a dark place.


This is probably one of the most important things you’ll want to have on your side during this whole ordeal. Having a legal team in your corner is not something that only serious athletes should have. Everyone can benefit from having an attorney on their side when they’re going through difficult times. Legal issues are never fun to deal with and it’s best when you have someone who knows what they’re doing advocating for you in the courtroom or negotiations.

Another aspect of the legal side is strategic personal injury attorneys. They can be contacted when there has been a personal injury and they will fight on your behalf to get the compensation that you deserve. 

Having support in your corner will help you stay on track towards achieving your goals. A lot of athletes can benefit from having coaches, mentors, friends/family members, and even therapists to help them stay motivated. Having a support system is important for staying on track with your goals, whether it’s trying to achieve an athletic goal or not. It is also essential when you are injured and unable to train or compete as usual because then you need something else that will keep you going towards the same result: recovering and getting back to your athletic career stronger than ever!


Benefits Of Working Out With Your Significant Other

Benefits Of Working Out With Your Significant Other

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You may be wondering how some couples keep their spark alive. While it could be the bedroom for a few, working out together has proven beneficial for a considerable lot. During a recent UK study, 66% of couples said that exercise with their partners improved their relationships. What’s more, 53% said spending time together in the gym was valuable to them. Although some challenges can derail most couples’ success, you can look for ways to improve your relationships for long-term success. That said, here are some benefits of working out with your partner.

Deepens emotional bond

Psychologists have proposed practising nonverbal mimicry to bond with your partner. Nonverbal mimicry is a way of coordinating your actions with another individual, for example, dancing together to the same tune, running or walking at the same pace with others, or lifting weights simultaneously. More so, working out with your partner offers several opportunities for nonverbal mimicry, which can help you and your partner feel more emotionally attached.

Improved results

Several studies have shown significant performance benefits for working with your partner. Exercising with your spouse motivates you to push harder since you wouldn’t want to look like a weakling in front of your partner. Whether you don’t want to look weak or competition heats up, research proves that you can get up to twice your performance when exercising with your spouse. You may also improve your performance with supplements from reputable online vendors like Recov, which are helpful for growth and recovery post-workout.

More accountability

Working out with your partner builds automatic accountability since nobody can monitor your progress more than your spouse. It also creates consistency, especially for those mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed. At this point, your partner will take charge of encouraging you. The motivation of two individuals with a common goal helps you avoid those days when you want to put off a workout session. Although you rarely miss a session, you have to reschedule when you do. 

Fortunately, your partner can assist you with the additional effort in planning a workout schedule most ideal for you two. This way, chances of reaching your workout goals are high.

Shared goals bring you closer

Like the famous quotes – love isn’t just about looking at one another but looking in the same direction. This is an excellent metaphor for how impactful sharing similar goals can bring couples together. Every couple disagrees sometimes, and you wouldn’t want your partner to be precisely like you. Everybody grows and changes over time, yet one sure way to ensure a healthy relationship is sharing an activity or goal. Working out together offers an opportunity to share a common dream about getting fit and prioritising your health. The feeling of being on the same page with your partner can bring you two much closer.  

Although solo workouts are great, involving your partner will yield more results. What’s more, it will strengthen your bond and improve your relationship. Hopefully, you’ll consider these benefits as you create a workout plan for your overall wellness. 


Get Fit Without Leaving Your Home

Get Fit Without Leaving Your Home

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If you are keen to try and get fit this summer, there are many approaches that you might wish to take. But one thing that more and more people are trying out these days is to get fit at home, without having to go anywhere at all. That can be a good option if you are keen to avoid spreading or catching the coronavirus, or if you just want to make your fitness as easy to achieve as possible. Let’s look at how it might be possible to get fit without ever leaving your home.

Turn Your Garden Into A Gym

If you have a spacious enough garden, you might be able to turn it into a gym, and therefore you will be able to get as fit as you like without having to go anywhere at all. This is actually a very easy project to do. First of all, look for decking ideas, so you have somewhere sturdy to put all of the equipment. Then you just need to provide a covering for the area, and install your equipment. This is particularly good in hot climates where exercising with a breeze can be cooling as you do so.

Exercise Using Body Weight

Remember too that there are plenty of ways to exercise that don’t require any equipment at all, and these can be perfectly good at making you fit in no time, so they are definitely something that you are going to want to think about. Exercises that use your own body weight to achieve resistance are always effective, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and the like. In truth, if you simply do a few of these each day, you are going to get fit in no time. Why not set yourself a planking challenge for the next month?


Another way to exercise at home is to move along to some fitness videos. These are easier than ever to come across, as all you need to do in truth is go on YouTube and search for what you want. You can even find home HIIT routines which are going to be more than enough if you want to get fit – as these routines will mean you are working out your muscles and toning them while also engaging in heavy cardiovascular exercise, so you are getting everything that you need to. Follow those videos for a true home-workout experience.

Restock The Kitchen

Diet is obviously an important part of getting fit, so you will need to make sure there is nothing in the home which is going to make this harder to follow. You need to make sure that you are stocking the kitchen with only foods that are healthy and which will help you on your fitness path. If necessary, that might mean that you need to completely restock the kitchen – doing so could make all the difference to your motivation levels too, so this is definitely something that you are going to want to think about.

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How To Increase Your Fitness Motivation

How To Increase Your Fitness Motivation

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How do you make yourself more motivated to get and stay fit? Without the motivation or drive to do something, you will give up. Or, you might carry on plugging away, but you’re not really trying. Look at your job as an example; are you motivated by anything at work? If you’re motivated by promotion, you’re likely to start working harder because you have something driving you. If you have no motivation at work, you kind of go in and don’t really bother trying or caring. 

The same concepts apply to fitness; if there’s nothing motivating you to get fit and stay fit, you’re hardly going to keep at it. So, it all boils down to the initial question – how do you make yourself more motivated?

Find your ‘why?’ 

Why do you want to get fit? What is the underlying reason for this? Finding your reason to do something is the best way to increase your motivation – particularly when fitness is involved. Are you motivated by the need to look good? Do you have a particular event coming up that’s motivating you? By asking yourself why, you instantly start to realise why you’re going on this journey. Then, you have that thing to focus on and think about whenever you start losing motivation. Go back to your ‘why?’ and you will always stay motivated. 

Educate yourself

It’s easier to remain motivated when you know what you’re doing. Educate yourself on health and fitness to understand more about working out, nutrition, and so on. You could take a health coach training course, become a personal trainer, or just do some online research. It’s up to you, but the knowledge you gain can be so motivating. When you understand how things work and what you need to do to get results, it’s so much easier to stay in a fitness routine. Not only that, but your knowledge lets you produce better fitness plans for yourself, yielding better results. In turn, this motivates you further as you can see clear evidence of improvements!

Document your progress

Progress reports or meetings at work are designed to keep you motivated and on course for results. The same can be said of things like progress photos when working out. This is one of the many ways of tracking progress, giving you visual signs that your work is paying off. Think back to your reason for working out and getting fit, it will help you choose the best ways to document your progress and stay motivated. For instance, if you want to get stronger and lift a certain weight, you can easily track this by noting the weights you lift each session. You should see an upward curve as the weight increases, showing that you’re making progress. This is extremely motivating as you want to keep working hard and making more progress!

The moment you lose motivation is the moment your fitness goals start slipping away. Whether you work out at home or in the gym, you need to stay motivated. With the three tips above, you can find your fitness motivation and make it bigger than ever before. 


Getting Better Results From Each Workout

Getting Better Results From Each Workout

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If you’re reading this, then you’re already working out, looking at the best ways to use your body to meet your health goals. However, you might not be getting the progress that you want to see. So, what can you do to kick things up a notch and make sure that you’re actually getting closer to those goals of yours?

Don’t ignore your diet

You’re looking at the fitness side of the coin right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the other side. First of all, you’re not going to succeed at weight control efforts if you’re eating more calories than you burn, that’s a simple fact. What’s more, a nutritious and balanced diet is essential for giving your body the materials it needs to build muscle, recover from exercise, and maintain energy levels.

Push it a little harder

Everyone reaches plateaus while working out, meaning that you’re going to hit a roof that’s hard to pass. However, you can do it if you would simply stop doing the same thing again and again. Once you feel like you’re not getting the results you want from a certain exercise, that’s your opportunity to look at how you can push it to the next level. For instance, adding high-intensity intervals to cardio workouts or adding more weight to strength training efforts can help.

Supplement your progress

A well-balanced diet based on whole foods and effective nutrition is essential. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your body the boost it needs with a few extras. This is especially true when it comes to exercise and strength training, most of all. Mass gainer supplements have become a common part of strength-building efforts. There are few better ways to get all the protein that you need to make sure your body is building muscle as effectively as it should.

Add the spice of life

As mentioned, if your body is doing the same thing time and time again, then those exercises are going to lose their effectiveness. However, aside from simply pushing yourself harder and reaching new levels of intensity or weight training, you should also look at increasing the variety of workouts. Adding a cross-training machine to your home gym might be something of an investment, but it can be worth it to increase your overall body’s fitness, rather than just working out the same bits again and again.

Recover better

Simply put, if you don’t help your body recover from each exercise with the care and attention that it needs, you can end up being left off your feet for longer. As a result, your body can start to lose some of the progress that it has been making. To that end, make sure that you’re cooling down and stretching after your exercises.

Simply put, your exercise regimen is only a piece of the puzzle and, what’s more, it’s a piece that needs to change often to remain effective. Hopefully, the tips above can help you start seeing the progress that you want. There’s always a way out of a fitness rut.

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January Weight Loss Update

January Weight Loss Update

Things I Learnt This January

Wow, what a month I have had. I am seeing February in 1 stone and 0.5 lb lighter thanks to my new health kick! I am totally amazed and I am also still in shock.

I have learnt so much this time round from being a Slimming World member. I can’t quite put my finger on what is differenht this time – Perhaps it is where I am taking a different approach to it this time. And also remembering past mistakes.

A Few Of The Things I have Learnt And Will Remember Are:

January Weight Loss Update
  • To take my time. A steady loss is better than no weight loss.
  • I found that amoungst the clutter in the kitchen there is a spice rack that I actually LOVE!
  • Meal planning is actually fun, saves money and really does help me to stay on plan and in control.
  • To not be scared to introduce a new meal to our family menu. It is trial and error for a while but amazing new healthier foods will come from the trying them out.
  • I found muscles that I didn’t even know existed…..Ouch! yes I need to learn how to warm up properly before exercising – Lesson learnt the hard way!
  • Exercising can be fun. But even more comfortable and enjoyable when wearing the correct clothing. A clothes shop is needed I think.
  • To take and check body measurements regularly and take note. I was amazed at how much I had actually lost off my bingo wings, chest, waist and top of my legs. What don’t show on the scales can show in measurements.
  • That I don’t need a fancy gym membership to exercise. A home gym and the great outdoors can be just as good, if not better. All you need is an imagination and determination.
  • Not to add too many changes in one go. Make healthy swaps gradually. Adjust to a new lifestyle slowly then it isn’t such a shock and is much more enjoyable.
  • I have learnt to relax and enjoy my new lifestyle. I have learnt to not stress to much if I have a bad day as they do happen to everyone. I just tell myself now that tomorrow is a new day.
January Weight Loss Update

Opening up and chatting about my journey has also really helped me. I did feel embarrassed to start off with as I was previously a Slimming World member that lost just over 3 stone in weight. That loss soon went back on as my old habits came back. A lovely chat with family and friends really helped me and I am now ready and focused to turn that embarrasement into determination.

I have sat and wrote a list of where I went wrong last time. I have taken it all in and I shall remember them and learn from them.

We are now on a health kick and I don’t want to just lose weight – no way do I want to find it again or let it find me!

I want rid forever so it has to be a lifestyle change forever.

January Weight Loss Update

Get Moving! 5 Ways To Keep Your Teenagers Active

Get Moving! 5 Ways To Keep Your Teenagers Active

5 Ways To Keep Your Teenagers Active

Many of us find it difficult to fit exercise into our everyday lives, but for teenagers, this task can be even more tricky. After all, they have school to go to, as well as household chores and homework to complete, and maybe even a part-time job. With all of this to do and more, it’s understandable why most teens would rather skip an hour at the gym and play video games instead. However, exercise is vital for physical and mental health, so it’s important you do what you can to get your kids moving. To help you with this task, here are five useful tips.

  1. Start With A Chat

Although you’ve noticed your child’s lack of activity, chances are, they haven’t, which is why you need to point it out to them, but you should make sure that you do this in a calm and non-judgmental way. Remind them of the benefits that staying active can bring and the potential consequences of their inactivity. If you’re struggling to get through to them yourself, then you may want to consider asking your family doctor to talk to them instead.

  1. Find Activities They Enjoy

Different physical activities will appeal to different kids, so make sure that you explore a range of different ideas and help your teen find something they genuinely enjoy to do, whether that’s jogging or karate. You should also do what you can to encourage these activities, like helping them to learn how to tie a karate belt or offering to pay for their running shoes. Don’t force them into an activity they aren’t interested in, as this will only make matter worse and cause problems.

  1. Set A Good Example

From a very young age, children tend to mimic the actions of their parents, and while this does lessen as your kids grow, it never goes away completely. For this reason, it’s vital that you set a good example for your teenager and make sure that you stay active yourself. You should also try your best to incorporate physical activity into everyday family life. There are a number of ways to do this, like walking instead of driving and planning active days out.

  1. Discourage Any Sedentary Activities

When your teen spends a lot of time sitting or lying in front of the television, it can be difficult for them to get enough physical activity. Because of this, it’s vital that you monitor your child’s screen time and set time limits if you feel that they’re necessary. To make this easier, you may also want to ask that screens are kept in your home’s family areas. You should also encourage your teenager to exercise while they’re watching television.

  1. Try Not To Nag

Encouraging your child to stay active is incredibly important, but nagging them is a completely different story. If anything, this will hurt your cause and make your teen want to watch television just to annoy you. If you feel that your encouragements have crossed over into nagging territory, then you should take a step back from your teen for a while. Instead, focus your attention on your own health and planning active activities for the family.

Keeping your teenager active can be difficult, but these tips should make your task a little easier.

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3 Weight Loss Workout Plans That Actually Work!

Workout plans

Let’s be honest. Most of us want to start working out in order to lose weight – this rings true for men as much as it does for women. Social media, peer pressure, and the societal norm for beauty have somewhat influenced the way we value physical appearance. And although some people may refute the thought of conforming to societal standards, fact is that maintaining a healthy weight does not only feed people’s vanity; it’s also a big physiological necessity.

Reducing your weight (for those who go above their BMI requirement) or maintaining it (for those who are already within the normal range) is a huge must if you want to live a long and healthy life. Many life-threatening illnesses and diseases, after all, are attributed to disproportionate weight. Being too skinny or too meaty risks you of many health problems, including: heart failure, obesity, diabetes, and many others.

But of course, any problem has an ideal solution. On top of maintaining a healthy diet and positive attitude, exercising is something you must really need to do in order to keep your mind and body fit 99.99% of the time. When you discipline yourself in these three key health areas, expect great changes in your life. You can expect a better, lighter, newer YOU.

With that, allow us to help you get started. Below we have listed three (3) highly effective workout plans that are guaranteed to make you lose some weight. These workout strategies have been tested and proven by experts and the many people who’ve gone ahead and tried them (including me, btw).

So without further ado, here they are:

Grind It With Cardio

3 Weight Loss Workout Plans That Actually Work!

For decades, cardio workout has been positively linked to effective weight loss. Thus, it is safe to say that you should include cardio exercises in your weight loss workout plans. Cardio-focused exercises, after all, encourage people to sweat – a lot. And sweating is a good sign that you’re beginning to lose those love handles. The best part about cardio workout is that you don’t need much to get it done. All you need are two things: a moving body and a load of energy.

Cardio exercises involve a lot of hand, leg, and hip movements and is usually up-beat or rhythmic. Jogging, cycling, jumping jacks, rope skipping, and stair climbing are just a few examples of specific exercises you can do when you’re following a cardio routine. It basically keeps your blood pumping and pores sweating throughout the exercise – perfect for people trying to burn off extra baby fat. Along with a healthy, glow-food concentrated diet (leafy greens, fruits, and other fresh vegetables) and good hydration (6 to 8 glasses of H2O); you’ll get back to shape in no time!

Burn It With Tough Muscles

If you don’t have the energy to do cardio, then maybe you have the stamina to do heavy muscle workout. Why do it, you ask? Well, it’s because the more muscle you have in your body, the more active your body’s resting metabolism becomes (see reference). And when your metabolism becomes faster, the less likely is your body going to store excess fat. Everything is processed and all food particles are digested (or excreted). This lowers your chances of gaining pounds far from what is necessary and will help you expel all the fat you’ve accumulated before you even started muscle training. You can start by training with small weights but focus on repetitions. You can then go gradually higher from that point. Add a little bit more each day and challenge your own limits. Religiously sticking to your training day after day will eventually help you achieve stronger, well-toned muscles. And with it, you also get to enjoy a healthy and fat-free body.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Full Body Workouts

Last but not least, the final weight-loss strategy we can share with you today has something to do with diversification. If you don’t want to do ALL cardio, nor keep your focus solely on muscle building, you can try creating your own full body workout routine. This workout method will require the participation of your entire body and makes use of cardio, muscle, and other types of exercises in order to achieve desired results. When you do a full body workout routine, you must be prepared to catch your breath. It may be brief but it is loaded. However, it should be the perfect remedy to your chubby issues.

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From White Belt To Black

From white belt to black

Hello everyone, it’s me again (Bradley) sorry I been a little quiet recently but I have a good reason for that. I have been rather busy practicing/training for my black belt. I had my grading for my black belt on the 29th March and I needed to get as much practice in as possible.

Guess what, it only went and paid off, YIKES! I am now a black belt.

I have been going to Tia Sung Kung Fu Kickboxing now since I was 7 years old, this is a picture of me on my first day.


Wow look how tiny I look.

Here is a picture of me as a black belt after many years of training hard to get it.


I am feeling rather proud of myself.

I really enjoy going to Tia Sung Kung Fu Kickboxing class, it helps to keep me fit and I have made so many friends. I have entered championships where I have come third and got a bronze medal, this was great fun but extremely tiring, I certainly slept well that night that’s for sure.

I meet up sometimes with my friends from kickboxing class and we train together and help each other it is great fun. I have great support from my family they all cheer me on, some family members come along and support me on grading days if they are not busy.

Wow it feels amazing being a black belt, my best friend from Kickboxing class also got his black belt which is great as we have supported each other all the way through and we can now continue to do so.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and wished me luck, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you all, it means so much to know you are there cheering me on.

Here is to a new chapter in my life.

 Thank you 



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Health And Fitness Fun With Virgin Active

Health And Fitness Fun With Virgin Active

Health and fitness made fun

The boys was rather excited to be invited along to trial a new form of fitness programme as part of the launch of virgin active crew. This scheme is aimed at boys and girls aged between 8 – 15 offering a fun fitness programme, this is to encourage the children to have a positive attitude towards their health and fitness.

302_Virgin Active Crew

Warm up fun.

The kids were rather excited to be going to the gym to keep fit and healthy. Me and Ian have had gym memberships in the past but that was a while back, we no longer hold a gym membership at the moment. The boys are very sporty kids….where they get it from we do not know, but we do like to encourage this as much as possible.

325_Virgin Active Crew

WOW look at that jump…..I wish I could jump like that.

We arrived at the gym in Acton with two excited boys, excited and ready for action. They started off with gentle but fun warm-up exercises one of which was lifting and dropping sandbells, these was all of different weights and sizes. After the warm ups had finished Lee and Brad’s fitness was then really put to the test, this involved lots of fun frog movements, gorilla crawls, hurdles, speed skills with fitlights, jumping, catching, throwing, team challenges and much more all whilst having fun and increasing their strength, ability and core fitness.


Sweating but smiling

As any parent we are keen on keeping our kids moving and burning off energy, we was very impressed at how the staff was able to motivate the children and get them involved with the exercise session by delivering it in a very fun and energetic way that the children enjoyed. Lee and Brad lose interest fairly easily but this really held their attention extremely well and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Virgin active have worked together with an organisation called SAQ international to develop a very exciting programme, ( virgin active crew ) this aims to:

Building on basic skills, such as running, jumping, throwing.

Improve fitness levels.

Increase self-confidence.

Teach team building skills.

Help understand more about healthier living.

Give the kids social interaction.

Most of all, make fitness fun.

All of this whilst having great fun with specially trained coaches and with the use of the latest fitness innovations and equipment.

Lee and Brad really enjoyed meeting Nathan Helberg from Zuu Chimps and loved the physical and animal exercises that he had shown them. They had great fun and got rather competitive, we loved seeing them enjoying themselves whilst keeping fit and healthy.

101_Virgin Active Crew

The race was on.

We loved seeing the kids take part and try their best, they was made to feel part of a team and every effort made by the kid’s was noticed by the staff and rewarded with a high-five….there was no loosers in this class, but it was a class full of smiles and great fun to be had by all.

357_Virgin Active Crew

Look at the concentration on Brads face.

As soon as the kids got they’re breath back after the session they was asking if they can be signed up to a class, this has got to be a good sign that they enjoyed themselves…..right?


 Lee enjoying a rest at the end of the session

My challenge set by the kids is to look on the virgin active crew website and see where our local session is held.

Want to get involved: If this sounds like something your kids would enjoy why don’t you see if there is a class near you, if your clubs not on the list don’t worry as Active crew will be launching nationwide in January.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netmums Blogging Network, a unique community of parent bloggers from around the UK who have been handpicked by the Netmums team to review products and brands on their behalf. I may have been paid expenses, and have been supplied with a product sample for this review, but retain all editorial control. 

This is a Netmum’s sponsored review.