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Trolley Bags

trolley bags

Trolley Bags Review 

Shopping is more often than not something I have to do by myself. This is fine by me until I get to the dreaded checkout and then this is when it becomes a horrid nightmare. I don’t know about you but I always tend to get in a state when bagging the shopping up one-handed. The checkout person always scans faster than I can pack and before I know it I have caused a delay at the checkout. When I saw these trolley bags I thought these are something I just had to try.

I couldn’t wait to try them and see if they would ease my shopping trips. When they arrived I thought they was a lovely size and looked very easy to use. I have been busy putting these bags to the test, here is what I thought…

Trolley bags


When they first arrived my first thoughts was they looked a lovely size – measurements being 100cm x 20cm x 15cm. They also have two long rails  to each bag, these are used to hold the bags in place when in use packing.


The bags are very strong with a strong mesh on the bottom. I have used these trolley bags many of times now, I have had the bags filled to the top on many of occasions and they are not showing any signs of wear or tear as yet.

How to use

Whilst shopping the trolley bags hook nicely onto the hook on the trolley and when ready I then place the trolley bags inside the trolley, resting the poles on top to hold the bags up, I then velcro the bags together to hold them open and simply fill the bags with my shopping.

Trolley BgasOverall

I found the bags much more user-friendly when it comes to packing shopping by myself. I managed to pack my shopping much more quickly, there was no tackling the bags trying to hold them open and pack, plus I didn’t find myself getting stressed and causing delays at the checkout. These bags will be perfect for scan and shop so I may even give that a try next time I go shopping.

The bags fitted perfectly inside the trolley and also stayed open, leaving me free to pack my shopping hassle free with two hands. I was able to pack stress free as I wished!

Trolley bags

Packing Made Easier

The bags even made the un-packing much easier as I have been colour coding the bags as they come in 4 different colours. I use one for tins, fruit and vegetables, Chilled and the other for freezer bits, keeping them all separate. You don’t have to use all four bags at the same time, you can use less if you wish.

Trolley bags are available in two different sizes, as well as different colours. They come in original or express, original size is for the deeper bigger trolleys and the express is for the more shallow trolleys. Both sets come in nice bright vibe or pestle colours!

I just need to remember – The bags are much bigger therefore will be heavier to lift out of the trolley so I need to pack a little more wisely.

Gone are my stressful shopping trips, shopping is now a breeze thanks to these trolley bags. If you wish to purchase a set of these bags you can do so >>> here <<<RRP £17.99

Disclaimer: we was sent a set of Trolley Bags for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.