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A Garden In Which Play Never Ends

A Garden In Which Play Never Ends

A few ideas to help keep active outside

Having a large family of young children means the household will always be somewhat noisy. So many people eating at tables and in bedrooms, typing on computers and laptops and going in and out of the house. You need something to keep them occupied and fighting off the boredom by themselves. When kids are bored they get restless, they get agitated. A bunch of frustrated children in confined quarters is never a good thing. Either they’ll end up annoying you, looking for something to do or they’ll somehow end up arguing with each other. A home that doesn’t support an active lifestyle is bound to have these kinds of issues. It’s only natural for growing kids to want to expand their energy no matter if it’s hot or cold, wet or dry outside. The garden comes to the rescue many times, but the fall seasons can make it less than desirable. But here’s how you can keep it active.

All-weather get together

The main goal of a garden that will keep the kids occupied, is flexibility. No matter what the season is your garden should still have something that makes it fun. When it’s hot, late nights out in the garden will become more and more frequent. And, when it’s the fall camping outside with a fire is going to be just as fun for the kids. So, buy an all-weather garden tent that is for families. Designed to be strong and spacious, these kinds of tents vary in their shapes. Some offer more room than others, so it depends on what you require for the size of your family. When the summer comes around they can use the tent as an obstacle to hide in while playing with water guns. Yet when the winter comes, they can use it as cover for a snowball fight.

Less work more play

You have enough on your plate you don’t need more garden chores to be added onto your schedule. Mowing the lawn and keeping it in good condition so the kids can play their sports on it takes a consistent effort. Is the pay off really worth it in the end? Instead you can buy LazyLawn which is an artificial lawn that can be easily fitted to your garden. It’s going to be available to use and play on all year round no matter what season, weather or temperature it is. The highly trained installers know how to fit both a commercial or domestic applications so they already have plenty of experience underneath their belt.

Giant Jenga

A classic game played indoors, now can be made bigger and played outdoors. Giant Jenga blocks can be placed on top of each other and then, let the games begin. The kids can play this outdoors as the pieces are heavy enough to not be blown around by a gentle wind. It’s all about patience and a steady hand in this game.

Getting the kids active is no problem. But, getting them active day after day becomes a challenge. They will get bored before you do so try to make your garden fun all year round. Whether it’s a tent or artificial grass so they can play their sports, change your garden to fit all the seasons.

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Tin Can Carnival Game

tin can carnival game

Homemade Game

We spent some time over the half term holiday playing on our Wii console, we love our time together on there as we have so much family fun and love getting competitive against each other. One game we really enjoy playing is the carnival game on there, the boy’s really enjoy it and can get rather competitive when they want to.

We decided that we could easily make our own homemade carnival game so Bradley wrote a list of what he thinks we would need to make the game and let the carnival come to us.

His list to make the tin can carnival game consisted of:

Tin cans – as many as you wish to use.

Stickers – of any kind.

Paint and a small brush any colour.


Some small balls – as many as you wish to use.

Coloured card.


Coloured pens.

Double sided sticky tape.

tin can carnival game

tin can carnival game
Bradley wrapping the balls in foil to give them some extra weight so they go further.

We started off by saving tin cans, washing them and putting them to one side until we had enough to use.

The tin cans was then painted and left to dry.

We then cut out some stars out of the card, one for each tin, added a score value of the kids choice to each star and stuck the star to the can using double-sided sticky tape.

Bradley then decorated his tin cans using his stickers.

He then wrapped the polystyrene balls in foil as he decided the balls would be easier to throw and would go further.

tin can carnival game

tin can carnival game

We was now ready for some fun playing our homemade tin can carnival game.

The excitement and challenge then began, we had 12 balls so these was then slipt between the players, the cans was then stacked in whatever position the kid’s chose/found easier.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to throw the balls into the tin cans, person with the highest score wins.

We chose to have three rounds, so the one with the highest score after the third round is the winner.

For anyone who enjoys carnival games we would highly recommend the carnival fun fair game. here is a link to Nintendo carnival fun fair game. We have hours of fun as a family playing this game, it has over 25 different games to enjoy.

Disclaimer: We have not been compensated in any way for this post. I have shared a link to Nintendo as it is a game we enjoy as family and we wanted to share the game with you.
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The weather has been very wet and miserable lately so we have been going bananas with bananagrams and keeping warm with some indoor fun instead. We had been sent the game as a toy tester for Rainbow toy awards. This is a fun word game that can be played by kids aswell as adults, up to 8 players in total.



You get 144 puzzle pieces in a banana shaped pouch, the puzzle pieces are a nice size and are smooth to touch, the pieces are also of a nice thickness which have been made to last a very long time.


Going Bananas with Bananagrams

This is a fun game that takes up hardly any room, it is also a nice handy size to keep the kids entertained when out on our travels, as well as being a fun family game it is also educational.

This is a fun game for all to enjoy and go bananas, really putting those spellings to the test, making crossword grids and competing against each other in a bid to try and get rid of all your letters first. There is no need for pens, pencils, paper or even a board. This game is fast fun and will kill any boredom on a wet rainy day.

This game is not just a great game for at home, it also makes a perfect travel game for entertaining whilst out due to its handy size. The pouch measures 6cm x 21cm x 6cm and also has a zip on the top, the square tiles measure approx 2cm x 2cm.

With this game you can just grab and play, all you need is a flat surface. So are you feeling competitive? are you great at spelling? do you fancy going before your kids in a fun spelling competition/challenge? this game is a fun relaxed game for all the family to enjoy all year round… me the kids enjoy correcting your spelling mistakes.

Do you have a favourite family game that you enjoy playing? Do you fancy going bananas with bananagrams ?

Disclaimer: we received the game as part of our toy tester role, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.