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Girly Day In London – Finding Dory

A girly day in London - Finding Dory

Girly Day In London – Finding Dory

A girly day in London – finding Dory was enjoyed not that long ago. We very often have our nieces come for a sleepover, when they do we always like to make sure we have something fun planned.

We had our youngest niece Lexi come and stay. Lexi has made good friends with Tilly from Being Tilly’s Mummy blog. We have met up before in the past and the girls get along brilliantly together and have become good friends. We planned to meet with Vicky and Tilly at Disney HQ and have a girly day, being a mum of three teen boy’s I really enjoyed having some girly time.

Girls day out

It was mine and Lexi’s first time at Disney HQ, admittedly I was rather excited, are you ever too old for Disney? We was there to have a private screening of this summers must-see kid’s movie – the new Finding Dory movie. Lexi is a huge fan of Dory so she was rather excited.

Specsavers – Finding Dory Frames

Whilst we waited to be seated for the movie Lexi enjoyed trying on Specsavers new kid’s frame range. They have introduced four new frames – Finding Dory frames. These frames are exclusive to Specsavers and will be launched in the £64 range.

Children’s eye care is very important, Bradley has had to wear glasses now for many years. At first he would refuse to wear his glasses but we soon found that if we let him choose a frame that he liked and wanted then he would happily wear them.

Finding Dory Frames

These new frames are available now in Specsavers stores perfect for children between three and eight years. Eye tests are free on the NHS for under 16s and all the glasses in the kid’s range include UV filter, a scratch resistant treatment, case and cloth. The range cater for different sized frames and fittings, catering for active children as well as the older child.

Finding Dory Frames

Children also get to choose a second pair in the kid’s get two pairs offer. With kid’s glasses it is always safer to have that spare pair handy, Bradley’s glasses was always getting misplaced or damaged when he was younger. Thankfully he has got much better at looking after his glasses now.

These lovely four new frames have the characters of Finding Dory on the arms with a choice of colours to suit every style.

Lexi had great fun trying on the different frames.

Finding Dory Frames

She loved seeing what her frames looked like on.

Finding Dory Frames

Finding Dory Frames

The movie itself…

Finding Dory Movie in 3D

Finding Dory movie

Once I managed to get Lexi to put the glasses back she had her arm painted before we was then seated to watch the Finding Dory movie in 3D.

Finding Dory Movie 3D

We enjoyed being taken back to the wonderful underwater world from Finding Nemo. We really enjoyed welcoming back our favorite, friendly-but-forgetful blue tang – Dory. Lexi was glued to watching Dory’s determination to return home to her forgotten parents, cheering her along her journey.

finding dory 3d movie

This animated sequel will have a wide audience glued, cheering Dory along on her journey to find her parents. This heartwarming movie is this summers must-see movie and is out now. Lexi couldn’t wait to return home herself to tell her older sisters and anyone who would listen about the movie.

We had a fantastic girly day. Every girl loves a new bag, look at the smile on this girls face.

Dory bag


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How was your February? ours was rather busy but fun with some big changes that had taken place.

Our month started with a party – Lee turned sweet sixteen so we had a small family celebration at home, we had 15 people come to dinner. We are celebrating Lee’s birthday with a trip to Barcelona so kept it small as celebrations will be taking place over in Barcelona.

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Cake anyone ?

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We have been having a bit of a bedroom makeover, not just in Lee’s room but ours too!

Lee created a unique bedroom, he took full control of his bedroom makeover, he chose the furniture, colour and even decorating it himself. He is now hunting for soft furnishing to help style it.

Our bedroom also saw big changes too, it is not just a bedroom anymore – it is also an office too!

We needed somewhere we could escape to where we can get our work done in peace, minus distractions. Having somewhere quiet to escape to saves us from working late into the evenings and we can also get more work done too, meeting those all important deadlines.

Our home also saw the arrival of lovely new carpet. The carpet was for Lee’s bedroom and our bedroom/office. We are yet to still carpet Bradley’s room but work is still needing to bed done in there yet.

Bradley got creative with his stickbots and made this short valentines video with them. Full review can be found >>>HERE<<<

We enjoyed another date-night for valentines night, we made a lovely paella and enjoyed a lovely bottle of Prosecco. It was a lovely evening, we was going to go out but we was both too tired so opted to stay home instead and cook.

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Perfect night in ?

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Half term week we got creative and Bradley made a tin can robot and an air power engine car these can be seen here >> On the blog <<

We attended open day at our local college for Lee to chat with tutors about the courses best for his career choices. He is busy with exams and studying hard trying to get the best GCSE results in hope to get on his chosen course.

I was fancying a change in hairstyle/colour… what do you think?

We celebrated chinese new year and made a lovely homemade chinese sweet and sour pork.

We are currently busy getting our gardens ready for spring, they was a little neglected.

A busy but fun February – How was yours?




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Looking Back As January Passes

looking back as january passes

Looking Back As January Passes

We love January as it’s the start of a whole new year, it’s a month where our new diary’s start being filled with lots of fun and adventures to look forward too throughout the year. We are now looking back as January passes, looking back at fun already had so far!

Our January started pretty much the same as everyone else’s, it started with lots of Christmas goodies still needing to be eaten, the decorations being taken down and packed away for another year. Our home always feels bigger once the decs have been packed away, it’s silly really as it’s no different in size.

The kids returned back to school and Lee is now preparing for his GCSEs. Lee is busy studying hard with lots of revision needing to be done for his GCSEs. To help him with this we have a preparing for exams chat rather regularly to make sure he is ok and not struggling.

Passports are being renewed and plans are well underway  to celebrate Lee’s 16th, we are celebrating with a trip to Barcelona, Lee is a huge football fan and has always wanted to visit Barcelona stadium……Eeek our boy turns 16 tomorrow (update to follow).

Phone calls home from school are always lovely to receive, so far this year we have had 4 and also a letter home saying how well Bradley is doing, lets hope he keeps it up for the rest of the year!

We have been busy decorating Lee’s bedroom, Lee had great fun decorating and styling his bedroom. His carpet is due to be laid this week (post to follow).

looking back as january passes

Looking back as january passes

We also made a bucket list of our goals that we wish to complete this year. We have already made a start on working our way through.

Bradley has had another growth spurt, he has now shot up another 4 inches and is now in need of some new clothes. A shopping trip is now needed.

We have made a good start on our Christmas savings – this year we are determined to make this Christmas easier. Have a read here >>> to see how.

We attended the toy fair at London’s Olympia and met with some lovely PRs. It was a very long day and we was both exhausted but it was brilliant to see some of the fabulous new games/toy’s being released later this year.

Bradley has settled back into performing arts college nicely after the Christmas break. He is now busy learning new lines as he will be performing in London’s West End in July. He will be performing in a musical to over 1,200 people.

We have also added some beautiful radiator covers to our hall and conservatory. We love how much bigger they make the conservatory look, we have also gained a nice shelf as we are making use of the top of them. What do you think?

Looking back as January passes

We now wave goodbye to January with an exciting new month to look forward to – February hopefully holds some exciting news for us….fingers crossed. We now have the paper work needed to apply to buy our house under a pilot scheme for housing association tenants. We now have the horrid wait to find out if our house will be one of the properties chosen to be sold off.

How was your January?

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Tears Of Joy

Tears Of Joy

Tears Of Joy

What a weekend – we really struggled to hold back our tears last weekend – tears of joy that is.

Bradley wrote a post a while back about his confidence and how he’s had to overcome some hurdles to get him to this moment, that special moment of stepping out onto the stage and performing to an audience. He done just that on Saturday, he performed the same show/musical twice on Saturday, the musical was called 1989 Remember the 80s and boy did the tears flow. I just couldn’t hold the tears back because I was so proud and I knew how hard he’s had to work to get on that stage. This was his very first performance and it was held at The Wyllyotts Theatre.

Friends have laughed at him and his career choice, made jokes about him and really knocked his confidence. This was awful to see and hear but Brad acted in the best way, he chose to find new friends, supportive ones and has ignored the nasty friends and carried on with what it is that he has chosen to do.

He woke up Saturday morning extremely excited, happy and very keen to get going. Brad couldn’t wait  to get to the theatre, we had to have him dropped off by 10am and then we had our tickets at the ready for his first performance of the day at 3pm along with his Nan and granddad – he had a second showing of the musical at 6.30pm.

We excitedly arrived at 2.30pm……Yikes our boy was behind the big red curtains….Our boy was on stage.

Tears Of Joy

Words can’t describe how myself and Ian was feeling for him, we was mixed emotions of nervousness and excited. We knew he was OK as he was texting us from behind the stage to let us know he was excited and couldn’t wait to show us all his hard work.

When he stepped onto the stage my heart skipped a beat, I was so proud of him, he has dreamed of this moment for so long and had worked so hard at PQA (Pauline Quirke Academy), the tears started to stream down my face…Tears of joy!

Sadly we was not allowed to take photos during the performance, they did have a filming crew there filming the musical so we have requested a copy for Brad so he will having something to look back on.

On the Sunday Bradley had to be at our local leisure centre for 9.45am, we really felt for him as he was so tired from all his hard work performing on the Saturday. Alarms was set for 8am, he did get up with a huge struggle. He had to be there as he was being presented his official black sash and certificate, his black sash with his name on. He went for grading earlier in the year and passed.

Tears Of Joy


Yes more tears was flowing on the Sunday, I think I can safely say I was an emotional wreck this weekend. I am a very proud mum, a proud mum of all three of my boys.

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My Gift This Christmas

My Gift This Christmas

My Gift This Christmas

In our house at Christmas it’s not the kid’s getting over excited about Christmas it’s myself. Don’t get me wrong the boy’s do get excited but nowhere near as much as I do, I admit I am a big kid at Christmas.

I just can’t help but get excited about Christmas, it is just a time of year I LOVE – Not for the gifts but for the feel of Christmas, the quality time spent together, family making time for each other, the fun and laughter just warms my heart.

Christmas morning I am so excited to get the day started  I just can’t sleep, I am always awake from 4.30am onwards, crazy I know but this has just continued from when the boys was younger. Now the boys are teens we can safely say that early mornings on non – School days are not popular in our house with them and they sadly don’t join me on my early Christmas morning rise.

I am now up and downstairs on my own at silly – o clock on Christmas morning, excited and can’t wait for everyone else to wake up. While I’m waiting I prep the dinner, lay the table for breakfast, I then sit and wait listening to Christmas music, I excitedly wait until about 8am and then I start singing, dancing and shouting “it’s Christmas” hey let’s face it it’s Christmas and I have the presents so they won’t get the hump with me…..crafty a.

This year will be Christmas with a difference for my family. I am a support worker that works out in our local community with the elderly and their families, I provide help/support and company to those who need/want it. It is a job I have had for years now and I really enjoy and love what I do. So my kids and Ian get the Christmas Day lie-in that they will most likely very much enjoy I have volunteered my services to work on Christmas morning. I will be off out spreading/sharing my Christmas cheer and visiting the elderly who are at the disadvantage of NOT having family close by to share Christmas with.

I will be out singing, dancing and making sure I put a smile on faces this Christmas morning. This Christmas I am giving the gift of my time to the elderly in my local area. I have been a support worker for many years now and have witnessed first hand what a difference just popping in to see them, having a cup of tea and chat with them and just generally asking how their day has been can make. No one should be alone at Christmas.

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Perfect movie night

perfect movie night

Perfect movie night

Long gone are the day’s for weekend’s being spent partying and friends being round until all hours, our idea of a perfect friday & saturday night is snuggle-up and spend the night in front of the TV watching movies, more often than not the boy’s have chosen the movies for the night, I get told “mum this is the perfect movie for the night” and guess what? yes you got it, it’s a scary movie……I hate scary movies!

Our most favorite movie day’s are ones where we stay in our pajamas all day, we call it “our cosy day”, we do no cooking, no cleaning, the door don’t get answered, our phones get switched off and we spend the day under our duvet in the lounge……..It’s bliss.

Of course you can’t have a movie without popcorn, I always get moaned at for burning the popcorn in the microwave so have been looking at other options to save my ears from a bashing in future. How cool is this retro popcorn machine, I saw it over on Amazon, it can make popcorn in minutes, it even comes with popcorn boxes so you get that cinema feel when watching your movie and eating your popcorn.

perfect movie nights

With the boys picking the film we always like to watch a trailer of it on our IMDb app to check it is age appropriate before watching it. Check this 4K ultra HD Panasonic TV out, it fits four times as many pixels into the screen than even a full HD, leaving you with much more ultra fine detail giving you a crisper, clearer and sharper image, how cool would that be when snuggling up to watch a good film.

perfect movie nights

Myself and Ian like to enjoy a nice quiet evening watching a good film, we enjoy a take-away, nice bottle of wine or we’d lay out a nice spread of nibbles, light a few candles then sit back and relax.

perfect movie nights


What’s your idea of a perfect movie night?

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Our joys of June

our joys of june

Our Joys of June

Wow July already, where is this year going. We have had some pretty exciting moments, here are some of our favourite joys of June.

June started off with Danny moving into his own home about 3.5 miles from us, this was a very busy couple of days moving him and getting him settled, he is now a very happy chappie! one happy chappie = happy parents.

Next up we have Bradley who has now started performing arts college.  He attends on a Saturday afternoon and is thoroughly enjoying himself. Bradley is busy practicing as he will be performing in a 80’s performance in November and is really looking forward to performing.

We had an awesome weekend away camping in the new forest, it was our very first time going camping and certainly will not be the last. It was a bloggers weekend away, we met some lovely bloggers and their families it was lovely meeting them all.

our joys of june

I came home from work to a beautiful surprise. Ian surprised me with a bouquet of flowers……the reason being “just because”.

Buddy turned 9, we have had him since he was a pup and have celebrated every birthday with him.

We attended our very first blogging conference called BritMums. This was a two-day event meaning an overnight stay in London. We met up with some blogging friends made whilst camping the weekend before and we all had a great time, it was all of our first time at BritMums so we all felt the same…..nervous but excited. Everyone at BritMums was so friendly and we met and made even more lovely blogging friends.

our joys of june

Ian enjoyed a nice relaxing Father’s Day, he enjoyed having full control of the TV remote for the whole day (the boy’s had to give in as it’s fathers day).

Guess what?….. I only went and got my 3 stone award at Slimming World. I was so shocked, I lost a whooping 4 lb in one week and that took me to my 3 stone…….Yes there was tears, I cried, but they was happy tears. I am now two stone away from my target.

We had a lovely meal out and got photo bombed. We went for a nice meal at our favourite family pub/restaurant it has a lovely garden that overlooks the river and it’s very kid friendly.

Do you hate cooking in the hot wether? I do, we looked into making some summer meals and have been enjoying homemade chicken shish kebabs.

our joys of june

I booked our daring/exciting crystal anniversary gift. Ian is unaware of what it is, I will not be telling him what it is until the day……Those that know me know this will be extremely hard for me. All will be revealed in August.

We had a very happy proud parent moment. There was a football presentation and Lee received an award for his performance throughout the season. Lee was very happy and we was extremely proud.

our joys of june

We are ending our month with Lee busy packing to head to Kingswood with the school for his field trip on Wednesday. The trip is to help him gain 25% of his geography GCSE. This week will be a strange week, it will only be myself and Bradley as Ian will be on night shift and Lee will be away on his trip.

How was June for you? did you have any fun/cherished moments?


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To the Dominos delivery driver

to the dominos delivery driver

To the Dominos delivery driver

This is a letter to the Dominos delivery driver who caused my son to come off his bike.

Yes you, how blooming dare you, how dare you cause my son to come flying off his bike and then drive off. You blooming drove off leaving a 13-year-old boy laying in the road shaken, scared and injured. There was a witness who saw it happen, luckily enough she was a nice enough lady to have stopped and see if he was ok, she done what YOU should have.

How blooming dare you do that, you saw my son in the road yet you still kept on going, driving towards him causing the accident, what kind of person does that?


Why did you not stop?

Why did you not check he was ok?

Why leave him lying in the road?

Why not call for an ambulance?

Why did you still carry on going when my son was in the road?

Why did you not report you had caused a road accident……..Because you did?

Why, why not do the right thing?

What makes me even more angry is when I phoned your branch to report this to your so-called manager she didn’t even ask for any personal details, she never asked where or what time it happened, she never asked if I’d like to make a formal complaint or anything. The manager just said to me “I will speak to the drivers and make them aware that it is not on”………Excuse me but WHAT! should you not already know? she then went on to have the cheek to say to me “what more do you want me to do” HELLO women your job would be nice, take details, ask if my son is ok, offer me a number or email address to make a formal complaint surely these are the basics to good management and show that Dominos actually do care about the pubilc and customers.

Dominos do you actually care? do you have procedures in place for complaints? if so why was this not put into practice yesterday? yes I am going to escalate this matter.

My son by the way ended up paying a visit to the hospital, as a result of your poor driving my poor son now has damage to his Trapezius muscle, pains in his arm, leg and lower back. He is also suffering from shock and being sick along with bad headaches so hope your feeling very proud of yourself.


My son was shaken up, scared and left, sorry but this is disgusting. We phone in to report it and get no help. This matter has now been reported to the police who are now dealing with it.

Yours sincerely 

A very angry mum



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BritMums meme 2015

BritMums meme 2015

BritMums meme 2015

Not long to go now at all until myself and Ian attend BritMums live 2015. Yes that’s right we are going to BritMums, yikes. Our little blog is nearly 1yr old, it is a family blog and we really enjoy blogging about our fun and adventures. Here is our BritMums meme 2015.

Name – Anita and Ian

Blog –

Twitter – @THT_never_rests

Hair –  Anita – short & brown and  Ian – blond

Is this your first blogging conference?

Yes this will be our first time attending and we are rather nervous but also very excited. I think it’s the not knowing what to expect on the day.

Are you attending both days?

Yes we want to make the most of the event and get as much out of the sessions as possible.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums live 2015?

We are looking forward to the whole experience and learning lots of new things, meeting lots of other bloggers and enjoying our time there. It will be nice to put faces to blogs.

What are you going to wear?

We have not decided yet, it will most likely be something simple and comfortable, from reading other people’s blog posts about they’re time at BritMums a lot had regretted wearing heels etc so I will definitely be taking their advice on that one and will not be wearing heels.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums live 2015?

We’d love to learn how to improve our blog, writing skills, learn more about SEO and learn about social media etc. We are really looking forward to the keynotes and sessions.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been to BritMums before?

No this is our first year going but have taken loads of tips on board from other bloggers who have been before such as:

Wear flat shoes.

Check the agenda before hand to save rushing about.

Allow ourselves plenty of time to get where we need to be.

Enjoy our time whilst there and try not to worry about anything.

Take plenty of notes.


If you see us on the day we will probably be looking lost, as we most probably will be. Please stop to say hi, we’d love to meet you!

BritMums meme 2015

Are you going to BritMums? have you been before? any great tips or advice you can give us to ease our first time nerves?

See you all there and hope to meet you.


Anita and Ian

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10 Happy Things

10 happy things

10 Happy Things

I was recently sat thinking of a few things that we have going on at the moment, they are all happy things so I thought I’d put them into a post and share them with you. Here are 10 happy things we have going on at the moment.

1) Ian is a finalist at our Slimming World group, he is one of the two men in the final where one of which will be chosen to be man of the year. I am so proud of him, he has currently lost an amazing 1 stone 12lb and is still going. We are both currently concentrating on slimming down this year.

2) Danny has now happily moved into his own flat and is settling in nicely. He is happily looking to his future.

3) Our holiday is getting closer. We are off to a beautiful tranquil woodland holiday park where we have a beautiful log cabin. There is so much on offer to do there, we are now counting the days.

4) We are getting closer to buying our home.

5) We are soon to be celebrating our crystal wedding anniversary.

6) Plans are now being made for my massage business, I am currently in discussions.

7) Bradley has attended a casting, he is now awaiting to see if he was successful or not.

8) Lee is working on a list of items he needs to get/pack, he’s off on a field trip with school.

9) Our home gym is now in place and we are getting a nice collection now of equipment.

10) Ian has had a lovely promotion at work, he is now a deputy team leader.

As you can see from my list above there is so much to smile about. We are currently thinking of a fun and exciting way to celebrate our crystal anniversary, I fancy doing something exciting/daring, do you have any suggestions?


A Cornish Mum
Disclaimer: We have not been compensated in any way to write this post.
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May madness

May Madness

May Madness

May for us has been a little up in the air, it involves a hospital stay, exams, a casting, a viewing of a new home, a promotion and more. Here is our May madness!

May for us got off to a really early start, the month started off with a 5am train into London where I was due to have an operation, this was then followed by a hospital stay until I was strong enough to return home.

Lee had a busy few days, he had exams at school and this caused Lee a great deal of worry and stress. He feels like he done well so fingers crossed. We always say to the boys as long as they try their best that is all that counts.

I was feeling a little down following my operation so a girls night in was called for. We had wine, chinese, chocolate, music, and a little pamper, there was lots of laughter, just what was needed.

The sun was shining one Sunday afternoon so we enjoyed a lovely afternoon around a lovely park. We took a little drive out and found this amazing park, we plan to go back with our bikes and have a cycle round but need to invest in a bike rack for the car.


Ian received some fantastic news at work, he has been promoted to a deputy team leader.

Bradley joined the school rounders club which he has been thoroughly enjoying.

We have been busy converting our conservatory into a games room/gym, we are slowly adding to this to build a nice busy room. We love our conservatory this is where we spend most of our time.

Bradley got called in for a casting day in regards to his modelling, channel four was also there filming so we may also be on TV. I think I was more nervous than he was. I learned a big lesson from that day, that’s lesson was to never wear heels when Brad goes for casting as there is a lot of standing around……….OUCH!


Ian and the boys had a lovely day fishing whilst I was at work during the school half-term week, Bradley was very lucky and caught quite a few fish. The kid’s are having a few lessons before our holiday as we are soon going on a fishing holiday, staying in a lovely log cabin in a tranquil woodland holiday park.




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Brad caught a perch. #fishingfun #fishing #perch

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Ian is currently one of the two finalist at slimming world for man of the year, we find out at our next weigh-in who the winner is.

I have been venturing out further on my bike, I have been using my bike more lately to get to and from work, I completed a 7 mile ride the other evening after a day at work, I cycled to my last client……..I certainly slept well that night!


Danny went to view a flat, he liked it and has been busy packing and preparing to move. Luckily it is not too far away.

How was your month?


Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post.

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April madness

April madness

April madness

Our April madness started off with some April fools fun, I must say the boy’s really enjoy April fools day and they really keep us on our toes.

I treated myself to a new hair-do, I trialed out having curls put in and I went a lot shorter.

Following on from last month’s DIY disaster we have now managed to replace the TV box, hopefully now Ian will forgive me (fingers crossed).

We had a nice delivery of a new tumble dryer, this was much welcomed, trying to get the washing dry in this horrid weather has been a nightmare.

The kid’s enjoyed a nice fun-filled Easter holiday by this point we had some beautiful weather and the sun was shining.

April madness

Bradley anxiously awaited his grading results to find out if he is a black belt….Yes well done Brad we are very proud of you!

April madness

I finally got my laptop back after a 3 week wait. 3 weeks without my laptop was a nightmare. I had to share Lee’s laptop with him, his laptop has a cut off timer on it and it powers off at 10pm so I had to get my work done rather quickly after he had finished his school work if there was any time left, I could have over-rid this but I thought I’d best leave it as it was whilst the timer was set correctly.

Some nice April madness was enjoyed with some fun family days out, a boat trip being one of them.

April madness

Plans for BritMums started to take place, now just need to decide what to wear…….yikes it is getting close now!

I started my reflexology treatment again as I have been in a little discomfort again….Ouch!

Ian enjoyed a much deserved lads day/evening out in London with work mates, Ian said “it’s a guided walk” but this guided walk entails visiting the pubs along the way.

I had my pre-assessment at the hospital, unfortunately an operation was needed due to suffering for many years of Endometriosis. Suffering with this disease is horrible, it is painful and has effected my life a great deal. In the past it resulted in me having to have a hysterectomy at the age of 27.  I have now learned to live with it and not let it beat me.

April madness
OUCH! I hate needles.

I had another nice delivery this month, Ian had treated me to a nice new Egyptian cotton toweling robe to take with me into hospital, I love it.

We finally started to find our gardens and I must say that they was in need of rescuing.

April madness


We won the raffle at Slimming world not just once this month but twice, one prize being some scales and healthy treats, the other being a pressure cooker.

April madness


We finished off our month with a nice new blog design that is more personalised to us and our blog, what do you think?

April madness

So how has your month been?

 ***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***

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A letter to my past self

A letter to my past self

A letter to my past self

Dear my past self

I am writing a letter to my past self to say we have said and done so many things that we are not proud of, we have been through so much, good times and bad. We’ve been through happy times and sad times but we have got through them and we survived!

We had to grow up faster than planned and life through us some horrible curve balls but hey that’s life I guess. Our emotions was played with horribly as a child and no kid should have to deal with them of that age. Only we could understand these feelings but that has made us grow into the stronger person we are today.

Along our journey to where we are now we have made bad mistakes and bad decisions but we have learnt from them. We have learned, we have grown but most of all we have changed. All of these changes have come from our past, it is our past that has helped us become who we are today. Instead of trying to block our past out we should remember it and let it help us grow, yes horrible things have happened in the past that we so desperately want to forget and find extremely hard to deal with and accept but we survived.

All I can say now is we are extremely happy, we have the most amazing husband in the world who loves us dearly and three amazing boys all of which we love so much.

Now is the time to move on from our past emotions so that we can live a happy future.

So what have we learnt from our past.

To appreciate those in our life who want to be in it.

To try not to force relationships that are just not there.

To be more stronger minded.

To not be used all the time.

To not take any nonsense.

When to just walk away.

When heart-strings are being pulled.

When we are being used.

How to put our little family first.

To stop trying to change things.

We now know we are worth so much more.

Most of all we have learnt how to say no, enough is enough.

We have such a happy future to look forward to and we are now taking control of our life. Plans are now being made to buy a house, wow who would have thought it a! We have been so unhappy with our weight but we are now well on our way to target, a birthday gift to ourself 5 st lighter. Hopefully our arm will recover following our car accident and our plans can continue with setting up our message business. Our kid’s make us even more prouder every single day and they put a smile on our face every day guaranteed.

So with all this to look forward to and more now is the time to move on, hold our head high and be proud of who we have become.


 Words from the heart

  With love

Your present self


A letter to my past self

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BritMums live 2015

BritMums live 2015

BritMums live 2015

Wow it is coming round so fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago since we got our tickets, June will be here before we know it. We have only been blogging since May 2014 and after seeing some awesome pictures and reading great posts about BritMums this was somewhere we knew we would love to attend. So many bloggers said in their posts how much BritMums have helped them improve as a blogger, this is what we want to do.

We now have our tickets for BritMums live 2015 and we WILL be attending, we are very nervous and excited all at the same time. This year will be our first year attending so it is all new to us.

Since we have started blogging we have come across some fun and interesting blogs whilst also learning about other blogging events that is on our list to get tickets for and attend. BritMums live 2015 is one event that we have been looking forward to attending since we saw all the photos and blog posts from last year.

Whilst at BritMums live 2015 we hope to meet other bloggers, gather as much information and help as possible to help our little blog grow and improve as much as possible.

If you are going to be attending BritMums live 2015 and you see us be sure to say hi. To help us get noticed and stand out we will be wearing these name tags from Simoney.

Britmums live 2015

We now have our tickets, we have just recently booked our accommodation, we now just need to sort out outfits and check train times….WOW this is really happening, we really are going to BritMums!

We have been having a read through the list of speakers and wow what a line-up.

We are really looking forward to networking/socialise with other like-minded people. I would be lying if I said we was not nervous because we are, we have not been to many blogging events so we hardly know any other bloggers but I am sure we will not be the only ones feeling like this.

Have you been to BritMums before, if so what would you recommend we make sure we have with us on the day?

We look forward to hopefully seeing you at BritMums live 2015.


***Disclaimer: we was sent the Simoney badges to share with you all***
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Our highlights of March

Our highlights of March

Our highlights of March

Wow where did March go! well it has gone now anyway and we have some brilliant highlights for you. Our highlights of March entail’s a fab weight-loss update, DIY disasters and much more! (Note to myself, label the plugs).

Our month started with myself trying my best at DIY (putting a TV cabinet together) and yes you got it……disaster happened. What on earth was I thinking, oh well I tried my best. The end result was a nightmare, I blew up our TV box and wiped out the internet for the night……Let me explain how, I plugged the wrong power leads into each other I got the TV box and internet cable muddled up, easy mistake right or is this just something I’d do? end result is I am now banned from ANY DIY!

We had a horrid week this month where everything decided to break on us, our tumble dryer stopped working, my steam mop broke and my laptop has had to go to the menders, it has been in there for two and a half weeks now so hopefully I will get it back very soon, fingers crossed it can be fixed. Until my laptop is fixed or replaced I am sharing Lee’s laptop. They say things happen in three’s.

Our highlights of MarchWe enjoyed a fab trip to the Warner Bros in Watford to visit where Harry Potter was filmed, we had a lovely drinks reception and then went on tour, review to follow.

We have been busy meal planning to make life easier on ourselves, we also treated ourselves to a soup maker this is so quick and easy to use we love it!

Buddy enjoyed a pamper session with our groomer, he had a much-needed bath and hair cut, he is now looking and smelling much better.

I enjoyed a lovely mothers day treat, I was treated to breakfast in bed followed by a lovely day of rest. We had a lovely movie day with lots of naughty treats. A nice day of quality time as a family was enjoyed by all, that was the best gift of all.

Our highlights of March

Bradley had grading at his boxing class, he was going for his black belt, we are now sitting patiently waiting for the results which he should have in a few weeks. Good luck Brad you done excellent and have trained really hard to get this far, keep up the hard work!

Our highlights of March

I even managed to sneak in a girls night out, for me it was all a last-minute rush as I was meant to have been working that night and there was a change of plan at last minute but it was a fantastic night, there was champagne, wine, 3 course meal a drag queen and naked butlers…yes you read that right, naked butlers (Sorry no pics), then a disco. What was not to enjoy about all of that! (this was a ladies night at our local country club).

I was rather shocked at slimming world group last week, I only went and got my two and a half stone award, I am now half way to target, I have set myself a challenge to loose 5 stone by August. I started my weigh-loss journey back in October last year. I am amazed at how well I am doing as I never had thought in a million years I would have got this far let alone this quickly, one thing is for sure the weight is definitely staying off.

Our highlights of March


Have you had a good month?

***Disclaimer, we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***