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The secrets of a successful home office transformation

The secrets of a successful home office transformation

The secrets of a successful home office transformation

The priorities of a modern family have evolved massively over the last 20 years or so, and technology is at the heart of it all. Computers are now an omnipresent feature, and most households could benefit from having an office space. Whether it’s to help mum and dad work from home or allow children to complete studies in peace doesn’t matter. Creating a suitable environment for those activities is essential.

Deciding that you need a home office space is one thing, but actively turning that vision into a reality is another altogether. Pay attention to these realities, and you won’t go far wrong.

1. Comfort Is King

When building an office space, you’ll naturally think about designing a space that allows you to work on a computer with ease. Before worrying about this, though, you must ensure that the room is livable.

The most obvious candidates for office transformations are guest rooms, lofts, and garages. These areas have probably gone unloved, so think about energy efficiency and the general atmosphere. Skip those factors, and the following gestures will seem almost redundant.

When it comes to furniture, ensure that your office chair is comfortable too. Ultimately, the home office space should be designed to encourage extended periods of work. If you don’t feel comfortable, however, that simply cannot happen.

2. Personal Touches Make The Difference

There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other offices that you’ve seen. However, a commercial business office space serves a slightly alternative function from a home one. Moreover, the design needs are far different too.

This is still a part of the home, and decorating the walls with sports memorabilia and family photos can aid the happy vibes. Meanwhile, if you are using this area for business matters, interactions with other people are likely to take place via the internet. Putting a screen on the wall can provide a video conferencing space. From a practical standpoint, this can be telling.

Above all else, the organisation should be considered to be a major priority. Even when a lot of your paperwork can be kept online, creating ample storage space is key. This is likely to be one of the smaller rooms in the property, and letting it become overcrowded and untidy will harm your relationship with it badly. Use shelves and vertical storage to avoid eating up the floor space, and you should be just fine.

3. It Will Take Time (& Money)

As with any worthwhile home upgrade projects, patience and planning are vital. Rushing straight in will lead you to overlook key elements. And it will inevitably reduce the impact of the transformation.

The decision between using an expert or taking the DIY option will largely be dependent on your skills and the severity of the project. Either way, capital will be required. This type of project is a very suitable reason for getting unsecured home improvement loans. After all, the money you invest will be rewarded with increased property value.

More importantly, though, getting the job right saves the hassle of future tasks. Aside from upgrading your tech facilities every few years, the home office could serve you for decades. This can only be great news for all the family.

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Making The Most Of Our Space

making the most of our space

Making The Most Of Our Space

Space in our house is something we have very little of so making the most of our space is very important. Making the most of our space in a useful way is something we are currently working on at the moment throughout the house as we are fed up with everything looking too cramped and over-crowded.

Lee has been busy decorating his room in a more grown-up way. Now that he is 16 he is wanting to create his own personal space into something more unique to his taste and style. He is wanting his bedroom to work whether he is in there studying, relaxing, or somewhere he can have mates to come and play on consoles or watch a movie.

We are currently busy in our bedroom turning it into a bedroom come office. Adding a quiet work place in our home has proven difficult. We have tried all routes possible to avoid setting up office in our bedroom but it seems to be the only place to get the quiet time needed to concentrate. We did try other places within our home such as the living room and conservatory but there was just too many distractions going on with the tv being on, teens friends visiting or I’d sit and see other jobs that need doing and get distracted with those instead of what I’m meant to be doing.

So setting up office in our bedroom has proven to be the best option, it is a private area with no distractions going on. Our bedroom is a good size bedroom and if we plan it right we can make it work very well as a home office come bedroom.

Our bedroom is currently being re-designed to enable us to use the space as we wish to. We have been busy measuring and planning so now it’s time to get our plans put into action.

Are you in need of help with making the most of your space? here is a very short clip starring Phil Spencer giving you some very handy tips!


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Great Fun Styling

Great fun styling

Great Fun Styling

When decorating you want to get it right, it can be a challenging job but also a rewarding one. Lee recently started decorating his bedroom which he had great fun styling, he enjoyed getting creative with colour and personalizing his space with soft furnishings. Whilst he was having great fun styling he learnt some useful decorating tips along the way.

Lee really enjoyed being involved in the styling of his space/bedroom, we thought with it being his personal space he should definitely be the one behind the styling of the room along with the layout. Who would be the best person to decide but the person who’s space it is.

We had great fun helping Lee style his space and also enjoyed giving/sharing some decorating tips along the way.


Deciding the layout of the room was the first piece of advice we gave Lee, he was asked how he was wanting his room, whether he was wanting a feature wall or not. He was also asked if he was wanting any major changes made before painting. Good job we asked as he was wanting changes made to his fitted wardrobe (post on this to follow).


We then asked him if he was wanting a theme in his room as we thought this would be a good starting point when it came to deciding on the colour, whether he was wanting a football theme as he is a huge football fan. This is the part Lee really enjoyed as the decision was all his. Lee had decided he wanted to look at the colour trends, he couldn’t decide if he wanted one or more colours but soon decided to go for plain walls in a Dulux Malt Chocolate colour and style his room in soft furnishings as these are easily changed if/when he wishes.

Colour scheme

We advised Lee that it is always best to get colour samples to colours he liked, a colour may look perfect in the shop but can look so different in the room itself due to a change of lighting and room size.


Storage is something that we don’t have enough of in our house and is something we definitely need to create more of. We advised Lee to make full use of any available space and create more if/where possible. With Lee’s room only being a box room this is what he is definitely doing as space is limited. Lee is currently thinking about whether or not to change his bed to one with storage space.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can make a room look so different yet they can finish off any theme perfectly. They can help add character and warmth to any room. Soft furnishings are a perfect place to start when you’re wanting to add character, colour and your own personal style to your room.

Wall art

We said to Lee whatever way he decided to decorate his bedroom we could guarantee that he would be able to find wall art that would work perfectly and help add character to his room. There are so many different options available that he could choose from. He could choose posters, canvases, framed pictures, mural he could even make a collage of fun he’s had with friends at the football and give it that extra personal touch if he wishes.

We can safely say that Lee has thoroughly enjoyed himself and had great fun styling his bedroom so far. He is still hunting for soft furnishings but we said that will take time and it will all come together eventually. We have been looking at Baytree Interiors and Lee has seen some amazing ideas that he likes.

With all the excitement of Lee’s room being decorated it has made us think of our room. We have been looking at the trends for 2016 as we wish to turn our bedroom into the perfect relaxing space needed after a long day. I love the Rose Quartz and Serenity, these two colours do work seamlessly together, a relaxing enthralling palette mixing both cool and warm tones harmoniously. These two colours add a softness to interior trends, perfect for creating a relaxing environment which will work perfectly in our bedroom, they are even chosen as the Pantone colour of the year 2016.

What do you think?

Great fun styling

In 2016 we are wanting to wave goodbye to our plain walls and boring furniture. We are now wanting to slowly add colour, style and bring in some bold and exciting interior to our home.

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