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Bedroom inspiration

Bedroom inspiration

Bedroom inspiration

We are now getting closer to finally being able to give our bedroom the much-needed makeover that it is desperately needing. We are currently looking for bedroom inspiration. Since moving in our house back in November every other room has taken priority over our bedroom. We haven’t done much to our bedroom as yet apart from take off the horrid wallpaper, leaving ourselves with bare walls – walls that are an awful dark blue.

We have been searching the internet for inspiration. Our bedroom we have now is much smaller to what we previously had. We previously had fitted wardrobes and sadly no longer have space for this.

Planning ahead


Playing about with our bedroom plans and having those all important discussions, we have been hunting about for over bed storage with a corner wardrobe – this will give us added storage by using the space above our bed and also by making full use of the bedside table space too!

something like this..

Bedroom inspiration

Photo credit – Choice furniture superstore


We will be wanting lighting fitted in the underneath of the overbed storage. We will want these working via a switch or pull-cord that can be easily reached from bed. We will also be adding down lights to the ceiling that can work via a dimmer switch for mood lighting.

Drawer space

We hope to be able to fit a draw unit inside our wardrobes. By doing this we will save ourselves some floor space and this will also help to make our room feel that bit bigger. We also have draw space under our bed.


We recently purchased a new bed before moving house so our bed will just need to be looked after and treated to some new bedding to blend with our newly chosen colour scheme. One thing we didn’t do with our old bed and that was protect it with a mattress protector. We have been looking at mattress protectors from Yorkshire Linen

Bedroom inspirationPhoto credit – Yorkshire Linen

Whilst browsing their site this stunning Kylie Minogue set caught my eye, how stunning is this set. You can’t beat the feeling of sinking into bed that has soft and comfortable linen. 

bedroom inspirationPhoto credit – Yorkshire Linen

Added extras

Our TV will be mounted on the wall, we have chosen a blackout blind and curtains from Dunelm. As Ian works shifts he finds it hard to sleep during the daytime following a night shift due to the daylight. We went on the hunt for a blackout blind and found this Laura Natural blackout roller blind…..

Photo credit – Dunelm

There is nothing worse than broken sleep, especially if you have work the next day so getting your bedroom right to your ideal comfort is important. We plan to decorate our room a neutral colour and then add splashes of colour within our soft furnishings, such as a rug, cushions, bed spreads etc.

Our carpet will be a nice neutral colour that will work well with any colour that we plan to use in our bedroom.

Our plans are slowly coming together and we are so looking forward to finally having our style put into our bedroom.

Are you currently working on any home improvements?

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Why you should change the decor style of your study or dining room

Why You Should Change The Decor Style Of Your Study Or Dining Room

Why you should change the decor style of your study or dining room

A dining room is perhaps the only true multi-functional space in the home. It’s where your family eats, entertains guests, where the kids do their homework and where you do your taxes. When designing your dining room or kitchen you’ve got to carefully think about the space you have available in the room and space you’re willing to take up with the decor. Sometimes you may have to compromise on the style of your furnishings in order to make the room more practical.

The study is a refuge in the home. Away from the kids, your partner, all the outside distractions; it’s a place where you can have peace of mind, and it’s specifically designed as a place of work. Whether you have dedicated space for working at home, or it’s an area where you do your hobby, the room is seen as an extra bonus by default; it’s not something that comes with most homes and it’s generally quite uncommon.

Why You Should Change The Decor Style Of Your Study Or Dining Room

Credit – James DeMers

Practical family, or bourgeois sophistication?

The theme of the room is dependent on your budget, e.g. you’re most likely going to be unable to afford luxury decor. If you want the timeless family eating area kind of room, the decor is going to be subtle and neutral. Wood is never out of style and remains charming throughout all seasons. New England Oak Furniture has that kind of classic feel, they’re finely designed in an upright manner to support proper posture. The dining table should be sturdy as kids lean, sit and stand on it. A beautiful non-stick varnish sheen prevents stains and spills from forming.

If you’re going for a more contemporary look, metal framed chairs with either leather, wicker or fabric seats and back supports would be your best style option. These kinds of chairs are something you would have if you plan on entertaining guests at a dinner party. Wood is clunky, heavy and built more to last, than express an artistic choice. For a voguish table style, a round glass table would undoubtedly play the part of the centerpiece in the dining room. A glass table is like a whirlpool in the middle of a room, and it draws the life of the party in toward it.

Why You Should Change The Decor Style Of Your Study Or Dining Room

A symbolic study office

There’s pretty much only one sensible way to choose the decor of a, go professional and grandiose. A large, mahogany office desk is not only practical but a symbol of class and power. It’s a reddish-brown timber, a tropical tree in America; it’s a very sought after material for its strength and sheen; due to the abundant natural oils in the wood.

A high-quality bold-colored brocket office chair is usually made out of a very tough but flexible expensive leather. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but the design of the arch is straight, so its helps to fend off drowsiness. The Chesterfield dates back to just after the Georgian Era in England, when the Victorian Era of grandness and an imposing nature of decor was coming into fashion.

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From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

Think back to when you first moved into your home and that priority list you made. At the top were the grand ideas you had for the kitchen, and how you were going to create the perfect living room to entertain guests and make your kids bedrooms exactly the way they wanted them. Then, right at the bottom of that list, was your bedroom.

Why this always seems to be the case is anyone’s guess. It’s probably to do with funds, time and the fact it isn’t a common space; that’s why most decorating jobs tend to get put off and put off. However, we have summer rolling in thick and fast and, well, a new season has a way of uplifting us and filling us with energy; so why not focus all that on finally getting the bedroom of your dreams.

Come on, it’s your bedroom. It’s the place you go to get a good night’s sleep and the first thing you see when your eyes first crack open. Basically, it all starts and ends here, so give it that uplift you deserve.

From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

The Bed

This is it, the pièce de résistance. It is going to be the most prominent feature to look at and the one piece of furniture to ensure tomorrow is even more amazing than today was. It’s where you go for sweet dreams and sweeter starts. So start with what’s important to your taste and build from there. It could be a snazzy headboard, nice soft Egyptian linens, a duvet you could get lost in, or hidden space under the bed to put your odds and ends.

The Drapes

When we imagine a bedroom of our dreams, we tend to imagine miles and miles of fabric adding to the whole dimension, and rightly so. Yes, we’re talking about having gorgeous curtains that dance between pretty and practical, in which you can save a bob by getting online curtain fabrics (the Internet is amazing sometimes!). But don’t stop with the curtains, because curtains alone don’t scream and shout, not like a bed surrounded by drapes. That’s the kind of thing a honeymoon suite is made of. That’s the thing dreams are made of.

From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

The Chair

Your bedroom is more than just a room made for sleeping; it is your personal space, your room to escape to, which is why you need to add a cozy chair or sofa to a corner. It could be an ottoman or a Chesterfield or a hanging chair, or anything that takes your fancy. It is your space to curl up and read a book, or sip on your frothy hot chocolate or collect your thoughts. That’s what you want a dream room to be about, enjoying the little things.

The Glamour

Dreams tend to lean toward the unattainable, the luxurious and the glamour; so why not add a little splash of something wow, and a little dash of something special. It could be a chandelier above your bed or a dressing table lined with flower and perfumes. It could be throws and pillows, fairy lights and mirror decorations. Luxury is subjective, so whatever makes you feel a little more special is what you should get. Don’t worry about the expense either, there are always ways to save a bit, it’s just about hunting for a bargain.

From dusk till dawn: Bedroom of your dreams

The Fireplace

A lot of old houses would have had fireplaces in every room. It was just what they did back then when the world was freezing and double-glazing was as mythical as unicorns. However, there is very little that oozes luxury like having an exposed fireplace in your bedroom. It just adds to the dimension. It brings in a focal point that wasn’t there before. Of course, you don’t need to expose an ornate fireplace in order to realize this dream because electric fireplaces are becoming less and less expensive. Oh, and did we mention the remote. Oh yeah, you could lay in bed and turn on the flames with just a flick of a switch. Hello, dream bedroom.

The Little Things

Life is all about the little things and your bedroom should be no different (stop it!). That’s where adding something like a bunch of fresh flowers once a week can really make a bedroom pop. Something bright and wonderfully smelly, that’s what you want. Or why not add a little tea set to your room. Not only will this look beautiful sat on your freshly made bed each day, it will encourage you to use your room to relax in. Cuppa in one hand, book in the other, no noise or distractions around you. Bliss. That is another word for luxury.

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Sweet dreams are made of seams

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Seams

Sweet dreams are made of seams

Do you have trouble getting a good night sleep? This is perhaps more common than most people realise. A lot of individuals go to bed far too stressed through the week. Due to this, rather than quickly closing their eyes, they lie in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing with all their heart that they could sleep. Of course, the hours roll past the clock, and eventually, there’s very little time to sleep anyway.

This can have a tremendous effect on stress in work life, family life and even how much enjoyment you feel in daily activities. Due to a lack of sleep, you will constantly be feeling exhausted. As such, you won’t have the energy to do tasks you need to complete or participate in activities that you enjoy. So a good night sleep is certainly important. But how exactly does one achieve it?

Well, there are plenty of thoughts about how one should tire themselves before bed or relieve stress before they hit the hay. But actually, your best bet would be to make sure you have the perfect bedroom, suitable for a good snooze. There are a few traits to look at here.

Feels Perfect

Sweet dreams are made of seams

The first step is to make sure that you have the right mattress and bed for you. Not everyone feels comfortable on the same type of mattress. For instance, some people need good back support when they’re lying down. If you think this sounds like you, you’ll need a harder mattress than most with only a slight amount of give. Other individuals love to feel like they are being swallowed and cushioned by the mattress. As such, they prefer a memory foam mattress. If you want the best of both worlds, you can opt for half and a half. In this case, the top half of the mattress is memory foam, and the bottom is solid.

Of course, it’s not just the mattress that you need to think about. Every single part of the bed should be chosen to match your desires and needs. You can have a look at different bed designs from producers such as John Ryan by Design. You’ll find plenty of options here, and we’re sure at least one will suit the need for your bedroom.

Don’t Let The Light Shine

Sweet dreams are made of seams

One of the biggest reasons for people not getting their sleep is light pollution. It’s possible that the reason for your lack of sleep is due to the fact that light is shining in through the window. This is quite common for homes in the city where there is often street lights outside the window, not to mention cars passing by.

The answer is to invest in blackout blinds. If you get the electronic variety, you can even make them come down without getting out of bed. Some are completely automatic and can be set to rise at a certain point in the morning. As such, you can completely control your sleeping pattern, making sure you get the number of hours you need.

Soothing Features

Sweet dreams are made of seams

There are certain features that you can get for your bedroom that might help you get to sleep sooner rather than later. For instance, you can think about getting fairy lights for the ceiling. These can be inserted into a false ceiling and twinkle at a slow rate. Some people do find the movement of the lights serene, and it helps them drift to sleep quickly. Others, on the other hand, find them distracting, so it does depend on your general mindset.

Another possibility would be to think about a speaker system in your room. Using this, you can play soothing music at a low volume. Make sure you use a timed plug so that the music switches off at a certain time. Otherwise, it is likely that at some point through the night it will wake you up.

Extra Comfort

Sweet dreams are made of seams

Just like the mattress, you need to pick the duvet that is right for you too. Some people get far too hot through the night. If that sounds familiar, you might want to try a lighter, thinner duvet. This will give you enough cover without the sweltering temperatures you usually have to endure.

Lastly, make sure you are picking the right pillow. Like the mattress it’s about how hard, firm or soft it is. You should test out a few pillows before choosing the one that is perfect for you.

If you take all of this advice on board, you’ll soon find that perfect bedrooms are what sweet dreams are made of.

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Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury kitchen design

Kitchen Design

Many people believe that having a luxury kitchen design is out of their budget, but it doesn’t need to be expensive; with the right planning and execution you too can create a luxury space that the whole family can enjoy while adding value to your home in the process.

The kitchen design team at Mayfair Granite have put together their top considerations for planning and designing the perfect kitchen:

Luxury kitchen design

Kitchen Layout:

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where great food is prepared, a space for entertaining friends and family and somewhere to relax in at the end of a hard day, so creating a space that is both functional and comfortable is key.

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts for kitchens because of its adaptability, and when combined with an island can create a great space for entertaining. An island bench can create a dramatic focal point in the room whilst providing extra storage space and a social hub for the whole family to gather round.

Luxury kitchen design

An L-shaped kitchen design is a great option for open plan kitchens where the room opens out into a dining room or living room; it also maximise’s the floor space for families and couples to cook together without getting into each other’s way.

If space is an issue, try opting for a U-shaped kitchen design; this type of design can maximise the cabinet and work top space in the room without compromising on design or style. U-shaped kitchen designs usually feature integrated appliances which are great for keeping a uniform style, but standalone appliances can be used to provide a stand out feature or touch of colour to the design.

Material Choice:

With a vast array of exciting and exotic materials to choose from when designing a kitchen, it can be a bit daunting when planning the perfect space. The classic combination of natural stone and traditional timber cabinetry is still seen as the pinnacle of luxury by many, but with the advances in technology pushing the boundaries of design there is now a range of metallic materials to choose from including brass, copper and zinc to provide that extra wow factor.

For work tops, Mayfair Granite recommends traditional materials such as granite, quartz and marble, which provide a durable and low maintenance option that will last a lifetime. These materials can be cut into an array of shapes and sizes providing a perfect fit in any room.

Luxury kitchen design

Cabinetry is the most important investment in any kitchen design, so choosing the right materials is key to creating a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Luxury kitchen cabinets often feature high quality woods such as cherry, mahogany or walnut which are stained with rich, dark colours to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. However, specialty painted and glazed finishes can also make for a luxurious kitchen.

Appliances can make or break a kitchen so it is important that these are taken into consideration at the same time as the rest of the design. Choose products that match the style you are going for and always shop around for the best prices.


Lighting is also an important consideration for creating the right balance of ambience and function in the kitchen. Natural light makes the space look bigger and brings the outside in, but having large windows and doors isn’t suitable for every kitchen. However, if the kitchen lacks natural light there are lots of options out there.

Pendant lights can add that wow factor to the kitchen and can create a relaxing ambience, whereas under cabinet lighting is perfect for food preparation in low light situations. For something a bit different, LED light strips are a good choice for creating dynamic lighting effects in the kitchen.

Luxury kitchen design

Creating the perfect kitchen is all about planning, putting together a luxury kitchen design will really help, if done right you’ll have a functional and comfortable space that will last for many years and can also add thousands to the value of your home.

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Multiple Use Of Living Space

Multiple use of living space

Multiple Use Of Living Space

Organising your space in an efficient way that still makes your home feel like a home can be a really tough challenge. For some we don’t have the luxury of lots of space to have a games room or an office so making multiple use of living space is all that is on offer to us.

We have recently been looking at what space we do have and making it work to our needs the best way we can. We have found that we may only have small rooms to work with but by some planning and measuring we are currently making it work to full potential.

We have been purchasing items that can be easily folded away when not in use and even looking at furniture that has multiple uses to make life easier and be a great space-saver. We may have a small house but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the space we need for the areas that we are wanting does it?

Nothing makes a home feel smaller – and claustrophobic than lots of clutter, so we have been busy building/creating built-in storage space for belongings to reduce this. We have also been creating more space by de-cluttering and having a good sort out of things no longer in use and either passing to family members or handing in to our local charity shop. By doing this we have maximised our available space, giving us much more room to work with.

Now we have de-cluttered our home we have freed up some space to create a home office in our main bedroom, this however overlooks our garden, which at the moment does not look all that pretty but with spring soon upon us we will have to get planning for some garden ideas to help make our view from the office much more nicer. At the moment it is horribly over-grown and has been very much neglected due to not having the time needed to spend out there at the moment.

We have lived in our house for 13 years now and now the kid’s are older and we are in a much better position we are really enjoying putting our stamp within our home, together as a family, making it unique and multifunctional to meet all our needs.

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Making The Most Of Our Space

making the most of our space

Making The Most Of Our Space

Space in our house is something we have very little of so making the most of our space is very important. Making the most of our space in a useful way is something we are currently working on at the moment throughout the house as we are fed up with everything looking too cramped and over-crowded.

Lee has been busy decorating his room in a more grown-up way. Now that he is 16 he is wanting to create his own personal space into something more unique to his taste and style. He is wanting his bedroom to work whether he is in there studying, relaxing, or somewhere he can have mates to come and play on consoles or watch a movie.

We are currently busy in our bedroom turning it into a bedroom come office. Adding a quiet work place in our home has proven difficult. We have tried all routes possible to avoid setting up office in our bedroom but it seems to be the only place to get the quiet time needed to concentrate. We did try other places within our home such as the living room and conservatory but there was just too many distractions going on with the tv being on, teens friends visiting or I’d sit and see other jobs that need doing and get distracted with those instead of what I’m meant to be doing.

So setting up office in our bedroom has proven to be the best option, it is a private area with no distractions going on. Our bedroom is a good size bedroom and if we plan it right we can make it work very well as a home office come bedroom.

Our bedroom is currently being re-designed to enable us to use the space as we wish to. We have been busy measuring and planning so now it’s time to get our plans put into action.

Are you in need of help with making the most of your space? here is a very short clip starring Phil Spencer giving you some very handy tips!


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