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Learning Photography

learning photography

Learning Photography

***Kid’s corner post*** I currently attend a performing arts college and whilst there I get to use their camera, it is one just like mum & dad’s one. I have been enjoying being able to use it and have asked mum & dad to help me with learning photography.

Learning Photography

They have given me a quick how-to-use talk and let me lose with the camera, their camera is a Cannon EOS 700D and I’m sure this is the same as the one at college but I’m not 100% certain. When I went with mum to the Ideal home show she let me be the photographer for the day, I was a little nervous but I guess the quickest way of learning photography is to use the camera so I did.

Here are some of the photos I have taken so far.

Learning photography
Mum had her nails done at the Ideal Home Show
Learning photography
Mum chatted with Martin Lewis.

Mum helped me by explaining the different settings and talking me through what to press etc.

It took a little getting use to but I really enjoyed it. At performing Art College we have a film and TV lesson, during this time we all get to use the cameras and the video camera to take photos and videos, it is great fun and I really enjoy this lesson.

Learning photography
Another of my photos from the Ideal Home Show.

I started the day nervous but by the end of the day I found myself more confident and really enjoying myself. By using our camera at home this will help me when it comes to it being my turn to be the camera person at college again. I can’t wait to better myself using the camera, it is great fun and there is so much more to learn with the different lenses, lighting and so much more. I am really looking forward to learning photography it is something great fun to learn and most of all it is something I really want to learn.



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Career Decisions

career decisions

Career Decisions

* Kid’s corner post* Last week I attended open day with mum at our local college, we chatted with tutors and career advisors about the best path to take for my chosen career. It felt really strange talking about and making career decisions, I knew I wanted something sport related but I didn’t know what was on offer.

My career choice is to do something sporty, preferably something football related. I wrote down questions that I was wanting to ask and we headed off to the college for a chat with the right people. I currently play in a football team and enjoy playing, I have always enjoyed football for as far back as I can remember. My dream job would be to become a footballer – pro of course!

So we attended the college open day and got chatting, discussing my options and the courses available that will best suit my career decisions. There was a few options open to me and I found one that I think will suit my choices. The course I had chosen is an educational football development course. This course looks best suited to my interests and offers rather a lot!

It offers me:

  1. Academic development through BTEC sport level 3 courses.
  2. Level 2 coaching badges.
  3. First aid.
  4. Child protection.
  5. Presentation evenings at my all time favorite stadium – White Heart Lane.
  6. Opportunities to play against selected UK/International sides.
  7. Allocated use of Tottenham Hotspur first team training facility.
  8. Elite training sessions delivered by FA/UEFA qualified coaches.
  9. Allocated stadium tours.
  10. Chosen squad to compete in midweek british college leagues.

As you can see for someone like myself who enjoy’s football this is a fantastic course and opportunity – I have applied and I am just waiting now to see if my application gets accepted.

All I can do now while I wait is work hard to get the best grades possible. This course will help me progress academically whilst being part of an elite football programme receiving coaching from highly qualified and experienced coaches who will push me to the top of my ability.

Fingers crossed!




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Change in my confidence

changes in my confidence


Change in my confidence

***Kid’s corner post***

Hey guys, Brad here.

I’d like to update you on how I’m getting on. I have been busy lately attending a performing arts college, I go every Saturday and I’m really enjoying it. Since joining mum and dad say they have noticed a change in my confidence, they seem to think I was holding back in my acting due to my friends laughing at my career choice. I really enjoy drama class at school and my dream is to be on TV, my friends are not into acting and don’t like drama class, yes they did laugh at me and my teacher even said at parents evening that she had noticed me holding back in class whenever my friends was about so I guess my mum, dad and teacher are right and I was holding back and I didn’t even realise.

I have recently chose my options at school and drama class was one of them….My parents and drama teacher was pleased! The other subjects was P.E – Geography & Music.

I have not let my friends put me off doing what I enjoy doing, mum and dad explained to me it has to be my choice what I choose to do with my career options, they said “it has to be something I’d enjoy doing and the choice has to be mine and no one elses”.

When performing/acting I am relaxed and I enjoy getting into character, I know not everyone enjoys what I enjoy but it is what I love doing so will continue to do so.

By not letting my friends laugh me away from what I enjoy, my perseverance is now paying off….Guess what? I am going to be performing at theatre, i’m booked up to perform in two musicals.

I am so excited, my first theatre performance is going to be at Wyllyotts Theatre in a musical called Remember The 1980s.

My second performance will be in the West End in July at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London to over 1,200 people. This will be awesome, as soon as I have finished performances of Remember The 1980s I will then start rehearsals for the West End show.

I am very excited and can’t wait to perform in these performances to my family and the rests of the audience.

I will keep you updated on how my Remember the 1980s performance goes in November.




Brilliant blog posts on

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Going on a field trip

Going on a field trip

Going on a field trip

***Kids corner post***

On the 8th of July I’m going on a field trip with my school, I am 15 years old and currently doing my GCSE’s.

One GCSE I am working towards is geography, so in July I will be heading off to Kingswood. The purpose of the field trip is to help me gain as much information as I can to help me gain my grades needed. Kingswood offers a range of programmes which are specially designed to help us, all modules are tailored to our individual needs which is great.

This trip if all goes well will give me 25% of my final GCSE grade. Going on a field trip will give me access to specialist facilities needed such as expert tutors with a deeper understanding.

I have been to Kingswood before when I was in primary school, I really enjoyed it and had so much fun while I was there. I really enjoyed all of the outdoor activities and the team building sports. I love all sports and my aim for when I leave school is to work as a sports coach, my all time favorite sport is football.

I am so excited as next week I will be busy with work experience week, I will be enjoying being a youth instructor for a week, this will be great fun as it’s what I enjoy doing, I love sports so it will be a great week.

I am in for a busy few weeks but I am really looking forward to  the experience I will be gaining.

I will pop back and update you after my field trip and let you know how I got on.

going on a field trip





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Our games room

Our games room

Our games room

We have had a very busy weekend as we have been busy discussing/planning our games room, mum and dad have said we can turn our conservatory into a games room, how cool is that. Our games room will be somewhere we can hang out with our mates if we want to.

Me and Lee have both been told that we can pick five items each that we would like to have in our games room.

Here is a list of our top ten chosen items.

The five things that I have asked for are.

1) Art equipment

2) Punch bag

3) Bean bag chairs

4) DVD player and up to date movies

5) Fun group games to play

Lee list of five things that he has asked for are.

6) Multi games table

7) Mini fridge

8) Sports TV

9) Some new computer games

10) Anything fun and cool

We would like our games room to look cool and be a fun place to hang out. We have found some pictures to help us visualise some of our favourite items and what we would like to have in the room.


games table


our games room


Our games room

What do you think?

It would be great to have these in our room then we can have some extra seating and have plenty of fun stuff to do. Our room will be fun, exciting and most of all it will be our games room that will be a fun cool place to be.

We are now extremely excited and can not wait to get our games room finished so we can start having lots of fun out there with our mates, we have told all our friends about our DIY project and they cant wait to see it when it is finished.

We hope to get started on creating our awesome games room as soon as possible.




A Cornish Mum
***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***
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A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home

We have recently been looking into our home layout and questioning ourselves as to whether it is a fun place for teens to “hang out” as the boy’s call it. When our kids was little they always had friends in to play but now they are getting older all that seems to have stopped. We are now going to do our best to make our home a teen friendly home, a welcoming home to the boys friends, also a fun place for the boys to want to hang out and be with their friends.

We are fully aware that the boy’s are probably not wanting to spend time with their friends at home and would much rather be out having fun but we would like to make our home a fun place for them to hang out if they wish.

We are also aware that the boy’s are not going to want us parents hanging around whilst they are with their mates, how un-cool will that be, well so I am told anyway!

So after having a good long think on doing this fairly we have a plan in place, we are going to turn our conservatory into a teens room, it already has a TV out there and a sofa, as well as a games console and stereo, so we are half way there anyway. The conservatory is due to be decorated very soon so we plan to get the teens involved in the decorating and refurnishing the room to create it into their own space.

with creating a teen friendly home we have told the boys that this would come with rules and responsibility that would work to make everybody happy.

Top three rules are:

Noise levels, respect our neighbours and keep noise levels at a respectable level.

Agree times friends are allowed in and must leave by.

Respect our home.

Once the rules had been agreed to the boys got busy planning their games room, they have been putting a list together on things they would  like to have out there. They have been thinking about all their interests and hobbies, Lee loves anything football related, he is a BIG spurs fan, he also loves playing a games consoles and sitting on his laptop. Bradley loves his art he will often be found with his art book that he uses for his drawings, he also loves reading, board games and both lee and brad have a love of music.

So we now need to create a room that will cater for all, both boys hobbies friends. We plan to put a rota together that is agreed by both boys to save any arguments.

The boys are very excited about creating this room and can’t wait to get started.

Do you have any ideas on what would be a fun item to add in the boy’s games room?




***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***


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Easter holidays

April madness

Easter holidays

Oh no! The Easter holidays are over and that means “back to school we go” boo!

We had an awesome time off school and had some great fun whilst we was off, even the sun was shining and we had a lovely sunny school holiday.

We had a sleepover at our friends house.

We went swimming.

Had an awesome time driving a boat, we was even better drivers than mum as we managed to stay in a straight line.

Lee went to Thorpe park with his mates.

We had loads of outdoor fun and made the most of the sun.

We saw Mall cop 2 At the cinema.

And guess what? I got my black belt.

Easter holidays

I love the school holidays as we can stay out longer, stay up later and best of all we can stay in bed longer, I love my sleep.

Oh yeah, I got a horrible sunburn, I forgot to put my sun lotion on and I got burnt. OUCH, I will not forget that again!

So now we are back to setting that noisy alarm that does like to wake us up at silly o clock in the morning. We will also be back to doing boring homework as well, but we are looking forward to seeing our school mates again, that will be cool and we really enjoy PE and after school activities so I guess it isn’t all bad.

So for now it is goodbye school holidays we will see you again soon! our school shoes are now polished, our homework is up to date and our packed lunch is at the ready.

More fun to be had very soon.



***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***

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From white belt to black

From white belt to black

Hello everyone, it’s me again (Bradley) sorry kid’s corner has been a little quiet recently but I have a good reason for that. I have been rather busy practicing/training for my black belt. I had my grading for my black belt on the 29th March and I needed to get as much practice in as possible.

Guess what, it only went and paid off, YIKES! I am now a black belt.

I have been going to Tia Sung Kung Fu Kickboxing now since I was 7 years old, this is a picture of me on my first day.


Wow look how tiny I look.

Here is a picture of me as a black belt after many years of training hard to get it.


I am feeling rather proud of myself.

I really enjoy going to Tia Sung Kung Fu Kickboxing class, it helps to keep me fit and I have made so many friends. I have entered championships where I have come third and got a bronze medal, this was great fun but extremely tiring, I certainly slept well that night that’s for sure.

I meet up sometimes with my friends from kickboxing class and we train together and help each other it is great fun. I have great support from my family they all cheer me on, some family members come along and support me on grading days if they are not busy.

Wow it feels amazing being a black belt, my best friend from Kickboxing class also got his black belt which is great as we have supported each other all the way through and we can now continue to do so.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and wished me luck, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you all, it means so much to know you are there cheering me on.

Here is to a new chapter in my life.

 Thank you 




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Easter ideas for teens

Easter ideas for teens

Easter ideas for teens


The time of the year my boys LOVE, they love the fact that they get loads of what we all enjoy…..chocolate. I sat thinking of other Easter ideas for teens other than chocolate, things that will last longer, lets face it chocolate only last’s a few minutes, well with my boys anyway!

I don’t mind my boys having chocolate at all, but when it comes to visiting the dentist that’s when the fun begins.

I tend to put a £10 budget down for the boys gifts at Easter as I think this is enough, especially when there is more than one child to buy for. Perhaps I give too much but this is what I have always done.

Easter ideas for teens

My top 10 gifts other than buying chocolate are:

Gift card’s if your kid’s are like my boys they will always have an endless list of things that they want, so one thing we often do is get gift cards. They can then go off out with mates and pick from their list and get what they want. When kid’s get older they are harder to buy for and the want lists get longer and more expensive so when asked by family what can they get the boys we now say gift vouchers, we prefer that to them carrying cash around.

Shower set/Fragrances they always love a box of their favorite shower sets and fragrances, you tend to smell my boy’s before you see them as they get a little carried away with their fragrances, I swear they put on most of the bottle.

Money/Cheque they never say no to money so they can go off out with their mates, or if they have been or are saving for something every penny helps. If the boys are saving for something big and more expensive then they may like to go and put the money in their savings account, they like to do this themselves as it gives them independence and responsibility where money is concerned.

Theory disc/Learning Danny has been learning how to drive and one gift he loves is his theory disc so he can practice his theory. We love to buy anything to help with learning.

Games/Arts & craft’s kids love games whether it be a computer game or board game. Brad loves drawing pictures and making things so we love to encourage this as much as we can. He always welcomes new art books or products.

Book’s/Magazine’s I don’t know where they get it from but my kids love reading and is always on the hunt for that new magazine or book, whether it be a monthly football magazine or book, they enjoy reading it and we love to encourage reading.

Add to a collection My boy’s have games that they can add to (Skylanders etc.) so we sometimes add to the collections and help them build on this.

Novelty gift’s Kids love anything funny or with a difference. Our boys love anything slimey, scary or anything they can use to play tricks on us or visitors.

CD’s kid’s do love to have their music up loud and always appreciate the newest CD out. our neighbours soon know when the boy’s have a new CD.

Movie’s either a cinema trip to watch the new favorite film out, or a DVD/Blu-ray afternoon/evening with friends.

These are some of our Easter ideas for teens that doesn’t involve chocolate. These ideas are based on a £10 budget per child. We like to treat our boy’s to something other than chocolate as family always turn up with enough of it for them, we like to buy them something else that they can enjoy whilst eating their chocolate.

Do you have any other suggestions on Easter ideas for teens with a £10 budget per child? 



***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post ***
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Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


We love visiting well-known attractions and love sight-seeing, one place that is on our to visit list is the Eiffel tower. With the kid’s learning French at school we said we will have a visit to France perhaps later this year or early next year so they can put what they have learnt so far into practice and whilst there we can visit the Eiffel tower.

The kid’s got rather excited when we told them about our plans to visit France to help them with their studies and love the idea of visiting the Eiffel tower whilst there.

Eiffel tower

So they had more of an understanding of the Eiffel tower we chatted about it whilst building a 3D puzzle. We researched and learnt quite a lot together.

The 3D Eiffel tower puzzle by Ravensburger  is a 216 piece puzzle, when we opened the box our first thoughts was WOW this looks hard but once we had gotten started we was rather surprised at how easy it was. The puzzle pieces are numbered to make it easy for us.

Eiffel tower

As you can see by the picture above not only are the pieces numbered but they have arrows to help indicate where the next piece needs to go.

The puzzle has three sections to it which is separated by a plastic stand to help it stay in place. To help us find our next piece we sorted all our pieces into rows 1-10, 10-20 and so on.

Eiffel Tower

We started off by building up from the bottom, the first section (bottom) has the puzzle pieces numbered from 1 – 76

Eiffel Tower

Bradley said “normally puzzles are done by looking at pictures, not by numbers” this was very true, we was doing a puzzle by numbers!

Eiffel Tower

Some of the puzzle pieces you have to bend, these just simply clip together to create the bend. We had a bit of team effort going on, I sorted the numbers out, Brad done the building and Ian helped us to get it on the stand (me and Brad couldn’t watch this part) me and Brad was scared the tower was going to break when it came to putting the sections together, luckily it is stronger than we thought….Phew!

The bit we found the hardest was the top section, we think it’s because it gets smaller/thinner at the top which made it that bit more tricky to put together. We got there in the end and here is our finished Eiffel tower that stands a whopping 47 cm – 18.5 inches tall.

The tower stands on a plastic base which comes with the puzzle, this has colour changing LED lights on it which automatically changes leaving the puzzle to look rather effective.

 Ta DA ! here is our finished Eiffel Tower.


Our #EiffelTower at night.

A post shared by The House That Never Rests (@thehousethatneverrests) on


All we have to say is WOW! we love it.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles?

Disclaimer: we was sent the Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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Learning how to shave

Learning how to shave


Learning how to shaveOne thing a boy always does is look up to their dad, well our boy’s do anyway. Lee has recently been showing signs of being ready to shave so learning how to shave is something he has been wanting to do for a while now. He has been asking Ian lot’s of questions about it and just generally showing a real interest in all different types of razors and shavers.

One question Lee has asked is “am I old enough to start shaving yet” is there an actual age to start shaving?

Learning how to shave

Lee is 15 years old, and has been recently using the Philips  PT871/19 shaver and I must say he was very nervous at first when he first started using it but who wouldn’t be, it must be frightening putting something like that to your face for the first time.

Before Lee used the shaver for the first time he sat and read the booklet that came with the shaver so he knew how it worked and what does what so it was not so daunting for him, well a young boy learning how to shave it is a big milestone for him.

The shaver is a nice size for Lee and he loves the colour. He found the whole shaving process rather fun, he had some one-to-one time with Ian looking and talking about shavers they also chatted about the difference between them all.

We thought the charging time for this shaver was brilliant, only taking 1hr to fully charge, this would give Lee 50 minutes shaving time which was plenty of time for him to have a comfortable shave. The shaver is mains charged, has a Li-Ion battery and is also rechargeable, with the shaver being cordless this made the shaver easier for Lee to use.

Learning how to shave

The dualprecision cutting – dualprecision shaving heads was perfect for Lee as they have slots to shave normal hairs and holes that shaved even the shortest stubble, this made a good shaver for Lee who is learning how to shave. Lee found this shaver very easy and comfortable to use as a learner shaver.

Learning how to shaveLee was amazed after his shave as the shaver has a lift and cut action on it with a dual blade system, this lifted Lee’s hairs and cut them comfortably below the skin level to give Lee a close up shave that Lee found to be pain-free.

The other function on the shaver is the pop-up trimmer, this is used for grooming sideburns and moustache.

Lee loved the Dynamic Contour Response as it automatically adjusted to every curve of his face and neck for a smoother shave. If the shaver was to run low the battery had an indicator come up to warn him. When finished using the shaver Lee just popped it on the stand which will then charge the shaver until he needed to use it again.

Lee is now happy and comfortable with shaving and really enjoyed learning how to shave.

Disclaimer: we received the shaver for the purpose of our review all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Tin can carnival game

Tin can carnival game


We spent some time over the half term holiday playing on our Wii console, we love our time together on there as we have so much family fun and love getting competitive against each other. One game we really enjoy playing is the carnival game on there, the boy’s really enjoy it and can get rather competitive when they want to.

We decided that we could easily make our own homemade carnival game so Bradley wrote a list of what he thinks we would need to make the game and let the carnival come to us.

His list to make the tin can carnival game consisted of:

Tin cans – as many as you wish to use.

Stickers – of any kind.

Paint and a small brush any colour.


Some small balls – as many as you wish to use.

Coloured card.


Coloured pens.

Double sided sticky tape.

tin can carnival game


tin can carnival game
Bradley wrapping the balls in foil to give them some extra weight so they go further.

We started off by saving tin cans, washing them and putting them to one side until we had enough to use.

The tin cans was then painted and left to dry.

We then cut out some stars out of the card, one for each tin, added a score value of the kids choice to each star and stuck the star to the can using double-sided sticky tape.

Bradley then decorated his tin cans using his stickers.

He then wrapped the polystyrene balls in foil as he decided the balls would be easier to throw and would go further.

tin can carnival game

tin can carnival game


We was now ready for some fun playing our homemade tin can carnival game.


The excitement and challenge then began, we had 12 balls so these was then slipt between the players, the cans was then stacked in whatever position the kid’s chose/found easier.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to throw the balls into the tin cans, person with the highest score wins.

We chose to have three rounds, so the one with the highest score after the third round is the winner.

For anyone who enjoys carnival games we would highly recommend the carnival fun fair game. here is a link to Nintendo carnival fun fair game. We have hours of fun as a family playing this game, it has over 25 different games to enjoy.

Disclaimer: We have not been compensated in any way for this post. I have shared a link to Nintendo as it is a game we enjoy as family and we wanted to share the game with you.
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Fun over half term

Fun over half term


fun over half termThis half term we have had so much fun together which we really enjoy and cherish. We started off our half term with a day trip to London on the Saturday, we went sight-seeing and had an amazing day. We saw Buckingham palace, the London eye, Big Ben and so many more London attractions it was so much fun. We planned to have as much fun as possible and have fun over half term.

On the Sunday we went to watch Lee play in his football match where they drew one all, Lee nearly scored at the last few seconds but just missed the goal… lets just say he was not happy at all by this.

On the Monday we started our decorating prep work as we plan to paint our hall, lounge/diner, the boys had friends round later in the day to play on the Wii fit for some indoor fun as the rain did not stop all day.

On the Tuesday we went out for some fun in the park as the sun was shining the dinner was in the oven prepared for later so we headed off out to our local park for some fresh air and fun. Lee headed off out to his friends for a sleepover later that evening.

Fun in the park. #outdoorfun

A post shared by The House That Never Rests (@thehousethatneverrests) on


On the Wednesday we went for some fun at our local swimming pool, we had races up and down the pool and yes Bradley cheated again, he pretends to drown so I stop and help him, he then races off and wins. We met friends there and went out for lunch, this was great fun. The fun continued back at our house later in the day as the kids friends came for dinner, my house then sounded like I had a night club open up in the bedroom.

Thursday we had a day in doors today as our car was in for a service and it rained all day. We had a day of making our own games using products from around the house (post for this to follow). We also made homemade burgers for dinner.

Friday we headed off out down to visit grandparents who live in Clacton, we don’t get to see them much as they are not local, it’s so lovely when we do get to see them. We couldn’t resist going to the seaside without having some fun in the arcades.

Fun over half term
Brad looking like he has no head in the London dungeons.


Saturday was a day where we made big changes to our house and the painting began, we all got stuck in and helped, it was great fun. We enjoy doing our own DIY/Decorating.

Sunday was a day for sports clubs, Lee had another football match, today’s game was a home match and Brad had boxing training, he is going for his black belt next month. The decorating continued today through to the lounge/diner and kitchen.

The kid’s are now back to school, the decorating is continuing and plans are now being made for the Easter holiday’s.

Having fun over half term was great fun, we had so much quality time together and so many more memories was made and cherished. What fun did you get up to?

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Skylanders trap team


Skylanders trap team



Bradley is a huge skylanders fan and has recently been trying out the new skylanders trap team and he has been having great fun doing so.

Bradley was pleased to see that his figures from his swap force collection work with the trap team set. He was rather keen on putting the trap team to the test.

The Trap Team Game

The game is focused on capturing the skylanders most wanted villans that have escaped from prison. Powerful villans called Doom raiders caused loads of havoc all over skylands from their hideout. The trap masters eventually finds the hideout of the Doom raiders and they are then sent to prison.

A villan called Kaos blows up the prison and releases all the villans inside. You have to hunt down some of the most notorious villans in skylands.

You can use traptainium weapons to hunt and capture, Once captured you can then control the enemies and then use them for good in skylands.

The characters

IMG_0385Bradley absolutely loved bringing the skylanders to life using the traptainium portal, he also loved discovering the new characters and finding out their abilities and powers.

Bradley’s favourite character so far is food fight because he shoots tomatoes and he absolutely loves that and thinks it is rather funny!

His second favourite is Snap shot because this is a water based character and he likes the water parts to the game.


Skylanders trap team

Bradley is not the only Skylanders fan in our house, Ian is a big fan too. I will often find Ian and Bradley enjoying the game together…..I will let you into a secret, Ian plays Skylanders whilst Brad is at school, who said the game was just for kid’s.

Bradley really enjoys playing skylanders trap team with his friends, he has friends round to play and Bradley often goes round to his friends to enjoy a game of skylanders. Friends have even been on a sleepover at our house and Bradley and his friend have stayed up until rather late enjoying a game of skylanders trap team.

Overall thoughts

Bradley’s overall thoughts of Skylanders trap team are:

This is great fun to play and I enjoy playing it very much.

I could play this for hours and hours on my own or with friends.

It is very easy to set up and play.

I love that my old skylanders figures work on this game too.

I enjoy the portal lights and sounds.

Bradley’s overall favourite thing about the Skylanders trap team is you can trap the villan and send him to fight for you.

Skylanders trap team is suitable for ages 6+ and can be purchased for any of these 9 platforms:


Wii U



Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 2DS

XBox 360

XBox One


If skylanders trap team is something you may wish to purchase you can find out more here.

Do you have any Skylanders fans in your house?


Disclaimerwe was sent a skylanders trap team starter set for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Money-saving help

Money-saving help

Lee and Bradley would like to write about money-saving. Over to Lee and Bradley for kid’s corner.

We have recently been looking into how much money we get/earn each week. We have recently noticed that we need some money-saving help as we admit to wasting our money each week and have nothing to show for it….Well we are teenagers after all!

What we have done is, on our computer we have made a spread sheet of all our money earned doing odd jobs and added pocket-money given, as well as our money spent and what it was spent on. We have done this for one week and the results so far are.

IMG_0562We earned:

Lee – £25

Bradley – £15

We spent:

Lee – £20

Bradley – £11


Lee – £5

Bradley – £4

We earned a  fair amount in odd job’s this week and with our pocket-money on top took us to a good amount but we then go and waste it at school in the canteen and whilst out with our friends…..As teenagers do we guess.

Looking at our outgoing’s and what we spend our money on we are going to work this week on minimising this and getting some more money saved next week…Well try our best to anyway.

Well we have managed to save some of our money this week this is already a bonus compared to other weeks so already this project is helping us. We work at our local market, we help them set up in the mornings before school and then go back and help them pack away after school, we help do this twice a week, on a Monday and then again on a Wednesday so this gives us a little extra pocket-money each week, we are planning on helping their more in the school half-term week so this will help us get some extra money to give our savings an extra boost, we can then get the football tickets and computer game quicker that we are saving for.

The family investments project is really helping us with some money-saving help, we are learning how to budget our money and learning that we can save for bigger and better things.

Disclaimer: This is a follow on post as part of a project we are working on. 
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