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GoBoat London

GoBoat London

***We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

I will be the first to admit that when I hear London mentioned, I instantly think, and picture, crammed tubes and buses, do you? and that’s without the added joys of the delays, strikes and diversions being thrown into the mix.

Ahoy there!!

London is a beautiful city that I think we all take for granted. With so much to see, and so much to do and explore. We find it can be hard to find a little quiet spot, somewhere to sit and take in the scenery and enjoy the city for a bit whilst grabbing a little much-needed me-time away from the busy crowds for a bit.

Did you know that you can enjoy seeing London and it’s beautiful impressive views, architecture and famous landmarks from the canal, aboard you very own self-drive electric boat? GoBoat offer a fantastic way that you can now do just that. Read on to find out more…..

GoBoat Canary Wharf

GoBoat is a fun experience where you get to captain your own self-drive electric boat. You are the Captain so you chose your route; GoBoat have access to a stunning section of London Docklands. The boats seat up to 8 people, children included ( even dogs are welcome aboard too). The boats have a lovely sized table in the middle so you can enjoy food and drink whilst on your experience if you wish. The table is also a lovely size for hobbies to be done from, such as drawing/painting, or even somewhere to set up office for a bit.

You do not need to have any boating experience as you will be taught everything you will need to know upon your arrival.

Upon your arrival at GoBoat you will be welcomed by the friendly crew who will be waiting to welcome you and give you your instructions for your experience aboard the GoBoat. You will be given a route map to help you navigate your way. Children/babies will be provided buoyancy aids/life jackets.

Set sail on your GoBoat adventure

You have a choice of three locations to set sail from. You can set sail from Paddington, Canary Wharf or Kingston. You can set sail passing Hampton Court Palace, through little Venice, sail through the 249 metre Maida Hill Tunnel, pass Regents Park and even London Zoo – just to name a few places to see and pass.

What you see and pass is dependent on where you set sail from.

We are always seeking fun family adventures so when we was invited aboard the GoBoat we knew instantly that this would be a fun family experience we would all enjoy experiencing together. Dylan enjoyed waving to everyone from the boat, looking at all the buildings and other boats and learning about London whilst enjoying our fun adventure.

Sunset sail on the GoBoat

Look at that view, how stunning is that?

We chose to set sail from Canary Wharf at 6 pm, allowing for us to enjoy the sunset whilst sailing. Our starting point was from Bellmouth Passage, we sailed pass Billingsgate Market on our way to the serene Blackwall Basin. We had the opportunity to pull over and picnic if we wished but we chose to continue the fun aboard the boat.

Boat hire starts from £95 per boat. You can book a one hour, two hour or even a three hour adventure. You can take your own food and drink on board with you, but there is a limit to the amount of alcohol you can take.

Book your GoBoat adventure >>here<< it is recommended you book ahead online to save from any disappointment.

Your adventure awaits!

Here is our TikTok video of our fun aboard GoBoat

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Cutting the Cost of Living in London

Cutting the Cost of Living in London
***Collaborative post***

London is a fantastic place to live your best life and achieve your career goals. For centuries, the big smoke has been a thriving hub of industry, commerce, science and technology. Not to mention having a plethora of awesome attractions, delectable restaurants, cool cafes, trendy bars and more exquisite parks than you could shake a stick at. Every year, it’s estimated that around 200,000 people move to London from the UK every year. And while they do so with the hopes of finding their fortunes, living a more exciting and fulfilled life and taking their careers to the next level, they all quickly discover one immutable fact…

That London can get pretty darned expensive. 

Nonetheless, with a little savvy, discipline and determination, there are ways to cut the costs, no matter whereabouts in London you’re living…

Keep your fridge well stocked

The great thing about living in London (as with any major conurbation) is the easy access it gives you to a treasure trove of different kinds of food. Whatever borough you call home, it’s easier than ever to get delicious hot food from your favourite take aways and restaurants delivered straight to your door. Especially now that services like Just Eat and Deliveroo make it so easy and tempting. Still, relying on this too much can exacerbate the already sizeable costs of London living. 

Keeping your fridge well stocked and taking the time to plan and prepare your meals can go a long way towards keeping your costs manageable.

Grow what you can in your garden

While we’re on the subject of food, relying on a mostly (or exclusively) wholefoods, plant-based diet is not only a great way to save money, it can be highly advantageous for your health, our weight and your environmental footprint. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to have some garden space of your own (or even a window box) you may find that you can save significantly by growing your own organic veggies and fruits. According to Moneywise home-growers save over £250 a year on the cost of fresh produce. These apps will make home growing (and gardening in general) easier and more enjoyable. 

Stop paying over the odds for your insurance!

Your home, your car, your gadgets. It all needs to be insured if you’re to protect what’s important to you from the uncertainty of the future. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that your insurer will reward you for your loyalty. In fact, many insurers count on their customers to let their policies roll over so they can crank up the price without penalties. This is especially egregious in the world of car insurance. Don’t leave your finances to chance. Use an insurance broker like one sure insurance to get the best deal on a policy that suits your needs. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that price comparison sites are your only means of getting a great deal. 

Never buy a paper ticket when travelling

Finally, one of the many great things about London is it’s awesome transport network. Wherever you need to go, you can get there on the bus, the train or the tube. But don’t make the rookie mistake of buying paper tickets. Ever. Always use an oyster card or contactless app. Not only will it be cheaper, it’s also way more convenient. 

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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

A Day Of All Things Mysterious

Ripley’s believe it or not! London showcases more than 700 astonishing artifacts being displayed over 6 floors in interactive galleries, these include fascinating, incredible, bizarre and very mysterious.

With our boy’s being teenagers they do love things out of the ordinary and as it was the six weeks holiday’s the boredom sets in rather fast for teenagers so Ripley’s was definitely a place I knew they would love to visit and really enjoy themselves as Ripley’s offer a fascinating mixture of entertainment, facts and figures.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

It was amazing to see how many bizarre things you can see under one roof, they all ranged from Amazonian shrunken heads, there was also a 8ft scale model of the famous titanic made of more than 147,000 match sticks, there was an upside down room, Lee is a big fan of Micheal Jackson’s music and loved the candy portrait of him, Ian loves Ferrari’s and loved the full size Ferrari they had on display made of 12 miles of yarn.

On our tour round we had great fun measuring ourselves next to the worlds tallest man, and weighing ourselves up next to the worlds heaviest man, the boys had great fun getting as many of us as possible on the scales until we matched the weight, we also had great fun trying to find our way out the marvellous mirror maze, this took us longer than we thought but it was great fun racing each other out.

We Was All Amazed

We was amazed to see what can be made out of things that we all have lying around in our homes, we saw all different kinds of art using toilet paper, keyboard letters, candy, cigarette ash, even lipstick, Bradley loves his art and really enjoyed seeing all of this before getting creative on the graffiti wall.

On our way round the boys enjoyed the black hole, this was a rotating vortex tunnel, this was rather a strange feeling as your senses get put to the test, the boys found this an amazing experience.

We finished our tour with the boys racing against the clock doing the lase race, they both got very competitive at this, they both tried to beat each other and see who can complete it the fastest, seeing who hit the minimum amount of beams and to see who was the fastest, points are awarded for speed, agility and success.

Here is our photo album of our experience of Ripley’s believe it or not! London

Ripley’s believe it or not! London can be found in the heart of Piccadilly circus and is open 7 days a week from 10am-midnight.


Disclaimer : We was offered free entry to Ripley’s believe it or not! London in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.