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Entertaining Teens

entertaining teens

Entertaining Teens

Teens can be a tough audience to entertain, nine times out of ten if given the choice of entertainment they’d go for a gadget of some kind. Interaction with friends is mainly done via social media, we are wanting to steer our teens away from this and get them engaged in other ways. Entertaining teens can be tough but can also be extremely fun, we love getting our boys out the house, it’s a perfect way for us to become kids again too.

10 ideas for entertaining teens

1) Get away from it all

We enjoy packing up all of our camping gear into the car and spending a weekend outdoors. We love the way it brings us closer together as a family. We also enjoy being active and adventurous. Most of all we enjoy the quality time spent together as a family gadget free.

2) Visit a place of choice

There is nothing better than heading off out for the day either on a train or in the car and visiting an attraction of choice. We have on many occasions headed off last-minute for a fun adventure and just seen where the kids take us. The boys learnt how to read the underground maps by doing this so it can also be educational for them without them even realising. A fun-filled spontaneous day for all.

3) Theme park

Teens can be thrill-seekers and love nothing better than a high/fast ride. They also love nothing more than dragging us parents on them too which adds to their excitement, seeing us go pale and listen to us scream.

4) Climbing adventure

Looking for something fun and adventurous to do? have bursts of energy? a climbing adventure is a perfect solution.

5) Eating out

A family treat. Let the teens choose a place to head off  to for a lovely family meal out, everyone can relax and share their day with you all. This doesn’t have to be a costly treat as you can change-up shopping vouchers or even find discount vouchers online to help keep costs down. This makes for a lovely treat for all.

6) Local leisure centre

Local leisure centres have some great offers for families, we find racket sports very enjoyable. Our local leisure centre even offers free-swimming for kid’s during the school holidays, this could be something worth looking at. A fun healthy way to spend time together with the kid’s.

7) Bike ride

Do a quick safety check on the bikes and head off for a lovely bike ride. We enjoy a family bike ride along the river, we have been known to cycle for a good few miles before realising. We love nothing more than to pack a small bag with lunch, make sure our water bottle is full, then just see where our bike ride takes us, kid’s leading the way, its great fun.

8) Learn a new skill

We all have that one thing that we’d love to learn. Bradley is brilliant at art, his drawings are fantastic, he has been teaching me his skills…. I will master this one day, no more matchstick men!

Lee is brilliant at football and he’s been teaching Ian some of his skills, we enjoy the kid’s sharing their skills with us they really enjoy it,  it’s also perfect for quality time together.

9)  Bowling

A family day/night bowling is brilliant, it is something that can be enjoyed by all the family. This can also get very competitive too.

10 ) Tie dye kit

Do you enjoy creating new things? if so tie-dying is a brilliant way to jazz up old boring clothes, it’s also a way kid’s can get creative with clothes. The clothes dye kit is great fun, let them get creative and design their own style clothes and have hours of endless fun doing so.


What is your favourite pass time with your children?

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Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets

We have just recently celebrated Bradley’s 14th birthday, we celebrated his birthday in a different way this year, to celebrate we headed off to London. Bradley is a little thrill-seeker and really enjoys his fun and adventures so we took him on a surprise trip to London to experience his fastest, funniest and craziest trip to-date with Thames Rockets.

We took Bradley on The Ultimate London Adventure, This is a speed boat down the iconic River Thames sight-seeing from a different view with a BIG difference. We went with Bradley sight-seeing (teen style) by speed-boat, he got to travel at a speed of 35 MPH up the Thames, in Bradley’s words “James Bond style”.

Bradley enjoyed a 50 minute fun-filled and adrenaline-filled trip. Before you step onto the boat you are given a life jacket and a waterproof coat to wear (coat is optional), you are given a safety briefing and then allowed to take your seat for the thrilling experience. The whole experience was fun-filled from start to finish.

Thames Rockets are situated at boarding gate one of the Millennium Pier!

Whilst on our travels we got to see some amazing views of London attractions such as:

  • Big Ben
  • The London Eye
  • The Shard
  • The Gherkin
  • HMS Belfast
  • London Bridge
  • Somerset House
  • Tate Modern
  • Tower Bridge
  • Shakespeare’s Globe

Once we got past Tower bridge the throttle was then opened, due to there being speed restrictions on the Thames before the bridge. We all had an amazing time speeding through Canary Wharf listening to a medley of feel-good tunes. Bradley really enjoyed waving bye to the boats left bobbing on the Thames as we go speeding on past. The staff was all very friendly and very knowledgeable on the history of London, Bradley enjoyed learning some facts from the very friendly guide on our way back.

Here is our video of the thrilling experience.

If this is a tour that you would like to book you can do so by visiting their website and select what adventure you would like to go on. If you have any questions you would like to discuss you can call them on – 02079288933 or even email them –

Do you have a thrill-seeker who would enjoy this experience?

How would you like to win a pair of tickets to step aboard for a thrill-seeking adventure?

Thames Rockets have kindly offered our readers a pair of tickets to experience The Ultimate London Adventure for themselves. Departing hourly 7 days a week. Suitable for all ages.

UK entries only, you must be over the age of 18 to enter. Tickets valid for three months only.

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Disclaimer: We received tickets to go on a thrill-seeking adventure with London RIB Voyages – The Ultimate London Adventure. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Our next big camping adventure

Our next big adventure

Our next big camping adventure

We recently experienced our first family camping trip in the New Forest, and we all absolutely loved it! We are now very much camping converts and can’t wait to get out there under the canvas again, we already have our next big camping adventure planned.

As well as being a great way to enjoy the great out doors, camping is also an affordable holiday that doesn’t compromise on fun. The real beauty of camping is that you can go absolutely anywhere, and you aren’t constrained to one place – all you need is a tent, your bags, and a sense of adventure, and you’re ready to go!

Now that we’re camping pros (obviously!), we’re thinking of undertaking a much more adventurous trip…a summer camping trip to Europe!

Here are some things to consider whilst planning your camping trip abroad…

Where do you want to go?

First thing’s first, you need to decide where you’re going and how long for. You can then start exploring the array of campsites available in your chosen area. In much of Europe, there are plenty of campsites to choose from and most of them have excellent facilities including swimming pools, children’s clubs, and bars and restaurants.

Once you’ve decided on the general area you want to camp in, and have researched the campsites available, you can then decide whether you want to stay in one place, or split your time between a couple of different sites.


Sure, camping is a relatively cheap holiday. But, when you’re camping abroad, you still need to take into account the cost of travel, campsites, food, and entertainment.

So sit down and draw up a carefully considered budget taking into account everything you think you might need (and then add a little extra on for emergencies).  Then calculate how much you need to save each month prior to going in order to ensure that you have enough.

Some people prefer to pay for advanced costs such as flights and accommodation on a credit card, and then pay them back monthly. If you’re considering doing this, I’d highly recommend running a free credit report from Experian CreditExpert to ensure that you qualify.


Have you got all of the equipment you need? Is your equipment appropriate for the weather and the temperature in the country you’re travelling to? Of course, there should be places to buy anything you’ve forgotten once you reach your destination, but it’s easier and often cheaper to buy before you go.


As with any international holiday, make sure that you have the necessary insurance so that you will be fully covered in the event of the unexpected. If you’re going to Europe, you’ll also need a European Health Insurance Card – it’s free and will ensure that you can access free emergency health care should you need it.

Rules and Regulations

Different campsites have different rules and regulations, so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with them and make sure that you comply. If you’re planning on taking your dog for example, are they allowed on the campsite? Does your tent need to be beneath a certain size? Are there any regulations in terms of pitching your tent?

Excitement and Adventure

Now you’ve got all of the essentials sorted, it’s time for the fun bit – planning what you’re going to do and see whilst you’re there! Research the area and find places you want to visit and things you want to do…remember, you’re relatively free when you’re camping so it’s easy to take a short trip a little further a-field if something really catches your eye!

our next big adventure

***Collaborative post***

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Camping trip to Maldon

camping trip to maldon

Camping trip to Maldon

Just because it’s now September doesn’t mean the summer holidays are now over does it?………..No of course not! We went on a fun-filled family camping trip to Maldon and stayed at Waterside.

We had planned to meet our sisters there with their partners and kiddies too. The boys had great fun with their little cousins. There was lots of tree climbing, fun in the park, ball games, competitive games, bug hunts, late night ghost stories being told around the camp fire plus late night walks in the dark with torches.


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With myself always being cold I made full use of having an electric pitch and packed a kettle and an electric blow heater…..Well why not? It made camping this time of year more bearable and much more enjoyable, why sit and freeze when you don’t have too.

It was so lovely being able to just pitch up our tent and then sit, relax and all enjoy each others company stress free and forget about the hectic busy life back at home. What was LOVED the most is having no gadgets getting in the way, we all actually sat and talked as a family. When at home the boy’s would be on consoles in their bedrooms or doing course work for school so it was lovely to see them having fun and enjoying the great outdoors and getting some fresh air.

The boys loved being outdoors as did we, they loved spending time with their younger cousins and I must say with all the fresh air and running around the boys did It sent them both out like a light come bedtime, I think they was asleep before their heads hit their pillow. One of the nights Lee went into a deep sleep and spent a good hour or so snoring which his cousins found highly amusing and had great pleasure in telling him that they had heard him even from their tent. There was lots of giggles that morning.


camping trip to maldon


We found that two nights just went by so quickly, when we go again in October….Yes October! We are going to book up for a three night stay. We all enjoyed our weekend so much we will not let the weather scare us away. We are yet to still pick where we are going to camp but this will be booked this next week.

On our last day at Maldon we packed our tent away by 10am and had loaded the car too, we all then decided that the weather was nice so we all headed off down to the beach to get some last-minute outdoor fun and make the most of our last day…….So that’s what we did!


Camping trip to Maldon


The boys love crab fishing so we was all on the look out for crabs and one thing St Lawrence bay is not short of and that is crabs, there was loads of them……One took a liking to Brads finger…..Ouch!

The kids burned off loads of energy on the beach, the boys was giving their younger cousins piggy back rides, helping them climb up the rocks and also having races on the beach. It was so relaxing and lovely to see them all enjoying themselves.

We ended our family camping trip to Maldon with a lovely picnic and an ice lolly. We was all sad that our weekend had to end but we will be back to Waterside Maldon next year.

camping trip to maldon

camping trip to maldon




More camping fun to be had very soon…..




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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We Conquered The Summit

we conquered the o2

We Conquered The Summit

We recently celebrated our crystal wedding anniversary, wow fifteen years married where did those years go. We spent our special day together with our boy’s celebrating in London. Ian had no idea but I had booked for us to climb over the o2, he knew nothing about this what so ever until arriving there, it was rather funny as when we arrived he thought we was there to see a show…We had great pleasure informing him that we was not going in but we was booked to climb over the o2. Guess what…..We conquered the summit!

Ian didn’t even know where we was heading on the day, I programmed the sat nav and the first he knew about the start of our day was when we arrived in the o2 car park. Once Ian was aware of my well-kept secret he was rather excited and keen to get climbing, our names was soon taken to say we had arrived at the arrivals desk,the forms was filled in and then before we knew it we was all in a room watching a safety video that we have to watch before being allowed to climb. Once we had watched the video we was then taken to the changing area to put on our suits, boots and harnesses, we was then checked to make sure we was safe to climb…..Eeeeek at this point I started to get a little worried and was being laughed at by Ian and the boy’s who was keen to get going, they found it highly amusing. I will admit I am not a lover of heights but was determined that I was going to overcome my fear, where better to do that than climbing over the o2.

we conquered the summit

The weather was hit and miss, as soon as we reached the top the heavens opened up on us and the wind was rather strong but we did not let this ruin our fun.

I wanted to spend our special day doing something different, I wanted it to be a special day spent as a family and have our boy’s be part of our special day. I searched for something that would be different, outdoors, fun and daring, I also wanted it to be something that would make a perfect gift for my thrill-seeking husband, Ian loves heights and loves things that are challenging so when I came across Up at The O2 I thought this would be perfect.

As you can see it was smiles all round…..And even in the rain.

we conquered the summit

Yes we would have loved the rain to have stayed away but it chose to open up and drench us instead……Thats good old british weather for us. But did it ruin our day, hell no!

We all felt completely safe through out the experience we was harnessed up when climbing, even I completed the climb even though I hate heights. We had a guide who supported us all through out the climb and was on hand for support if needed.

we conquered the summit

We learned some interesting facts about the o2 whilst we was there:

The dome is held up with 12 supporting columns, these 12 columns represent the 12 moths of the year.

The circumference of the dome is 365 metres which represent the days of the year.

The dome is 52 metres high which represents the weeks of the year.

Did you know that? we didn’t but do now.

There are a few rules in place before you are allowed to climb the o2 and they are:

You must be over 10 years old.

Not weigh more than 21 stone.

Not have an upper thigh measurement of more than 75cm

Not have a waist measurement of more than 125cm

Must be at least 1.2m tall

We would highly recommend that if you have a spare 90 minutes when you are in London that you experience climbing the o2 if you can brave the height. We enjoyed this as a family experience together to celebrate our special day but this would also make a great day out with mates or even work colleagues.

we conquered the summit

Do you know a thrill-seeker? this would make a perfect gift.

We took on the challenge to climb up at a 28 degree incline, and a decline of 30 degrees. The highest point is 52m and guess what…..We completed the challenge and had great fun doing so.

we conquered the summit

Do you think you would be able to complete the challenge?

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Camping checklist

camping checklist

Camping checklist

Preparation is essential when preparing for any activity, making sure we have all supplies needed for the adventure/activity will make all the difference.

We are taking up camping so we are making a camping checklist to help us make sure we have ALL essentials needed to make our camping experience more fun and enjoyable.

Creating a checklist is a great way to get/stay organised, I find that they help releave the stress and also a great way to not forget anything. I start my checklist way in advance, as and when I think of items I add them to my list, when the time comes to pack I have my list as a back up to help make sure I don’t forget anything, having a list at the ready really helped when we went camping in the new forest.

I have been talking amongst friends and family who have experienced camping and we have come up with this camping checklist between us.

We have broken the list down into sections to make it easier when packing, we have also kept the list to just the basics as Ian likes to travel light and always say’s “far too much gets packed when we go away” …….I don’t know what he means!

           Here is our list of must have items we think you should have on a camping check list.
Shelter: Bathroom/shower:
Making sure the tent is packed is a MUST. Wash bag.
Ground sheets as we’d hate to get wet. Shower flip-flops.
Tent pegs and spares. Flannels.
Mallet. Towels.
Cooking: Travel sized body wash.
A cooking stove. Travel sized shampoo/conditioner.
Kettle. Toothbrush and toothpaste.
Gas/extra gas. Travel sized mouthwash.
Matches or lighter. Body spray.
Non breakable cups, plates, cutlery and bowls. Hair gels/sprays.
Mini fridge if pitching at an electric pitch. Travel sized shave gel and razors.
Fold up picnic table Toilet roll.
Bin bags for the rubbish. Comb/Brush.
Cooking spray/oil, film and foil. Mirror.
Pots and pans. Make-up
Wind shield for cooking. Ideal clothing:
Food storage containers. Wellies
Paper towel/napkins. Hat’s, gloves and scarfs.
washing up and drying equipment Watherproof trousers and coat/jacket.
Bleach wipes. Underwear.
Cooking utensils, openers and scissors. Thermals.
Other must have’s: Trousers.
Torch/lanterns. Shorts.
Well stocked and up to date first aid kit. T-shirts.
Extra batteries. Jumpers.
Puncher repair kit. Jackets.
Games/entertainment. Trainers/boots.
Camera. Food ideas:
Umbrella. Hotdogs
Hand wipes. beans
Insect repellant. spaghetti
Phone chargers. macaroni
Duct tape. meatballs
Pen & paper. Dried nuts and fruit
Camping/pocket knife. travel size jams and spreads
Camping/folding chairs. Dried pastas & noodles.
Sunglasses/sun cream. ready cooked meats
Radio. Packet rice, cous cous.
Candles to keep the horrid bugs away. Drinks.
Water bottle/drinks bottle. Biscuits.
Sleeping: Crisps.
Pillow. Cereal bars.
Sleeping bag. Bread, rolls.
Warm PJs. Treats.
Blow up bed’s Tinned fruits
Electric/hand pump. UHT milk.
Blankets. Marshmallows and skewers.
Bed socks. Tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate.

I do hope that I have not missed anything off the list, can you spot anything that I have missed?

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Camping in the new forest

camping in the new forest

Camping in the new forest

Last weekend we was invited along to a bloggers camping weekend, we have NEVER been camping before….. EVER. We was invited to go camping in the new forest for two nights, I kindly accepted the offer/challenge as I thought this would be a fun challenge for all of us seeing as we have never done anything like this before.

My ideal holiday….

My ideal holiday is not having to cook when away, being as lazy as possible, choice of entertainment for the boy’s, a nice spa, big comfy bed, a hot tub, TV, a pool, just basically live it up a little. The question is would I enjoy camping in the new forest and can I be converted into enjoying camping from now on?….Let’s find out.

Best kept secret…

The boys never knew anything about us going away camping last this weekend, when I received the email inviting us along to Holmsley campsite myself and Ian said we will not tell the boys about it until we are packing the car up to go. The first thing the boys said was “mum in a tent” and then laughed…Cheeky buggers!

This weekend was the best kept secret, I normally can’t keep a secret I’m terrible, I normally get too excited and end up saying something but this time I somehow managed.

Upon our arrival…

We didn’t set out until about 6.30pm due to work commitments, we had just over 2 hr drive to get to Holmsley campsite, we arrived shortly after 9pm hungry as we was rushing to get there we hadn’t had time to stop and eat anything. Our first stop was check-in to say we have arrived, we was welcomed by friendly staff who pointed us in the direction of our tent…This was when I gulped and thought tent…yikes what am I doing. Before heading to our tent we quickly grabbed something to eat from the shop to see us through until we had unpacked and got the stove on the go with some hot dogs.

First thoughts on the tent…

My first thoughts of the tent was, it’s a tent, admittedly I was not won over straight away and was thankful it was already up and ready for when we arrived. I’m someone who likes to have a wardrobe, watch TV in bed and have a fridge, nothing special but these are home comforts and they was not there so how was I to cope. The boy’s on the other hand dived straight into the tent to claim what bed they wanted and then went off making friends. The boys settle almost instantly which was great to see.

camping in the new forest


Admittedly we didn’t know what to take as we’ve never been camping before so we just grabbed tin food as we thought it was only two nights and we only had one gas ring to cook on that we took with us.

camping in the new forest

camping in the new forest

We made use of our gas ring rather well, making toast, heating tin meals, heating water for cup of soups, heating milk for hot chocolate, heating water for tea/coffee, I was very impressed. Anyone who knows Lee will know he is never far from the kettle at home and is alway making cups of tea and hot chocolate, he was pleased he still had this home comfort.

We could also still sit and have our family meals…

camping in the new forest

Of course you can’t go camping without having marshmallows. Thank you to Poolemamma for the use of her bbq…

camping in the new forest

I pre-judged….

To be honest I thought I’d end up giving in half way through the first night as I love my home comforts too much. Anyone who truly knows me would tell you I’ve always laughed off any chance of me going away on holiday in a tent and have always said “how can you class a tent as a fun holiday”, but little did I know…..Yes I pre-judged….I must stop doing that.

Our thoughts on the camp and staff…

We thought the camp was absolutely beautiful, it was welcoming and clean. The staff was always smiling, happy and very friendly, easy to approach with any problems or questions we had.

I worried about the boy’s…

I was worried about how Lee and Bradley would take to it, with them being teenage boys they normally have a console controller in one hand and a mobile in the other, I soon learned that I was worrying about that for no reason.

They loved it…

Camping in the new forest

They played ball sports…

camping in the new forest

Explored the beautiful surroundings…

camping in the new forest

Even enjoyed each others company…Now this was nice to see as they normally argue when at home so brotherly bonding even took place.

First time experience…

None of us have ever slept outdoors before it was a first time experience for all four of us, where better to experience camping for the first time than camping in the new forest. Whats not to enjoy while camping at Holmsley campsite, it has everything you need on site, there is a well stocked out shop for anything you’ve forgotten/run out of just like we did, we needed more milk and more gas for our camping stove, the kid’s even enjoyed a nice ice cream from the shop seeing as the weather was hot. Our first experience was great fun, we had great company which helped a lot.

Worried about facilities….

I was put off camping by the thought of no hot shower or toilets….Yes pre-judging again, I will learn soon not to do this. yet again worrying for no reason as there was a shower block and toilets for us to use freely when we wish….Phew! these was just a short distance away and was being checked and cleaned regularly.

Coping through the night….

Coping through the night was a big worry of mine as I absolutely HATE being cold, I thought I’d be sleeping on the floor and end up freezing cold but yet again I was wrong. There was camp beds supplied and the sleeping bags kept us more than warm enough, in fact we slept right through the night comfortably, I was shocked. We did take plenty of blankets with us just incase any of us got cold. Lee and Bradley had no problems settling down at bed time, in fact Bradley had to be woken up on the first morning as he was still fast asleep when we had all been awake for quite a while, his cousins Emily and Harry found it rather amusing when we said to go bundle him and wake him up.

The boy’s loved staying in the tent, they found it great fun..

camping in the new forest

Brad decided we all should play guess what the hand reflection is…

camping in the forest

Smiles all round in our tent…

Our final thoughts of camping…

One thing I never ever thought I would enjoy and that would be camping, but guess what………I did it, we went camping in the new forest and we ALL loved it, enjoyed it, had an amazing time and we ALL want to go again, yes ALL of us….Including me! I hate bugs and ALL creepy crawlies but I survived. I hate being cold but I coped. I hated the thought of sleeping in a tent but guess what, yes you got it I survived, it really wasn’t as bad as I pre-judged.

Will we go camping again…

Hell yes, it was an awesome experience, Lee and Bradley had a great time making new friends and exploring the new forest, they never once said that they was bored, they never even worried about chatting to friends back home. Consoles and gadgets, what consoles and gadgets? they was long forgot about, they was swapped for fresh-air fun and adventures.

camping in the forest

The face say’s it all…

Our best moments of camping….

This would be the whole experience of camping, finding out how wrong my thoughts of camping was, the non-stop fun, the laughter, watching the boy’s explore and enjoy being outdoors, all of us meeting new people and making new friends and simply enjoying the ways of camping life with no distractions getting in the way.

Fun had by all..

There was fun had by all this weekend, we never had thought it would be so much fun, we went on a bug hunt, played rounders, cricket, the boys learned how to play bowls, we was able to borrow bikes, the boy’s played football and hide-an-seek with the other kids on camp, the boy’s climbed trees and we went off and explored on bikes together.

camping in the new forest

Learning about bugs with the park ranger…

camping in the new forest

On a bug hunt…

camping in the new forest

Exploring the beautiful surrounds…

camping in the new forest

Enjoying fun times with their cousins Emily and Harry from Emmy’s Mummy

Before we even made it back home we had decided we would love to take up camping and go on more fun and adventures, but before we do so we will need to kit ourselves out properly with camping equipment.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Camping in the forest for having us for the weekend, we had a fantastic time, made some very happy memories and lovely new friends, we are now converted to the camping life. Once kitted out properly we are looking forward to more fun and adventures camping.

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Kids in the driving seat

kids in the driving seat

Kids in the driving seat

Well it has been the Easter holidays after all so that meant one thing, time to have some family fun and put the kids in the driving seat for a change.

I was searching the internet as you do looking up some family fun that would hold a teenage boys attention for more than five minutes, I came across our local boat hire. We have hired a day boat from them a few years back and I remembered that the boys absolutely loved it so I thought this would make for a fun afternoon.

kid's in the driving seat

I picked out what boat I would like to hire, I didn’t tell the boys about my plans as they may be teenagers but they still love a surprise, I wanted to keep an eye on the weather as a nice dry day would be perfect for going out on a boat. I thought it would be nice for us all to get outdoors for a while and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

I must say put the kids in the driving seat and just watch the smiles grow, we had an amazing time, the weather was beautiful and the kids loved every minute of it.

Kid's in the driving seat

Kid's in the driving seat

when we arrived at the boats the boys got so excited and couldn’t wait to get in the boat and get in the driving seat. The boys found it highly funny watching me trying to get the boat going in a straight line, let’s just say “me and boats don’t go”.

The kids in the driving seat was much safer I think than me, they was brilliant and it was so lovely to sit back relax and watch the brotherly love take force, they was helping and guiding each other and even complimenting each other’s driving/steering.

Kid's in the driving seat

Kid's in the driving seat

There was only 5 seats in our boat so Ian was walking along side us taking the pictures.

Once we had finished on the boat we sat and enjoyed a lovely picnic together then the boy’s enjoyed some fun in the park.

Can you think of anything that may grab my boy’s attention?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Project garden makeover

Project garden makeover


I now have another week off work due to still having holiday to use up so I thought I would set myself a little challenge, my last holiday off work was used to decorate the hall, stairs, landing and lounge so this time round I thought I would have a project garden makeover.

I want to get the gardens free from weeds and looking a bit more lively. I love spending time in our gardens when I get time, I am the only one with green fingers in our house, Ian wouldn’t know a weed from a plant….Or so he says anyway.

I had our gardens looking rather nice early last summer, I then had my car accident back last June leaving me in a wheelchair and with nerve damage, since then they have been very neglected and they are now looking rather horrible.

I am now back on my feet after having intense physio and its all systems go for project garden makeover, I’m feeling rather excited to be able to have the time to get them looking alive and in some sort of order again. I am ready to tackle those horrid weeds in the garden.


My poor garden needs

Clearing from clutter that has accumulated over the past few months.

Bushes need trimming down.

A good jet wash.

Freeing from weeds.

The pots need re-potting.

The ornaments are also in need of a good clean.


Fence panels & decking needs painting/staining.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for me to get out there and get started. I have been wanting to get outside and tidy up for months now but been unable to do so.

I am looking forward to planting in some new plants once the gardens are ready to do so. I love nice colorful gardens I think they look beautiful and cheery. I am looking to create a nice peaceful, colorful garden with a nice water feature, somewhere we can sit quietly with a nice cold drink a nice magazine and just enjoy our nice colorful garden.

Now time to dig out my gardening gloves, pray for nice dry weather and get stuck in to this new project I have set myself.

***I have not been compensated in any way to write this post***

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Fun over half term

Fun over half term


fun over half termThis half term we have had so much fun together which we really enjoy and cherish. We started off our half term with a day trip to London on the Saturday, we went sight-seeing and had an amazing day. We saw Buckingham palace, the London eye, Big Ben and so many more London attractions it was so much fun. We planned to have as much fun as possible and have fun over half term.

On the Sunday we went to watch Lee play in his football match where they drew one all, Lee nearly scored at the last few seconds but just missed the goal… lets just say he was not happy at all by this.

On the Monday we started our decorating prep work as we plan to paint our hall, lounge/diner, the boys had friends round later in the day to play on the Wii fit for some indoor fun as the rain did not stop all day.

On the Tuesday we went out for some fun in the park as the sun was shining the dinner was in the oven prepared for later so we headed off out to our local park for some fresh air and fun. Lee headed off out to his friends for a sleepover later that evening.

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On the Wednesday we went for some fun at our local swimming pool, we had races up and down the pool and yes Bradley cheated again, he pretends to drown so I stop and help him, he then races off and wins. We met friends there and went out for lunch, this was great fun. The fun continued back at our house later in the day as the kids friends came for dinner, my house then sounded like I had a night club open up in the bedroom.

Thursday we had a day in doors today as our car was in for a service and it rained all day. We had a day of making our own games using products from around the house (post for this to follow). We also made homemade burgers for dinner.

Friday we headed off out down to visit grandparents who live in Clacton, we don’t get to see them much as they are not local, it’s so lovely when we do get to see them. We couldn’t resist going to the seaside without having some fun in the arcades.

Fun over half term
Brad looking like he has no head in the London dungeons.


Saturday was a day where we made big changes to our house and the painting began, we all got stuck in and helped, it was great fun. We enjoy doing our own DIY/Decorating.

Sunday was a day for sports clubs, Lee had another football match, today’s game was a home match and Brad had boxing training, he is going for his black belt next month. The decorating continued today through to the lounge/diner and kitchen.

The kid’s are now back to school, the decorating is continuing and plans are now being made for the Easter holiday’s.

Having fun over half term was great fun, we had so much quality time together and so many more memories was made and cherished. What fun did you get up to?

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Places to visit with kids

Places to visit with kids


With half term not so far away now do you have any day’s out planned and exciting places to visit with kids.

I have been looking back over places we have visited and enjoyed, we would like to share them all with you. We are rather lucky to live within walking distance to a choice of three train stations and only twenty minutes from London, this is where we normally find ourselves heading during school holidays and find fun places to visit with kids.

Here is a list of some places we have visited recently and enjoyed.

Cutty Sark – We had a fun morning here back in October. Would you like to venture aboard and beneath one of the world’s most famous ships, if you do you will have a great time doing so.

Bloomsbury theatre – We enjoyed watching a family show here just before Christmas, there is so much going on here, from music to comedy, from dance to drama, plus much more. Located in the central London.

Theatre503 – Fancy going to a theatre with a difference, that is very surprising, then Theatre 503 would be the place. It is Located in Battersea park road.

Kitchen N1 – Somewhere we have enjoyed going on many occasions whilst on a nice family day out. If you are local to kings cross while out and fancy a treat kitchen N1 is located within walking distance from Kings cross station.

London Zoo – This makes an enjoyable day out for all ages, London zoo offer a fantastic selection of experiences and always have lots of fun going on.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! – If you enjoy something with a difference this is the place to go. There are over 700 peculiar and interactive exhibits, loads of fun and excitement to be had over 6 floors. Located in Piccadilly circus London. You have to see with your own eyes to see if you believe it or not!.

Go Ape – Feeling active and enjoy outdoor fun, this will be the place to head. You have a choice of tree top adventures, forest Segway or a zip-trekking adventure….Do you feel up to the challenge.

Gamar App – If you are planning a day trip out, take a look at this App.You can now turn iconic attractions into interactive adventure playgrounds, the day can be made even more fun for all the family.



There are so many places to visit with kids, do you have a favourite place that you have visited with your children?


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Winters Day Outdoor Fun

A Winters Afternoon

There is nothing quite like a lovely afternoon bike ride and some winters day outdoor fun, the dinner was cooking away in the slow cooker, the kid’s had been to their sports clubs, it was cold out but dry so we thought why not get the bikes out and have a lovely afternoon bike ride.

Ian was at work so it was just me and the boy’s, we done a safety check to make sure the bike’s was safe to use as they had not been used for a while then away we went. We started off along the river looking at the boats, we then moved along stopping along the way to climb trees, feed the duck’s and just having as much fun as we possibly could on a winter’s day.

We stopped at the park and the big kid in us all came out, well how could I resist all of this fun, the park is not just for kid’s……Right?




Now To Warm Up

Following all that fun, we all needed to warm up so it was hot chocolate all round upon our return….of course you can’t have a hot chocolate without some cream on the top….A little Sunday treat!


We are a family who loves outdoor fun and the winter day’s do not stop that as you can see. We had an amazing time. Did I embarrass the kid’s in the park, yes of course but what are mum’s for, I am a fun embarrassing mum and the kid’s was too busy laughing at me to even care.

We had a fantastic day of making funny memories, we are all worn out now from our fun day, I am so pleased that I had put the dinner in the slow cooker before heading off out as we are all shattered.

After all that winter’s day outdoor fun we are now snuggled under our blankets watching a film whilst our dinner is cooking away in the slow cooker…..Perfect day!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Conker poem

We would like to share with you our fun day at the park collecting conkers, but we would like to share it with you as a poem, we thought it would be more fun and enjoyable to read!

Our conker poem:

Conkers, conkers, lots of lovely conkers.

It is that time of year again when all the lovely conkers are falling from the trees.

In that lovely autumn breeze.

The conkers hang up high and some hang very low.

One has even fallen and hit me on the toe (OUCH)!

There was one conker found on the ground.

While two conkers fell free from the tree.

That made three all ready for me.

There was four more conkers that we could see.

We all had a high five then set about the tree.

There was six of us all with sticks.

We got them all down and now we have seven.

How great we nearly have eight.

Last year I found nine and they was all mine.

Three more fell and hit Ben so now we have ten.

The conkers in our conker poem
Our hoard of conkers

While we was collecting our conkers we had squirrel guest.

I guess they was thinking who are these pests.

The tree stood tall as the conkers continue to fall.

We had a little rest and had a game with our ball.

It was getting dark and we was still at the park.

We all said “we had better hurry as we don’t want our mums to worry”.

It was soon very dark and we all thought, that was a fun day at the park.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Go ape treetop adventure course

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

If I had to name a few things my boys LOVE it is climbing, swinging, jumping, basically anything that involves their feet not being on the ground. So when they saw what go ape had to offer and was told that they was going to be going there, well lets just say anyone who was within ear shot was told. Yes they was EXTREMELY excited to be going to go ape to trial the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

If you have not heard of Go Ape before it is the UK’s number one forest adventure, there are 28 Go Ape adventures all around the country. All set in some of Britain’s most spectacular forests.

They offer :

  • Tree top adventure – baboons 10-17 years old £24 and gorillas 18 years + £30 – £32
  • Forest segway –  must be over 10 years of age and 7 stone or over £35
  • Outdoor zip adventure – 13 years + £45
  • Tree top junior – tiny Tarzan’s over 1 metre tall £17
Go Ape are fun days out, this can be a fun family day out or a day out with friends or work colleagues, they even offer team building events tailored to suit your day and budget, you can also add options of a dedicated host, catering, conference facilities or a shelter including garden games, Go Ape really do cater for all.
We set out for our fun family day at Go Ape, our local Go Ape is located at Trent Park only 8 miles away from us so that was perfect, we packed up a picnic as we wanted to make a day of it so we had a picnic in Trent Park itself before heading into Go Ape for the Tree Top Adventure.
Lee and Bradley was so excited as we had shown them a video of what to expect on the adventure before going, Trent Park is a 10 minute walk from Cockfosters train station, that’s on the Piccadilly Line but with it being so local  we drove to Trent Park and the parking was free.

As the boy’s was under 18 years of age Ian had to accompany them for safety reasons, the Tree Top Adventure started off with a safety briefing of being shown how to use the safety ropes and safety equipment, form signing and then the fun began.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

The fun began

After they had the briefing they was off, swinging from trees, flying down zip wires, climbing rope ladders in the trees, flying down zip wires on skate boards, going through tunnles, they was tackling crossings in the trees, they had loads of obstacles to tackle, they also leaped off the Tarzan swing onto cargo nets, they had roughly three hours of fun.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Lee soon found out that he did not like heights and was very unsure of the platforms, he found them to be rather narrow but he did enjoy himself and kept on challenging himself (once he had finished cuddling the tree’s) with the support of everyone, we all think he done extremely well and was very brave. There was always a member of staff on hand to help if anyone needed any advice support or assistance.

Bradley on the other hand is not afraid of heights and nothing seemed to bother him, height wise or the challenges. He really enjoyed himself and has already said he would like to go again with friends and family. He had a big smile and was laughing his way round the Tree Top Adventure, stopping to pose for the camera on his way round.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Ian put himself to the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was a perfect afternoon for a father and son few hours, and he laughed his way from tree to tree. He kept on landing on his back in a funny position when coming in to land from the zip slide, the staff told him they have never seen Ian’s technique before and we all found this rather funny.
I was spectating along with Ian’s mum and dad. We was full of laughter and found it very enjoyable to watch, We was taking the pictures and took a video of the experience as a keep sake for them.
Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course
Our overall experience of Go Ape was amazing. Ian and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we think this adventure is amazing fun. Go Ape is all about getting outdoors, having loads of fun and being adventurous.

The Tree Top Adventure is physically testing but Ian and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The heighest point they climbed was 16m. The longest zip wire was 120m, the longest crossing was 32m, there was 5 different sections of the course, total number of crossings was 40. We are definitely going to be booking up to go again.

Here are a few of our photo’s taken on the adventure

Do you think you are up to the challenge, you can find your local Go Ape here and a list of different adventures.

Disclaimer : We was given free entery to go ape tree top adventure in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Fun at Southend on sea

fun at southend

Fun at Southend on sea

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we packed the car up and went for some fun at Southend on sea for the day for loads of fun to be had.

First stop was the beach where we took a picnic and had our lunch, we then went and met with family at a family bar along the seafront where there was karaoke going on and had a refreshing drink and a sing along, we all had such a laugh at this as none of us can sing but they do say karaoke is meant to be fun and it sure was, it is great to meet up with friends and family and have such great fun.

The kids really enjoyed the arcades and winning on the machines, the excitement on the kids faces said it all, they had such a great time with a day at the beach, arcades and adventure island.

We then went back to beach so the kids can run off some energy together and we could make the most of a beautiful day before dinner.

fun at southend on seafun at southend on sea
It was lovely watching them all have so much fun together, running off lots of energy, kids grow up so fast and we love to cherish every moment of them being young.
fun at Southend
We then went for some lovely fish and chips for dinner, we love a fish and chip dinner by the sea. After we had our dinner we grabbed an ice cream as we walked to adventure island and took advantage of the half price wrist bands after 6 pm.
fun at southend

The fun then began.

The kids had a good few hours of fun at adventure island, there was plenty of laughter, especially when the kids dragged the adults on the rage roller coaster ride which loops and twists, most of the kids was all tall enough to go on, our kids do not see any fear and they are very daring, most of the adults got off the rage very pale but the kids wanted to go again.
They was very excited and did not know what ride they wanted to go on next, they even braved the vortex ride and the sky drop.
Fun at southend
Demi being the only green band had just as much fun as the older ones joined her on the rides she was allowed to go on, she enjoyed the green scream, barnstormer, drop ‘n’ smile, big wheel and many more rides and there was plenty of big smiles and laughs by all of them.
The park closed at 10.30 pm and by this time all the kids was very tired and they all slept in the car on the way home.

Big smiles as they leave to head home after a fantastic day at Southend on sea.

fun at southend

Have you ever visited Adventure island?