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How to Choose the Entertainment for Your Wedding Day

How to Choose the Entertainment for Your Wedding Day

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Keeping your guests entertained is an important part of your wedding. They’ve come to celebrate with you, but they also want to have lots of fun. If they’re bored, they might as well just be at home. Your wedding is for you, but it’s also for your guests. If it wasn’t, you would just get married on your own without bothering to invite other people. So providing entertainment is essential to keep your guests happy, and it also makes your wedding more enjoyable for you too. When you’re planning, choosing the entertainment is one of the most important things to do. You have various options that you can choose from if you’re looking for the right entertainment for your wedding. There are also a few things you’ll need to think about.

Consider the Size of Your Wedding and Venue

Before choosing entertainment for your wedding, you should consider the size of your wedding and your venue. The entertainment you choose should be appropriate for both, so you don’t want to have something that’s too “big” for the venue or the number of guests you have. You also need to avoid having entertainment that doesn’t really have enough impact if you have a larger wedding and a larger venue to fill. It needs to be something that all of your guests can see or hear properly, and that they are all able to enjoy.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

If there’s one thing that you should remember when choosing entertainment for your wedding, it’s that you have to entertain your guests. Of course, you should choose something that you enjoy but it shouldn’t be something that only you enjoy. Your guests should find it entertaining too. And if it’s good enough, they might even be talking about it long after the wedding too. Thinking about your guests can be tricky because you can’t always please everyone. But there are entertainment options that most people will like, even if it’s not to every guest’s taste.

Decide What Sort of Entertainment You Want

Now you’ve thought about some of the key factors that affect your entertainment choice, you need to think about what sort of entertainment you want. Music is a good starting point because you likely want to get people dancing at the reception. You could have a DJ, a band or performer, or you could have a combination of both. A DJ can allow you to have a slightly more eclectic range of music, but a band can also cover different genres if you prefer live music. As well as music, some other entertainment options could include dancers, a magician, a comedian, or perhaps even something more interactive like games for people to play or a quiz.

Browse Your Options

Once you’ve decided what type of entertainment you want to have, you can start looking for options. You could get recommendations from other people if you’re not sure where to start. It’s also easy to start finding some possibilities online by searching for what you want. You should be able to easily find a wedding band for hire, a DJ, a string quartet, or whatever else you might want to have to keep yourself and your guests entertained at your wedding. You can find individual websites for entertainers or there are also directories that you can discover with listings for you to browse.

Meet in Person

If you’re considering a certain option for your wedding entertainment, it can be a good idea to meet them in person. It will allow you to get a feel for them and ask some important questions about the service that they provide. While this isn’t always possible before your wedding, it can give you a chance to make sure they’re right for you. You might also be able to talk on the phone or over a video call if you can’t meet them in person.

Know What Questions to Ask

Knowing what questions you should ask anyone who is providing you with wedding entertainment will help you to check that they are the right choice. You’ll need to ask them about things like setlists, how you choose the music you want, whether a DJ will take requests, if a band needs a lot of time to set up, and more. Take the time to ask what they need from you, as well as what they can give you.

The entertainment for your wedding day is one of the most important parts. Choose carefully to find entertainment that you and your guests will love.

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Top 5 2020 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Top 5 2020 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For
Disclaimer: collaborative post.

Are you or someone you know planning a 2020 wedding? As with most things in life, a new cycle of trends is about to befall the wedding industry. However, it’s important to know what kinds of trends have been popular in previous years in order to make clear distinctions for the next. In recent years, things like flower walls have been extremely popular. These create great backgrounds for the newly married couple, for moments such as taking their first photograph together, their first meal or for their ceremony.

Pastel colors in flowers, table covers, ornaments and more, have been overdone these past few years. It’s high time that other more vibrant and boisterous colors were injected back into the mould. The most vivid trend will be having more environmentally conscious weddings. If there’s something you can have, made from recycled materials then you should go for it. Here’s what to consider in more detail.

No more family-style dining

For multiple years, the family-style dinner service has been in the top 3 for wedding dining design. For those not in the know, it’s basically as it sounds. Picture your Sunday dinner but in a much larger and fancier fashion. This is rapidly going out of style because it’s a little chaotic. We put up with it for so many years because it was homely, wholesome, cost-effective and stress-free. But guests shouldn’t have to keep reaching over, passing each other plates and dishes of food to get what they want to eat. It can lead to disastrous consequences too, such as spilling champagne or wine onto a dress or perhaps knocking over a candle into the centerpiece. 

You’ve most likely seen this family-style dining at farm weddings and wedding parties held in barns. It’s also quite popular for beach and field wedding parties. Although rustic and humble, in 2020, guests would prefer a formal dinner service. Rather than a ‘get up and serve yourself’ kind of approach, this year seems to be turning back to the old-fashioned catering service. Fine dining is planning on making a huge comeback in the wedding industry.

Away with pastels

It’s not just in homes where you see pastel shades, but at weddings too. Pastel shades are light, delicate and yet dull. They have been quite the theme for weddings over the years. However, it now seems that more definition and bold colors are coming back to the fore. Pastels are mainly used in flowers but this then often leads to matching table covers and furniture. Thus, you have a whole trend that started out of the humble flower arrangement. This is no more. In 2020, you’ll begin to see an expansion of the color palette with an increase in dashing colors. Picture hot blood red roses, bright pink tulips and gorgeous crocus flowers all around your venue hall. 

A little less homemade

If you’re a lover of DIY weddings, you might be hurt by this next one. Wedding invitations have gone through a notable transformation during the past decade. From basic, bold and formal, to quirky, personal and homemade. For many people, giving out an invitation that’s been made by themselves is a big moment in their lives. However, at the start of this year, we’re already seeing opulence making a comeback. 

With luxury wedding invites from Pure Invitation, you can see why. These formal ornate invitations are setting the trend due to their low-cost high-quality designs. If you’re having a

The sustainable approach

Even before the first week of January is over, the hottest topic in culture is the environment. During the last year of the previous decade, the world has seen an uptick in green planet protests. Everything from food waste, carbon emissions from diesel automobiles, to government policy and infrastructure design was debated. Now this environmentally-conscious movement is making its presence known in the wedding industry

To tackle climate change, everyone has to do a little bit. Thus, weddings that are plastic-free are going to the head of the class. Weddings that are sustainable will sharply rise in popularity for financial reasons too. Synthetic flower arrangements made from recycled material is far cheaper than using real flowers. For dinner, only using organic produce in the food is a big must-have. Not only will the food taste better but you and your guests will be helping to cease chemical from being sprayed onto the countryside. The bride must use ethical sources for her wedding dress. Don’t buy from a company known to be using child labor. 

Are fireworks necessary?

For some cultures it’s a tradition, for some people it’s the perfect way to end the special day. But are fireworks necessary? It’s becoming less and less popular to finish the day off with a stream of fireworks, for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re not environmentally friendly. They can also shock and scare wildlife. They’re short-lived displays but quite expensive for weddings, so alternative ways of ending the night are encouraged.

Rather than a firework display, you may want to try lighting hundreds of candles instead. Lighting up a garden with many flames can be just as if not more romantic than standing underneath a loud firework display. If you’re having a wedding in a remote location, your added bonus is the fact that you could be under a fully-lit starry night which is more beautiful than anything man-made anyway. There are lots of alternatives to fireworks which you should explore this year.

In 2020, the wedding industry is going to go through some much-needed changes. Pastels are out and vibrant bold colors are back in. Take a look at your invitation options as well as being more fancy and formal is trumping homemade humble DIY.

Are you or anyone you know set to say “I DO” this year?


Our Bucket List for 2016

our bucket list 2016

Our Bucket List For 2016

As we have now waved goodbye to 2015 and have already welcomed 2016, our plans for 2016 have already started to be made. We have some exciting times ahead and thought we’d make a bucket list and see how we do. Here is our bucket list for 2016.

Fingers crossed we manage to complete it.

  • Bedroom makeovers are desperately needed.
  • Plan lots of fun camping trips in the UK.
  • Hopefully buy our house…..fingers crossed, exciting times.
  • Start my Massage training now I finally have the all clear from my shoulder damage caused by my car accident. I hope to start my mobile  massage business asap now I’ve been given the all clear…..eeek exciting!
  • Grow our social media.
  • Attend blog conferences and meet other bloggers.
  • Enjoy a nice spa day and just relax for a day….bliss!
  • Celebrate Lee’s 16th birthday in Lee style.
  • Visit Barcelona football stadium. This is a wish Lee has had for a while now and we hope to make it happen this year for him.
  • Save really hard for a more relaxed Christmas. We will be making Christmas easier by following our money-saving plan the best we can.
  • To hit London on a massive shopping spree would be awesome.
  • To visit the beautiful Cornwall countryside.
  • Have lots of family fun day trips.
  • To have more family time together.
  • Learn how to relax more is a must this year.
  • Be more organised is something that must be put to the top of our list this year.
  • Reach our target at Slimming World would just be fantastic, our weight loss is currently at a standstill at the moment. We need a kick up the bottom I think.
  • Do a fun charity run is something we have wanted to do for a while now.
  • Have a friends only weekend away.
  • Have an up-to-date family photo shoot. It would be brilliant to update our family photo.
  • Stay positive – Endometriosis keeps knocking me down but I will not let it win!
  • Be prepared to help Lee through the transition stage of starting college.
  • Be more organised in the kitchen and meal plan better.
  • Watch Bradley perform on stage in the West End London.

our bucket list for 2016


We are rather keen to see how many of these we can complete this year. The challenge is now on!

Here’s to a new year.

New challenges.

New dreams.

New adventures.


A new journey.

Do you make a bucket list?