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Upside Down House – Lakeside

Upside Down House - Lakeside

***We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

Sometimes in life you need to look at life from a different perspective! having a Grandson certainly helps with that, as he is often turning our world upside down – in beautiful and funny ways of course!

Dylan is an extremely energetic and fun toddler, who is at the age now of where he wants to explore everything – when we say everything we mean “everything”. When he comes to stay with us every other weekend, we have to what we call “stick everything on the ceiling” until he leaves.

Where would you take a fun and crazy toddler who is into everything, for a crazy and fun-filled day out that all the family can enjoy?

We enjoyed an afternoon at Lakeside in Essex, whilst there we visited the Upside Down House. This is a perfectly normal house – only thing is, it’s upside down and you are stepping into an incredible illusion!

Dylan found this incredibly fun and extremely funny. He loved the fact that he was walking on the ceiling. This little house is extremely fun and makes a very unique experience for everyone. We all got very creative and enjoyed imaginative play with Dylan during our visit.

Upside Down House - Lakeside

We all had great fun climbing on worktops, walking on the ceiling, doing handstands on the toilet…..YES, the toilet! now you can’t get crazier than that can you?

Upside Down House - Lakeside

I have a feeling that potty training is now going to be rather fun after this visit!

Always be different, be fun and most importantly always be the best version of yourself and capture the good times whilst doing so!

The Upside Down House can be found in Lakeside shopping centre, Essex.

Please do check out Dylan’s tab on our website for other fun he has been having whilst living his best life!

All Things Dylan

All Things Dylan
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A Visit To The London Transport Museum Depot

A Visit To The London Transport Museum Depot

***We were gifted tickets to visit the London Transport Museum Depot in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

Last week we visited The London Transport Museum Depot in Acton with Dylan. Dylan absolutely LOVES buses and has recently been showing an interest in trains. He is currently 1.5 years old and really enjoys learning, especially through play.

Three times a year the depot opens their doors for the public to explore and discover the rare road and rail vehicles dating back well over 100 years. The museum is a treasure trove of well over 300,000 items that make up the most important record of urban transport in the world.

A Visit To The London Transport Museum Depot

When we visited The London Transport Museum Depot it was a festival-style event, giving Dylan the opportunity to join in and celebrate the most comprehensive collections whilst learning through play. On offer were talks, activities and even guided tours. There was a designated play area for the children with arts & crafts and even a soft play area.

Vehicles Dating Back Over 100 Years

We really enjoyed our visit and we all found it great fun. It was amazing to be able to see the history of vehicles used, dating back over 100 years. Not only were there vehicles, there were posters, signs, ticket machines and so much more. Whilst we were walking around Dylan was singing his wheels on the bus song and enjoyed looking at the wheels, lights and doors on the buses. He even enjoyed sitting on buses and trains that he was allowed to (not all buses and trains are allowed to be sat on).

The depot is also home to the London Transport Miniature Railway. This is a working miniature railway that is based on real London Underground locomotives, carriages, signals and signs. Dylan thoroughly enjoyed his ride on it.

Our Thoughts

We found our visit very informative, all staff and volunteers were very helpful and friendly. We learned loads of secrets about London Transport that will most certainly make travelling more fun and interesting. We was told about a person who lived on a Victorian train carriage! and did you know that the Queen drove an underground train? Who knew that there were so many secrets within London transport!

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A Rose Forever In Our Hearts

A Rose Forever In Our Hearts

A year ago today we had to say goodbye to a very special lady. That very special lady is a lady we very proudly call our Nan. She was a very special Nan who is thought about and sadly missed everyday. A Nan who was a blessing and is never more than a thought away.

Since saying our sad goodbyes our Nan’s memory is forever living on in many different way’s. To mark today’s one year anniversary of Nan’s passing we will be sharing our happy memories together with our boy’s and remembering all the good times we were lucky enough to have with our beautiful Nan.

Remembering Our Beautiful Nan

One of our way’s we will be remembering our loving Nan is by growing some very special seeds into a beautiful rose bush for a section in our garden that we have dedicated to Nan. We have named a rose and had it registered on the Amore Rose Registry, where it will be registered for eternity.

This unique rose is a special rose as we had named and registered in honour of our Nan.

A Rose Forever In Our Hearts

The rose seeds we have had registered in honour of our Nan are hardy perennial ‘Rosa chinensis’, known commonly as the China Rose. Our Nan loved her garden and we would often visit her and help out where we could in her garden. We have lots of fond memories of Nan enjoying her garden and chatting over her fence with her neighbours. One of Nan’s favourite flowers was a rose so we thought to have a rose named after her would be fitting.

Name A Rose Pack Contents

The name a rose pack was kindly sent to us by The Gift Experience by way of helping our Nan’s memory live on. The pack contains:

  • Welcome letter
  • Uniquely numbered pack of rose seeds
  • Personalised certificate – displaying the rose seeds number, name and registration date
  • Brief history of the rose seeds
  • A how to care for the rose leaflet
A Rose Forever In Our Hearts

Our unique rose seeds have now been potted up following the instructions on the leaflet provided. We are now looking forward to watching them grow so we can then add them to Nan’s section of our garden once they have developed enough. This is somewhere we can all go to, a quiet spot to sit and remember our loving Nan who we know is always watching over us and is never far away.

A Rose Forever In Our Hearts

The seeds are still yet to grow but once they have we will follow-up with another post. It is said that seedlings can appear in as little as 20-30 days but can take longer.

Planted in loving memory of our dear Nan. Loved and remembered always


Disclaimer: We were sent a name a rose pack for the purpose of this review. All thoughts an opinions are our own.

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Mother’s Day – The Gift Experience | Review

Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

Mother’s Day is fastly approaching, are you ready to show your mum just how special she is to you and how much you love and appriciate her?

Mother’s Day this year is on the 31st March. My boy’s ask me every year “what would you like for Mother’s Day?” and every year I say the same thing – “quality-time” as it is the one gift that I feel is truly special. It is free, always makes me happy and it is those special moments that will be tresured and remembered forever.

As a Mum and as I am sure many other Mum’s will agree, the gift of quality time with our children is more than enough to make us Mum’s happy on Mother’s Day.

But who doesn’t like to spoil their Mum’s on Mother’s Day. The Gift Experience offer a wide range of gifts for all occasions. They help with gift ideas for those moments when you have no idea what to purchase for that person that has everything. They help with gifts from baby gifts to novelty and fun gifts, even fun experience days. My favourite section is the personalised gifts section as I love the personal touch to gifts. It makes the gift even more special. Here are a few of my favourite items for Mother’s Day gifts!


Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

I absolutely love my quotes, infact my entrance hall is full of them. When browsing The Gift Experience website I saw this quote and couldn’t resist having a read and agreeing with how true the quote is. No one could ever replace our Mum’s. I personally think this is a cute plaque. This slate plaque would make a perfect gift that could be hung inside or out by a rustic rope. A perfect way to remind our Mum’s everyday just how special they truely are.

Personalised Wines And Spirits

Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

This bottle of Prosecco features a lable that can be personalised. Making it a truely personal and unique gift. You get to personalise it by adding a name of up to 25 characters (including spaces) and then a message of up to two lines of 40 characters per line (including spaces). Your chosen name and message is then printed on to a luxury lable in colour and then stuck onto a black bottle of prosecco. The prosecco is imported from Italy and features a crisp taste. A perfect way to toast and treasure special moments, especially Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

A bottle did end up in our basket when browsing the site. The boy’s personalised a bottle for me. I think the bottle would make a lovely keepsake and I am going to proudly display it in my drinks cabinet.

Unique Gifts

Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

I absolutely love gifting and recieving gifts with that little personal touch to it of a personalised message. This ceramic heart coaster allows just that. You can add an intial and even a message to it making it a very cute and unique keepsake gift. A perfect gift that could be used daily to remind that someone special just how special they are. With this coaster you get to add one initial, a name of up to 15 characters and a message of up to 20 characters (including spaces).

Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

The boy’s personalised a heart shaped ceramic coaster for me, how cute does it look. I love it. They said it is to remind me everyday just how much I am loved. By Ian, my kid’s and even Coco and Hunter my fur babies. This coaster to me is like a little note left every day by those that I love. Reminding me just how lucky and loved I am.


Mother's Day - The Gift Experience | Review

The Gift Experience offer a wide range of afternoon tea’s and spa days. How amazing would that be. A perfect way to spend some lovely quality-time with your mum. Or if she has a best friend that she would love to enjoy a lovely ladies day with, it would be a perfect way to ensure Mum enjoys Mother’s Day and gets the pampering she deserves. She will enjoy Mother’s Day with her feet up feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and truly pampered, just like she deserves to.

This is something I am planning to do with my Mum very soon. Sadly I don’t live local to my Mum so I don’t get to see her all that often, so a good catch-up and some quality-time together is very much overdue. The Gift Experience offer pamper days for as little as £35 at the moment which I think is a great bargain and would make a perfect Mother’s Day treat.

Disclaimer: We were gifted credit to use to purchase products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Loving The Great Outdoors

A close look at the Hikelite 26: At the start of 2019 we decided that we would give ourselves the kick up the backside that we needed to become a more healthier and active family. We have always had a love of the great outdoors, we enjoy nothing more than quality-time together as a family out on an adventure.

With having two dogs, a Siberian Husky, and a German Shephered we are always out walking daily with them both. Since January and the start of our new healthy-lifestyle, these walks are much more longer and we are often found out on day-hikes now rather than just a quick dog walk round the park.

Daily Hikes

With having big, active, energetic dogs you can just imagine how much they absolutely love hiking with us. We pack up a bag with all needed essentials for the day and go off enjoying our hiking adventures together.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

The Osprey Hikelite 26 Rucksack

We have recently been using a rucksack called Osprey Hikelite 26, in Shitake Grey. This rucksack has been perfect for our day-hikes. It is a simple, yet effective daypack. So far it has been a perfect size rucksack for our day-hikes and adventures, providing us with more than enough space for our essentials.

The Osprey Hikelite 26 rucksack has a lot of perfect features to it. We can now see why this rucksack is very popular amongst hikers. This Hikelite has some very unique and very helpful features to it that we have found extreamly useful which has helped to make our hikes so much more comfortable and enjoyable.

A Quick Overview

  • Osprey Hikelite 26 Rucksack
  • Volume: 26L
  • Weight: 735g
  • Dimensions: H48cms x W28cms x D28cms
  • Fabric: Main:100D Nylon Mini Diamond Shadow. Base: 500D Nylon Packcloth.
  • AirSpeed trampoline suspended mesh back system for ventilation and comfort.
  • Integrated raincover that is detachable.
  • Internal hydration sleeve compatible with all hydraulics reservoirs.
  • Removable webbing hipbelt.
  • A front shove pocket.
  • Stretch mesh side pockets.
  • Side compression straps.
  • Zippered panel access.
  • Trekking pole attatchment.
  • Zippered panel scratch-free pocket. Perfect for electronics or sunglasses.
  • Sternum strap with emergency whistle.
Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review


The Hikelite Osprey Rucksack can be purchased in two different sizes, 18L or 26L. We have been using the 26L rucksack on our daily hikes. We have found the Hikelite to be incredibly lightweight which has been perfect. The last thing needed when hiking is excess weight on our shoulders!


With the Hikelite being lightweight it is great as it helps add to the comfort of this lovely rucksack.

With the weather being so lovely lately and the rucksack having an excellent feature of AirSpeed trampoline suspended ventilated mesh back system. This allowed perfect airflow whilst out on our hikes, which saves us from getting too hot and sweaty. Meaning less sweat and more enjoyment.

Hiking alone can make us hot and sweaty without the added heat from carrying a rucksack. This rucksack is lovely, light and perfectly comfortable and ventilated.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Straps And Belts

Hip Belt: This is a perfect feature for anyone who struggles to keep their rucksacks on or in position – just like I do, isn’t it annoying. The hip belt is adjustable and adjusts with ease so you can adjust it for comfort to suit you. It is also removeable. We have found it to be a perfect feature for added comfort, helping our rucksack to stay in position whilst on the move.

Sternum Strap: Do you hate it when your rucksack straps keep moving or falling off? I do, it is so annoying. The Hikelite has sternum straps that helps to add comfort as well as hold your shoulder straps in position. We found the sternum straps worked perfectly and held those shoulder straps in position every time. Saved me from having to keep holding the shoulder straps and adjusting the bag when hiking.

Compression Straps: The compression straps on the side of this rucksack we found can be used for a few different things. We used them to secure the load in our rucksack, we also used them to secure the upper part of our “shove-it” pocket in place and we also used them to hold our hiking stick in position. How handy is that?

We found these straps to be a great multi-feature on our rucksack by adding comfort and security to our hike.

Shoulder Straps: The shoulder straps are nice and wide, nicely padded for added comfort and also nice and soft. They are nicely ventilated and have not cut into our shoulders like other rucksacks we have owned. The straps add to the comfort of the bag helping to keep us cool and comfortable when hiking.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review


Side Pockets: On our Hikelite 26 we have two PowerMesh side pockets. These two pockets are strong, deep and extreamly handy for any quick-grab items. We have been using ours for our drink bottles, dog leads, treats & toys.

Shove-It Pocket: A perfect pocket for for any quick-grab clothing. Perfect for keeping a wet jacket seperate from other items. Or just simply shoving a map or travel guide. A perfect pocket to put something in when you simply don’t want to have to open the larger section of the bag.

Zippered Scratch-Free Pocket: I hold my hands up, I am terrible for always putting my keys and phone down when out and forgetting where I have put them. The Hikelite 26 has a perfect pocket for these items. The rucksack has a brilliant scratch-free zippered pocket, perfect for keys, sunglasses and small gadgets. It even has a key attatchment clip where we clip our keys in position when using the rucksack. No more hunting for our keys.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Hydration And Staying Dry

Raincover: Have you ever used a rucksack before now as a shield from the rain? I have. They work as a perfect shield to keep you dry but it’s not so fun when the items inside that rucksack gets wet is it?

There is a brilliant feature about this Hikelite Rucksack, as it comes with it’s very own rain cover. How cool is that? nicely hidden away in it’s very own pocket at the bottom of the rucksack. It’s not only perfect that the rucksack has it’s very own rain cover. It is perfect that it has it’s very own little pocket for two reasons.

  • It will never be forgotten.
  • When it has been used it is not going to be packed away wet in the main compartment getting everything else wet.

Perfect feature to help keep our rucksack and belongings dry if needed when out hiking.

Hydraulics Reservoir: Keeping our fluid levles up is important, especially when out hiking. This Hikelite rucksack is well equiped to help us stay hydrated as it has an internal hydration sleeve which is compatible with all hydraulics reservoirs.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Overall Opinion

As you have just read, this Hikelite 26 rucksack is not only strong and durable, it has lot’s of perfect features to help keep us all comfortable when out hiking. Not only are the features great, there is also a great amount of space too.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

Since using the Hikelite 26 our hikes have been much more enjoyable. It is much more comfortable to carry than our old rucksack. It has kept us much more cooler thanks to the innovated, ventilated design of the back panel.

Take A Hike With Osprey Hikelite 26 | Review

The rucksack is also supported by good strong quality zips and clasps. The Hikelite is of a perfect size for our day-hikes and has a comfortable amount of space needed. This rucksack has been on many hikes and adventures with us and will be going on many more.

Do you enjoy hiking? does this look like the bag for you? Simply Hike have everything needed for your outdoor adventures.

Disclaimer: We was sent the Hikelite 26 Rucksack for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


Comparison – HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Comparison – HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

The printer in our house is a highly used product, it is used by ourselves as well as our teens on a daily basis. It is used to print our teens school/college work. We use it ourselves to print off our work files, tickets, recipes, photos, contracts etc so high quality printing is highly needed.

Here are both the printers..

This is the HP Envy 5540.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

And this is the Epson Ecotank L355.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Setting up

We found the set up for both rather straight forward. Both printers came with instructions which was easy to follow. Setting up of both printers was rather stress/hassle-free, didn’t take long at all.

Price comparison

Epson Ecotank L355 is currently priced at £199.99. This is a 3-in-1 inkjet printer.

HP Envy – 5540 is currently priced at £74.99. This is an e-All-in-one printer.

Feature comparison

HP Envy 5540 is wireless. Prints, scans and copies. The printer also features a 2.2 inch display screen. There is an option to subscribe to Instant Ink and utilise paying for your ink with a choice of different ink subscription packages. Packages start from £1.99.

Instant Ink is where the HP original ink is ordered from your printer via Wi-Fi when your running low on ink (never run out again) and then delivered to you before running out.

Comparison – HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

The Epson L355 can also print, scan and copy. This printer comes with a 2 year supply of ink. The ink for this printer is designed to do away with the need for cartridges and has an integrated ultra-high-capacity ink tank system, there are NO ink cartridges to replace with this printer. In the box with the printer was four 70 ml Epson genuine ink bottles, you simply keep the ink tanks topped up using the ink drip-free bottles. With the ink you can print up to 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 in colour. With this printer you can print from mobile devices, making life that bit more easier when at home.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank


HP Envy is wireless and compatible with these operating systems:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista OS X v 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X v 10.9 Mavericks and  OS X v 10.10 Yosemite.

With the HP Envy we can print, scan and copy with lab quality borderless photo printing from our PC and also from our mobile device, making our life that little easier by managing printing tasks directly from our mobile device by using the free HP app.

We can also connect our mobile device directly to the printer and print without accessing a network. We can also print from any room without causing any disruptions, we simply use the quiet mode option. We have been printing when at home and when away from home, we simply emailed the printer and had our print-outs printed and ready for our return home, reducing the to-do-list/work load.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

The Epson L355 is also wireless and is compatible with Mac OS 10.8.5 or later, Mac OS 10.6+, Mac OS 10.7.x, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, (32/64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, Windows XP, Windows XP x64.

With the Epson we found that Wi-Fi connectivity helped us print with ease using wireless printing around the home from our laptop and mobile device. The wireless printing made it easy to position and print from many places around our home. The free Epson iPrint app made life even easier for printing from our mobile devices from within our home.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank


We have been using both printers now for a while, whilst using them both we have run a few basic tests.

Water test:

Don’t know about you but in our house there is always someone with a drink near important files, and yes drinks have been accidentally spilt so we thought we’d put these printers on a water test and see how well the ink survives once wet.

HP Envy 5540

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Epson L355

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Both smudged slightly but once dried they was still readable.

Smudge test:

Our teens are always printing off last-minute work…..If i’m honest so are we so we thought a smudge test would be a good test to do. This is how well/fast the ink dried. This test was carried out straight from each printer. We found that neither printer photos smeared when wiped with dry cotton wool pads.

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Print quality comparison 

Print quality is something we highly need from our printer. Here is a print comparison of the two printers.

HP Envy 5540 

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

Epson L355 

Comparison - HP Envy Vs Epson Ecotank

We asked our followers their thoughts on the two photos. Their thoughts can be found on our Instagram here.

Speed test

When in a hurry some printers can seem to take forever to print. Whilst using the above two printers we found HP was slightly quicker for printing documents and photographs but we found the quality of the photographs better from the Epson.

Final thoughts

HP looks tidier, the paper is nicely stored away, there are two separate compartments for the different papers, photo/A4 which was great and saved time. We have had the printers now for roughly four months and have changed the HP cartridges to our second lot of ink that was sent to us before we run out and was changed hassle free.

With the Epson we have not had to top the ink up as yet. We have found the printing speed to be faster with the HP, with the Epson we had to manually change the paper when wanting to print a photo which can be annoying at times.

Ink levels can both be checked which we found great, with the Epson you can physically see how much ink you have and with the HP you can log in and see on your account how many pages you have left.

The HP is bigger in size compared to the Epson but it is more tidier to look at and have in our home.

We found the HP printer to be more suited to us. It is quicker, compact and the printer ordering the ink for us saves us from a huge worry of running out of ink. Giving us peace of mind and worry-free printing.

Disclaimer: we was provided both printers for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are our own.

Super 11

super 11

Super 11 

For those of you who follow our blog you will know that one of our teens is mad about football. He plays in a local football team and also attends as many spurs games as he can…Yes, he’s a spurs fan along with his dad. We recently attended the Toy Fair at London Olympia, whilst there Ian got playing with a game called Super 11 and yes, we was then there for a while. We was amazed at the fantastic idea of this game. This game brings together both football and the strategy of chess.

super 11


The Super 11 game is the ultimate football strategy game, this game can be enjoyed by players aged 7+ and can be played by 2-6 players at one time.

How to play Super 11

  • You simply roll the super 11 dice to determine your team colour and who is to kick off.
  • You then set up your own unique team formation.
  • Shuffle you’re defending and attacking cards and then place them face down in the stands.
  • The players can be moved around the pitch in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal movement.
  • You can make a player pass the ball, dribble with the ball, you can even move a player without the ball.
  • You can even make your own exciting movement combinations such as moving out the pitch, pass in a straight line and even take a shot at goal if you dare when in the area.
  • If you land on a super 11 square in your opponents half you will then have to pick up an attacking card as this will help give you an advantage over your opponent by giving a free kick, shot at goal or even allowing you to give one of their players a red or yellow card.
  • When you’re close enough to move into the area and have enough of your turn left on the dice to put the ball in the back of the net, both players must roll the dice to decide whether or not the goal is saved or stands. The attacking player goes first, if they roll a S11 on the dice it is un-saveable but if not the defending player must roll a higher number to save the goal.
  • Players can move all over the board by passing, dribbling and even moving to open positions to receive the ball, you can even try and break through your opponents defence by using a combination of these moves.
  • You can’t go through a player or share another players square.
  • You decide how you want the game to end, this can be via a certain time limit, by a number of goals or however you wish.

super 11

super 11

With our teen being mad about football he really enjoyed playing Super 11, he loved playing the role of a football manager and taking charge of his players. Is your house like ours when a football match is on the TV, do you have loads of shouting at the TV telling the players what they should have done? this is not just our teens, it’s Ian too. They have been enjoying putting their words into action with this fun family game. With Super 11 you will find that no two games will be the same, the game combines exciting elements of skill along with  tactical thinking. This game brings the excitement of a real football match to your own home for all the family to enjoy together.

super 11


This game is also eco-friendly as there as there is not much throw away packaging with this game. The only packaging that is thrown is the plastic the box is wrapped in and the sheet of paper that the stickers are on. The rest of the of the packaging is used within the game, either to hold the pieces nicely/safely within the box after every use or to hold the attacking/defending cards, all pieces are easily stored back once removed.

What approach do you think you will take to ensure your team emerges victorious at the end of the game?

super 11

If this game looks like something you or your family would enjoy it can be purchased on amazon for £29.95

Prices correct at time of posting.
Disclaimer: we was sent a Super 11 game for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
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Solar Sun Jar

Solar sun jar

Solar Sun Jar

Lee has been busy decorating his bedroom, he has been creating a teen style bedroom unique to his style and taste. He has added a solar sun jar to help create some lovely mood lighting.

This is a little frosted glass jar that is filled with sunshine and happiness. It is solar-powered and has an innovative mood lighting option that absorbs and stores natural sunlight.

solar sun jar

Lee places this jar on his bedroom window seal in the daytime to activate it. The jar then absorbs the sunshine and when it gets dark the jar then radiates a beautiful warm glow giving Lee the perfect mood lighting he is wanting.  The solar sun jar gives off a lovely blue light ( this also comes in other colours too ) the glow lasts for up to 5 hours.

Solar sun jar

The mason jar contains an efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and an LED lamp.

solar sun jar

This jar has a waterproof seal and a clip on the top to clip it closed. This would also be perfect to use when entertaining in the garden, to take fishing or even when we go camping.

solar sun jar

The solar sun jar charges during the day and then gives off a  lovely blue light when it gets dark, helping to create a lovely atmospheric mood wherever you are.

This quirky frosted jar fit’s in well with Lee’s unique decor, the size of the jar is 6″ x  4″  and fits on Lee’s shelf no problem. There are no wires to worry about or plug sockets to free-up. This solar sun jar is perfect, its eco-friendly and portable, creating the perfect mood light for any occasion.

solar sun jar

This jar does not get hot so there is no worry of getting burnt hands or surfaces.

If you would like to give the gift of sunshine this can be purchased for £19.99 from

How would you like to win one of these Solar Sun Jars? you can by filling in the rafflecopter form below uk entries only.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Disclaimer: we was sent this sun jar for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Wicked Uncle

wicked uncle

Wicked Uncle

Bradley is a teen who loves to build and create, he will sit for hours on end if given a building project. He loves nothing better than digging out Ian’s screwdrivers and getting creative. We recently came across a website called Wicked Uncle, they offer a fantastic range of products.

Wicked Uncle website offer a fantastic range of products and the site is very easy to use. The site is open to a very wide age group and the products are sectioned off into age/gender group, making searching for products much easier – some may not like this but for us it was so much easier.

There is a huge selection of toys and gifts to choose from, with the products being sectioned off into categories too this made searching so much easier.

Bradley loves to build and he loves science so here is what we chose for him.

We chose Bradley an Air Power Engine Car Kit priced at £18.50.

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

This is a fantastic and educational kit, Bradley had hours of fun building this car. Whilst building this fun car Bradley learnt all about alternative fuels. This air powered car travels up to 50 metres in 35 seconds – it’s fast, furious and fun!

How cool is that – suitable for ages 10+

We also chose Tin Can Robot priced at £14.95.

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

Wicked uncle

This kit leaves loads of room to get very creative with your recycling can. It is also very ecological, the kits contains everything needed to create your very own robotic monster…..Here is Brads!

He had hours of fun creating this little monster – recommend for ages 8+

And for a little family fun we also got a Football BrainBox priced at £10.95.

Wicked uncle

Lee is a huge footy fan so we thought we’d test his knowledge and have a family quiz time. This fun football game is a good way to spend some family time together and see who is the footy BrainBox in the family.

Fast paced footy fun – recommend for ages 8+

We was very impressed with the service from Wicked Uncle, we will definitely be using the site again, and only £2.95 postage too!

Disclaimer: we was given a code to use for our shopping above in exchange for our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


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Trolley Bags

trolley bags

Trolley Bags Review 

Shopping is more often than not something I have to do by myself. This is fine by me until I get to the dreaded checkout and then this is when it becomes a horrid nightmare. I don’t know about you but I always tend to get in a state when bagging the shopping up one-handed. The checkout person always scans faster than I can pack and before I know it I have caused a delay at the checkout. When I saw these trolley bags I thought these are something I just had to try.

I couldn’t wait to try them and see if they would ease my shopping trips. When they arrived I thought they was a lovely size and looked very easy to use. I have been busy putting these bags to the test, here is what I thought…

Trolley bags


When they first arrived my first thoughts was they looked a lovely size – measurements being 100cm x 20cm x 15cm. They also have two long rails  to each bag, these are used to hold the bags in place when in use packing.


The bags are very strong with a strong mesh on the bottom. I have used these trolley bags many of times now, I have had the bags filled to the top on many of occasions and they are not showing any signs of wear or tear as yet.

How to use

Whilst shopping the trolley bags hook nicely onto the hook on the trolley and when ready I then place the trolley bags inside the trolley, resting the poles on top to hold the bags up, I then velcro the bags together to hold them open and simply fill the bags with my shopping.

Trolley BgasOverall

I found the bags much more user-friendly when it comes to packing shopping by myself. I managed to pack my shopping much more quickly, there was no tackling the bags trying to hold them open and pack, plus I didn’t find myself getting stressed and causing delays at the checkout. These bags will be perfect for scan and shop so I may even give that a try next time I go shopping.

The bags fitted perfectly inside the trolley and also stayed open, leaving me free to pack my shopping hassle free with two hands. I was able to pack stress free as I wished!

Trolley bags

Packing Made Easier

The bags even made the un-packing much easier as I have been colour coding the bags as they come in 4 different colours. I use one for tins, fruit and vegetables, Chilled and the other for freezer bits, keeping them all separate. You don’t have to use all four bags at the same time, you can use less if you wish.

Trolley bags are available in two different sizes, as well as different colours. They come in original or express, original size is for the deeper bigger trolleys and the express is for the more shallow trolleys. Both sets come in nice bright vibe or pestle colours!

I just need to remember – The bags are much bigger therefore will be heavier to lift out of the trolley so I need to pack a little more wisely.

Gone are my stressful shopping trips, shopping is now a breeze thanks to these trolley bags. If you wish to purchase a set of these bags you can do so >>> here <<<RRP £17.99

Disclaimer: we was sent a set of Trolley Bags for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.


Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Pets

We have a pet called Buddy, he is a German Shepherd dog. Buddy is 9 years old now, we’ve had him since he was six weeks old.

We have been on an emotional roller coaster with Buddy since he became apart of our family. He was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia at the age of four. He became unwell and had to be investigated, he was then diagnosed with allergies, being allergic to beef and chicken. He has very sensitive skin and has to have medicated shampoo. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer, this was a horrible time for us as a family and tough decisions had to be made resulting in Buddy having to have his toe amputated.  Buddy was spending the night in our local Kennles last November he had only been in there for about two hours before we received a phone call saying we needed to get there urgently Buddy had been in an accident. Poor Buddy had a big cut on his cheek, Ian rushed Buddy to the vets only to be told that he needed to got to theatre to have the Wound cleaned and then it will need stitches.

Buddy is now starting to show his age, he really struggles when getting up, he no longer charges up and down the stairs or around the house and he can no longer go through the night without the need to spend a penny.

Buddy never lets us know that he is uncomfortable if we are asleep and tends to go just by our back door in the conservatory. We never tell Buddy off or make  him feel bad as it is not his fault. We have said it’s not worth changing the carpet as Poor buddy will only continue to suffer with age. We are currently discussing as to whether lino may be an option!

With Buddy suffering with not being able to go through the night without needing to spend a penny we have been trying out different ways to help make him more comfortable. Someone has been staying up later than usual to let him out that extra time before settling down for the night and someone will be up that bit earlier to let him out sooner in the morning. Doing this has helped make Buddy that bit more comfortable and the penny spending by the back door has not happened as much.

With us having carpet in our conservatory this problem has caused horrid smells and stains, to help with this we have been using Mr Muscles Pets. Mr Muscle has extended their range and now include cleaning products for those with pets. Mr Muscles Pets come in two different strengths, you have the choice of super oxy or pro strength. These solutions are suitable for use on carpet, wooden flooring, upholstery and even in the car.

Mr Muscle Pets has been working on the toughest of stains on our carpet, you simply squeeze the amount of liquid needed onto the soiled area, it then works by removing all odours and leaving a fresh scent. Mr Muscle works by breaking down the urine on-contact, penetrating deep into the carpet and completely removes the stain and odour. Leave it for 3-5 minutes to penetrate the stain and then blot the excess moisture with a cloth or paper.

Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Oxy Action £15.25


Mr Muscle Pets

Mr Muscle Super Oxy Pets £6.50

Mr Muscle Pets is now at hand for any accidents Buddy may have in the future.

***Disclaimer: we was sent the two items above to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own***

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Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets

We have just recently celebrated Bradley’s 14th birthday, we celebrated his birthday in a different way this year, to celebrate we headed off to London. Bradley is a little thrill-seeker and really enjoys his fun and adventures so we took him on a surprise trip to London to experience his fastest, funniest and craziest trip to-date with Thames Rockets.

We took Bradley on The Ultimate London Adventure, This is a speed boat down the iconic River Thames sight-seeing from a different view with a BIG difference. We went with Bradley sight-seeing (teen style) by speed-boat, he got to travel at a speed of 35 MPH up the Thames, in Bradley’s words “James Bond style”.

Bradley enjoyed a 50 minute fun-filled and adrenaline-filled trip. Before you step onto the boat you are given a life jacket and a waterproof coat to wear (coat is optional), you are given a safety briefing and then allowed to take your seat for the thrilling experience. The whole experience was fun-filled from start to finish.

Thames Rockets are situated at boarding gate one of the Millennium Pier!

Whilst on our travels we got to see some amazing views of London attractions such as:

  • Big Ben
  • The London Eye
  • The Shard
  • The Gherkin
  • HMS Belfast
  • London Bridge
  • Somerset House
  • Tate Modern
  • Tower Bridge
  • Shakespeare’s Globe

Once we got past Tower bridge the throttle was then opened, due to there being speed restrictions on the Thames before the bridge. We all had an amazing time speeding through Canary Wharf listening to a medley of feel-good tunes. Bradley really enjoyed waving bye to the boats left bobbing on the Thames as we go speeding on past. The staff was all very friendly and very knowledgeable on the history of London, Bradley enjoyed learning some facts from the very friendly guide on our way back.

Here is our video of the thrilling experience.

If this is a tour that you would like to book you can do so by visiting their website and select what adventure you would like to go on. If you have any questions you would like to discuss you can call them on – 02079288933 or even email them –

Do you have a thrill-seeker who would enjoy this experience?

How would you like to win a pair of tickets to step aboard for a thrill-seeking adventure?

Thames Rockets have kindly offered our readers a pair of tickets to experience The Ultimate London Adventure for themselves. Departing hourly 7 days a week. Suitable for all ages.

UK entries only, you must be over the age of 18 to enter. Tickets valid for three months only.

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Disclaimer: We received tickets to go on a thrill-seeking adventure with London RIB Voyages – The Ultimate London Adventure. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Crystal Celebrations

crystal celebrations

15th Wedding Anniversary

We recently celebrated our crystal wedding anniversary, myself and Ian had already said to the boy’s that we didn’t want a big party as we had just came home from a family holiday instead. The kid’s kept on asking why we wasn’t celebrating with a big party and having crystal celebrations, we then sat the boy’s down and explained to them that with us both working there just wasn’t any time to cater for a party.

In the end the kid’s won and we ended up having crystal celebrations, whilst I was at work Ian was busy doing the gardening and the kid’s tidied the house, the food was being catered for by The Platter Company, we spoke with the platter company on the phone and arranged a convenient time for delivery which Ian took delivery of while I was busy working, all I had to do was arrive home relax, enjoy myself and celebrate, it was lovely and totally stress free…..Perfect!

Delivery To Suit You

The Platter Company deliver at a time to suit you, at your chosen location within the Hertfordshire and Essex areas. The food is delivered lovely presented and ready to eat. There is a lovely selection of food to choose from to cater for all occasions.

the platter company

There Really Is No Occasion Too Small!

crystal celebrations

For our party we had a mixture of sandwiches, this platter consisted of:

    • Bacon lettuce and tomatoes (BLT)
    • Cheese and onion
    • Chicken and sweetcorn
  • Smoked salmon

The sandwiches had just the right amount of filling in them, the bread was lovely and soft we found there to be a lovely choice of sandwiches.

To go with these lovely filled sandwiches is a selection of pastries.

crystal celebrations

The traditional british feast:

    • Mini sausages roll
    • Mini Quiche
    • Beef pasties
  • Cocktail sausages

The selection of pastries was great, it had a great selection of party favourites within the platter.

And to finish we had a lovely dessert platter.

crystal celebrations

The Dessert Platter Consisted Of:

  • Lovely decorated cupcakes
  • shortbread teddy
  • A huge cookie
  • Toffee rice crispy cake
  • Brownie
  • Carrot cake
  • Mini millionaires

Now this was a platter that didn’t last five minutes, the selection was just right, it certainly had all of our favourites on it.

These platters were enjoyed very much by all, the platters was perfect, the last-minute party turned out lovely and was totally stress free.

the platter company

The Platter Company provided a high quality reliable service, all platters came ready to serve. The platters were delivered in a refrigerated van, arrived in plastic lidded trays which are 100% recyclable. We just took the lid off and left the food on the serving trays. The whole process was stress free and all looked and tasted perfect!

Disclaimer: we was sent these lovely platters in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Being a busy mum who is always on the go, looking after my skin is not on my to-do list at all, if I’m totally honest it doesn’t even make it anywhere near the top. When an e-mail popped into my inbox from MayBeauty asking if I’d like to try out their facemask I thought why not make some “me time” and treat myself to a little pamper session.

I did a little research into MayBeauty before replying and accepting their offer of the facemask and it turns out that they are very popular in Sweden. After reading up on the facemask I got rather excited and couldn’t wait to try the mask. I was lucky enough to be sent five masks to use so I organised a little pamper session/girls night in.


How the face mask works.

The facemask works by removing dead skin cells and particles that clog pores in your skin, preventing acne and blackheads.

How to apply.

1) Starting off by cleaning our face, using warm water.

2) Opening the mask and applying to our face, using the brush supplied. Avoiding our eye’s, mouth and lips.

3) Waiting for about 40-45 minutes for the mask to fully dry.

4) Remove the mask by moving our lips/cheeks to loosen the mask. The mask will then start to come off rather easily.

5) Washing our face with warm water.

The face mask was very easy to apply, I wont lie it doesn’t look like any other face mask I have used or even seen in the past, this one was completely black, thick and very smooth. Soon after the mask was applied we felt it going hard, once it came to removing the mask we then saw what the mask had done, I was amazed, I could physically see what had been removed from my face/skin (yuck) it was disgusting, I really do need to start making time for skin treatments.

MayBeauty have helped me to realise how much I do need to take time out for myself to look after my skin, using MayBeauty facemasks you physically see for yourself what the mask has done, not only do you feel it in your face/skin you actually see it in the mask once you have taken it off your face.

How would you like to try the mask for yourself?

If this is a product you think you would like to try MayBeauty have very kindly given a WHOOPING 30% discount for my readers to use. To take advantage of this very kind discount you would need to use the code neverrestsfacemask30 in the discount box at the end of your shopping.

If you do purchase the mask please do come back and let me know your thoughts.

Disclaimer: we was sent five facemasks from MayBeauty for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

We love visiting well-known attractions and love sight-seeing, one place that is on our to visit list is the Eiffel tower. With the kid’s learning French at school we said we will have a visit to France perhaps later this year or early next year so they can put what they have learnt so far into practice and whilst there we can visit the Eiffel tower.

The kid’s got rather excited when we told them about our plans to visit France to help them with their studies and love the idea of visiting the Eiffel tower whilst there.

Eiffel tower

So they had more of an understanding of the Eiffel tower we chatted about it whilst building a 3D puzzle. We researched and learnt quite a lot together.

The 3D Eiffel tower puzzle by Ravensburger  is a 216 piece puzzle, when we opened the box our first thoughts was WOW this looks hard but once we had gotten started we was rather surprised at how easy it was. The puzzle pieces are numbered to make it easy for us.

Eiffel tower

As you can see by the picture above not only are the pieces numbered but they have arrows to help indicate where the next piece needs to go.

The puzzle has three sections to it which is separated by a plastic stand to help it stay in place. To help us find our next piece we sorted all our pieces into rows 1-10, 10-20 and so on.

Eiffel Tower

We started off by building up from the bottom, the first section (bottom) has the puzzle pieces numbered from 1 – 76

Eiffel Tower

Bradley said “normally puzzles are done by looking at pictures, not by numbers” this was very true, we was doing a puzzle by numbers!

Eiffel Tower

Some of the puzzle pieces you have to bend, these just simply clip together to create the bend. We had a bit of team effort going on, I sorted the numbers out, Brad done the building and Ian helped us to get it on the stand (me and Brad couldn’t watch this part) me and Brad was scared the tower was going to break when it came to putting the sections together, luckily it is stronger than we thought….Phew!

The bit we found the hardest was the top section, we think it’s because it gets smaller/thinner at the top which made it that bit more tricky to put together. We got there in the end and here is our finished Eiffel tower that stands a whopping 47 cm – 18.5 inches tall.

The tower stands on a plastic base which comes with the puzzle, this has colour changing LED lights on it which automatically changes leaving the puzzle to look rather effective.

 Ta DA ! here is our finished Eiffel Tower.

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Our #EiffelTower at night.

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All we have to say is WOW! we love it.

Do you enjoy doing puzzles?

Disclaimer: we was sent the Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.