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Life changes

Life changes

Life changes

A while back I ended up in an awful car accident. This saw me ending up being cut free from the car, hospitalised for just under two weeks and paralysed down my left side due to nerve damage. I was in a wheelchair for a while and had to learn to walk again.

With not being very mobile this saw the lbs pile on which at the time I was just glad to have survived the accident and it couldn’t have been further from my mind.

Life changes

Once I was more mobile thanks to the intense physio sessions and reflexology treatment I had on a weekly basis I started to gradually build myself back up again. Once more mobile I signed up to attend our local Slimming World group. Back then I managed to lose 3 stone and I was so proud of myself as I had gone through so much and had come such a long way. I had the determination which was amazing and I felt so much better and confident in myself.

My aim back then was to lose about 5 stone, I was over half way there but then life had gotten in the way. Things happened and I ended up suffering from depression due to certain issues. This is where comfort eating kicked in then yes you guessed it, the weight piled back on.
No I am not proud but hey what can I do but pick myself back up and start again. Now I am starting to feel better in myself again I feel that I am in the right mind-set again to try again. I have amazing support around me from Ian, my 3 beautiful boys, work colleagues and even neighbours.
Ian is my rock and said he will help support me in any way he can as he knows it means so much to me to get this weight off and my confidence back.

I have now joined Slimming World again, this time round it is a different group as we’ve moved house since my last journey. I am now 2 weeks into my new journey and I’m currently 6.5 lbs lighter already. I am so happy to be on my Slimming World journey again, I was so happy last time until I sadly suffered with depression.

This time round I am not going to be so hard on myself, I am going to set small goals along the way and little Interim goals. My first little goal is to try and lose 1 stone by my birthday (7th August). This is purely set as a birthday gift to myself. I still have a few weeks to do it in, I feel like I can do it so I’m going to give it my best shot. If I don’t do it then no harm is done I am just happy at the moment with any loss.

To help myself get up and moving I have signed up to do a 5k run. Well they say run but you walk, crawl, skip even hop just as long as you complete the 5k. I done a 5k run a few years back and completed it within 36 minutes. By the time I completed the run yes I did crawl over the finish line and no I couldn’t even talk for 10 minutes but I did complete it and it felt amazing.

All I need to do now is stay as focused as I can and keep telling myself to keep thinking positive.

Slimming World

Slimming World Weight loss Continues

slimming world weight loss continues

Slimming World Weight loss Continues

It has been a while since we’ve had a Slimming World update, we can confirm our Slimming World weight loss continues. We are still attending Slimming World every week, we lost our way for a while but have slowly been getting back to where we was a while back.

Our weight has been going up and down by a few lbs, we would love to get fully back on track so we recently had a chat and have both decided to go back to basics. We have recently had a food shop and have stocked up with fruit and vegetables for healthy meals we have planned.

We are now meal planning and batch cooking in advance so when we’ve had long working days we’ve a nice healthy meal waiting for us on our return home. We have both admitted to skipping meals so this is also going to change. Healthy snacks are now ready for us to grab as we go so there are no excuses.

Our problems have been 1) skipping meals and not eating three meals a day, 2) on most days eating the wrong foods when we have been eating as we have not meal planned in advance. We both need to make sure three healthy meals are eaten every day along with topping up our water intake.

Fast forwarding a week or so and…..

The past few weeks have seen us both really getting back on track and getting back into the swing of it all again, weighing our food again, cutting/removing fat from our meat, drinking more water, meal planning and most of all enjoying three meals a day along with cutting down on sweet treats and alcohol……our weakness!

With both of us working full-time jobs we find that preparation is key to helping us a great deal.

We have also been topping all this up with exercise and have been enjoying the great outdoors by having fun family days out, walking in the countryside with Buddy. Exercise doesn’t have to be taken inside a gym, it can also be enjoyed outdoors.

We lost our way throughout the winter months but we are now slowly getting back on track and back on plan. The past few weeks weigh-ins have shown great results, one week showed a whooping -4.5lb and another -3lb loss which we’re more than happy with. We are looking forward to more fab losses to come.

We now hope our Slimming World weight loss continues.