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Easter Ideas For Teens

Easter ideas for teens

Easter Gift Ideas For Teens

The time of the year my boys LOVE. They love the fact that they get loads of what we all enjoy…..chocolate! I sat thinking of other Easter ideas for teens other than chocolate. Things that will last longer, lets face it chocolate only last’s a few minutes, well with my boys anyway!

I don’t mind my boys having chocolate at all, but when it comes to visiting the dentist that’s when the fun begins.

I tend to put a £10 budget down for the boys gifts at Easter as I think this is enough, especially when there is more than one child to buy for. Perhaps I give too much but this is what I have always done.

Easter ideas for teens

My Top 10 Gifts Other Than Buying Chocolate Are:

Gift card’s: if your kid’s are like my boys they will always have an endless list of things that they want, so one thing we often do is get gift cards. They can then go off out with mates and pick from their list and get what they want.

When kid’s get older they are harder to buy for and the want lists get longer and more expensive. So when asked by family what can they get the boys we now say gift vouchers, we prefer that to them carrying cash around.

Shower set/Fragrances: they always love a box of their favorite shower sets and fragrances. You tend to smell my boy’s before you see them as they get a little carried away with their fragrances. I swear they put on most of the bottle.

Money/Cheque: they never say no to money so they can go off out with their mates, or if they have been or are saving for something every penny helps. If the boys are saving for something big and more expensive than they may like to go and put the money in their savings account. They like to do this themselves as it gives them independence and responsibility where money is concerned.

Theory disc/Learning: We love to buy anything to help with learning. A theory disc will help them when it comes to taking their theory test. All teens seem to be talking about getting their driving lessons so this gift would really help them towards that.

Games/Arts & craft’s: kids love games, whether it be a computer game or board game. Brad loves to draw pictures and is always found making things too so we love to encourage this as much as we can. He always welcomes new art books or products.

Book’s/Magazine’s: I don’t know where they get it from but my kids love reading and is always on the hunt for that new magazine or book. Whether it be a monthly football magazine or book, they enjoy reading it and we love to encourage reading.

Add to a collection: My boy’s have games that they can add to so we sometimes add to the collections and help them build on this.

Novelty gift’s: Kids love anything funny or with a difference. Our boys love anything slimey, scary or anything they can use to play tricks on us or visitors.

CD’s: kid’s do love to have their music up loud and always appreciate the newest CD out. our neighbours soon know when the boy’s have a new CD.

Movie’s: either a cinema trip to watch the new favorite film out, or a DVD/Blu-ray afternoon/evening with friends.

These are some of our Easter ideas for teens that doesn’t involve chocolate. These ideas are based on a £10 budget per child. We like to treat our boy’s to something other than chocolate. Family always turn up with enough of it for them, we like to buy them something else that they can enjoy whilst eating their chocolate.

Do you have any other suggestions on Easter ideas for teens with a £10 budget per child? 
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X-plosion club night

X-plosion club night

Hello everyone my name is Bradley I am 12 years old, I am writing this post to go in the kid’s corner of our family blog. On the last Friday of every month local to us is a kids club called X-plosion club night, it is for ages 11 to 14 year’s and it costs £4.70 if you get your ticket in advance or it is £6 on the door.

I have only been going for the past few month and I really enjoy going, I arrange with my friends in advance and it gives me something to look forward to, they have a DJ playing  house, garage and R&B music and I love spending my Friday nights with my mates singing and dancing to our favourite music.

At first my mum and dad was unsure of letting me go as they was worried about what went on inside but they was soon assured that there was security on the door and inside and no kids are allowed out of the building once inside unless there is an appropriate adult there to collect them.

I take some money with me as I can buy a nice cold drink when I get hot from dancing and there is also snacks available to buy if I wish, as I live furthest away I knock for my friends along the way and mum and dad pick me up.

The X-plosion club night starts at 7.30 pm and finishes at 10.30 pm there is a limit to 400 people maximum so they like us to book in advance if possible.

This is a fun and safe place that I like to go to spend some fun time with my mates and have lots of fun.

X-plosion club night

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post for kids corner.