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First Time Visitors To Prague

First Time Visitors To Prague

Visiting Prague

Danny and Katie will soon be flying to Prague. This will be their first time visiting and they hope to make the most of their visit whilst visiting the beautiful city. There are loads of beautiful places to visit with lot’s of stunning things to see and so much to do in such a short space of time.

They have both been doing their research and making huge lists of things to try and fit in whilst visiting for such a short time. Prague looks absolutely stunning and we can all see why they are wanting to visit.

Places Of Interest

With so much to see and so much to do and the whole city being worthy of exploring it makes it even harder to chose just a few places when you are only in the city for just a few short days. This is why Danny and Katie are considering using a local tour guide so they can get to see Prague at it’s finest.

A local tour guide can costs as little as £14 per person and they will know all the best hidden gems and best places to visit in such a short space of time. They help make the tour personal to your wishes, helping you to get the best from your visit and make some wonderful memories. Seeing Prague with a knowledgeable local tour guide will help you see Prague in your very own personal way. Making your journey fun, interactive and very informative.

First Time Visitors To Prague

A Young Couples Romantic Getaway To Prague

With them being a young couple enjoying their first ever trip abroad together they would like it to be a romantic getaway. Visiting the largest castle complex in the world whilst in Prague is a must for them. How romantic will that be. With Prague being so beautiful they hope to learn some history of the city and capture some beautiful photos to help them remember their journey. They also plan to walk through the quiet and medieval streets and admire panoramic views of the stunning city.

First Time Visitors To Prague

They will both be arriving with their taste buds ready to find out what the locals enjoy to eat and drink. They are both looking forward to trying the locals well-crafted beer and Czech cuiseine. They plan to enjoy their time as much as possible, visit the shops and local food markets, they plan to fit in with the locals as much as possible and enjoy the experience of being in Prague and their way of life.

Their Top 3 Must-Visit List

So with them preparing to travel at the end of the month they are just sorting through their top 3 chosen must-visit tourist spots. Their top 3 are:

First Time Visitors To Prague

Old Town Square – Pragues Old Town Square is said to be one of the most beautiful and romantic city centres on earth. It can be located in the heart of Pragues Old Town and is said to be very picturesque making it a perfect place for them to visit.

First Time Visitors To Prague

Pragues Castle – With it said to be the largest castle complex in the world how could they not go and admire the overwhelming beauty of the largest castle complex. This was fastly added to their must-visit list. A perfect place to visit when on a romantic getaway and feel like they are in a fairytale together.

First Time Visitors To Prague

The Charles Bridge – The Charles Bridge is said to be a remarkable bridge to walk across. It is a stunning bridge to walk across both day and night. Daytime for the stunning views and nightime for a beautiful and magical atmosphere and musical performances. All whilst seeing Pragues Castle shine brightly. This is one of the reasons Prague is known as Disneyland for grownups.

First Time Visitors To Prague

Ontop of these 3 must-see tourist spots they hope to explore Prague and find some nice hidden gems along the way. Either on their own on with a private tour guide is still yet to be decided.

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Fun Family Day’s Out

Fun Family Day's Out

Memory Making With Family

Like most families we enjoy nothing more than fun family day’s out. We are an active family and enjoy the great outdoors. We are always looking for fun, cheap family activities to enjoy. Nothing beats quality time together as a family.

Here Are A Few Of The Things We Are Currently Enjoying Together:

London – Being a family living in North London we often enjoy a family day out in London. Purchasing a day travel card and then go off exploring our home city. Visiting galleries, museums, dungeons and Londons must-see attractions. We had seen stunning views of London from up high on the Coca-Cola London eye. We have seen over 20 iconic landmarks and sites from the Thames whilst travelling via a speedboat with Thames Rockets, who offer speedboat experiences.

Fun Family Day's Out

We Love Making Memories

Family picnic/games day – When the weather is nice we love to make the most of it. We enjoy loading the car up with our family outdoor adeventurous games. Loading the cool box with a nice picnic, and then head off for a day full of family fun. A Picnic in the park with family whilst enjoying the great outdoors and a few competitive games. Having a laugh whilst making lovely memories to cherish forever is pricelss.

A day at the seaside – Seaside trips are one of our family favourites. Where better to meet up with family and enjoy a day filled with sun, sand and sea. A day filled with beach games followed by a nice family fish and chip dinner is just perfect.

Our Boy’s Love Action And Activity Day’s

An activity day – Activity day’s such as paintballing are brilliant action packed days. With having teen sons who are thrill-seekers and love adrenoline days, this made a great activity day. We enjoyed a paintballing day which we all enjoyed very much. It was an action-packed day out that certainly left us with lots of funny memories.

A family experience day – An experience day such as climb the O2 is perfect for thrill-seekers. Our boy’s are thrill-seekers and this was an awesome experience that we enjoyed together as a family. We conqured the summit together as as a family. We climbed over the O2 and took in some amazing views of London whilst doing so.

Fun Family Day's Out

A competitive day – We really enjoy competitive days/nights out, such as bowling, go karting, golf, foot golf and even getting competitive in our daily step counts. We tend to follow these day’s by enjoying a nice family meal out. Or if we are too knackered then a nice takeaway whilst watching a movie.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

A family hobby day – We all have our own hobbies that we enjoy and we all tend to support each other in our much loved hobbies. We have days out where we support each other in our hobbies, such as photography, fishing, football, hiking and even camping trips to go off exploring. Camping trips are a great way to bond as a family and make some awesome memories.

We Really Enjoy Sporty Activities And Adventures

Sporty day – Being an active family we do enjoy sporting activities and competing againts each other. Such as swimming, bike rides, football, racket sports, going to the gym and even enjoying family games such as rounders, disc golf and water sports.

Theme park day – A theme park is the ultimate place to go for thrill-seekers. A place to reach new heights, have vertical drops and enjoy roller coasters. The perfect place to enjoy life in the fast lane from the height and speed from a roller coaster. Or the darkness and horrifying journey into chilling depths of the unknown on the ghost train. A theme park makes a perfect funny family day’s out.

Movie time – We also like to enjoy a night out at the cinema. Luckily enough we live just five minutes away from an Odeon Cinema. So if we have had a busy week at work but still fancy a night out we tend to go for a nice family meal and then on to the cinema. With the new fancy luxury seating we can now relax and recline during our movie. Making it the perfect relaxing night out.

Always Make Time To Check For Discounts

With any family day’s or night out we plan we always try our best to plan ahead if possible. This allows us enough time to help keep any costs down. We do this buy using any work perks, online codes, GroupOn deals, reward points or memberships. Any saving on our days/nights out all help add to the fun.

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Reasons to visit Toronto

Reasons to visit Toronto

Reasons to visit Toronto

Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, is an attractive, cosmopolitan city located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is also known as the largest city in Canada with a major cultural and economical center of English-speaking Canada.

We have not visited Toronto yet but it is somewhere we would love to visit.

Our top five to-visit places are:

  1. CN Tower – The CN Tower is said to be a must-see attraction in Toronto.  The CN Tower is the place to go if you would like to take in spectacular views of over 100 miles away. These views can be enjoyed from the top of the tower, via the glass fronted and glass floor paneled elevators which will take you to the top of the tower in around 58 seconds.
  2. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.–  We would love to go and immerse ourselves with over 20,000 aquatic animals and enjoy an underwater experience. There are so many awesome programs to enjoy. Such as, sleeping with the sharks, discovery dive and dive shows and many more that caught our eye. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto.
  3. Toronto Islands – There is something for everybody to do of all ages, from swimming beaches, sports facilities, playgrounds, a boating marina, nature paths, picnic areas. There is even a light house to visit and a choice of restaurants. A perfect spot for anyone to enjoy!
  4. Enjoy a day trip to the Niagara falls – Niagara falls is somewhere we have wanted to visit for many years now. We would most definitely want to go on a full-day trip from Toronto to see the beauty of Niagara Falls. Niagara falls lie just south of Toronto and can easily be visited on a day-trip so we would be mad not to visit whilst in Toronto.
  5. Scarborough Bluffs – Somewhere to enjoy lovely views of Lake Ontario from 100-meter cliffs. Enjoy lovely walks in the meadows and along the trails bordering the Bluffs. I have also heard that it is a beautiful place to enjoy sunset.

With all the beauty that Toronto has to offer I can’t see us wanting to come home. It’s a shame we can’t move beautiful places closer to home isn’t it? as moving Toronto closer is one we would most likely want to do.

Where about’s would you love to visit?

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National Citizen Service – Bradley’s adventure

National Citizen Service - Bradley's adventure

National Citizen Service – Bradley’s adventure

Have you heard of The National Citizen Service? no me neither. Bradley came home a few weeks back now begging to go away with what he called “NCS”. Back then we hadn’t a clue what he was on about if we are honest. Since then we done some research and our first thoughts was “wow” – we was amazed at what they offer for teenaged children.

National Citizen Service - Bradley's adventure

We sat talking, and then started to think how we don’t recall anything like this being on offer when we was younger. The National Citizen Service is a government backed programme established in 2011 to help build a more cohesive, mobile and engaged society. By bringing together young people from different backgrounds for a unique shared experience, NCS helps them to become better individuals, and turn into better citizens.

National Citizen Service - Bradley's adventure

Once we had seen what an amazing experience was on offer for him how could we refuse him to go. Bradley will be doing his GCSE exams over the next few weeks and this experience will follow on from that, so he now has something to look forward to at the end of his very important exams.

Such as:

  • Outdoor team-building exercises
  • A residential for participants to learn ‘life skills’
  • A series of challenging activities to help him develop his strength of character
  • He will be helped to develop leadership skills necessary to succeed in the workplace
  • The experience enables young people to connect with their communities through a social action-packed project
  • For every £1 spent, NCS 2016 summer programme delivered between £1.15 and £2.42 of benefits back into society
  • There is also an end of programme celebration event

How amazing does all that sound? our teens today are so lucky.

National Citizen Service - Bradley's adventure

Almost 400,000 young people have taken part in this amazing experience and more than seven million hours of community action have been completed. How amazing is that? in fact this summer more than 100,000 teenagers from different backgrounds will be taking part in NCS. That means one in six of the cohort of 16 year olds will live together, develop skills together and build community projects together.

National Citizen Service - Bradley's adventure

Bradley is so looking forward to his time with NCS in July. The programme cost us just £50, that is including food, travel and also his accommodation for the few weeks with them which is just amazing value for money. Bursaries are available on a case by case basis. Support is also on offer for children with additional needs.

We wasn’t sure if Bradley would be able to attend NCS at first as we have a family holiday in July that had been booked up for months, but chatting with NCS and they helped us work around it to ensure that Bradley could still attend. If you have a child that may like to attend the experience but are worried due to commitments already booked, NCS are very helpful in working around booked commitments.

Do you have a child in year 11? or know someone who has that may like to join this amazing experience? you can find out more over on the >>NCS website<< Bradley is really looking forward to a summer of fun living away from home whilst making new friends, taking on new challenges, building his confidence, self beliefs and learning life skills that can’t be taught in a classroom.  He has told us he hopes come home at the end of July an even stronger, better, more confident unstoppable person. We as parents are so excited for him, this just looks and sounds amazing.

What an amazing way to end his toughest year in school.

If you would like to follow The National Citizen Service on social media to show your support, you can do so by following them on >Facebook< >Twitter< >Instagram<


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Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

Accommodating The Family: A Guide To Cheaper Holiday Digs

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

When the family goes on holiday, you have to find a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Accommodation may not have been an issue in your younger days, but you now have kids to look after. Unfortunately, travel digs don’t come cheap, so you may have to fork out a small fortune. And, that is before you have even begun to think about spending money. All in all, a regular hotel can make the cost of a family holiday too much.

But, are you supposed to call it a day and wait until next year in the hope of finding something more affordable? No, you are not! What you should do is search for affordable accommodation now. All you need are a few helpful hints to point you in the right direction, and as luck would have it, you can find them below.

Happy hotel hunting guys and girls!

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

Search The Internet & High street

Of course, the first place to check is the World Wide Web because it has all of the best deals. Thanks to sites like, it has never been easier to find a bargain. Indeed, some people get to stay in four and five-star accommodation without paying the usual price. Still, the internet isn’t the only resource at your disposal. Whether you realise it or not, holiday bookers exist on the high street, and they are very helpful. In some cases, they are even cheaper than the deals online because they need to keep up with the competition. A holiday broker may not have anything that is suitable for a young family, but it is worth checking all the same. When you cover all the bases, you are bound to find the cheapest deals.

Book More Than One Night

Some people like to stay for a night to check out as many establishments as possible. In truth, this is a great way to save money if you can find cheaper digs elsewhere. However, it depends on the deals that the hotel has to offer. In most cases, hotels have discounts which only apply if the guests stay for three or four nights. In that sense, it is costlier to move because the promotion will not apply and you will have to pay the full rates. Before you book, check what promotions are on offer and the terms and conditions. Far too many holidaymakers don’t read the fine print and it bites them on the backside on arrival. Also, don’t be afraid to haggle. The deal may say one thing, but you can ask for a further discount. After all, ‘no we can’t do that’ is the worst they can say.

Stay Mid-Week

Regardless of the time of year, the weekends are always the most popular days. As such, the rates are more expensive on a Friday and a Saturday night. The logical move, then, is to avoid these days whenever possible. Although it sounds hard, it is pretty easy as long as you book the flights strategically. The trick is to fly out over the weekend so that you arrive during the week. That way, even if you spend two weeks, you should only have to pay the peak rates once. The rest of the time will be weekdays, so the prices should be lower. Anyone that goes away for one week to seven days can exploit this trick. Don’t worry about Sundays as they don’t follow the same rules due to the mix of clientele. Leisure bookers, for example, prefer Friday and Saturday, while business bookers stay from Monday to Friday.

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

Travel Off Season

The prices in the summer holidays are higher as it is the most popular time of year. But, there is no need to holiday in June, July and August. If you get organised, you can go away in the early autumn instead. All you have to do is take time off work, which isn’t difficult, and link it with the half term holidays. You will find that September is much cheaper even though you still get the weather and the atmosphere. October is also another good time to get away because of half term. Simply put, don’t book a holiday in the peak season if you want to save money on accommodation!

Sacrifice Location

One thing that bumps up the price is the location. People don’t want to travel far to the restaurants and bars and will pay more to stay close to the action. Because most guests are willing to fork out, the hotels shamelessly take advantage. There is nothing you can do about this if you want to be within a stone throw from the centre of town, so you have to pay extra. However, if the location isn’t a big deal, you can take up a position further a field. Then, the cost of the room for the duration of your stay will be a lot lower. And, you can use the extra money to spend on the kids, your partner, or yourself if you get the chance. Also, thanks to public transport, there is no need to miss out on any of the action. A local bus will get you into town within ten to fifteen minutes, and Uber is almost everywhere in the world.

Think Outside The Box

This post uses the word ‘hotel’ a lot because that is what springs to mind when you think of accommodation. But, there are lots of other types, and they tend to be cheaper. All you have to do is research all of your options and get creative. For example, hostels won’t appeal to you because they are for young travellers who like to party. However, there is no need to share a dorm as you can book a private room. Plus, if you pick a quiet hostel, the noise shouldn’t be too much of a big deal. Or, you can rent a houseboat and stay on the water. Houseboats are quite affordable because there are few overheads to factor in as long as you moor in a marina. Finally, there is a guesthouse for those of you who get sea-sick. These are three options, and there are plenty more at your disposal.

Go With A Group

Why? You still have to pay per room. That is true, but some establishments offer discounts for guests with multiple bookings. More importantly, there are more options when you travel with a bigger group. Take a condo or a villa as an example. For one family, these are two options which are out of most families’ price range. But, when there are two or three families together, the price is lower because you split it evenly. After all, the price of a villa stays the same regardless of how many people want to stay. Unlike hotels, they don’t charge per person, which works out in your favour if you can get more friends on board. Just make sure you like everyone you ask. Staying with people who get on your nerves may ruin your holiday!

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

Look For Free Cancellation

Once you make a booking, you have to stick to it unless there is a free cancellation option. It is worth noting that the majority of places don’t provide this option for obvious reasons. However, there are ones that are willing to take the risk, and these are the ones you need to find. That way, it won’t cost you a penny should you find a better and cheaper alternative.

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For many years now we have found ourselves heading off to Clacton a few times a year. We have grandparents who retired there 16 years ago so we regularly head there to visit them. Clacton seafront has a beautiful beach and we have had many of fun days there with the boys right from when they was a young age. We regularly visit and the boys still love to spend the day out on the pier enjoying the rides and heading off to the arcades, we enjoy a lovely stroll along the seafront with our grandparents whatever the weather, even enjoying a nice meal whilst down there, on our last visit we enjoyed a lovely meal in the Broadwalk bar & grill. As you can imagine Clacton is a special place for us to head as a family and always will be.



We’ve had celebrations in Clacton, we celebrated our grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary not so long ago and we’ve even seen the new year in with them there. Clacton is safe to say a very happy place for us to visit, creating new memories at each visit.


So much to do

We have always found something to fun to do. Clacton offers loads of indoor and outdoor fun, we’ve had fun on the beach, fun in the arcades, enjoyed the rides (indoor & out) been out on the pier. Did you know Clacton even has a SeaQuarium? It does, in there you will be able to see all marine life species found from in and around the shores up close and personal, so a trip to Clacton beach can even be educational, the boys love visiting to see what we can see in there.

ClactonIf the weather is bad we often head to the indoor rides or for a game of bowling, it makes a great competitive game and the teens do like to challenge us older ones.

clacton The arcades are where we more often than not find the boys, Clacton has a great family amusements arcade it offers a wide range of different machines to suit all ages even our young-at-heart grandparents. You will find driving games, shooting games, casino games for us oldies, 2p machines, novelty games, fruit machines and many more fun machines. We have spent many of fun hours in the arcades, hours of endless family fun, let’s face it no trip to the seaside is the same without having a trip to the arcades.

Or is that just us being big kids?

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Girls Holiday Essentials

girls holiday essentials

What A Girl NEEDS!

Packing for a holiday can be an ultimate nightmare, I am always being told that I pack far too much in my suitcase when we go abroad but girls holiday essentials are important….right?

One of our best investments was luggage scales, these have saved us loads of times from being caught for extra luggage costs. Having these and pre-weighing our cases has helped speed things up at the airport, saved us money on extra luggage costs and also saved us the embarrassment on having over weight cases.

A girl needs her holiday essentials

Shoes – Ian laughs at me when I try to explain a girl can never have too many shoes. Well they are crucial and help complete the look. I will admit I do have rather a few pairs, but unless I want to face extra costs at the airport I will have narrow it down to 3 pairs, day shoes, flip-flops and evening shoes.

Swimwear – Fun in the pool with the kid’s when on holiday is a MUST, we have so much fun together on the water slides so making sure my swimwear is packed is definitely a must. The kid’s always check mine is packed so I have no chance of forgetting.

Sun protectionThere is nothing worse than getting sun burnt when on holiday, it can be painful and can sometimes ruin a good holiday. Making sure sun glasses, sun hats and sunscreen is packed is high priority. There is nothing worse than looking like a lobster.

Summer clothesYes I spend ages when it comes to looking for holiday clothes, I look in local shops, in catalogs, even online. I always like new clothes to take with me. However I always try to not go overboard, I try and purchase lightweight clothes that are not to bulky when folded, that way I get to pack more clothes……well a girl likes to look her best, especially when on holiday.

Beauty productsThis is one thing that drives the men in my house crazy, the amount of products I like to take with me when we go on our holidays. They laugh and say they take up a suitcase on their own. I can never get on with hotel hair dryers so I like to take my own, then there is my hair straighteners, make-up, sprays, moisturisers, brushes, body wash & bathroom bits, tooth-brush, make-up removers, perfumes, shower products and so on. I have found travel bottles/pots a fantastic space saver!

Ian laughs at me and say’s my case is the bottomless case….well a girl can never pack too much when going away, right girls?

When you think how many products we use every day, it all mounts up as we find out when limited to space and a weight limit.

Extra accessories 

Bags – beach bag, day bag and don’t forget an evening bag.

Camera – well you can’t go on holiday without taking any photos can you?

Chargers – for iPad, phone and the camera.

Adaptors – we got caught out one year and was not impressed when we couldn’t charge our phones.

Insect repellent – best to be prepared.

Travel guides – arrive prepared.

Tickets/travel documents – always have them to hand, saves fighting your case in public looking for them.

Passports – always keep an eye on your expiry date, they have a way of sneaking up on you.

Medication – making sure I have any medication needed for the time scale I am away.

Travel entertainment – I always go armed with a good magazine for the journey and an up-to-date music collection on my phone along with my earphones, I refresh my memory and have another read of the travel guides of where we are heading and plan the fun ready for our arrival.

Yes I have to sit on my case as I never want to leave anything behind.

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Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Very Handy Travel Hacks

There is an art to budget travelling, especially if you’re traveling with kid’s – this creativity is most evident in the resourceful and ingenious ways that parents and travelers make the most of whatever they can fit into their luggage, this is where travel hacks come in very handy.

Below you will find a short video which demonstrates the most innovative travel hacks for hassle-free hosteling.

This is travel inspiration without the perspiration. So whether you’re looking to cut back on costs and add more efficiencies to your packing strategy, look no further as the YHA have it covered in their top 12 hosteling hacks. This is a master class in staying in hostels from those who have it down to a fine art.

Who would have thought you could create a bunk bed cinema or create a speaker out of a mug.

Some great ideas there!

We are loving the look of the multi charger and the fab idea for stopping headphones getting tangled. Some great tips in the video some of which we will be putting in to practice when on our travels next.

I will be the first to admit that I ALWAYS overpack when we go off on our travels, after watching the video I will certainly be taking on board  some of those hacks, what brilliant ideas.

What are you like when you go off on your travels, are you like me and always over-pack or do you travel light?

*Posted in partnership with YHA*

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Camping trip to Maldon

camping trip to maldon

Camping trip to Maldon

Just because it’s now September doesn’t mean the summer holidays are now over does it?………..No of course not! We went on a fun-filled family camping trip to Maldon and stayed at Waterside.

We had planned to meet our sisters there with their partners and kiddies too. The boys had great fun with their little cousins. There was lots of tree climbing, fun in the park, ball games, competitive games, bug hunts, late night ghost stories being told around the camp fire plus late night walks in the dark with torches.


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With myself always being cold I made full use of having an electric pitch and packed a kettle and an electric blow heater…..Well why not? It made camping this time of year more bearable and much more enjoyable, why sit and freeze when you don’t have too.

It was so lovely being able to just pitch up our tent and then sit, relax and all enjoy each others company stress free and forget about the hectic busy life back at home. What was LOVED the most is having no gadgets getting in the way, we all actually sat and talked as a family. When at home the boy’s would be on consoles in their bedrooms or doing course work for school so it was lovely to see them having fun and enjoying the great outdoors and getting some fresh air.

The boys loved being outdoors as did we, they loved spending time with their younger cousins and I must say with all the fresh air and running around the boys did It sent them both out like a light come bedtime, I think they was asleep before their heads hit their pillow. One of the nights Lee went into a deep sleep and spent a good hour or so snoring which his cousins found highly amusing and had great pleasure in telling him that they had heard him even from their tent. There was lots of giggles that morning.


camping trip to maldon


We found that two nights just went by so quickly, when we go again in October….Yes October! We are going to book up for a three night stay. We all enjoyed our weekend so much we will not let the weather scare us away. We are yet to still pick where we are going to camp but this will be booked this next week.

On our last day at Maldon we packed our tent away by 10am and had loaded the car too, we all then decided that the weather was nice so we all headed off down to the beach to get some last-minute outdoor fun and make the most of our last day…….So that’s what we did!


Camping trip to Maldon


The boys love crab fishing so we was all on the look out for crabs and one thing St Lawrence bay is not short of and that is crabs, there was loads of them……One took a liking to Brads finger…..Ouch!

The kids burned off loads of energy on the beach, the boys was giving their younger cousins piggy back rides, helping them climb up the rocks and also having races on the beach. It was so relaxing and lovely to see them all enjoying themselves.

We ended our family camping trip to Maldon with a lovely picnic and an ice lolly. We was all sad that our weekend had to end but we will be back to Waterside Maldon next year.

camping trip to maldon

camping trip to maldon




More camping fun to be had very soon…..




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Summertime Fun At Warmwell

Summertime fun at Warmwell

Summertime Fun

We are soon to be off on our holiday for some summertime fun, if I am honest we can not wait…….it definitely can’t come quick enough, I guess that’s what happens when you book your summer holidays over a year in advance, the wait just feels forever.

We are soon to be setting off on a nice tranquilic holiday and will be staying in a lovely luxury log cabin for a week. Our log cabin will be one of two cabins on an island in the middle of a lake, all other cabins will be around the lake……Well we love to be different.

The holiday park has so much to offer, I chose this camp as it offers so much for entertaining teenagers, with being a family of teenage boys who bore easily, hopefully it will keep them entertained….A mother can hope!

As well as the activities on offer they also have fishing which is our new loved hobby so this will also keep the boy’s entertained…..Hopefully.

When searching for our holiday I was searching for somewhere that had lots to offer and would keep the boys active and entertained throughout the day and Warmwell offers just that.

The activities they will have to choose from are:

Swimming pool complete with flume and wave machine – hopefully this will provide hours of fun and will be perfect if we come across a wet rainy day.

Fishing lakes – hours of fishing will be had, our new-found hobby.

Roller rink – this should be fun, we will definitely be heading off to find this.

Multi sports courts – the boys will definitely be searching for this as they love their sports and always have energy to burn off.

110 meter snowflex ski slope – we have been looking forward to this since booking our holiday. The ski slope also offers a lesson for us beginners which we will be taking advantage of.

Amusements arcades – this is where the boys would spend all day given half a chance.

Crazy golf – we enjoy a game of crazy golf when on holiday.

Archery sessions – this is also something we are looking forward to trying.

Nature trails – an interesting trail we can all enjoy, explore and discover the natural surroundings and wildlife.

Adventure playgrounds – somewhere else to burn off some extra energy.

obstacle courses – somewhere we can all enjoy and have lots of fun as a family.

Freestyle teens club – somewhere the boys are looking forward to heading off too. This club offers DJ workshops, film making, competitions and talent shows. Bradley is really looking forward to attending this club as it offers a lot of his interests.

Bike hire – we will be hiring bikes whilst on holiday so we can go off and explore together.

Ten-pin bowling – something to play when we are feeling competitive.

Sauna – somewhere to head off to and relax after a busy day or whilst the boys are at teens club.

Fitness suit – on offer if we wish to use this suit.

Table sports – such as pool and table tennis.

Some of these activities come at extra cost but we are fully aware and prepared for this.

Local attractions:

There is so much on offer at Warmwell, we will be spoilt for choice. We will also be heading off to explore the local attraction too, such as Dorchester and its historical market town in the pretty Frome Valley, Dorchester is said to be a lovely country town steeped in history and only nine miles from where we will be staying in Warmwell. We will also head off to Weymouth, a classic coastal resort with a beach and lively harbour. The boy’s are excited to be going to Lulworth, home to the fascinating Lulworth cove; formed around 10,000 years ago, plus the castle and park.

We also have Monkey World close by, this is home to over 240 rescued and endangered chimps and apes from all over the world. The Tank Museum is also close by, with over 150 tanks to explore with fascinating exhibitions, there are picnic areas for a lunch break and playgrounds for the kids.

Warmwell holiday park look’s like it offers us loads of summertime fun, the tranquil woodland holiday park has loads of hidden surprises, we have also been informed there may also be the odd wandering roe deer.

The evening entertainment sounds fantastic, there is a family club room where we can go to enjoy a live cabaret, game shows and much more.

If we don’t fancy cooking there is the choice to dine at the Hardy’s cafe & restaurant before heading off out for the evening. I have already spied that there is also a costa coffee available on site.

Our holiday is going to be spent having lots of family fun and adventures, all of which we will enjoy together as a family and we are really looking forward to quality time together.

We are already looking for our holiday for next year with Parkdean, we are stuck for a location as there are so many to choose from, I’m thinking Cornwall but currently stuck for which site to choose.

What is your ideal family holiday?

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Going On A Field Trip

Going on a field trip

A field trip

On the 8th of July I’m going on a field trip with my school, I am 15 years old and currently doing my GCSE’s.

One GCSE I am working towards is geography, so in July I will be heading off to Kingswood. The purpose of the field trip is to help me gain as much information as I can to help me gain my grades needed. Kingswood offers a range of programmes which are specially designed to help us, all modules are tailored to our individual needs which is great.

This trip if all goes well will give me 25% of my final GCSE grade. Going on a field trip will give me access to specialist facilities needed such as expert tutors with a deeper understanding.

I have been to Kingswood before when I was in primary school, I really enjoyed it and had so much fun while I was there. I really enjoyed all of the outdoor activities and the team building sports. I love all sports and my aim for when I leave school is to work as a sports coach, my all time favorite sport is football.

I am so excited as next week I will be busy with work experience week, I will be enjoying being a youth instructor for a week, this will be great fun as it’s what I enjoy doing, I love sports so it will be a great week.

I am in for a busy few weeks but I am really looking forward to  the experience I will be gaining.

I will pop back and update you after my field trip and let you know how I got on.

going on a field trip



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Travelodge Leeds Central

Travelodge Leeds central

Our Stay In Leed’s

Recently me and Ian traveled to Leeds, with it being such a long drive away from home     (roughly 190 miles) we stayed in Leeds at Leeds central travelodge. This location was great for us as we had everything local that we wanted/needed, we was close to shops, restaurants and transport links and they was all within walking distance…..Perfect!


When we arrived the staff was friendly and welcoming, with us not knowing the area they informed us of all good places to visit which was a great help. There is no car park on site so we had a little walk with our luggage, the parking fee is £10 for 24 hours but you can claim a discount from the hotel reception.


In our room we had:

A nice comfy kingsize bed that was made for arrival

The room was fully equipped with tea and coffee

An En-suite bathroom with hand, hair and body wash

TV with 17 channels

WiFi access 

Dressing table/desk


We found the travelodge location to be very well situated in the heart of Leeds, a perfect tourist hotspot. The travelodge has a bar area for those like us who are not ones for the night clubs, the hotel was very well situated with plenty of clubs and bars to choose from, we had a nice meal then had drinks in our room with a nice film. After visiting tourist hotspots during the day a relaxing evening in our room was most welcoming and needed.


After a very comfortable nights sleep we went down for breakfast, there was a choice of a full english or a continental breakfast, this was a self-service eat as much as you like breakfast so you know you will be getting a good start to your day.


A Good Start To The Day

Whilst I opted for a continental breakfast Ian had a full english. With a choice of yoghurt, cereals, croissants, fruit, toast, tea, coffee and fresh juice, we certainly had a good start to our day.

Our stay with travelodge was very relaxed, we had everything nearby that we needed/wanted. With the location of the hotel being in the heart of everything this made our stay much easier. With breakfast being self-service eat as much as you like, this made our start to the day much easier as we was not waiting around to be served and we knew we was leaving full, giving us a perfect start to our day following a comfortable nights sleep.

Are you off on your travels and needing somewhere to stay, check out travelodge website to see if they can accommodate your stay.

Travelodge has invested £57 million in modernising its hotels across the UK, including new bespoke kingsize beds, making your stay with travelodge even more comfortable.

Disclaimer: we recieved a two night stay in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Ox Pasture Hall Hotel – Luxury Country Hotel

ox pasture

A Stunning Country Hotel

Ox Pasture Hall country house hotel is one of a few luxury country hotels england has to offer and is privately owned and recognised as one of the finest hotels in Yorkshire, set in seventeen acres of its own grounds. When we arrived we instantly fell in love, Ox Pasture Hall is oozing rustic style and charm and is very warm and welcoming. The staff was very welcoming and made us feel very welcome. Once we had checked in we couldn’t wait to go for a walk and look at the amazing  breath-taking views on offer. The hotel made a nice romantic getaway, it was so peaceful and extremely relaxing.

ox pas

We was shown to our luxury suit, our suit was very well equipped with everything we needed, we even had fresh flowers in the lounge area. We had teas and coffees, bottled waters a choice of still and sparkling. We had a tv, radio, beautiful view of the countryside, what more could we have wanted, it really was the place to stay for a perfect relaxing getaway.


In our bedroom we had a huge queen size bed that was so comfy we did not want to get out of it. We also had a tv in our room, and we had plenty of hanging and draw space for our belongings.


In the bathroom we had a choice of a walk-in shower or a nice soak in the bath, I enjoyed an extra long soak in the bath and it was bliss.

relax bath

So relaxing, I enjoyed a soak in the bath, with a nice glass bottle of wine and the music on low, I was away kid free so why not.

relax tap

And a luxury dreamy bathroom it was too, marble with waterfall taps, his and her basins, how could you not relax in there.

ox p bathroom

Afternoon Tea For Two

After we had been shown to our room and unpacked we went off for afternoon tea. There was a lovely selection of finger sandwiches with a choice of smoked salmon and cucumber, finely cut roast beef & ham. Tasty cakes, fresh scones and clotted cream with jam along with a nice pot of tea. Definitely what was needed come 3pm.


What better way to relax mid-afternoon than enjoying afternoon tea for two in this lovely lounge area with open fire. So peaceful, relaxing and inviting.


Perfect Location For A Wedding

With its unusual rustic style, charm and picturesque secluded grounds, the Ox Pasture hall hotel would make a perfect setting for a very luxury and romantic wedding. There was a wedding being set to take place while we was there and it all looked so romantic and perfect, me and Ian even discussed renewing our wedding vows there as it really did look a dream setting for that special day. Ox Pasture is chic, stylish and unique, perfect for a country house wedding,


We was asked on our arrival what time we wanted our evening meal, so we could eat at a time that suited us which I thought was brilliant.


When we went for our meal the food was out of this world, the food was fresh and so delicious and extremely filling, we certainly did not go hungry during our stay.


We had a nice table for two, service with a smile and a lovely wide range of exceptional food and drinks to choose from.


2-Rosettes For Culinary Excellence

Candle lit dinner with a choice of where to dine. You have a choice of, the courtyard restaurant, the only restaurant in Scarborough to have been awarded 2-rosettes for culinary excellence. Or you can dine in the charming bistro where you will find all those family favourites. On those fine summers days you can also dine out on the terrace, overlooking the beautiful gardens and enjoy some of the lovely north yorkshire views.


After a wonderful nights sleep we went over for breakfast and again we was greeted and seated with a smile and offered a choice of a hot cooked breakfast or a continental breakfast, while I opted for continental Ian chose a hot breakfast.


We really enjoyed our stay at Ox Pasture hall hotel enjoying the lovely fresh country air, it was such a relaxing, peaceful and friendly place to stay.


With 17 acres of gardens and ground in the magnificent north york moors national park, close to Scarborough, offers plenty of walking and cycling opportunities nearby


At Ox Pasture you have a warm welcome, stunning views, fresh country air, superb food, fine wines, champagne, luxury rooms/suits, service with a smile, friendly staff, enchanting gardens and an award-winning restaurant to dine in and much more!


We felt so relaxed and invigorated after our stay at Ox Pasture. Before we left we had another walk round to walk off some of our breakfast and come across some more beautiful spots to sit and enjoy some last-minute views before heading off. We really didn’t want to leave.


You can wander round the lovely gardens and take advantage of all the lovely spots to sit and gather your thoughts, or just enjoy the lovely grounds, view and mass of colorful flowers.


We had a lovely romantic stay is this dreamy, stunning country house hotel, and we would love to go back in the future with the kids and explore lots of the outdoor fun on offer.

Disclaimer: we was offered a complimentary stay with food and drink at Ox Pasture hall hotel, in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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