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To extend or not to extend: that Is the question

To extend or not to extend: that Is the question

To extend or not to extend: that Is the question

Figuring out whether to have an extension on your home isn’t something you should go into all guns blazing. Having an extension has many pros, but it also comes with a few cons you need to be aware of. Let’s talk about extending and figure out whether it’s the right thing for you:

Making Your Home More Practical And Valuable

One of the biggest perks of extending your home is making it far more practical and valuable. You can add a garage, a bedroom, a dining room, or multiple rooms. You could even create a game’s room. Providing you do this properly, you’ll find your home is far more functional for your family, and adds value to the selling price for the future. All you need to do is bear in mind that some renovations won’t necessarily add value – adding a swimming pool might seem like a huge luxury, but if your property is suitable for families, people won’t want to put their kids in danger and will likely not put in an offer on the property. You also need to be sure that you’re not creating an eyesore for other people – this is a legal requirement.

In some cases, it may be more beneficial for you to buy a new home. However, some people would like to remain in the house they’ve created so many memories in, so both options have pros and cons.

To extend or not to extend: that Is the question

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Disruption To Your Home Life

When you decide to go through with an extension, you’re going to experience disruption to your home life. You can find companies that aim to minimise this disruption as much as possible, but you should still expect noise, mess, and other things that will make living at home a lot less relaxing. This is another reason some people choose to move rather than extend. The amount of time their home life would be in disarray can seriously mess up routines, and isn’t great if people work from home.

Getting The Go Ahead From A Local Authority

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to have an extension, you need to make sure that you can get legal permission to do it. You will usually need to apply for planning permission from a local authority, and you may need things like building surveys to ensure there will be no problems later on down the line. This is another expense to consider, so make sure you take everything into account.

The Cost Of Your Extension

When considering the cost of your extension, you can only really get a ballpark figure. As different things can affect how long the extension takes and the materials used, you won’t really know how much it is until the work is carried out. This is why getting a company who are transparent about price is crucial. You also need to take into account things like whether you want an architect to draw up the plans and a project manager to keep things running smoothly.

Does an extension sound like too much hassle to you, or the next logical step for your home?

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Wainwrights Dog Food Review

Buddy is well on the way now with his Wainwrights dog food review. Following his operation we have left it until now to give you his next update as he was on medication and we wanted to wait until they was fully out of his system before his next update and his Wainwright’s dog food review.

We have been recently having a closer look at Buddy’s food as we felt that his old brand of dog food did not agree with him so we wrote a list of our concerns and discussed them during Buddy’s nutrition consultation at pet’s at home.


Our concerns was

We did not feel that Buddy was getting enough out of his meals as he always seemed to be hungry.

Buddy seemed to be loose all the time when going to the toilet.

He seemed to open his bowels a lot during the day.

Buddy has allergies and we have to be careful what we give him to eat.

Buddy also has a very sensitive stomach.

We was not sure if the food Buddy was on was the right food for his allergies.

We put our list of concerns across during our consultation, we discussed what food he was currently on and was amazed by how much Buddy’s food was wrong for him we totally had him on the wrong food and was pointed in the right direction to a choice of other brands of food that will suit Buddy’s health concerns and allergies.

During the consultation we had a close look at other choices available to him whilst discussing our concerns we had. We found the consultation very helpful and very informative, all questions had been answered and we found the staff extremely helpful.

The food we chose for Buddy was Wainwright’s, we have really enjoyed looking into what Buddy is eating during this Wainwright’s dog food review and we are really pleased to have found a suitable food for Buddy that has all what he is needing. Wainwright’s dog food don’t use wheat, mixed meat proteins or any ingredients known to commonly cause allergies. because of this Wainwright’s provide a nutritious meal for pets that is easily digested and hypoallergenic. The ingredients that go into Wainwright’s food are carefully selected to provide protein, carbohydrates vitamins and minerals all the goodness that any pets needs.


Since Buddy has been on this food

He seems to be more full.

He no longer cries for more food.

He is not going to the toilet as much as he was (and that was a lot)

His bowel movements are no longer loose.

He is sleeping for longer periods of time than he was when on the other food.

He appears to have more energy and be more playful. 

His allergies seem to of eased off a bit. 

We have also noticed that there is more of a variety to choose from with Wainwright’s dog food.

Our opinion of the food change so far

Our thoughts of the change so far are: Buddy seems like he is really enjoying the new food he has been trying and we have noticed some excellent changes in Buddy’s eating habits, sleeping pattern, his behaviour and his energy levels. All the noted changes have been for the better which can only be a good thing…Right?

We are going to monitor Buddy for a while longer on the food and see if the changes continue to stay, fingers crossed.


Are you happy with the food your pet is on at the moment? if you are considering a change pets at home was a great help to us.


Disclaimer: we received a supply of food to see Buddy through the set challenge. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.



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Coronation street tour


We recently enjoyed a nice family day out, guess where we went? we only went and walked on the famous cobbles of coronation street, it was amazing and felt so strange walking down a street that we have watched on our TV for years.

Whilst on tour we went back stage, we sat in whats known as the green room, this is where the cast would sit when not filming. We went to the dressing room area of the cast and then we went in the wardrobe area and saw some of the famous wedding dresses, coats etc.

We then went in the studio area and was shown the homes of the Platt’s, Duckworth’s/Dobb’s, Carla’s flat, underworld and the one and only Rovers Return. Whilst in the rovers there was a chance for a photo behind the bar. It was amazing to be shown where some of the main story lines have been filmed.


Whilst backstage we saw some of the props and memorabilia from coronation streets history.

We even saw the crews filming area, the TV’s and cameras used to film, we was told roughly the number of hour’s put into episodes, it was truly amazing to get an insight to how the show was made.


After a guided tour round the studio we then went out and walked on the famous cobbles, knocked on some of the doors, we all had an amazing experience especially the boys as they are just as much of a fan as we are. As we walked up the street the boy’s would say who lives where, everyone was amazed at how much of a fan the boy’s are.

Here are some photo’s of the boy’s acting out being extras….Take 1.


Bradley enjoyed acting out Tina’s death scene.


After a little bit of fun and acting out some of our favourite scenes we continued our tour of the street, we was lucky enough to experience the festive side of the street while on tour, the fairy lights was twinkling away, the houses had their decorations up and there was snow-covered roof tops.

Photo’s of the boy’s being extras…..Take 2.



The overall experience was fantastic, we all really enjoyed ourselves, when we watch Coronation street on TV now we can now picture it a bit more.

We could not resist a walk up the famous ginnel and a peek in the back gardens…Look at Ian and Brad being peeping toms!


Whilst on the street we thought we would call by Barlow’s Buys.


Then that was the end of a fantastic tour of the street, we all had a brilliant day, the boy’s loved the role of acting out being extras (acting out as extra’s was our own made family fun whilst on tour) when walking round the street it was great that we could just walk around at our own leisure, there was plenty of fantastic photo opportunities, the kid’s had great fun posing as actors/extras.


If you are a Coronation street fan or know someone who is, this would make an amazing experience. You can find tour information here.

Disclaimer: we received tickets to tour the street for the purpose of our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Returning back to work

I’m feeling rather excited as normality will be commencing from next week. I was in a car accident back in June leaving me in rather a bad way, I had suffered nerve damage and had a loss of feeling down the left side of my body. I was in a wheelchair for months, I was having intense Physio every week for months and I was needing carer’s to come in and help me, I was also under a specialist being kept a close eye on.

With all of this going on I done my best to not let it get on top of me or get me down, I won’t lie there was the odd days where it did get to me and I did find it extremely hard not being able to do day-to-day things that I was once doing before my accident, but I soon found the fight in me and I turned that emotion into determination and I done all the exercises set for me to do by my Physio and I done it for my kids and husband.

I am feeling so excited and extremely lucky to be getting back to how life was before my accident, It has been a very long road of recovery for me and a mix of emotions all round for us all but we have been building my strength back up for me to be able to walk again un-aided and it has taken a lot for me to get back behind the wheel of a car again but I have done it, I am here I want my life back to how it was before, I want to be able to get in the car and go to work and help provide again for my family.

So from next week our life should start getting back to normal and words can’t describe how excited I am, I am feeling so lucky to go through what I have been through and to walk away with what is looking like an injured shoulder and nothing more serious, all I will be needing worst ways is Physio on my shoulder, but that isn’t going to effect my life, I am just feeling thankful that’s all I have walked away with and it’s nothing more serious.

My return to work will be built upon gradually, I will be returning back to work on a part-time basis to start off with and building back up from there over time as Ian don’t want me taking on too much to soon so we had a meeting with my manager who agreed so that is what will be happening.

I have been so lucky to have the support that I have had from my amazing friends and family, I couldn’t have got through it all without them there keeping me going and help keep my spirits up, especially Ian and my kid’s. What I am looking forward to the most is taking the pressure of Ian, he has been absolutely fantastic, he has been my rock through it all, the up’s and the down’s. Last year was a rollercoaster year for us so we have our fingers crossed that this year has something much nicer in store for us.


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Homemade Eggnog

Christmas is nearly here so this means one thing, it means extra sweet’s and treats are allowed….doesn’t it?

One thing we have always wanted to try is eggnog. When watching christmas movies some of them talk about having an eggnog, this year I thought I would have a go at making some. Eggnog in the christmas movies is said to be a sign that christmas is here, I am a sucker for a good christmas movie and getting in the christmas spirit are you?

So the christmas music was put on, we dug out the ingredients needed to make some eggnog, the christmas cheer soon arrived…..Yes this involved a sing-a-long and even a little dance in the kitchen…I was soon told to stop.

Ingredients needed:

700ml whole milk

240ml double cream

3 cinnamon sticks

1 vanilla pod, split and seeds removed

1 tsp of freshly grated nutmeg (more for garnish)

5 eggs separated

1 cup of sugar

Splash of rum

How we made our eggnog:

How we made our eggnog was we added the cream, milk, cinnamon sticks and vanilla pod to a saucepan, we then brought it to the boil, Once boiled we allowed it to cool.

Whilst we waited for it to cool off Ian separated the eggs, putting the egg whites to one side to use later. He then mixed the yolks with the sugar.

Once it had cooled off we mixed together with the yolks, added rum to taste and then refrigerated overnight.

We saved the egg whites and used just before serving, we beat the egg whites until a soft peak formed. Once the eggnog had been refrigerated overnight and the egg whites had been mixed and was ready we folded the egg whites into the eggnog and mixed well.

The best bit was then ready……we could then serve and garnish with some nutmeg.

Here you have it, homemade eggnog.


Oh my, this was heavenly! I am so pleased that when I now watch a christmas movie and they are talking about eggnog I can now understand how it is made and why they love to drink eggnog at christmas time. I did think that this would taste just like sweet milk but it was heavenly…perhaps it was the rum that saved that from happening, who knows but hey it is the christmas season after all.

Have you ever tried eggnog, if so what was your thoughts?

Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post.
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Festive Homemade Truffles


We have been busy in the kitchen again, we have made homemade truffles this time. We love homebaking and fancied making something different other than a cake so we thought why not try to make some truffles.


We love truffles and thought why not try to make some ourself, we have family visiting christmas evening and would love to put out some fancy nibbles other than the normal old stuff we have out on offer. The kids really enjoyed helping to get stuck in and yes there was the usual arguments over who is going to lick the spoon and clear the bowl….Ian won that one! (big kid).


Ingredients used:

250ml double cream

50g butter

300g dark chocolate

Brandy enough to taste

1tbs Peppermint essence

Hundreds and thousands

Desiccated coconut

Butterscotch pieces

Chopped mixed nuts

Neon sugar sprinkles

Icing sugar

How we made the truffles:

IMG_0078We started off by putting the cream and butter in a saucepan, heated until the butter had melted and the cream started to gently boil.

We broke the chocolate into small pieces and melted in a dish over boiling water until fully melted.

We then poured the cream and melted butter into a mixing bowl, added the melted chocolate and then mixed the mixtures together.

We then added brandy to taste. (we made two lots of these truffle mixes, an adult’s mix and a kid’s mix) for the kid’s mix we added peppermint essence to give it a minty flavour.


Whilst I was mixing the cream and chocolate together Lee lined a large size oven dish that was deep enough to hold all the mixture in with greaseproof paper.

We then poured the mixture into this dish, allowed the mixture to cool and then placed in the fridge for roughly just over an hour.

While we was waiting for the chocolate to set we prepared the sprinkles and nuts by pouring them into Separate bowls.

When the chocolate was ready we got a tea-spoon and spooned out some chocolate, rolled it into a ball and then rolled the ball in a chosen covering, either nuts, sprinkles etc until fully covered, continuing the process until all have been made, placing the truffles when covered on greaseproof paper on a plate. We placed the truffles when made in the freezer ready for christmas. We separately boxed up the adult’s truffles from the kid’s.


Doing this was a very messy process, we was hand washing in between making each ball, we all got stuck in at making the truffles so they did not take to long to make. The kids thoroughly enjoyed making these, they loved getting all chocolateley and choosing what to cover the truffle in.

After all our hard work we have some lovely festive truffles all ready for christmas evening when family come to visit.


What are your favourite food’s to have over christmas?

Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post.
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The Santa Claus Science Experiment Show

47007I have a few questions for you:

Do your kids love santa?

Do they love science experiments?

Would they love to see the two put together?

Have you heard of The Santa Claus Experiment Show?

Let me tell you quickly about the show, it is at the Bloomsbury Theater from Monday 15th December – 21st December. The show is recommended for ages 6+ that would love to see animations live on stage and stand up comedians. Written by Howard Read (CBeebie’s Little Howard’s Big Question) and Tiernan Diouieb (Comedy Club For Kid’s), directed by Jon Spooner (CBeebie’s Panto, Unlimited Theatre), you can imagine how brilliant this show is going to be.

Does this sound like the kind of show you would love to go and see, what is not to like, there is going to be live animations, santa, Elf and safety inspection’s and ……oh no Santa gets arrested!

If you would like to find out if Santa is released in time for christmas, book your tickets for The Santa Claus Science Experiment, the last showing of the show is 2.30pm on the 21st December.

Can Christmas go ahead without Christmas magic? can Santa’s elves and a genuine actual scientists save the day using science?…..We will have to wait and see.

If you love to laugh and love experiments, this is the show for you. We already have our tickets booked to attend on Saturday, our boy’s love science experiments and we all love Christmas, so we are all looking forward to show. We have our fingers crossed that the elves can save Santa in time for Christmas using science. We will be there sharing our Christmas magic and cheering the elves on.

Disclaimer: we have been given tickets to attend the show for the purpose of a review…. (review to follow).
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Heat holder snuggle-up blanket

snuggle-up-blanketThose long dark cold nights are now here, it’s that time of the year where all the thick warmer socks, winter duvet and electric blankets are all being dug out and you just want to snuggle up with a nice blanket and a nice hot drink on those horrid cold wet wintry days/nights. We have been able to nicely snuggle up and keep lovely and warm with the help of this cosy thermal blanket. This is a 1.4 tog rating blanket and feels so luxuriously soft. The blanket is a very generous size of 180cm x 200cm so you can really wrap yourself up in it and keep lovely and warm. We like to have movie days/nights and we have found ourselves all nicely wrapped up cosy and warm……perfect!

Bradley has been feeling rather unwell this week and got great comfort from the blanket, he said “it’s lovely, warm and cosy” you have a choice of two different colour blankets, the choice being either Moon Rock or Antique Silver, we have the Moon Rock colour.


The blanket is 100% polyester and with the bonus of it being machine washable at 40 degrees. The blanket is a luxuriously soft fur fleece, known as heatweaver, this fleece blanket has been developed with the main intention of being efficient at retaining heat, which is why it has the official tog rating of 1.4.


On cold, wet wintry days/nights we will be keeping warm and dry with the help of our heat holder blanket. The first thing the boys do when they come home is warm up with the blanket and watch tv with a nice hot chocolate.

Do you have a favourite blanket that you love?

Disclaimer: we were sent a heat holder snuggle-up blanket for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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personalised gifts

I am a lover of personalised gifts as I think they are a nice personal and special gift to receive, they are gifts I not only like to receive but something I love to give as well. Giving a personalised gift makes a unique and personal gift for that person and I love that personal touch, it makes it all the more special. For previous christmas gifts we have had canvases and key rings made, they was gifts that made grandparents smile and treasure.

This year we can make special gifts with the help of Snapfish because they offer so much in the way of: Photobooks, calendars, cards, wallart, mugs, acrylics, coasters, and much more, you can find a list of all products here, all of which you can add your special memories to that are so much fun to sit and make.

Creating personalised gifts/items is fairly easy to do, you just simply upload what photos you would like to use to the snapfish website, click on what product you would like to personalise, then just simply click on what photos you have uploaded to use. Once you have chosen what product you would like to use, then uploaded your photos to that product, you can then have the option to pick a background to use and even add text if you wish to make it extra special and personal, it is very simple to do and you get step by step instructions on the website to help you.

We chose to have a puzzle made out of one of our favourite holiday pictures, we chose to have a puzzle made as this is something we thought would make a great gift this christmas. We thought this would be a gift that would bring smiles all round at christmas.

If making a personalised gift is something you would like to do, head on over to snapfish and have a look at the great products they have, you will be amazed at what you can make out of your favourite photos.



Disclaimer: we was given a credit note to spend with snapfish for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Detangling Brush And Comb


IMG_9799Having very thick hair can be horrid when trying to de-tangle and get rid of those horrid knots. I have many horrid memories of this as a child, screaming as my mum tried to de-tangle my hair, OUCH!  (I still have the odd screams now as an adult if I’m honest) not nice memories but I am sure most of us women have them. So if like me and you have long thick hair you will agree that brushing can be is a problem, making sure I have brushed my hair through properly takes forever and is very time-consuming and very annoying when in a rush to go out.

So to try to help solve this problem I have been trialing the Bella and Bear de-tangling set this set consists of a wide-toothed comb and a detangling Brush.

IMG_9804This set is great on:

1. Dry hair

2. Wet hair

3. Curly hair

4. Short hair

5. Frizzy hair

6. And even long thick hair……bonus!



This set glides through my hair with ease, there has been no need to pull and there has not been any screams as yet!

This comb itself has an easy grip handle, features Bella and Bears logo, it also has wide teeth, making it easy to glide through your hair pain-free. The set comes in a lovely gift box and would make a lovely gift for an adult or child that would love to brush with ease. The brush has firm but not harsh cone-shaped bristles without an end bead so you so you can brush and glide through those horrid tangles. The brush is gentle but effective and you do not see big chunks of your hair in the brush after brushing, this happened to me fairly often with my old brush and it use to scare me. Now I have this set I am now brushing with ease.


Disclaimer: We was sent a Bella and Bear detangling set for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Ozeri Fresko Salt and Pepper Mill

514LLvdfmlL._SL1000_Time to throw away the boring old salt and pepper pots, we have come across something a lot more stylish, something that we wouldn’t mind having out on display rather than chucked to the back of the cupboard that we have to hunt high and low for when needed, don’t you just hate having to hunt for salts and spices at meal times….we sure do! This is not only a stylish little gadget it takes up hardly any room, it is that easy to fill up and use my boys even do it. The Ozeri Fresko salt and pepper mill has a lovely brushed stainless steel look to it and is of great quality, the grinder can be adjusted from fine to coarse at ease with the turn of an adjustment rod which you can easily fit two fingers round and turn.


One thing we love is fresh ground peppercorns and with the features of powerful ceramic gears, this salt and pepper mill grounds them with ease. The salt and pepper mill is designed in Germany and is made of stainless steel, with the perfect space-saving design. With the grinder having see through window’s this allows us to see the grinding in action and also allows us to monitor the levels so we know when it needs refilling.

The salt and pepper mill dimensions are 3.8 x 3.8 x 17.1 cm as you can see from the picture on the right, to fill the salt and pepper mill you just simply pull the sections open, fill them and then just push them back together again, it really is that simple! at either end of the grinder there is a cap, when you wish to use the grinder you select what end you wish to use, pull the protective cap off and twist the grinder, when you have finished pop the cap back on. If this is a salt and pepper mill that you would love to have in your kitchen, you can by clicking here.


Disclaimer: we was sent a salt and pepper mil for the purpose of our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Buddy pets at home Nutrition Advice challenge – weaning off his food

Pets at Home Nutrition Advice

Following on from Buddy’s visit to pets at home, we are now into week 2, taking onboard all the great advice we had received from his nutrition consultation, we have been weaning Buddy slowly off his old brand of food and slowly onto his new brand of food called Wainwright’s, we have done so by still feeding him his old food but by taking away some off his old food and replace it with some of his new food.


dog food

We was advised to move Buddy slowly off his old food and onto his new food as this should help him to adjust to it slowly and save him from an upset stomach, we thought this was great advice and something we hadn’t done before in the past…and yes he did end up with an upset stomach, we did not want a repeat of this so we listened to the advice given to help us with the weaning process.


So how did we get on weaning Buddy slowly off his food…..Buddy has been very poorly, we had some very sad news relating to a lump on his toe, ending in Buddy having to have his toe amputated, this has been a very emotional time for all of us and we have pulled together to get Buddy through this. he has been on anti biotic’s and strong pain killers since then and is now coming to the end of his course, this week has been very hard for me to give full judgement on as seeing Buddy so poorly has been awful, we had already started the weaning process or we would have waited until he had recovered so we thought it would be best to continue.

What we can say is he has adjusted rather well so far to the different food and no food has been left in the food dish old food or new, so this is a very positive sign that he likes the new brand of food, when he was on his old brand of food most days he would return to his food dish and cry for more food and there has been no sign of this as yet, Buddy has not wanted much food due to his medication making him drowsy but he has been eating little but often. He has had a little upset stomach but this could be caused by his medication he has currently been on.


Buddy has been sleeping a lot since his operation, so I can’t comment as yet to what his behaviour is like since the food change, he has been on very strong tablets this week to help him to rest and recover from his operation, he his now coming to an end of his medication and is seeming more himself again so hopefully fingers crossed his energy levels will improve and I can give more of a judgement on the food change once he is himself again.

Have you had a nutrition consultation at pets at home for your pet? did I mention to you that it is free.

If you have had a nutrition consultation for your pet did the advice given help?

Disclaimer: we received some Wainwrights food for the purpose of this challenge, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Laptop Skins review and competition

case app pictureAnyone that knows Lee will know how mad he is about football, so having his favourite pictures made into  unique and personal laptop skins for his very own laptop would be something I knew he would love. Well what teenager wouldn’t want his personal football memories somewhere he could see daily and be proud of. The skin gives Lee’s laptop a personal look whilst protecting it, as I am sure you can imagine like any other teenager Lee’s laptop gets left on the floor, sofa, kitchen worktop and any other place it shouldn’t be left so protecting it in a fun way is great.

case app pic

Case App is a company that enables you to create and personalise phone cases or design a custom skin for a ipad, Android or laptop. I found the process of designing Lee’s fairly easy (so it must be very easy)

1. first of all click on what option you want, either phone case or skin.

2. I wanted to create a laptop skin so I scrolled down to laptop.

3. I then clicked on the collage tab and chose what collage I wanted to use.

4. I then started to choose what pictures I wanted to use and uploaded them to the collage.

caseapp pic

Once you have chosen your favourite pictures you can then decide if you would like to add any clip art, text or even a background. Once you have finished designing you can then click preview and check your work before purchasing. The laptop skin works just like a protective sticker and as I found out is very forgiving if you do not get it in the right position first time. Removal is fairly simple, you can just un-stick and try again, there is no horrible residue left behind once removed which is great. The skin itself is protected as it is covered in a matte laminate, so we should get some good wear out of the skin.

We chose to design a laptop skin but if you would like a phone case then the process is the same, but with more collages on offer.

Head over to Case App if you would like to design a case or skin. These would make a perfect personalised christmas gift this christmas.



Now how would you like the chance to win a case or skin?


For your chance to win please enter via the rafflecopter form below, please remember all entries will be checked.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: we received a laptop skin for the purpose of this review/giveaway, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Health and Fitness Fun With Virgin Active


All set and ready for action.

The boys was rather excited to be invited along to trial a new form of fitness programme as part of the launch of virgin active crew. This scheme is aimed at boys and girls aged between 8 – 15 offering a fun fitness programme, this is to encourage the children to have a positive attitude towards their health and fitness.

302_Virgin Active Crew

Warm up fun.

The kids were rather excited to be going to the gym to keep fit and healthy. Me and Ian have had gym memberships in the past but that was a while back, we no longer hold a gym membership at the moment. The boys are very sporty kids….where they get it from we do not know, but we do like to encourage this as much as possible.

325_Virgin Active Crew

WOW look at that jump…..I wish I could jump like that.

We arrived at the gym in Acton with two excited boys, excited and ready for action. They started off with gentle but fun warm-up exercises one of which was lifting and dropping sandbells, these was all of different weights and sizes. After the warm ups had finished Lee and Brad’s fitness was then really put to the test, this involved lots of fun frog movements, gorilla crawls, hurdles, speed skills with fitlights, jumping, catching, throwing, team challenges and much more all whilst having fun and increasing their strength, ability and core fitness.


Sweating but smiling

As any parent we are keen on keeping our kids moving and burning off energy, we was very impressed at how the staff was able to motivate the children and get them involved with the exercise session by delivering it in a very fun and energetic way that the children enjoyed. Lee and Brad loose interest fairly easily but this really held their attention extremely well and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Virgin active have worked together with an organisation called SAQ international to develop a very exciting programme, ( virgin active crew ) this aims to:

Building on basic skills, such as running, jumping, throwing.

Improve fitness levels.

Increase self-confidence.

Teach team building skills.

Help understand more about healthier living.

Give the kids social interaction.

Most of all, make fitness fun.

All of this whilst having great fun with specially trained coaches and with the use of the latest fitness innovations and equipment.

Lee and Brad really enjoyed meeting Nathan Helberg from Zuu Chimps and loved the physical and animal exercises that he had shown them. They had great fun and got rather competitive, we loved seeing them enjoying themselves whilst keeping fit and healthy.

101_Virgin Active Crew

The race was on.

We loved seeing the kids take part and try their best, they was made to feel part of a team and every effort made by the kid’s was noticed by the staff and rewarded with a high-five….there was no loosers in this class, but it was a class full of smiles and great fun to be had by all.

357_Virgin Active Crew

Look at the concentration on Brads face.

As soon as the kids got they’re breath back after the session they was asking if they can be signed up to a class, this has got to be a good sign that they enjoyed themselves…..right?


 Lee enjoying a rest at the end of the session

My challenge set by the kids is to look on the virgin active crew website and see where our local session is held.

Want to get involved: If this sounds like something your kids would enjoy why don’t you see if there is a class near you, if your clubs not on the list don’t worry as Active crew will be launching nationwide in January.

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Bradley has a secret to share – Child Modelling

We have been keeping a little ok BIG secret from everyone. The reason we have kept it a big secret is because it took the pressure off Bradley incase he didn’t pass to the next stage. We applied to a couple of companies for child modelling as we thought Brad would be perfect for this. Brad has shown signs of being a lover of the camera and loves to do poses, anyone who knows Brad will know he is not a shy person at all and is always in front of the mirror doing his hair, trialing different styles etc. In Brads words he’s got to look cool.

We sent a picture of Bradley over to a few companies and one day the phone rang and it was a company saying they loved the photo we had sent in and they would love to invite Brad along to a trial photo shoot, this shoot would be around 4 hours long and he would need at least 5-7 changes of clothes. We waited for Brad to return home from school, we sat him down and explained to him that a company had got back to us, we also explained what would be involved and asked of him, we asked if he would like to go along and have a trial, Brad was over the moon and excited will not even come close to how he reacted, he was straight up practicing his poses and searching his wardrobe for what he was to take to his photo shoot.

The photo shoot was for Brad to trial what it will be like having a photo shoot and to see what it is like in a studio. It was also a chance for the company to see if Brad had what it takes to make it in the modelling industry.

Since we had told Brad about the shoot, out came his diary and he had marked the date and time down, he had been chatting away about it to us, the neighbours and anyone close by since he had been told about the call. We had asked him a few times if he was still sure he wanted to go ahead with it all, we also repeatedly told him he can back out at anytime, he was certain that he wanted to go ahead, so he did with our support, and guess what………… he got accepted, he is so over joyed and we are so proud of him, he showed no signs of nerves and enjoyed every minute of it, he was in control of the whole shoot and was told he can stop at anytime, but he wanted to continue, we are so pleased for him.


Please join us by wishing this little champ good luck!

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