Coco And Hunter

coco and hunter

All Things Pawsome

This part of the blog will be all things pawsome. We will be talking all things pet related and pet-friendly. Anything from food, toys to places of interest.

Regular readers of our blog will know that Coco our Siberian Husky joined our family in January 2018. We welcomed her into our family from the age of eight weeks old. Since joining our family she has brought joy to our lives everyday without fail. She joins us on as many adventures as she can….Basically anywhere pet friendly and we take her with us.



Before welcoming any pet into our homes we have a duty to make sure our homes are safe. We wanted to make sure our home was safe for Coco so preparations were made. We all know that pets find the smallest of things to chew on as everything looks fun in a puppy’s eyes, especially electric cables!

The first few weeks of having Coco really reminded us all at how tiring it can be having a puppy again – Coco six weeks later  Our poor girl had spent a lot of time at the vets due to skin problems. To this day she is still suffering with skin irritations and allergies.

When we first decided to get another dog we agreed as a family that we would crate train as it is said to be good – See how it went.

Guess what we did next?

We decided to get another dog…….yes another dog!

Meet Hunter

coco and hunter

With Coco being a Siberian Husky and having loads of energy we thought we would get her a friend. We became dog fosterers for a while and Coco loved having a friend around the house and when out on walks.

When it came time to say goodbye to the foster dog it was not only upsetting for Coco but we found it hard to. We all became very attached to our foster dog – as to be expected!

This was when it got me thinking, why not get Coco her very own forever friend. One that was to come and stay. The search then began. In October 2018 Coco was then introduced to Hunter – her forever friend.  They do have their moments but they get on brilliantly.

We now have two beautiful fur babies

coco and hunter

We enjoy many adventures together

Have you heard of Dogfest? it was somewhere we was due to go with Coco back in 2018 but it was cancelled due to extremely high temperatures. A decision we totally agreed with as it was very hot.

We have been invited to attend Dogfest 2019 with Coco and Hunter. It looks such a great day out for not only pet’s but for pawrents too. We are looking forward to attending. Here is our Dogfest pre visit write-up over on our travel blog.

Pet-friendly camping adventures

We are a family that love nothing more than going off on our adventures. We love being outdoors having fun and making memories to cherish forever. Just because you have pet’s this doesn’t mean the fun has to end, it just means your adventures got better.

We love to load the car up and go off camping. We haven’t yet experienced this with both dogs but we did take Coco with us last year. We went to Salisbury campsite which was absolutely stunning. We went off hiking with Coco for hours of exploring. She absolutely loved it and was so well-behaved. I’d say she had a pawsome time.

coco and hunter

Pet-friendly caravan holiday’s

We went off on our very first caravan holiday with Coco back in July. We stayed at Kessingland Beach holiday park in Lowestoft, Suffolk. The park offers a wide range of pet-friendly caravans. The park is situated perfectly with direct beach access. Our full review of our stay and opinions can be read >>here<<

coco and hunter

Pet-friendly boating holiday

Did you know you could hire a pet-friendly cruiser? you can. We hired a boat for a long weekend and enjoyed a lovely weekend on board, cruising the Norfolk Broads along with Coco too. Coco loved being able to hop on and off the boat and explore the beautiful countryside. Are you feeling adventurous? you can read our full review here of our pet-friendly boating trip.

coco and hunter

Check list

When travelling with a pet either on a day out or even when going off on holiday it is important that we make sure we have everything needed for our travel. There is so much to consider and remember when travelling with a pet. We have put a list together here of things to remember and help make travel easier.

coco and hunter

Thank you for reading. We would love to hear your thoughts?