We love to bake and create lovely recipes. We really enjoy our food and enjoy it even better if homemade. Keep an eye out for further recipes to come.

Diet Coke Chicken

diet coke chicken








Lemon Drizzle

Lemon drizzle






Overnight Oats

overnight oats






Naanster – curry on the go – review

Naanster curry on the go






Celebrating the Chinese New Year

How to video included.

Celebrating The Chinese New Year






Crystal Celebrations

crystal celebrations






Christmas leftovers

Christmas Leftovers






Kitchen N1 – Review

The House That Never Rests






Chicken shish kebab

chicken shish kebab







Homemade breakfast shake

Breakfast shake






Homemade eggnog







Homemade Festive Truffles







Homemade Christmas Cake







Stuffed aubergines

stuffed aubergines






Celebrating football season

Mum’s chocolate delight cake

Cousin love

Sunny toast

Beef and vegetable stir fry

Monster munches

monster munches

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