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Methods Of Lowering The Daily Stress Of Becoming A New Parent

Methods Of Lowering The Daily Stress Of Becoming A New Parent


Anyone who has been a parent for a while will know all about the stress and strain of being a mother or father. Those without children will only see a select few scenarios of parenting, but the truth is so much more than what you view when you visit or when you look at social media. Parenting is pretty difficult as it’s a 24/7 job. Even when you aren’t directly taking care of them, you have worries and lots of jobs to do. You’ll never stop being a parent once you become one. 

The stress is something that a lot of people struggle to deal with. Depression and nervous breakdowns are common among parents both young and old. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that can be done in order to lower the stress and anxiety that comes with having to raise kids – both in the lead-up to the birth and the subsequent parenting. Here are five ideas that may help:

Plan Out Your Days And How The Future Will Go 

Things are always much easier with a plan. If you plan out what you’re going to do with your family or future family, then you’re going to remove a lot of anxiety. Uncertainty is a killer for a lot of people because it makes people fear the unknown and makes them feel perilous. Knowing how your days are going to pan out will help out so much with soothing your mind. 

Ensure All Other Domestic Issues Are Handled 

Becoming a parent will obviously weigh on you most for most of the day, but there will be other things in life that you must handle. At home, you have plenty of jobs. You’ll need to keep everything clean and ready for the baby (or babies), of course. You’ll also have to ensure things like energy bills and other financial dues are paid. If you can remove some fundamental stresses, it makes things a lot clearer for you to become the parent you wish to be. 

Buy Absolutely Everything You Need

If you have all of the equipment and apparatus necessary to make parenting an easier job, then, by all means, take the opportunity. You’re going to need a lot of things in your favour when parenting as it’s a job that can take its toll on you. Companies such as Foryourlittleone can help you out hugely as they have an array of products for you and your partner to sink your teeth into, fortunately. 

Always Ask For Help 

You’re not going to know how everything works and you’re not going to be able to handle every single task. You will need someone else to come in and take the stress away a lot of the time. Be it friends, family members, and nannies – make sure you have people on your phone who will be willing to step in. 

Adopt A Positive Mindset Leading Up To It All

If you’re positive and you believe everything’s going to be okay in the end, then it makes the job even easier to deal with. Thinking about what might go wrong is a way of ensuring that things WILL go wrong.

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Alarming As It Seems, These Simple Steps Could See You Falling In Love With Your Wake Up Call

Alarming As It Seems, These Simple Steps Could See You Falling In Love With Your Wake Up Call'

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There’s something truly terrible about the moment your alarm goes off. Just like that, you’re dragged from a peaceful sleep by a loud, and entirely unwelcome wake-up call. It’s a recipe for anxiety, that leaves many of us wired, groggy, and frankly dreading this moment every single morning. For obvious reasons, that’s no way to start the day. 

The good news is that, despite how unlikely it might seem, it is possible to love your alarm. And, taking steps to achieve that goal could well see your morning wellness soaring, as well as the rest of your day.

This love needn’t even be as tricky to come by as you believe., After all, when you think about digital alarm clock history, it’s amazing that you can rely on a device to wake you up at all! Instead of spending the entire time wanting to chuck that clock across the room, then, consider the following ways to love it for the marvel that it is. 

Find a sound that soothes

Many of us choose harsh, sudden alarm sounds in the hopes that they’ll wake us up faster, but you’re never going to embrace your wakeup call if it keeps dragging you from sleep kicking and screaming. 

By comparison, studies have shown that gentle, melodious alarm sounds could be all it takes to fend off that groggy morning feeling. That’s because these gentler options wake us gradually, allowing our bodies to adjust before we’re alert. Luckily, most alarm clocks these days provide options, with some even allowing you to Bluetooth your own songs. So, there’s no excuse not to wake up in a way that you love. 

Kiss goodbye to your snooze button

The snooze button is the only part of the alarm process that many of us love. Unfortunately, your snooze habit is the tease that ultimately leads to that fuzzy morning grogginess you want to avoid. That’s because your body keeps trying to go back to sleep when it simply doesn’t have time to do so, making you more tired and less willing to face the day. 

Start every morning with something you love

It’ll be tricky to love your alarm if all you have to look forward to in the morning is work. Even if you love what you do, there will be days where you’d rather just stay in bed! That’s why, ultimately, learning to love your alarm is about changing your morning habits. Instead, you want to start each day doing something you love so that your alarm becomes a notification of joy, rather than dread. Something small, like taking the time to make a cafetiere or read a book, could see you smiling as soon as you hear that sound, rather than pulling the covers back over your head.


5 Great Ways To Calm Anxiety

5 Great Ways To Calm Anxiety

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Anxiety is a complex mental condition that has many degrees from mild to severe. Most sufferers would describe it as an uneasy feeling of fear or worry that sometimes has many triggers. Although nearly everyone experiences mild anxiety every now and then, the number of cases of severe anxiety has recently skyrocketed. According to research, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week in England. Here a few ways to calm anxiety and prevent it from getting severe;

Get good sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep at night is very important. During this period, the mind and body get refreshed, so you have clarity when you wake up. Enough sleep helps to stabilise your moods, which enables you to go through your daily activities easier. Try to smoothen out your sleep pattern by trying to go to bed consistently at the same time each night. Eventually, your body will pick up on the routine, and you are likely to begin to feel sleepy around that time on the subsequent nights. 

Learn to pause and breathe

Taking deep breaths often help you to regulate anxious physical symptoms. Your body gets access to more oxygen, and your mind gets a break to reflect. While breathing in deeply, you can take your mind off the stressful situation and gain a new perspective on what’s happening. Remember to stop and take a deep breath whenever you start to feel anxious or stressed. Schedule some free time for yourself to do things that you find relaxing. You could practice yoga, listen to music, meditate or get a massage. Stepping back from stressful situations helps to clear your head. 

Eat a balanced diet

Having a healthy diet is essential for your body because it provides you with all the nutrients you need to have a peaceful yet energetic lifestyle. A balanced diet helps balance out your hormones, allowing you to regulate your moods and emotions better. Moreover, certain supplements such as cbd gummies and meals that contain the proper amount of Omega-3 have been found to calm anxiety in some individuals.

Figure out your triggers

You can try observing your routine to help you fish out your triggers. Some triggers may be obvious and others not so obvious so you can write in a journal to help you keep track. It may enable you to notice and rule out some foods, events or habits. Consulting a therapist can also help you point out some more triggers. 

Block out anxious thoughts

Whenever you begin to feel stressed or anxious concerning a situation, search your mind for a similar event which occurred in the past and turned out fine. Recalling such events will help you calm down, and assure you that everything will be alright and that there’s no need to be stressed.

In most cases, anxiety is no cause for alarm. However, when you are anxious for quite a period, or your anxiety negatively affects multiple aspects of your life, you may need to seek treatment. If you have an anxiety disorder, undergoing psychotherapy or online therapy can be of great help.


Time Needed

Time needed

You may or may not have noticed that our blog has been rather quite lately, well since spring if I’m honest. If you hadn’t noticed then it isn’t a problem of course, but I will explain the reason as to why our blog has been quiet.

Back in spring…

Our blog has been quiet since spring because this was the time I think I began to realise that I could no longer carry on pretending and had to stop with the constant worrying about what tomorrow would bring and just concentrate on the now. I am a known worrier – I just can’t help it and it bugs the hell out of Ian. I am always worrying about other people and hardly ever stop to think about myself. Do you find yourself doing the same?

On one of my lowest days back in spring Ian came home from work on his lunch break (he never does this) he came home to check on me and to see if I was OK. Upon his arrival home, no I wasn’t OK and he had walked-in to myself being in floods of tears and in a right state. I just felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and I just couldn’t carry on anymore. On this day I had just had enough!

Things became more apparent…

I think on this day it became more apparent that I was having a breakdown. Back then I think my health problems played a massive part as it felt like they were winning, I was having to live day-by-day, not knowing how I was going to feel when I woke up which then had a knock-on affect to my job and I just felt like I was letting everyone down all the time. It just got to the point where painting a smile on my face and carrying on wasn’t working anymore. I did not feel in control anymore.

Back then I was working part-time as a carer support worker. My employer was fantastic and totally understanding but this didn’t stop me from feeling bad and like I was letting everyone down. I found that I was spending more time off sick than I was at work.

Things had to change…

It absolutely broke my heart and it was extremely hard to do but I resigned from my position as a carer/support worker. After a long chat with Ian he helped me realise that I just couldn’t carry on the way I was. Time out was desperately needed to help my health.

So, in the past 7 months I have been taking things day-by-day. I am now on medication to help with my depression. I do still have anxiety attacks but they are now few and far between, this has to be a good sign right?. I still have trouble sleeping but I am looking into ways to help with this. I now have things in place around the home to help make day-to-day life a little easier. I will be writing a post on things that I found and help me cope and carry on. Things which are still in place today.

Slowly gaining control…

My health conditions will always be there and I have now gotten use to that. I don’t like it but I have found my own way of accepting it. I am no longer going to dwell on what I can’t do because I am going to be to busy enjoying what I can do. I am not one for sitting around doing nothing so I am going to enjoy getting back to blogging again.

Ian and the boy’s have been my rock over the past few months. I really can’t thank them enough for helping me through. There is so much to share with you all but all that can be done in future posts.

Taking time out really has helped. There really is support out there for everyone. No one should have to suffer alone. Here is a link to >>> Mind <<< for anyone looking to seek help or support.

Always remember “it is OK to NOT be OK”


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Be The Most Relaxed Version Of Yourself

Be The Most Relaxed Version of Yourself

You have heard it said that stress is a killer. Stress wreaks havoc on the body. It affects blood pressure, blood sugar, the heart rate, and all the organs. It is a key factor in the risks of stroke and heart attack. It causes headaches, sleeplessness, digestion problem, and the list goes on.

When you are stressed, your body goes into slow motion. You lose your energy. You lose your drive and you invite depression to take over. The less you move the more stressed you become. But, you have the power to change this.

Making truth your reality

People who love you will give you the sound advice that you need to just calm down. Stop letting everything bother you. Do what you can do and walk away. That is very good advice if you do not have a job, a family, bills, pets, and a home. But, when you oversleep, the kids cannot find their science homework, your partner used your car and left it on empty, and the person in front of you seems to have only one objective, and that is making you late for work. Stress is part of life.

You can make some life changes that will keep these specific things from happening repeatedly, but there will always be stress in our high-tech world. Instead of focusing on the situations, let’s focus on changing the way we feel in order to process the stress.

Natures Xanax – only better

When stress and anxiety begin to affect our lives negatively, we go to the doctor. In some circumstances, people need the help of a prescription to calm down and press reset. The problem is, anxiety medication is addictive. When you finish the prescription, the anxiety comes back even worse than before. You cannot keep taking the prescription long.

The doctor may prescribe enough for a week or ten days, then take them away for a couple of weeks to protect you from addiction. So,  you put your body through cycles of relaxation and then anxiety, and the cycle repeats itself as long as the doctor prescribes the medication. At the end of the “help”, you are worse off than you were before. You did not make any changes to address the issues.

When you are sedated, you usually do not move around much. Prescription drugs make you feel as if you are in a mental fog. You sleep, but it is not a relaxing sleep. You feel no better or relaxed when you wake up.

Be The Most Relaxed Version of Yourself

Essential oils

Nature seemed to know that we would have stress in our lives. Nature gave us a huge selection of plants that have what we need. Natural oils are harvested from live plants. These oils are easy to use and they are not addictive, have zero chemicals, and gives you the help you need to allow your body to return to normal.

Let’s look at a few oils that are proven to work. You can mix the oils for the desired effect, which only you can explore.

We will list a few examples of essential oils and the benefit it gives you. But there are hundreds of essential oils. You will need to find a combination that works for you.

Note: Essential oils are usually released into the air with the use of a diffuser. The oils enter the thin nasal membranes and are absorbed. You should be careful about placing essential oils directly on your skin. Use a carrier oil such as coconut oil, or test a very small place on your body and watch for burning or rash. You may be able to rub the oil of your choice on the skin, just be careful.

Be The Most Relaxed Version of Yourself


The following oils will calm you and allow you to de-stress and feel much more relaxed.

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Rose
  • Bergamot


  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Clary Sage

The use of these oils will calm your stress level and assist you in getting a relaxed night of restful sleep. Once your body is responding to this, you will need to boost your energy level.

Be The Most Relaxed Version of Yourself


  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint (Also a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer for those sore muscles).
  • Grapefruit
  • Eucalyptus

Now you can move on to mood enhancers. These oils lift your spirits, ease any muscle pain you have and generally make you feel good.

  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Frankincense
  • Lemon essential
  • Cedarwood

Get moving!

Be The Most Relaxed Version of Yourself

You are feeling better and more relaxed. Now fight off depression, boost your energy, and be the best you can be by exercising. When you are active, your brain naturally produces more serotonin. This is a feel-good hormone that balances your mood. Your body is ready to take over and keep you emotionally fit. Use the essential oils whenever you like, but do not use them instead of moving. You have to invest in your body to reap the rewards.

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