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Creating The Perfect Bath

Creating The Perfect Bath

***Collaborative post***

Is there anything more delicious than coming home at the end of a long day to a bubble bath? Sinking into the water is more about therapy than it is cleanliness, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to make your bath absolutely perfect! You want to be able to make sure that you’re sinking into a bath that feeds your brain as well as your body. You need your mental health to be well as much as you want to physically feel good, and the perfect bath can do that for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bath bomb lover or you are someone who prefers salts in their water, the perfect bath is out there and you can create it in just a few moments. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the steps that you should take that will help you to create the perfect bath.

  1. Create some ambiance. Can you sink into a bubble bath with bright lights streaming into your eyeballs? Most people can’t, and you need to be able to sink back and relax. Add a stylish and functional bath caddy with your favorite book, drink and a snack and you’ll then feel super happy. So, why not install dimmer lighting in your bathroom and keep it dim while you relax. You could also add some candles for some ambiance to help you to let go of your stress. 
  2. Add salts. You don’t have to be an either-or person if you are going to enjoy a bath. You can have both salts and bubbles, and salts are going to help you to feel more rested and relaxed. Epsom salts are excellent for muscles that are sore and aching, and you can even get salts that are infused with essential oils so that you can truly feel your body let go.
  3. Next, add the bubbles. There are so many different bubble baths out there so spend time sniffing them in the stores and choose the scent that you really like. Pour slowly into the rushing water so that you get the bubble mountain to sink into. 
  4. Consider essential oils. We talked about the essential oils you can choose to use for your salts, but you can also just slosh in some essential oils of your choice and make it so that your mind and body is relaxing while you sit in the hot water. 
  5. Remember a pillow. No, not a bedtime pillow! There are bath pillows that you can buy to relax your head and not feel any muscle strain in your back. 
  6. Heat your towels. Before you get in the bath, or while you’re in it, have your towels on a radiator or a heated towel rack. When you step out of the bath and rinse off all the bubbles, you can then wrap up in a hot towel and feel super comfortable and cozy after relaxing for so long!

Do you enjoy having a nice hot bath?

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Ignite Live Event

ignite live event

Ignite is an event in Bath from 11th – 13th of April where you will feel empowered and motivated to choose the path in life that you want to take. I know that sometimes we all think that there is nowhere to turn and we can’t find the get-up and go to do the things in life that we really want to do. But we do have that get-up and go inside of us, we just need some help to bring it out of us and show the positive side of our life.

Ignite was the idea of Rebecca Adams who is an international life mastery mentor and she wants to bring a team of speakers together to help to empower you and change your life for the better. So why should you buy a ticket to Ignite Live Event.


Sometimes we need people to say to us that we are doing really well, sometimes we need people to tell us that we are doing the right thing and sometimes we need encouragement from others. Motivation is something that we all need and it helps us to reach our life goals. If you are motivated, you put more effort into your work and are so much more enthusiastic about it. I find as a blogger, that if I am motivated to write a post about a subject that I am really excited about, then I put more passion and enthusiasm into it. Just imagine, if you are an employer and you took all of this motivation back to your team, it would help your business to improve productivity.

Meet New People

We all like collecting new friends and acquaintances don’t we? Events like Ignite mean that you will meet new people that are interested in the same things as you. At networking events, you get to meet people that you might not normally meet in your everyday life, whilst doing the school run or working. It broadens your friendship circles.

The Gala Dinner And Entertainment

Who doesn’t like a good bit of grub? The gala dinner is on Saturday night after the two-day event has finished and it is a great opportunity to mingle with the speakers and ask them the questions that you might have wanted to ask after their speech.

You get a chance to dance to the music that is provided by Julian Smith, Global Saxophonist from “Britain’s Got Talent”, Hercules, The Tenor Spinto Singer From ‘The Voice’, Cici Howells, Singer and Lauder and Neil Tildesley, a Motown and 60’s tribute band. Who wouldn’t want to be in on this party?

ignite live event

Build Confidence

Have you ever wanted to start something new? Have you ever wanted to start your own business or do something you never had the confidence to do? Sometimes we want to do something new but we don’t have the confidence to do it.

Come to Ignite and listen to the people that will help you to build your confidence and you can see that the things you are aiming for are in easy reach achieving. When you build your confidence, you can improve your happiness, feel better self-worth and you can conquer the world and change your life.

To Change Your Life

Do you want to be stuck in the same lane of life, plodding along like you do or would you like to go steaming off into the sunset to achieve your dreams and aspirations? Things don’t come to those who sit back and do nothing – you need to get out there and look for it. Going to Ignite will change your life and help you to pursue your dreams.

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