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3 Creative Ways To Use Your Spare Bedroom

3 Creative Ways To Use Your Spare Bedroom

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Sometimes we end up living in a place that has too many rooms. Whether it was because you needed the extra space at the time, or because the price was great, or because it ticked all the other boxes even if there was that one room you didn’t know what to do with, having a spare bedroom can be a blessing in disguise. This is because that ‘bedroom’ doesn’t have to be a bedroom at all. Just because that’s how it was described by the agent or because it’s upstairs or because the previous owners or tenants had a bed in there, there are no rules to say that you have to use it in the same way.

Once you break away from the idea that a bedroom must always be a bedroom, you’ll realize there are dozens of creative ways to use that spare room to your advantage. Read on to find out what some of them are.

A Library

Are you a book lover who’s running out of space to house your books? Maybe your spare bedroom could be the answer. You don’t have to have a stately home or a big castle in the country to have a library; all you need is a spare bedroom and plenty of bookshelves. Line the walls with wooden shelves and start collecting all the books you want, as it will take you a long time to fill a whole room with them.

If you want more than a library and you want to turn the place into a reading room, just make sure you leave space for a comfortable couch or a recliner chair, and you could spend many happy hours in your own personal library.

A Bar

Just as there’s no rule that bedrooms have to be upstairs, there’s no rule that bars have to be downstairs, and if you want to create a comfortable, welcoming, fun place for you and your friends to spend time together, away from the rest of the house, your spare bedroom could easily be made into a bar. Install some built in wardrobes and you can give yourself even more space to tidy things away depending on how much room you need on any particular occasion.

A bar in a prominent position, some bar stools, a fridge to keep the drinks cool, and some optics hanging up on the wall, and you’ve got quite an impressive spot for a party, and no one will expect to see it there either, making your home unique.

A Gym

If you like the idea of working out but you hate the idea of going to a gym because of the extra time it takes or because you don’t want to work out with other people around you, your spare bedroom could turn into a gym where you can work out whenever you want to, and where no one will see you do it – unless you want them to, of course.

You’ll need to invest in some equipment, of course, but once you have you won’t have to spend out anything more, and you can stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home. For many, this is a dream come true. 

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Choosing The Right Bedroom Lighting

Choosing The Right Bedroom Lighting

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Your bedroom has to be a cosy, comfortable space to relax and enjoy. You sleep here, you rest here and it’s the place where you wind down after a long day at work. A bedroom should be soft, soothing and muted in its decor, and the lighting should be just as soft as the decor you choose.

The first decision that you have to make for a bedroom is the lighting that you choose. Some people choose to bring in an electrician to rewire the house and introduce new lighting to the room, but the first question you must ask yourself is what type of light you need for the space. There are ceiling fixtures and accent lights, task lights and standing lamps and they all have a place in a bedroom. The light that you choose needs to balance the natural light that flows through from the windows and an interior designer is the best person who can help you to get that balance right. So, with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you to choose the right bedroom lighting.

  • Ceiling Lights. When you have a ceiling fitting installed, you should consider a modern pendant or spotlight, or a classical chandelier if you want to have a home that looks more luxurious. The lighting that you choose should have an LED bulb or two to really illuminate the room and save money at the same time. Consider the size of the lighting based on the size of the room and choose a ceiling light fitting that matches the rest of the room, too.
  • Reading Lights. Sitting in bed with a good book is one of the many pleasures in life, but without the right reading lights, you have no functions in your room. A wall sconce is the perfect addition to the bedroom if you want to read in bed, and you don’t have to have an old-fashioned one. You can choose modern sconces and enhance the look of the bedroom. Ask your electrician for best placement before you go ahead and install anything.
  • Accent Lighting. Your bedroom should have a relaxing air to it and lamps will help you to do it. Whether you have standing lamps or dresser lamps, you can soften the look of the room with a gentle glow in the corner or next to the bed. There are plenty of table lamps that will help you to enhance the decor and the look of the room, and these accents will add to the room, too.
  • Size Matters. When it comes to bedroom lighting, think about the size and shape of the lampshades and the bulbs. Too big, and you end up with ridiculous looking lights in your room, and too small, and you don’t get the lighting that you need. You need to illuminate the space and the best way to do that is to measure the space properly before you go for any installations. Choose wisely for the best look.
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4 Beautiful Bedroom Design Trends

4 Beautiful Bedroom Design Trends

4 top trends

Many people will agree that their bedroom is the most important room in the house. After all, this is where you get your eight hours sleep a night (…hopefully). Therefore, it needs to be a room that perfectly emits the feeling of relaxation. Moreover, the bedroom is the ideal place to let your personality shine through. There aren’t many rules in terms of design, especially when contrasted with the likes of the kitchen or the bathroom. If you are considering redecorating your bedroom, this post is just for you. There are lots of fantastic bedroom design trends that have come to the fore so far this year. Read on to discover some of the best…

Girly Oriental

First and foremost, let’s begin with ‘girly oriental’. This trend takes inspiration from traditional Japanese designs, yet you give your bedroom an undeniably girly edge with a pink colour palette. Look for some signature oriental pieces, such as a bamboo chair or something with an Origami-inspired pattern. Yet, keep the room minimalistic and ensure you stick to shades of white, red, and of course pink.

Neutrals and Greys

4 Beautiful Bedroom Design Trends

If you ask someone to describe the word ‘grey’, a lot of people will often deem it to be boring. However, this trend is far from dull. Emulating this trend is simple – stick to neutral colours and various shades of grey. Yet, the effect is astounding. Firstly, you create a place that looks contemporary yet is extremely relaxing. Moreover, by keeping the colours simple you allow various shapes, patterns and textures to come to the fore. Your ceilings and flooring are especially important with this trend. Check out the flooring at Carpet One for some inspiration. These are attributes that tend to be lost when loud and dominating colours are present in the bedroom.

Moroccan Inspiration

You can create a stunning and serene bedroom by taking inspiration from Moroccan culture and traditional designs. The great thing about a Moroccan inspired bedroom is the fact that you can create the perfect balance, i.e. a room that looks glamorous yet is also extremely comfortable. So, how do you create a Moroccan vibe? Begin by painting your walls in a crisp white shade. Once you have done this, you can then bring colour into the room via your choice of fabrics. A mix of bright cobalt blue with dark navy works extremely well. Geometric patterns are bang on trend at the moment and they work brilliantly with this theme, as do pom-pom trims.


Last but not least, the final bedroom trend you should consider is tartan. Of course, tartan is a pattern that is not for everybody. However, it is definitely making a massive comeback and has already dominated the runways as of late. Now we see it make the move into interior design. Nonetheless, don’t feel as if you have to stick to the traditional red shade. One of the best ways to use this pattern is to create an industrial vibe. If you take a look online you will see a lot of teal and lime green tartan patterns – a popular adaption of the traditional design. This is an option you may wish to consider.

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