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Returning Back To Work

Back To Work

I’m feeling rather excited as normality will be commencing from next week. I was in a car accident back in June leaving me in rather a bad way, I had suffered nerve damage and had a loss of feeling down the left side of my body. I was in a wheelchair for months, I was having intense Physio every week for months and I was needing carer’s to come in and help me, I was also under a specialist being kept a close eye on.

Trying My Best

With all of this going on I done my best to not let it get on top of me or get me down, I won’t lie there was the odd days where it did get to me and I did find it extremely hard not being able to do day-to-day things that I was once doing before my accident, but I soon found the fight in me and I turned that emotion into determination and I done all the exercises set for me to do by my Physio and I done it for my kids and husband.

I am feeling so excited and extremely lucky to be getting back to how life was before my accident, It has been a very long road of recovery for me and a mix of emotions all round for us all but we have been building my strength back up for me to be able to walk again un-aided and it has taken a lot for me to get back behind the wheel of a car again but I have done it, I am here I want my life back to how it was before, I want to be able to get in the car and go to work and help provide again for my family.

Back To Work I Go

So from next week our life should start getting back to normal and words can’t describe how excited I am, I am feeling so lucky to go through what I have been through and to walk away with what is looking like an injured shoulder and nothing more serious, all I will be needing worst ways is Physio on my shoulder, but that isn’t going to effect my life, I am just feeling thankful that’s all I have walked away with and it’s nothing more serious.

My return to work will be built upon gradually, I will be returning back to work on a part-time basis to start off with and building back up from there over time as Ian don’t want me taking on too much to soon so we had a meeting with my manager who agreed so that is what will be happening.

So Lucky

I have been so lucky to have the support that I have had from my amazing friends and family, I couldn’t have got through it all without them there keeping me going and help keep my spirits up, especially Ian and my kid’s. What I am looking forward to the most is taking the pressure of Ian, he has been absolutely fantastic, he has been my rock through it all, the up’s and the down’s. Last year was a rollercoaster year for us so we have our fingers crossed that this year has something much nicer in store for us.

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Confidence building

Confidence building

Confidence buildingI don’t know if you are aware but I was in a horrible car accident back in June this year, I was in hospital for ten days following my accident, I had suffered nerve damage and lost the use of my left arm and leg for a while, I was in a wheelchair for 3 months, I have had intense physio every week since the accident and with a lot of determination and support from my family I am now getting ready to go back to work.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about going back to work, I am not one for sitting around at home and I absolutely love my job as a support worker. I have one HUGE hurdle left to confront before I am free to return to work and that is to get back behind the wheel of the my car, I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of even just sitting in the driver’s seat again. My car accident happened on the motorway, my back tyre had a blowout causing my car to spin across two lanes of the motorway and then send me skidding facing the wrong way up the motorway and all I remember seeing was a lorry coming towards me, I ended up crashing into the barrier and needed to be cut free from the car by the firemen.


Since my accident back in June I have worked so hard along with my physio therapist Ann to get me back up and walking un-aided again (this has only just happened this week) that I have not even had time to think about my feelings of driving again as I have been concentrating on not getting my self down about my current situation, I was suffering nightmares at the time and flashbacks, my health was my main priority at the time.

I was at the hospital yesterday chatting with my neurologist along with Ian about me returning to work and she asked me how would I feel about driving home from the hospital and at that moment in time it hit me, everything came flooding back about the accident, I couldn’t breath, I started sweating and I just broke down, it hit me, the accident has made me absolutely petrified of getting back behind the wheel.

I am determined to not let the accident beat me, I am going to try so hard to get back behind that wheel but it is going to take a lot of determination, I am aware that it is going to bring back all the horrid memories of my accident but if I don’t face this fear then I will not be able to return to the job I love and it will put strain on us as a family. I am now confidence building and will hopefully be back behind the wheel very soon.

Have you had any horrid fears that you have had to face? do you have any hints or tips that will help me?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in ay way to write this post.
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My Hospital Stay

My Hospital Stay

My Hospital Stay

I have recently come out of hospital following my car accident, the post of my accident can be found here.

I did not plan on being kept in when I arrived at hospital let alone being kept in for so long. My hospital was awful, I missed Ian and the boy’s so much. I had my car accident on the Thursday I was taken straight to hospital from there, I was sent home being told I had whiplash of the lower back and my neck following a x-ray of my hip, I was back home in a matter of 3 hours following my accident.

Here is what happened next

When home I was still having the same trouble with walking, I could not grip with my left hand or move my left arm or my leg, I was having trouble with sleeping, I was having flashbacks of the accident every time I closed my eyes, Ian said come Monday morning he was going to ring my GP to see if he can get me some help with sleeping.

My GP Wasn’t Happy

Monday morning came and he had managed to get us an appointment for 10am so off we went to attend our appointment. My GP asked what tests had been carried out so far at the hospital, he was not happy that I was taken off the spinal board at the hospital without having scans/X-ray’s of my spine.

He wrote a letter instantly and sent me straight off to hospital wanting spine tests done ASAP, I was so sore tired and weak by that point so off we went with the GP letter and headed off for these tests, the GP phoned ahead to say we was being sent in.

Things Took An Unexpected Turn

My hospital stay
I was like this for eight hours, I hate being restricted but I knew it was for my own good.

We was just expecting to be there for that day so arranged childcare with family for when the kids came out of school, we went to the A+E department to say we had arrived waited our turn to be called in. When we did go in I was checked over and was instantly strapped back down to protect my spine. This is a big fear of mine so I got tearful again as I hate being restricted. I was taken into the EAU where I had x-ray’s of my spine, neck and shoulder, these all come back to say there was nothing broken but they was still not happy and was admitting me for further tests.

I Was Admitted To Hospital

I told Ian as I was being admitted he may as well go home and get some sleep as by this point it was rather late in the evening, we was both very tired, Ian didn’t want to leave me as the staff did offer him a bed for the night but we had Buddy at home who needed feeding and letting out so he had to get back for him.


I was told I was not allowed to get out of bed and I was like this for 3 days of my stay in hospital, I was on morphine every 2 hours because of the pain, and I was having loads of other tests done while I was there.

By the time I had all the tests done that was needed I had been in hospital for an unexpected 11 days in total, I found it very hard being away from Ian and my boys, coming up to the end of my stay I was getting very teary as I just wanted to be at home.

I Did Not See My Children

I did not see my boys while I was bed bound as I did not see it was fair for them to see me like that, they came up once I had been told I can move again, not seeing my kids was the worst part.

I started swelling up whilst in there, my arm, leg and foot on my left side got really swollen and I had to have my wedding ring cut off, that made me feel awful but I knew it had to come off as it was dangerous.

While in hospital I saw a physiotherapist who worked with me while I was in hospital, I then saw an occupational therapist who went through my safety at home, we talked about walking, getting in and out of bed, washing/dressing, food/drink, stairs and so on.

Results Time

I have been told I have spine trauma and nerve damage, I have been told that it is not going to be a quick recovery, I am under the spine specialist attending their clinic being kept a close eye on and I am also still receiving physio and attending their clinic.

I am now back home and I now have equipment in place to help me have as much independence as possible and I also have carers come in to me throughout the day to help me.

I Am Finding Things Very Hard

I am finding all this very hard to adjust to as before this happened I was a very independent person, I was a full-time working mum who was on her way home from work when this happened, I am extremely happy that I was on my own in the car when it happened and that no one else was injured except me, but what I am mostly happy for is that I am still here today.

I am now adjusting to everything and trying to stay as positive and as independent as possible, I have good days and I have bad days, I get bored very easily so I am just finding things to keep me occupied.
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I Am Feeling Very Lucky

I Am Feeling Very Lucky

I Am One Lucky Lady

I set off to attend a training day at work, I had to head off to Hemel Hempstead, my journey there was fine I didn’t get stuck in any traffic, my journey home was completely different.

I was going along the M25 motorway heading home after my course and my car suddenly started to feel funny I knew something was wrong so I was going to pull onto the hard shoulder just after I had cleared the junction that had just started to filter off, I did not make it my car spun spinning across two lanes of the motorway and all I saw was a lorry coming towards me, I am feeling very lucky.

How I Done It I Don’t Know

How I done it I don’t know but I avoided all other cars but then crashed into the barrier, I was extremely shaken, I could not get my breath, there was two lovely people who stopped to help me, the lovely lady that got in my car she helped me by calling and alerted my husband of what had just happened as she witnessed it all, the man who stopped to help was a fireman from Essex fire station who was off duty but was kind enough to stop and help, he alerted the emergency services, they both done a fantastic job in all their help, I would love a way to find them and personally thank them for all they did.

Emergency Services Arrived

Before I knew it there was police, firemen, and paramedics, the paramedics was in the car, the firemen was running around everywhere making everything safe, the police was slowing the traffic down on the motorway, all I could hear was this man’s voice behind me telling me everything that was going on and talking to me to keep me talking and calm whilst holding my head still to prevent any further injury to myself.

So Much Pain

The man who was behind me told me there was 12 firemen, four police, and 3 paramedics all on hand to help, I had pain all down my left side and lower back pain along with neck pain, before I knew it the fire crew was cutting the roof off my car, they put a shield in front of me to stop anything hitting me and they also put a film around my windscreen to catch any falling glass.

Health Checks Was Being Done

The paramedics put a neck support collar on me and was checking my blood pressure and pulse, I then had a spine board behind me, they laid my car seat back and I was then lifted out the back of the car onto the ambulance bed and strapped in ready to be taken to Watford hospital.
I was in so much pain and taken straight through I was seen to straight away, before I knew it my husband was with me and the Dr’s and nurses, they all rolled me to do a check of my spine and neck before removing the collar and spine board, I had my reflexes checked and blood sugar they also done a X-ray and they had to keep an eye on my blood pressure as it was very high, I think after all this is was to be expected.

Home and now In Recovery

I am now home and on medication, I do not have full feeling in my left arm and leg, I have crutches to help me but I am very unsteady on them due to limited use of my left arm but I am pleased to be home around my own home comforts.
The doctor said I have whiplash of the neck and lower back and I have torn muscles, I am currently awaiting physio treatment.

A Massive Thank You

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all that helped me in my horrible accident, you all done a fantastic job and I can’t thank you enough.
I am feeling very lucky

 That sadly wasn’t the end of it. Read here at what happened next.