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Trouble free road trip

Trouble free road trip

7 Ways to Keep Your Road Trips Trouble Free

Road trips can start of with a great sense of excitement, but a few simple checks before you set out can mean that they don’t turn to disaster. Breaking down or having to sort out a car fault are major hassles whenever they come up, but seem that much worse on a road trip, far from home. Before you set out, remember to take the following seven simple measures to keep you on the road without any trouble.

1. Inspect your lights before taking to the road.

This means all of your car’s light including the fog light and reversing light. Never forget to also check the courtesy light in the boot, either. Always keep a spare bulb or two in the boot in case one does happen to blow.

2. Replace any part worn tyres close to the end of their lives.

According to Point-S, a visual inspection should include the full rim of the tyre, not just the section that it is easiest to see at the outer edge of the wheel.

3. Keep Your Valuables Safe.

When travelling in a car, it can be easy to forget that your belongings are on view when you come to a halt. AA advise that valuables are covered or stored in the boot so that they are simply not on view.

4. Top up with screen wash.

The last thing that you want to do is have to stop on a motorway journey just to add screen wash. Make sure there is an adequate supply in case you drive into a greasy stretch of road.

5. Take enough entertainment to keep young children happy for extended periods.

Sometimes, road journeys are not so much fun for little ones as they are for adults. Books, games and even a portable DVD player can be a real life saver if the children get bored in the back and need to be entertained. Remember that children do need comfort breaks more often than grown ups, but you can probably drive further between them if the kids don’t become too fed up.

6. Plan your journey.

As per the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, safe road trips mean planned road trips. This not just about picking out the best route, in advance, from a map – although this is an important factor. It includes planning the best time to make the next stage of the road trip. This might mean that you are able to avoid rush hours or peak road usage, but it could also be so that you drive when you are freshest and most rested.

7. Take out breakdown cover.

In the event of a full mechanical breakdown, cover that will help you get to your destination is invaluable. However, road side assistance can be even more useful if you have minor problems, too. Overall, it is the peace of mind you get by obtaining cover that makes your road trip that much more pleasant to undertake.

I hope these trouble free road trip tips help.

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Confidence building

Confidence building

Confidence buildingI don’t know if you are aware but I was in a horrible car accident back in June this year, I was in hospital for ten days following my accident, I had suffered nerve damage and lost the use of my left arm and leg for a while, I was in a wheelchair for 3 months, I have had intense physio every week since the accident and with a lot of determination and support from my family I am now getting ready to go back to work.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about going back to work, I am not one for sitting around at home and I absolutely love my job as a support worker. I have one HUGE hurdle left to confront before I am free to return to work and that is to get back behind the wheel of the my car, I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of even just sitting in the driver’s seat again. My car accident happened on the motorway, my back tyre had a blowout causing my car to spin across two lanes of the motorway and then send me skidding facing the wrong way up the motorway and all I remember seeing was a lorry coming towards me, I ended up crashing into the barrier and needed to be cut free from the car by the firemen.


Since my accident back in June I have worked so hard along with my physio therapist Ann to get me back up and walking un-aided again (this has only just happened this week) that I have not even had time to think about my feelings of driving again as I have been concentrating on not getting my self down about my current situation, I was suffering nightmares at the time and flashbacks, my health was my main priority at the time.

I was at the hospital yesterday chatting with my neurologist along with Ian about me returning to work and she asked me how would I feel about driving home from the hospital and at that moment in time it hit me, everything came flooding back about the accident, I couldn’t breath, I started sweating and I just broke down, it hit me, the accident has made me absolutely petrified of getting back behind the wheel.

I am determined to not let the accident beat me, I am going to try so hard to get back behind that wheel but it is going to take a lot of determination, I am aware that it is going to bring back all the horrid memories of my accident but if I don’t face this fear then I will not be able to return to the job I love and it will put strain on us as a family. I am now confidence building and will hopefully be back behind the wheel very soon.

Have you had any horrid fears that you have had to face? do you have any hints or tips that will help me?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in ay way to write this post.
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I Am Feeling Very Lucky

I Am Feeling Very Lucky

I Am One Lucky Lady

I set off to attend a training day at work, I had to head off to Hemel Hempstead, my journey there was fine I didn’t get stuck in any traffic, my journey home was completely different.

I was going along the M25 motorway heading home after my course and my car suddenly started to feel funny I knew something was wrong so I was going to pull onto the hard shoulder just after I had cleared the junction that had just started to filter off, I did not make it my car spun spinning across two lanes of the motorway and all I saw was a lorry coming towards me, I am feeling very lucky.

How I Done It I Don’t Know

How I done it I don’t know but I avoided all other cars but then crashed into the barrier, I was extremely shaken, I could not get my breath, there was two lovely people who stopped to help me, the lovely lady that got in my car she helped me by calling and alerted my husband of what had just happened as she witnessed it all, the man who stopped to help was a fireman from Essex fire station who was off duty but was kind enough to stop and help, he alerted the emergency services, they both done a fantastic job in all their help, I would love a way to find them and personally thank them for all they did.

Emergency Services Arrived

Before I knew it there was police, firemen, and paramedics, the paramedics was in the car, the firemen was running around everywhere making everything safe, the police was slowing the traffic down on the motorway, all I could hear was this man’s voice behind me telling me everything that was going on and talking to me to keep me talking and calm whilst holding my head still to prevent any further injury to myself.

So Much Pain

The man who was behind me told me there was 12 firemen, four police, and 3 paramedics all on hand to help, I had pain all down my left side and lower back pain along with neck pain, before I knew it the fire crew was cutting the roof off my car, they put a shield in front of me to stop anything hitting me and they also put a film around my windscreen to catch any falling glass.

Health Checks Was Being Done

The paramedics put a neck support collar on me and was checking my blood pressure and pulse, I then had a spine board behind me, they laid my car seat back and I was then lifted out the back of the car onto the ambulance bed and strapped in ready to be taken to Watford hospital.
I was in so much pain and taken straight through I was seen to straight away, before I knew it my husband was with me and the Dr’s and nurses, they all rolled me to do a check of my spine and neck before removing the collar and spine board, I had my reflexes checked and blood sugar they also done a X-ray and they had to keep an eye on my blood pressure as it was very high, I think after all this is was to be expected.

Home and now In Recovery

I am now home and on medication, I do not have full feeling in my left arm and leg, I have crutches to help me but I am very unsteady on them due to limited use of my left arm but I am pleased to be home around my own home comforts.
The doctor said I have whiplash of the neck and lower back and I have torn muscles, I am currently awaiting physio treatment.

A Massive Thank You

I would like to say a BIG thank you to all that helped me in my horrible accident, you all done a fantastic job and I can’t thank you enough.
I am feeling very lucky

 That sadly wasn’t the end of it. Read here at what happened next.