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Settling into 2015

Settling into 2015


Settling into 2015
Settling into 2015


This year for us so far has been great, we have been settling into 2015 really well, we normally start the years off to a bad start but touch wood it has not been too bad yet. The year started out with Danny continuing to have driving lesson, he has taken to driving really well and is keen to get his own car and get on the road, I think he will have a little shock when it comes to insurance costs.

I have returned back to work…..YAY finally! I have been really keen to get back to work following my car accident back in June last year where I was left with a loss of feeling down the left side of my body, I was in a wheelchair for three months and having intense physio for months after. I am now back on my feet and back at work doing a job I absolutely love, I am a carer support worker.

Bradley has been extremely excited this month as his website is now live and he is now all set to start his modelling career.

Lee is busy preparing for his GCSE’s and has been busy playing for his football team. He is really enjoying being in a football team as he is a BIG fan of sports, mainly football. He is doing PE GCSE as he wants to be a sports coach and possibly have his own football team when he is older.

Ian is currently away on a work’s training course and will not be back until the end of the week, we are missing him like mad, he has been away with work before but never for this long, still he will be home soon.

With January now gone we are now into February and settling into 2015 nicely so far, I wonder what this month has in store for us, fingers crossed it is going to be a good month.

So with us settling into 2015 nicely how has the year been for you so far?
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Starting Out The New Year With Child Modeling

Starting out the new year with child modeling

Starting The New Year With Modeling

It has been a while since I have written on our family blog so I thought I would share my new years resolutions with you…I can make more than one can’t I? My main being starting out the new year with child modeling.

First Up

I want to be more organised as mum and dad keep having to remind me of things…Well I can’t help being forgetful can I….Sorry!


I think I better start getting my homework in on time and minimise the amount of reminders/detentions I am getting….Well I am a busy boy and it get’s forgot about. Don’t worry this may will improve.


Now I have my modeling portfolio and website ready so I want to get noticed and give it my best as I love modelling, fashion, acting etc….So here goes.

If I Can Pick A Fourth I Would

Pick my options at school wisely as this year is a very important year for me as I choose my options at school. I am thinking about doing drama as I love acting, I am not shy and this is what I love. Mum and dad say to pick what I enjoy doing. I keep getting told to think hard about what I enjoy doing as it is important to get my options at school right.

I have also been told not to pick something just because that is what my friends are doing as what they have chosen may not be right for me. Also I am into keeping fit, I enjoy my tai tsung kung fu and will be going for my black belt in March, so I am thinking of something that will go with that.

I have a while to decide my options yet, I may sit down with mum dad and a teacher to discuss what I am thinking and get some help and advice.

Here Are Some Of My Favourite Photo’s From My Modeling Shoot.

starting out the new year with child modeling

starting out the new year with child modeling

starting out the new year with child modeling

I am so excited to see what changes this year brings me and my child modeling.