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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Play Area for Your Kids at Home

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Play Area for Your Kids at Home

Kids love to play wherever they find themselves, whether at home or anywhere else. As a parent, you don’t want to deprive your kids of their playtime, but at the same time, you want to make sure they have a designated area and time for them to have fun, so you can easily monitor them. Research shows that children are playing outside for an average of four hours a week. Planning the creation of a play area can involve both an outdoor and indoor area to give the kids a full experience. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

Utilize what you already have

You may already have the basics needed for a play area. For example, you can allow them to use one of your large walls in a less busy area of your home; all they need is some paper, crayons, etc., and their imagination can run wilds. These walls can be used for bulletin boards or have easels lined up in front of them for the kids’ art projects. You can also try painting the wall with chalkboard paint, if you don’t mind, so your children can be creative.

Remodel unused space into a playroom

Empty rooms or rooms that are not being used to their full potential can be remade. Remaking rooms like basements, storage rooms, dens, or offices is a good choice, as you can transform these areas into a multipurpose space holding both a play area and somewhere you and the family can lounge.

Why not combine brightly colored walls and cute furniture for your kids with adult-sized furniture, a television, and a video game area? This would mean that you can also use the room while the children play to enable you to keep an eye on them and ensure everything is in place.

Give your kids a feel of nature using your backyard

Giving your children a feel of nature is why having a play area in the backyard is a good choice. Having a backyard is a plus because you can use it in multiple ways. You can be creative and incorporate fun with education by making stepping stones with numbers and alphabets on them.

You can create a mini garden for the children, so they learn how to plant and cater for crops. This helps inculcate a sense of responsibility in them at a tender age. Just in case you do not have a green backyard but still want your children to have a sense of being out in nature, you can use artificial turf.

Use your yard for their amusement

Your home not having a green backyard doesn’t mean this should leave you out of the fun! You can turn your yard into a mini amusement park for the children. You can accomplish this by recycling materials like old tires or items from your garage or storage area. For example, you can use the tires to make hurdles filled with soft materials so kids can have fun without any injuries.

 Playtime has excellent benefits for your child’s growth and development in so many ways. Letting your kids enjoy playtime while learning new things helps their brains and bodies to thrive. This also allows them to establish social bonds, so you might want to let them have a playdate in your perfectly created play area.

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It’s The Little Things You Do

It's The Little Things You Do

It’s The Little Things You Do That Show Your Kids You Love Them

It’s the little things we do that show our kids we love them. There’s no need to prove our love with extravagant gifts – no matter how much our kids complain we don’t love them enough because we haven’t bought them the latest this and that! There’s no need to go overboard at the school gates with hugs and kisses, as this will only embarrass our poor children anyway. There are other, more subtle ways to show our kids that we love, care, and cherish them, and we have some examples of this right here.

Tell them

We show our kids we love them by telling them we love them. It’s not soppy to tell our children we love them, and while they probably don’t need to be reassured of this fact verbally, it’s still nice to be told those three little words. When did you last say to your children, “I love you?” No matter how old they are, make the effort to tell them today. Sure, they might roll their eyes at you, but secretly, they will be over the moon that you told them. Say those words every day.

Making the effort

We show our kids we love them by giving them our undivided attention. This isn’t always easy within a large family where sibling rivalry rears its head. But as the parent, you need to make the effort to spend time with each, finding time to ask them about their day, and taking part in activities with them that are things they are interested in. Create a mental note in your head each day, telling yourself to find time with each of your children. And when they come to you for something, never be too busy not to make time for them. Put down your phone or the television remote, and be present for them.

Making time

We show our kids we love them by arranging time to take part in family activities. This could be anything from having a home cinema night at the weekend or a camping trip during the holidays. And when we plan any activities, we need to remember the word ‘family.’ Let your kids have a say in the planning, as not only will this alleviate the risk of them not enjoying something, but it will show them that you have taken their needs and wants into consideration. And again, you are taking time out of your schedule to spend time with them, and while our kids don’t always notice the fact, this is possibly more important than the activities you are embarking on together.

It's The Little Things You Do

Being proud

We show our kids we love them by recognising their achievements. We display certificates of awards in picture frames around our homes. We offer words of praise when they have done something well. We let other people know how wonderful our kids are. We celebrate the fact that our kids have skills and talents, and we let them know just how proud we are of them.

Being forgiving

We show our kids we love them by not bearing a grudge when they have done something wrong. While it would be great if they resembled little angels all of the time, the reality is our kids can be difficult. They can do things that upset us. And they can exhibit behaviour patterns that we most certainly haven’t taught them. While love is about letting them the know the difference between right and wrong, and showing appropriate discipline so they recognise boundaries, love is also about forgiveness and offering a path for redemption. So, don’t penalise your kids for too long. Don’t bring up their misdeeds in conversation long after things have blown over. Practice forgiveness and unconditional love, because they aren’t perfect, but then again, neither are you! One day you might need their forgiveness, so be a decent role model.

Not criticizing

We show our children we love them by not putting them down. We don’t criticise them for failing at something they have tried to do. We are only human, and none of us are perfect. We need to take a positive stance. When our children fall down, we help them up again. If they struggle to do something, we help them to be better. Though if they are never going to be good at a particular thing, we don’t push them too hard. Rather, we focus on the things they are good at and encourage them to play to their strengths. We lift them up rather than put them down; we offer words of encouragement and not words that will diminish who they are.

Accepting them

We show our children we love them by accepting them for who they are. They will make choices in life that don’t always correspond to our own ideals, but provided those choices aren’t criminal or damaging to them, we should offer acceptance. They don’t have to like the same things we do. They don’t have to follow the same sports teams we do. They don’t have to follow career paths that we think are good for them. Our kids have the capacity to make decisions of their own, and while we might want to ask questions and challenge them occasionally, we should also know when to shut up and let them steer their own paths. They are who they are, and that’s a good thing!

Being there

We show our children we love them by just showing up when they need us. When they need a shoulder to cry on, we are there for them. When they need someone to talk to, we offer that listening ear. When they are performing at school, we are there in the front row. When they appear miserable and low, we offer that arm of support. When other people threaten them, we stand up in defense of our children. We show up right when they need us because we love them, and this sometimes means having to sacrifice our own needs to care for their needs instead.

So today, show your children you love them. Do it in all of the ways we have described, or do it in ways that are personal to you. And then remember to take the opportunity to say…I LOVE YOU!!

They will become better people because of what you do and say today.

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