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Settling into 2015

Settling into 2015


Settling into 2015
Settling into 2015


This year for us so far has been great, we have been settling into 2015 really well, we normally start the years off to a bad start but touch wood it has not been too bad yet. The year started out with Danny continuing to have driving lesson, he has taken to driving really well and is keen to get his own car and get on the road, I think he will have a little shock when it comes to insurance costs.

I have returned back to work…..YAY finally! I have been really keen to get back to work following my car accident back in June last year where I was left with a loss of feeling down the left side of my body, I was in a wheelchair for three months and having intense physio for months after. I am now back on my feet and back at work doing a job I absolutely love, I am a carer support worker.

Bradley has been extremely excited this month as his website is now live and he is now all set to start his modelling career.

Lee is busy preparing for his GCSE’s and has been busy playing for his football team. He is really enjoying being in a football team as he is a BIG fan of sports, mainly football. He is doing PE GCSE as he wants to be a sports coach and possibly have his own football team when he is older.

Ian is currently away on a work’s training course and will not be back until the end of the week, we are missing him like mad, he has been away with work before but never for this long, still he will be home soon.

With January now gone we are now into February and settling into 2015 nicely so far, I wonder what this month has in store for us, fingers crossed it is going to be a good month.

So with us settling into 2015 nicely how has the year been for you so far?
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Junior Football Leaders Award

Junior Football Leaders Award

I Done It – I Passed

I am so proud to be sharing my news with you all, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I was going to be attending the FA junior leaders training during my summer holidays. I attended the course and I really enjoyed myself, I was very nervous to begin with but I did settle rather quickly, making friends and having lots of fun. I now have the FA junior football leaders award to be able to show you all.

We started off by introducing ourselves so we all knew who was who, we was then told what was going to be happening throughout the day so we all knew what was going to be happening. The fun training soon began and the whole process of the course was relaxed and very enjoyable, we spoke about team work, skills and we was put in groups of 5 to do role play of being a referee.
We done passing, goal scoring, played all sorts of different games taking in turns of being a referee, we also done lots of talking about different situations that occur during football.
I learnt that it is a hard job to be a referee as you have to control the game and keep a very close eye on all the players, I learnt of all different types of fails and the meaning behind the red and yellow cards that the players get given.

I really enjoyed my day and have learned some new skills from attending this course and now have some knowledge of how to lead and referee a game.

This certificate marks the beginning of my football career that I have dreamed off as a football coach. I am now excited to see what my future holds for me. I am also taking PE as  one of my GCSE’s and I am also looking for other training events to attend and help me build on my training to help me achieve my dream.



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Celebrating the football season

Celebrating the football season


As you may already know I am very passionate about my football and love celebrating the football season. I don’t miss a game if I can help it and I keep track on what is going on. I like to keep check on who is where on the table and you will often find me watching match of the day.

This weekend I have been sat watching the start of the football season, if you are not aware I am a born spurs supporter along with all my family. I live in Enfield so it is our home team, I love going to home games if we can. I have been on a spurs stadium tour and loved it, the experience was amazing, we have tickets to go along on a Wembley stadium tour and we are all extremely excited about this tour, it will be amazing.

What we have done to celebrate the start of the football season is bake a cake to eat whilst watching the football and to take my mind off my course my mum and dad have booked me on to start my dream in a football career, I am due to go on this course on Wednesday and the nerves are beginning to kick in now but at the same time I am  also excited. This is my dream career and it is about to start as this course will give me a good head start on what I need to know for the time being.

If you would like to read about the course I am going on you can read about it by clicking here to read my previous post.

The cake we have made looks awesome, I love it, mum and dad have always said to me if I am not watching football I am drawing it and if I am not drawing it I am talking about it but one thing they have never said is that if I am not doing any of the listed is that I will be eating it, guess what I can now, look I have baked  a football pitch, how cool is that.


I had great fun baking this cake, I will enjoy celebrating the start of the football season eating this cake, I also had great fun decorating the cake too.

            I am going to have a few friends round to help calm my nerves and celebrate with me
Who is your favourite football team?

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Becoming A Junior Football Leader

My Life Dream 

For my local football team I will be helping them raise money on the 9/8/2014 for extra kit and eqipment, we are raising money by helping to pack shopping at our local supermarket from 10 – 2 pm, hopefully we will raise enough needed.As you may have seen on previous posts I love football, being a footballer is my dream, I love anything to do with football, I have recently been chosen to play in our local team and this is great.

I am doing business studies at school to set up my own sports business so I can turn my hobby into a career, by doing this it will not be a job that I will not look forward to getting up for, everyday will be a good one and a very healthy one.

Next month my mum and dad have paid for me to attend a one day course that will give me all the skills I will need to lead football activities as a young person and begin my coaching career, I am going to be provided with the knowledge and skills to work with children aged 6+, the course will teach me how to teach, the ability to plan and deliver safe, fun and progressive football games / skills

A good start on my career

I am really looking forward to this, it will give me a good head start on my career, I will be able to meet new people, make new friends, get some great advice, some new skills and progress that bit more.

I am really looking forward to putting all my plans into practise next month, I now feel my plans are now being put into action, it is a scary but exciting feeling.

I am nervous but excited, wish me luck everyone.

Keep a look out if you would like to see how I get on.

becoming a juior football leader
My life is definitely a pitch
      Lee J
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Sporty Lee

sporty lee

Sporty Lee

Hello everyone my name is Lee, I am 14 years old. I am always busy doing my sports, I am a very sporty kid, I have a love for sports, my favourite of all is football.

I have been busy training to get into our local football team, I have recently just found out that I have made the team, we was all very excited about it.

I have been playing in local football matches for odd teams but I am overly excited that I can now say that I play in a team, it is nice to feel apart of a team as I am a great team player.

At school I am always joining in with the sports and attend a lot of out of school activities involving sports for the school, I am in the athletics team at school, I find this very enjoyable and I look forward to the challenges it brings me.

Happiest when playing football

sporty lee

I am always out playing football or some kind of sport with my mates at weekends and school holidays, I am at my happiest when I have a football to kick about.Another thing I enjoy doing is watching Tottenham hotspur play as I am a big spurs fan, I always watch their games on TV and when I am very lucky we go to the odd game and that is amazing, I love the atmosphere of a football game.

Another one of my favourite things to do is shop for sportsware, I have a love of football items, I am always hunting down my next pair of boots, kit or bag.

My dream is to play for spurs, I live local to their training ground and I go over and wait for autographs when they are training, I have collected a few now.

I am studying sport at school as I want to be a trainer when I leave school, I am also doing business studies as I would like to set up my own sports business of some kind and continue my hobby and turn it into a career that I no I will love.

Sporty Lee
A few fun sporty moments