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Our games room

Our games room

Our games room

We have had a very busy weekend as we have been busy discussing/planning our games room, mum and dad have said we can turn our conservatory into a games room, how cool is that. Our games room will be somewhere we can hang out with our mates if we want to.

Me and Lee have both been told that we can pick five items each that we would like to have in our games room.

Here is a list of our top ten chosen items.

The five things that I have asked for are.

1) Art equipment

2) Punch bag

3) Bean bag chairs

4) DVD player and up to date movies

5) Fun group games to play

Lee list of five things that he has asked for are.

6) Multi games table

7) Mini fridge

8) Sports TV

9) Some new computer games

10) Anything fun and cool

We would like our games room to look cool and be a fun place to hang out. We have found some pictures to help us visualise some of our favourite items and what we would like to have in the room.


games table


our games room


Our games room

What do you think?

It would be great to have these in our room then we can have some extra seating and have plenty of fun stuff to do. Our room will be fun, exciting and most of all it will be our games room that will be a fun cool place to be.

We are now extremely excited and can not wait to get our games room finished so we can start having lots of fun out there with our mates, we have told all our friends about our DIY project and they cant wait to see it when it is finished.

We hope to get started on creating our awesome games room as soon as possible.




A Cornish Mum
***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***
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A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home

We have recently been looking into our home layout and questioning ourselves as to whether it is a fun place for teens to “hang out” as the boy’s call it. When our kids was little they always had friends in to play but now they are getting older all that seems to have stopped. We are now going to do our best to make our home a teen friendly home, a welcoming home to the boys friends, also a fun place for the boys to want to hang out and be with their friends.

We are fully aware that the boy’s are probably not wanting to spend time with their friends at home and would much rather be out having fun but we would like to make our home a fun place for them to hang out if they wish.

We are also aware that the boy’s are not going to want us parents hanging around whilst they are with their mates, how un-cool will that be, well so I am told anyway!

So after having a good long think on doing this fairly we have a plan in place, we are going to turn our conservatory into a teens room, it already has a TV out there and a sofa, as well as a games console and stereo, so we are half way there anyway. The conservatory is due to be decorated very soon so we plan to get the teens involved in the decorating and refurnishing the room to create it into their own space.

with creating a teen friendly home we have told the boys that this would come with rules and responsibility that would work to make everybody happy.

Top three rules are:

Noise levels, respect our neighbours and keep noise levels at a respectable level.

Agree times friends are allowed in and must leave by.

Respect our home.

Once the rules had been agreed to the boys got busy planning their games room, they have been putting a list together on things they would  like to have out there. They have been thinking about all their interests and hobbies, Lee loves anything football related, he is a BIG spurs fan, he also loves playing a games consoles and sitting on his laptop. Bradley loves his art he will often be found with his art book that he uses for his drawings, he also loves reading, board games and both lee and brad have a love of music.

So we now need to create a room that will cater for all, both boys hobbies friends. We plan to put a rota together that is agreed by both boys to save any arguments.

The boys are very excited about creating this room and can’t wait to get started.

Do you have any ideas on what would be a fun item to add in the boy’s games room?




***Disclaimer: we have not been compensated in any way to write this post***


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