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Create your very own home from home

create your very own home from home

Create your very own home from home

Down at the bottom of the garden, amongst the birds and the bees, there lives a…..

How would you finish the verse to that song when thinking of your own garden? Would it be, a lot of debris? A few old rusty spades and rakes perhaps? Or maybe you’re already on top of your spring gardening and you can proudly finish that sentence with a newly varnished garden seat or the children’s new swing set.

Well what if you could finish that sentence with your very own garden log cabin? I know, it sounds rather grand doesn’t it and it is. Garden log cabins are the new summer-house and they are the ultimate way to create a home from home in your garden.

So if you’re looking to really rev up your garden this year your very own garden log cabin could be just the ticket.

Location, Location, Location

So first things first. Before stomping down to your local garden centre and picking the first one that takes your fancy, look around your garden and think about the best place you could put it. Take into consideration things such as the areas that get a good amount of sun throughout the day and where you will have the nicest view of the garden. Then take measurements in order to understand the dimensions your garden can accommodate.


The internet is a good place to start looking at the different varieties of garden log cabins. So spend some time looking through the different styles and sizes that would best fit in your allocated space. Then start to think about what you would want to do with the interior space. These cabins are surprisingly spacious so start to think about how you would want to decorate them and the overall style that would want to create.


So then comes the fun part. As your log cabin will be the perfect space for entertaining your friends you’re going to want to show it off with pride. Maybe you want to go for a theme, like a beach-side hut style with nautical stripes cushions, relaxing shells with a picnic table as your dining table. Or maybe you want to wow your friends with a contemporary, chic look by adorning the walls with large mirrors and kitting it out with large leather sofas and a mini bar.

Extend Outwards

You don’t have to stop with the interior either, you can even go one step further and create a patio area in front of the cabin where you can put additional chairs and tables to create extra space. Decorating the exterior of the cabin with lanterns or fairy lights will really bring your cabin to life in the evenings. Candles and other mood lighting will make your log cabin look cosy and romantic and the perfect place to enjoy the balmy summer evenings. Experiment with the details and choose colours that complement those already in your garden. Then step back and admire your handy work. Your enchanted ‘home from home’ nestled away in the bottom of your garden.

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Project garden makeover

Project garden makeover


I now have another week off work due to still having holiday to use up so I thought I would set myself a little challenge, my last holiday off work was used to decorate the hall, stairs, landing and lounge so this time round I thought I would have a project garden makeover.

I want to get the gardens free from weeds and looking a bit more lively. I love spending time in our gardens when I get time, I am the only one with green fingers in our house, Ian wouldn’t know a weed from a plant….Or so he says anyway.

I had our gardens looking rather nice early last summer, I then had my car accident back last June leaving me in a wheelchair and with nerve damage, since then they have been very neglected and they are now looking rather horrible.

I am now back on my feet after having intense physio and its all systems go for project garden makeover, I’m feeling rather excited to be able to have the time to get them looking alive and in some sort of order again. I am ready to tackle those horrid weeds in the garden.


My poor garden needs

Clearing from clutter that has accumulated over the past few months.

Bushes need trimming down.

A good jet wash.

Freeing from weeds.

The pots need re-potting.

The ornaments are also in need of a good clean.


Fence panels & decking needs painting/staining.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for me to get out there and get started. I have been wanting to get outside and tidy up for months now but been unable to do so.

I am looking forward to planting in some new plants once the gardens are ready to do so. I love nice colorful gardens I think they look beautiful and cheery. I am looking to create a nice peaceful, colorful garden with a nice water feature, somewhere we can sit quietly with a nice cold drink a nice magazine and just enjoy our nice colorful garden.

Now time to dig out my gardening gloves, pray for nice dry weather and get stuck in to this new project I have set myself.

***I have not been compensated in any way to write this post***

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