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Upcycled project – wooden crate

Upcycled project - wooden crate

Upcycled project – wooden crate

We was recently given a wooden crate and asked if we would like it for a vegetable garden. We are still in the process of having a garden makeover at the moment so on went the creative cap to come up with another use. I knew I would be able to make some use of it but the question was what.

Upcycled project - wooden crate

Our garden isn’t a big garden so we are planning on using all the space to its fullest potential. Yes I do grow my own fruit and vegetables and yes this will continue once the garden has had its makeover but the fruit and vegetable area has been put into our plans and the crate wouldn’t work sadly for this area.

But not to say it wouldn’t work elsewhere..

So how did we make the crate fit into our garden space

Our creative cap went on and we enjoyed a sunny day in the garden. We spent the day turning the old unwanted wooden crate into a more useable item such as a wall hung herb garden. We did hope to get two out of the crate but the crate wasn’t big enough sadly. We turned the crate into a two shelved wall hung garden. It is now proudly being hung in the garden as a herb garden. What is the point of us growing our veg to have with our meals without some nice herbs to compliment them.

How we made it

Once we knew what we was wanting to make we then had to decide on which way round we was wanting to make it, such as landscape or portrait. Landscape was chosen.

The wooden slats was removed from the back of the crate

Upcycled project - wooden crate

The crate was then cut in half from its widest point.

Upcycled project - wooden crate

We then cut the sides and the top to size. It was then nailed in position.

Upcycled project - wooden crate

The shelves were then cut to size and added. We also added some extra support to the middle.

Upcycled project - wooden crate

Once it was built and all extra support was added we then sanded it and applied an undercoat. It was then painted white.

Upcycled project - wooden crate


Goodbye wooden crate – Hello herb garden.

Upcycled project – wooden crate

The finishing touches was then added and we now have a wall hung herb garden. Just because you have a small garden it doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own. We are now making use of our wall space as well as the ground space. The herb garden is giving off a lovely fresh smell and it also looks stunning.

We have had some lovely comments from family, friends and neighbours.

Upcycled project – wooden crate

We love to upcycle, we also upcycled our old camping saucepans too. Click on the image if you would like to see what we made from them.

Upcycled saucepan

Do you think we made good use?


Preparing to grow our own

preparing to grow our own

Preparing to grow our own

Growing our own fruit and vegetables is something we have always wanted to do but have never really gotten round to it. In our house we all love our fruit and vegetables so I don’t know why we haven’t really.

We have recently moved house so we thought whilst the design of the garden is currently being discussed now would be the best time to section some of the garden off for a little allotment area to grow our fruit and vegetables.

We have always been a believer that home-grown is best, well let’s face it you can’t get any fresher or healthier. Home-grown is also a great money saver too so it ticks the right boxes for us.

Making good use of garden space

When we thought about how much money we spend on our fruit and vegetables – OK they are not expensive and are definitely cheap enough to buy but still it is still a continuous outlay that all adds up. We have the space to grow our own so it seems silly spending out when we can grow a saving and a healthier lifestyle. We are certainly looking forward to seeing a reduction in our never-ending food bill.

OK our garden isn’t massive but most things can be grown in pots anyway so what we can’t get in the ground can be grown in pots. We are a novice when it comes to home-grown so we are currently starting from scratch and learning as we go along. Admittedly we have been watching garden programs and chatting to professionals seeking much-needed help and advice. We are going to start out small and add to our allotment when our confidence increases.

Growing our own I will admit has been rather daunting but we are enjoying it and we are finding it rather rewarding. We all look forward to getting up in the morning and checking how much things have grown – it’s rather exciting!

So far we have:

  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Tomatoes
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Potatoes
  • Cherries
  • Peaches

We would also like to add:

  • Courgettes
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Carrots

At a later date and then build up from there. Our garden is a work in progress at the moment and we currently have things in pots but they will eventually/hopefully be in the ground very soon once the garden design is complete.

Have you ever grown your own fruit or veg? what advice could you give us to help?