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Preparation Home Gym

Preparation Home Gym

Preparation new me

At the start of 2019 I gave myself the kick up the backside well and truly needed to get myself on the right path for a new healthy lifestyle.

Since then I have not looked back. Infact I have actually been enjoying it. I sat down and a made a list of the the things I have tried in the past, things I have enjoyed and even the things I haven’t enjoyed.

Making a list really does help

Doing this list really helped me because it helped me find all my pet hates about exercising. Such as being in overcrowded exercise classes, getting embarrased about being too fat, or not being able to keep up with the class.

I also found out that having a gym membership added pressure on me to go to the gym. This then led to me not enjoying my time going if that makes sense. I felt pressured to go to get my moneys worth out of the membership rather than freely going because I wanted to.

Life can easily get in the way

It sometimes felt like life got in the way rather a lot to. I would arrange with friends to go to a class together, 20, 20, 20 class was one of my favourites. I would find that I couldn’t always go as being a working mum things happen at home or work as they do. Meaning I had to phone and cancle more than I actually went.

Preparation Home Gym

Gyms are not for everyone

Going to an actual gym isn’t for everybody. This could be due to time, cost or even due to feeling embarrased. For me it is mainly due to time. Finding an extra hour or so in an already busy day can prove difficult. I am currently in the process of setting up a home gym.

Home Gyms aren’t for everyone but for me I think having one would work better for me and my lifestyle.

Things to consider before setting up a home gym

Budget: It is always best to work out your finances first and see what budget you have to work with. Always shop about before purchasing as it can be easy to get carried away. Always read product reviews before purchasing so you know you are getting something good for your money.

Price check: Try and do a price check so you have a rough idea of prices so then you can plan ahead before purchasing products. Exercising equipment doesn’t come cheap but you will be wanting to get more for your money so take the time to shop around online.

Space: What space do you have for you home gym? will it be a room dedicated to set up as a gym full-time or is it going to be a shared space. This will be important to know before purchasing your equipment so you know whether to look for equipment that folds to be stored easy. Also check electricity supplies, will you need added sockets for power? extention leads can be a trip hazzard and can also be a fire risk if overloaded and not careful.

Making space: Before you start to purchase your home gym equipment always clear the space first to make sure it is clean and free from clutter to prevent any accidents when exercising. Matco are always happy to help if you need help with moving or storing anything.

Be 100% sure: If you are not 100% sure on the equipment you want or need you don’t have to purchase new, there is always the option of second hand. You can sometimes find a product that is in good as new condition for half the price. It will be a good way to find out if the equipment is right for you and the space you have without the cost of brand new.

Take your time: Take your time when building your home gym, there is no rush. Purchase one or two items at a time, get use to those items first and see if they work for you and with the space you have dedicated for your gym. If happy then build upon your home gym from there.

Motivation: Sometimes a little motivation is missed when exercising at home. There is always the option of inviting a friend or family member to join you or more if you have the space. You could even challenge each other. There is also the option of exercise dvd’s or YouTube motivation. Music can help too.

Home gyms can be just as fun and ecouraging as going to the gym whilst adding loads of flixibilty. The intial outlay may be expensive but if it helps to keep us fit and healthy I would say it is the perfect investment!

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May madness

May Madness

May Madness

May for us has been a little up in the air, it involves a hospital stay, exams, a casting, a viewing of a new home, a promotion and more. Here is our May madness!

May for us got off to a really early start, the month started off with a 5am train into London where I was due to have an operation, this was then followed by a hospital stay until I was strong enough to return home.

Lee had a busy few days, he had exams at school and this caused Lee a great deal of worry and stress. He feels like he done well so fingers crossed. We always say to the boys as long as they try their best that is all that counts.

I was feeling a little down following my operation so a girls night in was called for. We had wine, chinese, chocolate, music, and a little pamper, there was lots of laughter, just what was needed.

The sun was shining one Sunday afternoon so we enjoyed a lovely afternoon around a lovely park. We took a little drive out and found this amazing park, we plan to go back with our bikes and have a cycle round but need to invest in a bike rack for the car.


Ian received some fantastic news at work, he has been promoted to a deputy team leader.

Bradley joined the school rounders club which he has been thoroughly enjoying.

We have been busy converting our conservatory into a games room/gym, we are slowly adding to this to build a nice busy room. We love our conservatory this is where we spend most of our time.

Bradley got called in for a casting day in regards to his modelling, channel four was also there filming so we may also be on TV. I think I was more nervous than he was. I learned a big lesson from that day, that’s lesson was to never wear heels when Brad goes for casting as there is a lot of standing around……….OUCH!


Ian and the boys had a lovely day fishing whilst I was at work during the school half-term week, Bradley was very lucky and caught quite a few fish. The kid’s are having a few lessons before our holiday as we are soon going on a fishing holiday, staying in a lovely log cabin in a tranquil woodland holiday park.




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Brad caught a perch. #fishingfun #fishing #perch

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Ian is currently one of the two finalist at slimming world for man of the year, we find out at our next weigh-in who the winner is.

I have been venturing out further on my bike, I have been using my bike more lately to get to and from work, I completed a 7 mile ride the other evening after a day at work, I cycled to my last client……..I certainly slept well that night!


Danny went to view a flat, he liked it and has been busy packing and preparing to move. Luckily it is not too far away.

How was your month?


Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post.