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How To Prepare Your Home For The Festive Season

How To Prepare Your Home For The Festive Season

***Collaborative post***

Even with the pandemic still around, it seems more people in the UK are gearing up to celebrate Christmas in grand style this year. News reports indicate that already, there is a 60% increase in Christmas associated décor sales. Apart from the treats you are probably planning to buy or bake, there is more. If you have no plans yet on what to do with your home, here are some ideas you may want to look at.

Create space by decluttering

Sometimes, you never really know how much space you could create in your home until you declutter. Throughout the year, you may have been saddled with so many tasks and chores that thorough decluttering may not have seemed like a good idea. Thankfully, with the holiday season approaching, you have the perfect excuse to create that much-needed space in the home. First of all, you may want to start with your home’s high-traffic areas. These are places that seem to have the most overlooked clutter.

For example, kitchen countertops and the pantry tend to be some of the most cluttered spaces you can find in many homes. This may be likely due to the minor nature of residential properties in the UK. Regardless of the size, though, there are simple steps to take to tackle the clutter. Consider cleaning out your refrigerator and discarding expired foods. Since you are focused on this part of the house, you may want to look at some websites that redesign kitchens. Creative Design Kitchens is an example to take inspiration from.

Prepare for guests

This is particularly important if you plan on receiving guests in your home during the holiday season. Hopefully, if the government does not issue further COVID restrictions during the holidays, households may want to consider entertaining guests in their homes. It will help if you keep an eye on the budget reserved for this. The last thing you want to do is to overspend in preparation for guests, only to be cash-strapped in the new year.

If you cannot afford it, you do not need to get a new bedding set for the guest bedroom. Instead, your regular sheets with a holiday-themed throw pillow can make all the difference. Additionally, if you shop now before Christmas purchases peak, you might find affordable holiday blankets to complete the look.

Decorate your main spaces

There may be no point in decorating every single part of your home when people most likely wouldn’t see them. This is why it is rational to only focus on decorating your main spaces like the living room, kitchen, dining area, porch or balcony. A touch of Christmas décor placed at vantage points of the house can make all the difference. Don’t forget the lighted garland.

Stock the pantry

After decluttering and cleaning up the kitchen, now is the perfect time to stock your pantry. If you wait till Christmas to do it, the ingredients might be higher priced than now. As a tip, purchase non-perishable items in bulk. Meanwhile, perishable items you buy can be stored in the freezer to preserve them for longer. Another tip is to have your groceries delivered weekly if you don’t have enough storage space for bulk items.

Indeed, Christmas preparation is not necessarily cast in stone. Therefore, you can start prepping in any way that suits you best.

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Fun Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Fun Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

***Collaborative post***

Looking to make a few changes to your home this summer? Summer is the ideal time to refresh your home – and with the warm weather and longer days comes the perfect opportunity to spruce up your living space. 

Today we want to talk about some super simple ways that you can spruce up your home decor and put those much-needed finishing touches onto your home interiors this week. 

Buy items from a set theme 

When you want to make a positive change to your home and its style, the easiest thing you can do is buy some items from the same style collection. For example, head to Target this week and look at the homeware section and pick out items that follow the same theme, color scheme, and design. By bringing multiple items of the same theme into your home you will encompass the room and elevate your design to the next level. This is such an easy way to make your home look more put together and styled without spending too much time. 

Try metal art prints 

One way to elevate your home decor this month is by bringing some brand new art to the home. But instead of going for the classic frames or canvases – why not try Chromaluxe metal prints? Metal prints are a type of artwork that can be classy and fun, and they are hung on magnets meaning less mess for you when putting them up. You can find metal prints in all sorts of styles and you can even get your own photos printed on these too. 

Paint your own picture frames 

If you want to quickly spruce up your home decor and don’t have a lot of money to work with try repainting your photo frames. Do you have a lot of wooden and plastic frames around the house that look dull and boring? No more! Order some small sample pots of paint in bright colours, and use these to brighten up your photo frames and give them a whole new lease of life. This won’t cost much at all and it will instantly lift your wall art, mantelpiece, or bookcase.

Invest in 3D wall art 

One thing you can consider if you have a home that is large in size is a 3D piece of wall art such as a metal or wooden display. There are some stunning 3D pieces out there to choose from and you can create a fun and unique feature in your home in no time at all. It will be a good way to fill a blank wall space and bring some much-needed colour and texture to your home. 

Go bigger 

Go big or go home. Do you have a lot of small ornaments and features on your shelves right now? Get rid of them. Smaller items can clog up a space and make it look cluttered. Instead, choose 3-5 bigger ornaments or features and fill your shelves with these instead. It will not only look more clean and put together but it will be much easier to clean! 


Our Bucket List for 2016

our bucket list 2016

Our Bucket List For 2016

As we have now waved goodbye to 2015 and have already welcomed 2016, our plans for 2016 have already started to be made. We have some exciting times ahead and thought we’d make a bucket list and see how we do. Here is our bucket list for 2016.

Fingers crossed we manage to complete it.

  • Bedroom makeovers are desperately needed.
  • Plan lots of fun camping trips in the UK.
  • Hopefully buy our house…..fingers crossed, exciting times.
  • Start my Massage training now I finally have the all clear from my shoulder damage caused by my car accident. I hope to start my mobile  massage business asap now I’ve been given the all clear…..eeek exciting!
  • Grow our social media.
  • Attend blog conferences and meet other bloggers.
  • Enjoy a nice spa day and just relax for a day….bliss!
  • Celebrate Lee’s 16th birthday in Lee style.
  • Visit Barcelona football stadium. This is a wish Lee has had for a while now and we hope to make it happen this year for him.
  • Save really hard for a more relaxed Christmas. We will be making Christmas easier by following our money-saving plan the best we can.
  • To hit London on a massive shopping spree would be awesome.
  • To visit the beautiful Cornwall countryside.
  • Have lots of family fun day trips.
  • To have more family time together.
  • Learn how to relax more is a must this year.
  • Be more organised is something that must be put to the top of our list this year.
  • Reach our target at Slimming World would just be fantastic, our weight loss is currently at a standstill at the moment. We need a kick up the bottom I think.
  • Do a fun charity run is something we have wanted to do for a while now.
  • Have a friends only weekend away.
  • Have an up-to-date family photo shoot. It would be brilliant to update our family photo.
  • Stay positive – Endometriosis keeps knocking me down but I will not let it win!
  • Be prepared to help Lee through the transition stage of starting college.
  • Be more organised in the kitchen and meal plan better.
  • Watch Bradley perform on stage in the West End London.

our bucket list for 2016


We are rather keen to see how many of these we can complete this year. The challenge is now on!

Here’s to a new year.

New challenges.

New dreams.

New adventures.


A new journey.

Do you make a bucket list?