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How To Reformat Your Garden Space

How To Reformat Your Garden Space

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When we move into a new home, we tend to think of how its current structure and space can conform to our own needs. For instance, over time we may think that knocking through the wall between two bedrooms to create a large master bedroom is ideal, or perhaps dividing space for an en suite is ideal.

Yet it’s also worthwhile to thin about the changes we want to make regarding the exterior environment here, too. A garden, unless it has had many changes made to in it recent memory, can sometimes just “be how it is,” as it were, that is, gardens tend to seem very static provided you apply light maintenance to them over time.

But what if you wish to reformat the garden in line with your own needs and tastes? Perhaps the garden is a little steep, and you’d like to make it safer for your children to play in. Maybe you wish to develop your own structure for an exterior home office, or you’d like a little more privacy. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few tips you can use to achieve such an aim:

Treeline Care

It’s important that you make sure your treeline is appropriately cared for when appropriate. It might be that large trees are past their realistic lifespan, and mold and rot has come into play. The premium services of an excellent tree surgeon may be required in these instances, to prevent that issue from spreading out further. Furthermore, making sure new tree plats are properly supported using guidance structures and that branches are pruned where appropriate can keep the rest of your surroundings safe despite the presence of such a large tree.

Landscaping As Appropriate

Landscaping the space can be a good way to better shape the land, if only a little. It can help to make steep areas of the garden more traversable, but cutting out room for a small staircase and stable garden path. The same can be said for other areas of the land, such as flattening the space where a staging area is going to be applied. Setting the foundations like this can help the space work for you, rather than the other way around.

Dividing Space

It’s good to make sure the space is properly divided in your home environment – and this applies to your garden, too. Measuring the dimensions of your garden with a measuring wheel can be a great idea, because then you can draw up to-scale plans of the garden. This can help you assess just how big your vegetable patch might be, if you have room enough for a water feature, or if you could extend your front driveway width a little more to fit that second car, while still retaining enough green space for comfort. A nice balance can be found here, and planning this as a worthy approach will make all the difference.

With this advice, you’re certain to reformat your garden space in the best possible manner. The most important thing to remember, though, is to have fun!

Garden tips

How To Prepare Your Garden When Selling Your Home

How To Prepare Your Garden When Selling Your Home

***Collaborative post***

When you’re ready to put your property on the market to sell it, you will probably have carried out a range of different jobs inside it. From touching up the paintwork to installing a new bathroom, the list of jobs that will benefit you and help to sell your home faster and ideally for more money is sure to be a long one. 

Yet one more thing to add to that list, something that is so often forgotten when it comes to preparing your home for sale, is the back garden. If you don’t use it very much, can’t see it too well from the house, or just don’t consider it to be part of your home because it’s outside, you might not get it ready when you want to sell, and that can be a big mistake; just because you don’t use it or think it’s important, a potential buyer might. And if they see there is work to do in the yard, this could put them off making an offer, or they might want to pay less. 

With that in mind, here are some tips to get your garden looking just right so that it helps with your house sale and doesn’t hinder it. 

Use A Landscaper 

One of the best things you can do to make sure your garden looks at its very best before you put your home on the market is to engage a landscaping company to do the work for you. Knowing the different landscaping trends, understanding what kinds of plants will work in your particular back garden, being able to work quickly and effectively, and design something truly beautiful, this will all be beneficial when you are selling your home.

Although it will cost something to have professionals work on your garden, the difference it can make will certainly be worth the money. Plus, if your garden looks good it will show buyers you take care of the property and they will be less concerned with any jobs they’ll need to do when they move in. 

Install Lighting 

Lighting can make a big difference in your back garden, whether it is installed for aesthetic reasons or security. Placing some solar lights along a path is a simple task but one that will offer you a gorgeous looking result, and having motion-detecting lights close to the property will help to keep future buyers feeling safe. Even some fairy lights in a tree will boost your garden from ordinary to something special. 

Plus, if you’ve worked hard on your garden (or a landscaper has), you’ll want to see it for longer, or maybe even sit outside into the evening; your lights will allow this to happen, and they will show any potential buyers the kind of life they could be living if they were to buy your property. 

Sheds And Outbuildings 

If you have any sheds, outbuildings, greenhouses, or garages in your garden, make sure you spruce them up for the same too. Varnishing them or putting on a new coat of exterior paint could be a good option, as it will make the building look much newer and well cared for. The inside should be cleaned out where possible and repairs, if needed, must be made.