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We Conquered The Summit

we conquered the o2

We Conquered The Summit

We recently celebrated our crystal wedding anniversary, wow fifteen years married where did those years go. We spent our special day together with our boy’s celebrating in London. Ian had no idea but I had booked for us to climb over the o2, he knew nothing about this what so ever until arriving there, it was rather funny as when we arrived he thought we was there to see a show…We had great pleasure informing him that we was not going in but we was booked to climb over the o2. Guess what…..We conquered the summit!

Ian didn’t even know where we was heading on the day, I programmed the sat nav and the first he knew about the start of our day was when we arrived in the o2 car park. Once Ian was aware of my well-kept secret he was rather excited and keen to get climbing, our names was soon taken to say we had arrived at the arrivals desk,the forms was filled in and then before we knew it we was all in a room watching a safety video that we have to watch before being allowed to climb. Once we had watched the video we was then taken to the changing area to put on our suits, boots and harnesses, we was then checked to make sure we was safe to climb…..Eeeeek at this point I started to get a little worried and was being laughed at by Ian and the boy’s who was keen to get going, they found it highly amusing. I will admit I am not a lover of heights but was determined that I was going to overcome my fear, where better to do that than climbing over the o2.

we conquered the summit

The weather was hit and miss, as soon as we reached the top the heavens opened up on us and the wind was rather strong but we did not let this ruin our fun.

I wanted to spend our special day doing something different, I wanted it to be a special day spent as a family and have our boy’s be part of our special day. I searched for something that would be different, outdoors, fun and daring, I also wanted it to be something that would make a perfect gift for my thrill-seeking husband, Ian loves heights and loves things that are challenging so when I came across Up at The O2 I thought this would be perfect.

As you can see it was smiles all round…..And even in the rain.

we conquered the summit

Yes we would have loved the rain to have stayed away but it chose to open up and drench us instead……Thats good old british weather for us. But did it ruin our day, hell no!

We all felt completely safe through out the experience we was harnessed up when climbing, even I completed the climb even though I hate heights. We had a guide who supported us all through out the climb and was on hand for support if needed.

we conquered the summit

We learned some interesting facts about the o2 whilst we was there:

The dome is held up with 12 supporting columns, these 12 columns represent the 12 moths of the year.

The circumference of the dome is 365 metres which represent the days of the year.

The dome is 52 metres high which represents the weeks of the year.

Did you know that? we didn’t but do now.

There are a few rules in place before you are allowed to climb the o2 and they are:

You must be over 10 years old.

Not weigh more than 21 stone.

Not have an upper thigh measurement of more than 75cm

Not have a waist measurement of more than 125cm

Must be at least 1.2m tall

We would highly recommend that if you have a spare 90 minutes when you are in London that you experience climbing the o2 if you can brave the height. We enjoyed this as a family experience together to celebrate our special day but this would also make a great day out with mates or even work colleagues.

we conquered the summit

Do you know a thrill-seeker? this would make a perfect gift.

We took on the challenge to climb up at a 28 degree incline, and a decline of 30 degrees. The highest point is 52m and guess what…..We completed the challenge and had great fun doing so.

we conquered the summit

Do you think you would be able to complete the challenge?

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Places to visit with kids

Places to visit with kids


With half term not so far away now do you have any day’s out planned and exciting places to visit with kids.

I have been looking back over places we have visited and enjoyed, we would like to share them all with you. We are rather lucky to live within walking distance to a choice of three train stations and only twenty minutes from London, this is where we normally find ourselves heading during school holidays and find fun places to visit with kids.

Here is a list of some places we have visited recently and enjoyed.

Cutty Sark – We had a fun morning here back in October. Would you like to venture aboard and beneath one of the world’s most famous ships, if you do you will have a great time doing so.

Bloomsbury theatre – We enjoyed watching a family show here just before Christmas, there is so much going on here, from music to comedy, from dance to drama, plus much more. Located in the central London.

Theatre503 – Fancy going to a theatre with a difference, that is very surprising, then Theatre 503 would be the place. It is Located in Battersea park road.

Kitchen N1 – Somewhere we have enjoyed going on many occasions whilst on a nice family day out. If you are local to kings cross while out and fancy a treat kitchen N1 is located within walking distance from Kings cross station.

London Zoo – This makes an enjoyable day out for all ages, London zoo offer a fantastic selection of experiences and always have lots of fun going on.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! – If you enjoy something with a difference this is the place to go. There are over 700 peculiar and interactive exhibits, loads of fun and excitement to be had over 6 floors. Located in Piccadilly circus London. You have to see with your own eyes to see if you believe it or not!.

Go Ape – Feeling active and enjoy outdoor fun, this will be the place to head. You have a choice of tree top adventures, forest Segway or a zip-trekking adventure….Do you feel up to the challenge.

Gamar App – If you are planning a day trip out, take a look at this App.You can now turn iconic attractions into interactive adventure playgrounds, the day can be made even more fun for all the family.



There are so many places to visit with kids, do you have a favourite place that you have visited with your children?


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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

A Day Of All Things Mysterious

Ripley’s believe it or not! London showcases more than 700 astonishing artifacts being displayed over 6 floors in interactive galleries, these include fascinating, incredible, bizarre and very mysterious.

With our boy’s being teenagers they do love things out of the ordinary and as it was the six weeks holiday’s the boredom sets in rather fast for teenagers so Ripley’s was definitely a place I knew they would love to visit and really enjoy themselves as Ripley’s offer a fascinating mixture of entertainment, facts and figures.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! London

It was amazing to see how many bizarre things you can see under one roof, they all ranged from Amazonian shrunken heads, there was also a 8ft scale model of the famous titanic made of more than 147,000 match sticks, there was an upside down room, Lee is a big fan of Micheal Jackson’s music and loved the candy portrait of him, Ian loves Ferrari’s and loved the full size Ferrari they had on display made of 12 miles of yarn.

On our tour round we had great fun measuring ourselves next to the worlds tallest man, and weighing ourselves up next to the worlds heaviest man, the boys had great fun getting as many of us as possible on the scales until we matched the weight, we also had great fun trying to find our way out the marvellous mirror maze, this took us longer than we thought but it was great fun racing each other out.

We Was All Amazed

We was amazed to see what can be made out of things that we all have lying around in our homes, we saw all different kinds of art using toilet paper, keyboard letters, candy, cigarette ash, even lipstick, Bradley loves his art and really enjoyed seeing all of this before getting creative on the graffiti wall.

On our way round the boys enjoyed the black hole, this was a rotating vortex tunnel, this was rather a strange feeling as your senses get put to the test, the boys found this an amazing experience.

We finished our tour with the boys racing against the clock doing the lase race, they both got very competitive at this, they both tried to beat each other and see who can complete it the fastest, seeing who hit the minimum amount of beams and to see who was the fastest, points are awarded for speed, agility and success.

Here is our photo album of our experience of Ripley’s believe it or not! London

Ripley’s believe it or not! London can be found in the heart of Piccadilly circus and is open 7 days a week from 10am-midnight.


Disclaimer : We was offered free entry to Ripley’s believe it or not! London in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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