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Going On A Field Trip

Going on a field trip

A field trip

On the 8th of July I’m going on a field trip with my school, I am 15 years old and currently doing my GCSE’s.

One GCSE I am working towards is geography, so in July I will be heading off to Kingswood. The purpose of the field trip is to help me gain as much information as I can to help me gain my grades needed. Kingswood offers a range of programmes which are specially designed to help us, all modules are tailored to our individual needs which is great.

This trip if all goes well will give me 25% of my final GCSE grade. Going on a field trip will give me access to specialist facilities needed such as expert tutors with a deeper understanding.

I have been to Kingswood before when I was in primary school, I really enjoyed it and had so much fun while I was there. I really enjoyed all of the outdoor activities and the team building sports. I love all sports and my aim for when I leave school is to work as a sports coach, my all time favorite sport is football.

I am so excited as next week I will be busy with work experience week, I will be enjoying being a youth instructor for a week, this will be great fun as it’s what I enjoy doing, I love sports so it will be a great week.

I am in for a busy few weeks but I am really looking forward to  the experience I will be gaining.

I will pop back and update you after my field trip and let you know how I got on.

going on a field trip



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February highlights

February highlights

February highlights


Well February has gone and March is now here, we have had a very busy but fun month, we have some great February highlights to share with you all.

Our month started off with Lee’s 15th birthday, this involved a hunt round the shops as he wanted a certain pair of football boots, he wanted the same football boots as his all time favourite football player “Harry Kane” Lee is a big spurs fan and he never misses a game.

Bradley had some fantastic news, he has had contact with a modelling agency who have now added him to their books and he now appears on their website. Bradley is excited and very keen to get started in his chosen career. Bradley is a big poser and is very relaxed in front of the camera. Brad has also been very busy picking his options at school.

February highlights
Bradley does have his own website.

Ian went away on a weeks training course with work, me and the kid’s had a week on our own for the first time ever, we found this very strange indeed but we spoke with Ian everyday on the phone and even used our face time for the first time which we found brilliant. Ian is now trained in high voltage switching following his week away on his course.

Danny is still busy with his driving lessons, he has been told he is now ready to go for his test but he is still yet to pass his theory test, he is busy practicing hard and he will soon be ready!

One of my top favourite February highlights was when me and Ian had a lovely date night, this was a lovely evening with candles, nibbles, a sneaky glass or two of wine and a soppy film. This sadly doesn’t happen enough and we are yet to arrange our next one.

February highlights

I have been busy settling back into work, I did start off going back part-time but I have just recently increased my hours again, I love my job and found it hard just doing part-time as I am use to keeping busy and doing full day’s.

I had booked two weeks off work as we also decided to have a home makeover. I am now on the hunt for some new curtains, mood lighting etc. We are loving our new colour scheme!

Our February highlights with days out have been a trip to London, we had a fantastic day in London sight-seeing, we took the kid’s to see the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and had a fun afternoon at the London Dungeons.

February highlights

We have also had some February highlights with some outdoor fun at the park and enjoyed bike rides, we love to get outdoors and enjoy the sun whilst it is shining.

February highlights


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What has been your favourite February highlights ?

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Winters Day Outdoor Fun

A Winters Afternoon

There is nothing quite like a lovely afternoon bike ride and some winters day outdoor fun, the dinner was cooking away in the slow cooker, the kid’s had been to their sports clubs, it was cold out but dry so we thought why not get the bikes out and have a lovely afternoon bike ride.

Ian was at work so it was just me and the boy’s, we done a safety check to make sure the bike’s was safe to use as they had not been used for a while then away we went. We started off along the river looking at the boats, we then moved along stopping along the way to climb trees, feed the duck’s and just having as much fun as we possibly could on a winter’s day.

We stopped at the park and the big kid in us all came out, well how could I resist all of this fun, the park is not just for kid’s……Right?




Now To Warm Up

Following all that fun, we all needed to warm up so it was hot chocolate all round upon our return….of course you can’t have a hot chocolate without some cream on the top….A little Sunday treat!


We are a family who loves outdoor fun and the winter day’s do not stop that as you can see. We had an amazing time. Did I embarrass the kid’s in the park, yes of course but what are mum’s for, I am a fun embarrassing mum and the kid’s was too busy laughing at me to even care.

We had a fantastic day of making funny memories, we are all worn out now from our fun day, I am so pleased that I had put the dinner in the slow cooker before heading off out as we are all shattered.

After all that winter’s day outdoor fun we are now snuggled under our blankets watching a film whilst our dinner is cooking away in the slow cooker…..Perfect day!

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Outdoor Fun

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Go ape treetop adventure course

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

If I had to name a few things my boys LOVE it is climbing, swinging, jumping, basically anything that involves their feet not being on the ground. So when they saw what go ape had to offer and was told that they was going to be going there, well lets just say anyone who was within ear shot was told. Yes they was EXTREMELY excited to be going to go ape to trial the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

If you have not heard of Go Ape before it is the UK’s number one forest adventure, there are 28 Go Ape adventures all around the country. All set in some of Britain’s most spectacular forests.

They offer :

  • Tree top adventure – baboons 10-17 years old £24 and gorillas 18 years + £30 – £32
  • Forest segway –  must be over 10 years of age and 7 stone or over £35
  • Outdoor zip adventure – 13 years + £45
  • Tree top junior – tiny Tarzan’s over 1 metre tall £17
Go Ape are fun days out, this can be a fun family day out or a day out with friends or work colleagues, they even offer team building events tailored to suit your day and budget, you can also add options of a dedicated host, catering, conference facilities or a shelter including garden games, Go Ape really do cater for all.
We set out for our fun family day at Go Ape, our local Go Ape is located at Trent Park only 8 miles away from us so that was perfect, we packed up a picnic as we wanted to make a day of it so we had a picnic in Trent Park itself before heading into Go Ape for the Tree Top Adventure.
Lee and Bradley was so excited as we had shown them a video of what to expect on the adventure before going, Trent Park is a 10 minute walk from Cockfosters train station, that’s on the Piccadilly Line but with it being so local  we drove to Trent Park and the parking was free.

As the boy’s was under 18 years of age Ian had to accompany them for safety reasons, the Tree Top Adventure started off with a safety briefing of being shown how to use the safety ropes and safety equipment, form signing and then the fun began.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

The fun began

After they had the briefing they was off, swinging from trees, flying down zip wires, climbing rope ladders in the trees, flying down zip wires on skate boards, going through tunnles, they was tackling crossings in the trees, they had loads of obstacles to tackle, they also leaped off the Tarzan swing onto cargo nets, they had roughly three hours of fun.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Lee soon found out that he did not like heights and was very unsure of the platforms, he found them to be rather narrow but he did enjoy himself and kept on challenging himself (once he had finished cuddling the tree’s) with the support of everyone, we all think he done extremely well and was very brave. There was always a member of staff on hand to help if anyone needed any advice support or assistance.

Bradley on the other hand is not afraid of heights and nothing seemed to bother him, height wise or the challenges. He really enjoyed himself and has already said he would like to go again with friends and family. He had a big smile and was laughing his way round the Tree Top Adventure, stopping to pose for the camera on his way round.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Ian put himself to the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was a perfect afternoon for a father and son few hours, and he laughed his way from tree to tree. He kept on landing on his back in a funny position when coming in to land from the zip slide, the staff told him they have never seen Ian’s technique before and we all found this rather funny.
I was spectating along with Ian’s mum and dad. We was full of laughter and found it very enjoyable to watch, We was taking the pictures and took a video of the experience as a keep sake for them.
Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course
Our overall experience of Go Ape was amazing. Ian and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we think this adventure is amazing fun. Go Ape is all about getting outdoors, having loads of fun and being adventurous.

The Tree Top Adventure is physically testing but Ian and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The heighest point they climbed was 16m. The longest zip wire was 120m, the longest crossing was 32m, there was 5 different sections of the course, total number of crossings was 40. We are definitely going to be booking up to go again.

Here are a few of our photo’s taken on the adventure

Do you think you are up to the challenge, you can find your local Go Ape here and a list of different adventures.

Disclaimer : We was given free entery to go ape tree top adventure in exchange for our review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun
We woke up this morning and saw it was going to be another hot sunny day, we thought why not go for some fun in the sun in our local area, we went for a nice walk and had some fun along the way.
We are an outdoors family, always up and out at any given opportunity, we had a game of hide and seek in the woods, little did the boys know they had both hidden in the same tree, they found each other eventually, we climbed trees, or shall I say the boys did, we played ball games and then had a nice picnic.
It was nice taking in the lovely fresh air, watching the kids run around, listening to their laughter, seeing them get along together, just enjoying some quality time together, all those priceless moments.
                          Fun in the sun