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Why we got a second dog

Why we got a second dog

Our reason behind getting a second dog

As regular readers of our blog will know, we did have a beautiful boy dog for over 10 years called Buddy. He sadly passed away just under two years ago. Back in January this year the emptiness from not having a loving dog around the home was just too strange and the decision was made to not replace Buddy as he is irreplaceable and will always be forever in our hearts and could NEVER be replaced but to get another dog.

Fast forward a little and we was soon welcoming home a beautiful Siberian Husky girl who we have named Coco. She was 8 weeks old when she joined our family. Coco has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives since joining our family. We had 10 months dog-free before Coco came along and it just felt so strange not having a dog around. After losing Buddy we didn’t think we would be able to get another dog let alone love another but the emptiness just got to much. We’d often find ourselves looking at dogs for sale but then quickly looking away thinking no way, the heartache of losing them is just too much and not wanting to go through it all again. The subject was quickly changed.

So what changed our minds?

A family member visiting you and showing you photos and videos of their friends dogs pups is what. The next day we went to see them and before you know it research on the breed was being done and a day or two later we was visiting Coco a deposit was left and our new adventures with Coco began!

Coco being a Siberian Husky means lots of energy, lots of walking, lots of bikejoring all in all lots of fun adventures. She has been with us 10 months now and has already been on four holidays with us. A caravan holiday, camping holiday, boating holiday and a log cabin holiday. We enjoy forest walks, river walks, bike rides, trips to the park/seaside – her favourite game is to play ball, she will have you throwing a ball for hours on end. She recently enjoyed a fishing trip and enjoyed laying by the river.

Why we got a second dog

We take Coco with us where ever pets are welcome. She has joined us on pub lunches, dinners, for coffee at local cafe’s, she even joined us on a trip to choose our new tent at Go Outdoors as pets are welcome in our local store. Sadly pets are not welcome everywhere which is understandable and there are times she has to stay at home.

We became dog fosterers…

With Coco having lots of energy and being socialised from when we very first got her we became dog fosterers so she would have a friend to play with. We fostered Goldie a beautiful Labrador who was the same age as Coco. She loved having a friend and welcomed Goldie straight away without any problems. Goldie was with us for a week and as lovely as it was for Goldie to find her forever home it was also sad. Coco had gotten used to having a friend about to have fun with and we had all taken rather a shine to Goldie, she was a beautiful girl. As choked up as we all was we had done a good thing and provided a safe and secure temporary home for a dog in need.

Seeing Coco be so happy with having a friend to charge about with (who has much more energy than us) cuddle up with, burn off energy with it was sad to see her on her own again. When out on walks/bikejoring she gets so excited to see other dogs she just loves company. The hunt was on to find Coco her very own friend, one that was to come and to stay this time.

Coco cuddling Goldie our foster dog

Why we got a second dog

Then came dog number two….

The search was then on. Research was then done as some say two of the same-sex are best avoided but then I panicked about two dogs different sex and what we know could happen. The search then began and the cutest of all dogs just stood out and stole our hearts. The boys kept on asking for another German Shepherd dog but to be honest I was very unsure but agreed to look and see what happens.

This is what happened…..

I am a sucker for cute fur babies, look at this 8 week old boy, how on earth could I say no to this.

Why we got a second dog

A week later he joined our family and was introduced to Coco who was very keen to charge about with her very own friend. He is a joint birthday gift to Ian and Coco from us.

Why we got a second dog

Coco loves her new best friend dearly and follows him everywhere.

For anyone wishing to follow Coco and Hunter’s adventures they both have their very own Instagram accounts

Why we got a second dog




Why we got a second dog

We now have two fur babies and love them both dearly. Lots of new fun and adventures now await us which we are so looking forward to.

Do you have any pets?

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Sad goodbyes

sad goodbyes

Sad goodbyes

March for us had a very upsetting start. Sad goodbyes was had. Sadly we had to say a very upsetting goodbye to our very much-loved pet – Buddy.

Buddy sadly passed away in his sleep on the 8th March, he passed peacefully in his bed. He has left a huge gap in our family. To some he was just a dog but to us he was a family member – a very much-loved member of the family.

Buddy has been in our family for just over 10 years, he has grown with our teens and has always been there right beside them.

We couldn’t have asked for a more loving and loyal dog than Buddy, he joined our family bringing so much love and loyalty with him. He brought fun into our lives, even helping us through many of bad days and challenges just by being Buddy.

Buddy was part mischief but 100% a blessing.

We have written a poem for Buddy which we are going to get framed with a photo of Buddy beside it.

Sad goodbyes
Forever our best Buddy

Our Buddy

You came into our lives one day and we loved you from the start.

We never thought back then that one day we would have to part.

You filled our lives with so much joy and happiness, we we’re truly blessed.

The years past and the love grew, you have always been loyal, faithful and true.

Those special memories of you will always make us smile, if only we could have you back for just a little while.

Your love was unconditional, faithful and above the rest. You was just simply the best.

Our darling boy we may be apart, but your paw prints will remain forever in our hearts.

You may be out of sight but your no longer in pain – right inside our hearts is where you will always remain.


Sleep tight our darling boy


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