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Recycling in Businesses: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Bottom Line

Recycling in Businesses: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Bottom Line

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In these days of the global environmental crisis, businesses need to do their part in reducing waste. In this article, we’ll take a look at recycling and how it can benefit your business’s bottom line as well as the environment. 

Good For The Environment

Recycling in businesses helps to reduce waste going into landfills, which reduces pollution of our planet’s air and water supply. Waste also takes up space that could otherwise be used as valuable real estate or farmland. Recycling is a great way for businesses to be good stewards of the environment. Opting for a commercial bin hire would allow for your waste to be disposed of correctly in an environmentally friendly way. 

Not only are you reducing your company’s environmental footprint, but you’re also doing something that can save money and bring in new revenue streams at the same time. Recycling reduces demand for new resources and so goods are also less expensive than brand-new items. This keeps costs down while still complying with environmental standards. As a bonus, you can often find recycled products that meet high-quality standards which save your business time and money in product development processes. 

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, decreasing water usage in your business, or other small changes will have a positive environmental impact as well as cut costs on electricity bills and water bills. Recycling is such a simple way for businesses to do their part in helping the planet.

Good For Your Reputation 

Recycling can also help to create a more sustainable business model and improve your company’s brand image, which is an added benefit for attracting employees and customers alike. Everyone should be doing their part to help save the planet and those that are will reap the benefits.

Good for Your Pocket

Recycling is a great investment for any business, and will not only improve your company’s image but also reduce waste in landfills while saving you money. Recycling reduces the need for warehousing- and therefore, employees need to manage storage space! You can cut out unnecessary costs by recycling instead of throwing away materials that could be used again. When combined with a good employee hiring program, this will keep your business’ overhead costs low.

Recycling programs are not only good for the environment but can also be profitable. Many businesses adopt recycling programs because they make financial sense and show their customers that they care about protecting the earth. There are many ways to recycle in a business setting, including paper products like printer cartridges or computer printers; plastic items such as water bottles, bags, or food containers; and e-waste such as computers and televisions.

Recycling does more than just reduce waste and protect the environment; it can also be a huge money saver for businesses. There are many different ways that recycling in business saves your company both time and money, as well as helps to keep materials out of landfills. 

Investing in a high-quality printer and reusing recycled ink cartridges, you will save huge amounts associated with printing alone. 

Recycling is good for the environment, your business reputation, and your financial situation. We should all be doing everything we can to save our planet wherever we can and there is the added bonus to make a little extra profit. 


Top Ways to Get Baby Freebies

Top Ways to Get Baby Freebies

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When it comes to baby gear, things can be pretty pricey. To keep your budget in check, here are 16 ways to get your hands on heaps of free baby stuff.

Your baby embraces everything that is adorable, but also everything that is expensive. Thank goodness there is plenty of free baby stuff ready and waiting to be used – all you need to know is how to get your hands on it. There are a lot of websites for baby and new mum freebies, notes that being a new mum entitles you to plenty of free things for your baby’s needs, including formula samples, coupons and diapers.

Below you will find the top 16 ways to get yourself these great freebies

Asking For Samples, Means Getting Samples

Hospitals and doctors get an abundance of free samples for patient use. Ask what samples are available or check the waiting room for displays. We suggests new mums asks for samples when they are at the hospital.

Make Use of New Parent Packs

We suggest making direct calls to companies and asking for a new parent pack. As well as the pack, a lot of companies will also send out coupons for their products, hoping that you will become a new customer.

Sign-Up To Newsletters

You can get high-value coupons, discount codes, free stuff and free samples are offered by many companies. Since a lot of the offers have limited numbers, signing up to newsletters lets you be one of the first to learn about a new deal, increasing your chance of getting your hands on it, we recommend MegaFreeStuff who offer lots of baby free stuff and samples.

Look Out For Sales and Coupons

If there’s a baby item that you simply must have, then collect email, website and paper coupons to make it yours. Look out for sales and, when possible, use a coupon-sale combination.

Make Use of Rewards Programs

Diaper manufacturers, as well as other companies, have reward programs for people who shop often with them. Choose one brand and stick with them, making sure you register points as you shop for free diapers and other items.

Blog and Request

Amanda Vega, founder of 3 Peas Baby Marketing, recommends setting up a blog, then reaching out to companies directly and asking for samples in exchange for reviews. Amanda herself works with clients who are keen to spread the word about their new baby gear, food or bottles.

Go To Conventions and Shows

For new parents who want the latest in baby gear, baby expos are the place to be. In major cities there is usually a minimum of one baby expo a year so keep your eyes peeled for the closest one to you.

Take Part in Surveys

Getting free baby stuff is also possible by taking part in marketing surveys. Granted you may not have enough free time to participate in a long survey, but even one that takes just a couple of minutes may give you a free product at the end of it.

Help Out With Market Research

You can receive free baby items, or even cash, if you take part in market research. To get started, find a reputable firm and get your name registered on their database.

Recycle Everything Possible

Baby Earth, as well as other recycling companies, will often send gift certificates that you can use on their online store, if you send them your used baby gear.

Look Out For Sweepstakes and Contests

The majority of baby-focused websites have sweepstakes or contests running, usually with a great giveaway at the end of it. You do need to devote a little time to entering, but you can land yourself some really hip gear.

Do a Swap

Offer to swap baby items that your baby doesn’t use, or uses rarely. You may be able to start an arrangement with other mums in your area who are also keen to swap baby gear and toys on a regular basis.

Subscribe To Magazines

When you subscribe to a magazine you are often treated to a tote bag, a coupon or a different magazine.

Say Yes To Hand Me Downs

It’s time to make use of your social circle. Toddlers grow very fast in their first year, meaning some clothes may only have had a couple of wears, or none ta all, meaning you receive it in excellent condition.

Join Mum Groups

Fun activities for mum and baby are often sponsored by local groups. Use the opportunity to get you and baby away from home, meeting new people and possibly coming home with freebies.

Entertainment Freebies and Travel Deals

A lot of airlines will let your toddler of up to 2 years travel for free on your lap. ‘Kids go free’ promotions are also on offer by resorts and cruise lines. Disney World and other amusement parks offer free admission for under 3’s, so try to plan your vacation for before your child’s birthday.

You need to put in time and effort to get your hands on free baby stuff, but it is out there for the taking. What you’re going to pay for a particular item can vary greatly from one day to another, so make a habit of checking in regularly on your favourite spots for free baby gear.