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Ways to reduce the stress of moving house

Ways to reduce the stress of moving house

Ways to reduce the stress of moving house

Anyone that has ever moved house would most probably agree that it is one of the most challenging lifes events, both physically and emotionally that anyone can go through, even more so if you have children.

Moving house can be extremely stressful as there is a lot of changes happening and unfamiliarity to deal with. This can lead to stress and anxiety if not careful. It is important to make sure moving does not become to overwhelming.

We recently moved house and was a mix of emotions. We was happy but also sad, excited but not. Tears on moving day was happy ones but a few sad ones too. Our moving post and reasons for moving can be read here.

We would like to share a few tips on how to have a stress-free house move.

Our top ten tips are:

  1. Our top tip would be to write an action plan as far in advance as possible as come closer to the moving date you wont be thinking straight and will have 1001 things going round in your head. At least with the plan in place it will help ease some of the stress for you and it is even on paper for any volunteers you may have to come and help.
  2. As soon as you have a date set shop around and get your removal company/vans booked ASAP. It would be awful if forgotten or left to the last-minute and there is none available. Plus it would be a tick off that huge to-do list.
  3. Book time off work to allow yourself time. Moving can not only be exhausting but it also gives you time to adjust to your new home and neighbours.
  4. Book re-direction of your mail and start making a list of whom to inform of your new address.
  5. Put a moving day box aside to keep to hand on the big day and fill with handy things such as, medication, drinks, snacks, phone chargers etc. It is important to have means of contact should anything go wrong as well as keeping hydrated and some snacks to hand.
  6. Don’t make the boxes too heavy as the removal men won’t be too happy. If possible borrow or hire a sack barrow as this would be most welcomed when it comes to any heavy appliances. Also a van with a tail-lift would be extremely useful. Minimize heavy lifting where possible.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help on the big day, some may only be too happy to lend a hand. More hands the better, especially if it’s a rainy day like our moving day was.
  8. Moving house is a good time to have a sort out/de-clutter. If honest with ourselves we are all guilty of owning a junk draw or cupboard? do you really want/need to take all that with you?
  9. Take time out for a short break, have a drink, rest and recharge. Don’t forget to eat otherwise you will burn all energy.
  10. The key to a successful move that we found was organisation. Everyone had an allocated job so we all knew who was doing what. We swapped around during the day so we all took turns to help with the heavy lifting, it also gave us the chance to have a much welcomed rest from it.

If you are moving into a house that is in need of renovation works then perhaps self storage may be a safer option to help protect your belongings whilst works are carried out.

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Having a MyBuddy-Box has been brilliant, If there is one thing I can’t stand it is clutter. Are you like us and have a corner in your house that just tends to get piled up with unnecessary clutter?

Isn’t it annoying? well I think so anyway, it is one of my pet hates.

One thing I find that we do a lot of is put all the clutter into a carrier bag to try and make it look a bit more tidy. When I think about it we tend to use carrier bags quite a lot, when shopping, to store things away in the cupboard i.e hoover attachments, old rags, etc.

I have recently been using a feather light folding box called MyBuddy-Box, this is a reusable, foldable, stackable plastic box that can be used for so many different things. The MyBuddy-Box when not being used folds flat and looks to me like “a small briefcase”.

We do have other storage boxes but what I love about MyBuddy-Box is when it is not being used it can be folded away unlike my other boxes.


The MyBuddy-Box fitted perfectly inside my shopping trolley when I went shopping, this made packing my shopping much easier and quicker, no need to fight with shopping bags, plus there will soon be a 5p fee to pay on carrier bags from October 2015 so I need to have other measures in place for this.


The MyBuddy-Box fitted perfectly inside the boot of my car. I didn’t have the worry of opening my boot and my items be everywhere.


We have been using our MyBuddy-Box for storing the laundry.


Even comes in handy for when doing DIY, we just packed all what we needed for the DIY job and it was very helpful to have it all to hand.

The MyBuddy-Box is a perfect solution for all storage problems, it is lightweight, opens into a very strong rigid box, when no longer needed it can be wiped clean folded and put away in a draw or cupboard until its next use!

The MyBuddy-Box is made from food-safe extruded high-density polypropylene, measures 32 x 25 x 4cm when folded and weighs approximately 800gms, when open it measures 32 x 25 x 55cm very spacious and can easily hold up to 20kg!

There is a choice of design’s to choose from, the box I have is the paradise design.

Are you prepared for the carrier bag fee? is the MyBuddy-Box something you would like to own, if so we have kindly been given a code to use at the checkout, if you enter the code “HOUSE” at the checkout you will get free P+P. RRP£14.99.

If you would like to find out more about the carrier bag fee this link should help.

Disclaimer: we was sent a MyBuddy-Box for the purpose of our review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.
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