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10 things I NEED to do

10 things I NEED to do


10 things I NEED to do

I don’t know about you but unless I write things down I forget to do them. I was recently reading through other blogs, this is something I enjoy doing when I have a bit of spare time and a nice cup of tea, when reading I came across A Cornish Mum Blog and her great link up.

So now I am going to make myself a to-do-list of 10 things I NEED to do, I have been meaning to do these for ages now and I really do need to get these done.

1) Pack a hospital bag, I am due to go in hospital and I just know if I don’t start packing soon or at least make a list I will forget something.

2) Find the cupboard under my stairs, there is one there somewhere amongst the clutter.

3) Sort out my old clothes, now I am 2 & 1/2 stone lighter I am in desperate need of new ones

4) Buy a new bedroom carpet, our carpet is so old now it is not at its best.

5) File our letters, I keep meaning to do this but now all I have done is accumulate a to-do pile in our bedroom which is now starting to get rather high.

6) Start making our Brit mums plans, this will be our first year attending and we are rather nervous and excited all at the same time.

7) Hunt for a new tumble dryer as ours decided to stop working. I hardly use it but the boys do if their PE kit or sports kit is not quite dry.

8) Hunt for a romantic getaway for August as it will be mine and Ian’s crystal wedding anniversary this year and we would like a nice quiet relaxing break for 1-2 nights. Ian surprised me with a nice break to Venice for my 30th birthday a few years back so I would like to do something similar for our anniversary this year.

9) Plan some fun family day-trips, with the better weather on the way we’d best get planning on where we want to visit this summer.

10) Learn to organise myself a bit better, I am so unorganised lately it is beginning to show now, I am normally pretty good with planning ahead but of late it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

A Cornish Mum


Do you have to write things down to help you remember jobs needing to be done?

***Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post***