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Why Is Camping So Much Fun?

Why Is Camping So Much Fun?

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A break from everyday life is necessary for everyone at some point; but, most of the time, a lack of financial resources prevents us from taking advantage of this opportunity. While there are several offers to be found in newspapers and on the internet, camping is a great option if you want a low-cost vacation that everyone will love. Read on for more information.

People who go camping enjoy it because they can spend time together without having to think about things like the TV, the kids playing Drift Hunters or one of their kids’ friends coming over to ask if they can play outside. As a result, you get to spend quality time together as a family without the distractions of work and dinner.

A few nights in the great outdoors can be good, too. You can teach your kids about the nature around them, and there’s something magical about sitting around a campfire at night while looking at the stars. It’s a great way to relax and have a good time with your friends and family!

However, even if you don’t have all of the requirements, it will be less expensive to purchase everything and pitch a tent somewhere than booking an entire week away (even on a last-minute discount!) Additionally, once you have purchased all of your materials, you will have them on hand for the next time you want to go on an inexpensive and enjoyable vacation!

While there are numerous camping stores worldwide, it is always best to shop online first. You can buy everything from your tent to your sleeping bag, and you’re even able to stock up on everything you’ll need while you’re there. If you plan on taking the children fishing, you should definitely check out Baitworks new website to get all of the bait you’ll need for a memorable fishing trip.

Camping doesn’t have to be all about “roughing it” either! These days, there are plenty of camp sites that offer amenities like a toilet and shower block – which we’re sure let’s you breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Food supplies do not have to be expensive, since there is nothing better than frying some sausages and bacon over a campfire and snacking on them to start the day. Due to a lack of cooking equipment, the meal you eat will almost certainly be quick and uncomplicated. Check out these tips on how to save money on your groceries so that you can save even more money!

You can bring your pet along with you to camp, rather than leaving them at a relative’s or kennel. Another perk? You’re saving money by not having to pay for a kennel or by paying a family member to care for your pets!

Camping, as you can see, is an excellent option for those who want to get away for a few days but are limited by their financial resources. Now is the time to load up the car and drive away for an inexpensive yet unforgettable vacation!


Getting Your Home Ready For A Fantastic Stay-Cation

Getting Your Home Ready For A Fantastic Stay-Cation

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It’s fair to say that thoughts around travel have changed over the last year or so. People are, quite fairly, more reluctant to go traveling. A lot of homeowners are instead looking at the best ways that they can improve their property so it’s a more comfortable place to spend a long season off. Here are some of the best ideas that could be worth exploring. 

Full Home Entertainment System

First, you should consider adding a full entertainment system to your property. An entertainment system will keep you and your family happy regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside. If it’s rainy, then you can stay in and watch movies or TV shows together with a cinema grade solution. For this, you will need the right screen and audio setup. Make sure that you speak to a professional who can help you pick the right setup for your budget and your specific home. The best option will change depending on the size of your room. 

Outdoor Living Space

Next, you should think about improving your home with the right outdoor living space. This will provide you with a way to completely embrace the alfresco lifestyle and ensure that you have a great time outside with your family. With the right additions to your garden, the outside of your home can be just as luxurious and exciting as the inside. For instance, you can buy comfortable furniture for your garden and invest in unique features. You could even think about adding a fire pit that is sure to get the neighbors talking. 

Window And Door Additions 

You could also consider adding new windows and doors to your home or upgrading your current windows and doors. For instance, you may want to think about adding privacy glass. The benefit of this type of glass is that it will keep your home cool because less sunlight will enter the property. You could also think about adding fly screens too. The right fly screens will ensure that you can open the doors and windows as wide as you like and you won’t have to worry about getting flies buzzing around your head. It will let you bring the outside in without the worst parts that come with it. 

Home Air-Con

Finally, you need to make sure that you are able to keep your home cool and comfortable. The best way to do this is with the right air-con system. Do note that over the next few years the world temperature is expected to rise significantly. So, regardless of whether you are staying at home next summer, you might still want to add this to your property. Air-con systems are available from a wide range of suppliers. So do make sure that you choose a green friendly solution to keep those energy costs under control. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to improve your home to guarantee that it’s the perfect place to stay when you don’t want to travel but still want to enjoy yourself in complete comfort. 

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Our next big camping adventure

Our next big adventure

Our next big camping adventure

We recently experienced our first family camping trip in the New Forest, and we all absolutely loved it! We are now very much camping converts and can’t wait to get out there under the canvas again, we already have our next big camping adventure planned.

As well as being a great way to enjoy the great out doors, camping is also an affordable holiday that doesn’t compromise on fun. The real beauty of camping is that you can go absolutely anywhere, and you aren’t constrained to one place – all you need is a tent, your bags, and a sense of adventure, and you’re ready to go!

Now that we’re camping pros (obviously!), we’re thinking of undertaking a much more adventurous trip…a summer camping trip to Europe!

Here are some things to consider whilst planning your camping trip abroad…

Where do you want to go?

First thing’s first, you need to decide where you’re going and how long for. You can then start exploring the array of campsites available in your chosen area. In much of Europe, there are plenty of campsites to choose from and most of them have excellent facilities including swimming pools, children’s clubs, and bars and restaurants.

Once you’ve decided on the general area you want to camp in, and have researched the campsites available, you can then decide whether you want to stay in one place, or split your time between a couple of different sites.


Sure, camping is a relatively cheap holiday. But, when you’re camping abroad, you still need to take into account the cost of travel, campsites, food, and entertainment.

So sit down and draw up a carefully considered budget taking into account everything you think you might need (and then add a little extra on for emergencies).  Then calculate how much you need to save each month prior to going in order to ensure that you have enough.

Some people prefer to pay for advanced costs such as flights and accommodation on a credit card, and then pay them back monthly. If you’re considering doing this, I’d highly recommend running a free credit report from Experian CreditExpert to ensure that you qualify.


Have you got all of the equipment you need? Is your equipment appropriate for the weather and the temperature in the country you’re travelling to? Of course, there should be places to buy anything you’ve forgotten once you reach your destination, but it’s easier and often cheaper to buy before you go.


As with any international holiday, make sure that you have the necessary insurance so that you will be fully covered in the event of the unexpected. If you’re going to Europe, you’ll also need a European Health Insurance Card – it’s free and will ensure that you can access free emergency health care should you need it.

Rules and Regulations

Different campsites have different rules and regulations, so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with them and make sure that you comply. If you’re planning on taking your dog for example, are they allowed on the campsite? Does your tent need to be beneath a certain size? Are there any regulations in terms of pitching your tent?

Excitement and Adventure

Now you’ve got all of the essentials sorted, it’s time for the fun bit – planning what you’re going to do and see whilst you’re there! Research the area and find places you want to visit and things you want to do…remember, you’re relatively free when you’re camping so it’s easy to take a short trip a little further a-field if something really catches your eye!

our next big adventure

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Summertime Fun At Warmwell

Summertime fun at Warmwell

Summertime Fun

We are soon to be off on our holiday for some summertime fun, if I am honest we can not wait…….it definitely can’t come quick enough, I guess that’s what happens when you book your summer holidays over a year in advance, the wait just feels forever.

We are soon to be setting off on a nice tranquilic holiday and will be staying in a lovely luxury log cabin for a week. Our log cabin will be one of two cabins on an island in the middle of a lake, all other cabins will be around the lake……Well we love to be different.

The holiday park has so much to offer, I chose this camp as it offers so much for entertaining teenagers, with being a family of teenage boys who bore easily, hopefully it will keep them entertained….A mother can hope!

As well as the activities on offer they also have fishing which is our new loved hobby so this will also keep the boy’s entertained…..Hopefully.

When searching for our holiday I was searching for somewhere that had lots to offer and would keep the boys active and entertained throughout the day and Warmwell offers just that.

The activities they will have to choose from are:

Swimming pool complete with flume and wave machine – hopefully this will provide hours of fun and will be perfect if we come across a wet rainy day.

Fishing lakes – hours of fishing will be had, our new-found hobby.

Roller rink – this should be fun, we will definitely be heading off to find this.

Multi sports courts – the boys will definitely be searching for this as they love their sports and always have energy to burn off.

110 meter snowflex ski slope – we have been looking forward to this since booking our holiday. The ski slope also offers a lesson for us beginners which we will be taking advantage of.

Amusements arcades – this is where the boys would spend all day given half a chance.

Crazy golf – we enjoy a game of crazy golf when on holiday.

Archery sessions – this is also something we are looking forward to trying.

Nature trails – an interesting trail we can all enjoy, explore and discover the natural surroundings and wildlife.

Adventure playgrounds – somewhere else to burn off some extra energy.

obstacle courses – somewhere we can all enjoy and have lots of fun as a family.

Freestyle teens club – somewhere the boys are looking forward to heading off too. This club offers DJ workshops, film making, competitions and talent shows. Bradley is really looking forward to attending this club as it offers a lot of his interests.

Bike hire – we will be hiring bikes whilst on holiday so we can go off and explore together.

Ten-pin bowling – something to play when we are feeling competitive.

Sauna – somewhere to head off to and relax after a busy day or whilst the boys are at teens club.

Fitness suit – on offer if we wish to use this suit.

Table sports – such as pool and table tennis.

Some of these activities come at extra cost but we are fully aware and prepared for this.

Local attractions:

There is so much on offer at Warmwell, we will be spoilt for choice. We will also be heading off to explore the local attraction too, such as Dorchester and its historical market town in the pretty Frome Valley, Dorchester is said to be a lovely country town steeped in history and only nine miles from where we will be staying in Warmwell. We will also head off to Weymouth, a classic coastal resort with a beach and lively harbour. The boy’s are excited to be going to Lulworth, home to the fascinating Lulworth cove; formed around 10,000 years ago, plus the castle and park.

We also have Monkey World close by, this is home to over 240 rescued and endangered chimps and apes from all over the world. The Tank Museum is also close by, with over 150 tanks to explore with fascinating exhibitions, there are picnic areas for a lunch break and playgrounds for the kids.

Warmwell holiday park look’s like it offers us loads of summertime fun, the tranquil woodland holiday park has loads of hidden surprises, we have also been informed there may also be the odd wandering roe deer.

The evening entertainment sounds fantastic, there is a family club room where we can go to enjoy a live cabaret, game shows and much more.

If we don’t fancy cooking there is the choice to dine at the Hardy’s cafe & restaurant before heading off out for the evening. I have already spied that there is also a costa coffee available on site.

Our holiday is going to be spent having lots of family fun and adventures, all of which we will enjoy together as a family and we are really looking forward to quality time together.

We are already looking for our holiday for next year with Parkdean, we are stuck for a location as there are so many to choose from, I’m thinking Cornwall but currently stuck for which site to choose.

What is your ideal family holiday?

Outdoor Fun

Camping in the new forest

camping in the new forest

Camping in the new forest

Last weekend we was invited along to a bloggers camping weekend, we have NEVER been camping before….. EVER. We was invited to go camping in the new forest for two nights, I kindly accepted the offer/challenge as I thought this would be a fun challenge for all of us seeing as we have never done anything like this before.

My ideal holiday….

My ideal holiday is not having to cook when away, being as lazy as possible, choice of entertainment for the boy’s, a nice spa, big comfy bed, a hot tub, TV, a pool, just basically live it up a little. The question is would I enjoy camping in the new forest and can I be converted into enjoying camping from now on?….Let’s find out.

Best kept secret…

The boys never knew anything about us going away camping last this weekend, when I received the email inviting us along to Holmsley campsite myself and Ian said we will not tell the boys about it until we are packing the car up to go. The first thing the boys said was “mum in a tent” and then laughed…Cheeky buggers!

This weekend was the best kept secret, I normally can’t keep a secret I’m terrible, I normally get too excited and end up saying something but this time I somehow managed.

Upon our arrival…

We didn’t set out until about 6.30pm due to work commitments, we had just over 2 hr drive to get to Holmsley campsite, we arrived shortly after 9pm hungry as we was rushing to get there we hadn’t had time to stop and eat anything. Our first stop was check-in to say we have arrived, we was welcomed by friendly staff who pointed us in the direction of our tent…This was when I gulped and thought tent…yikes what am I doing. Before heading to our tent we quickly grabbed something to eat from the shop to see us through until we had unpacked and got the stove on the go with some hot dogs.

First thoughts on the tent…

My first thoughts of the tent was, it’s a tent, admittedly I was not won over straight away and was thankful it was already up and ready for when we arrived. I’m someone who likes to have a wardrobe, watch TV in bed and have a fridge, nothing special but these are home comforts and they was not there so how was I to cope. The boy’s on the other hand dived straight into the tent to claim what bed they wanted and then went off making friends. The boys settle almost instantly which was great to see.

camping in the new forest


Admittedly we didn’t know what to take as we’ve never been camping before so we just grabbed tin food as we thought it was only two nights and we only had one gas ring to cook on that we took with us.

camping in the new forest

camping in the new forest

We made use of our gas ring rather well, making toast, heating tin meals, heating water for cup of soups, heating milk for hot chocolate, heating water for tea/coffee, I was very impressed. Anyone who knows Lee will know he is never far from the kettle at home and is alway making cups of tea and hot chocolate, he was pleased he still had this home comfort.

We could also still sit and have our family meals…

camping in the new forest

Of course you can’t go camping without having marshmallows. Thank you to Poolemamma for the use of her bbq…

camping in the new forest

I pre-judged….

To be honest I thought I’d end up giving in half way through the first night as I love my home comforts too much. Anyone who truly knows me would tell you I’ve always laughed off any chance of me going away on holiday in a tent and have always said “how can you class a tent as a fun holiday”, but little did I know…..Yes I pre-judged….I must stop doing that.

Our thoughts on the camp and staff…

We thought the camp was absolutely beautiful, it was welcoming and clean. The staff was always smiling, happy and very friendly, easy to approach with any problems or questions we had.

I worried about the boy’s…

I was worried about how Lee and Bradley would take to it, with them being teenage boys they normally have a console controller in one hand and a mobile in the other, I soon learned that I was worrying about that for no reason.

They loved it…

Camping in the new forest

They played ball sports…

camping in the new forest

Explored the beautiful surroundings…

camping in the new forest

Even enjoyed each others company…Now this was nice to see as they normally argue when at home so brotherly bonding even took place.

First time experience…

None of us have ever slept outdoors before it was a first time experience for all four of us, where better to experience camping for the first time than camping in the new forest. Whats not to enjoy while camping at Holmsley campsite, it has everything you need on site, there is a well stocked out shop for anything you’ve forgotten/run out of just like we did, we needed more milk and more gas for our camping stove, the kid’s even enjoyed a nice ice cream from the shop seeing as the weather was hot. Our first experience was great fun, we had great company which helped a lot.

Worried about facilities….

I was put off camping by the thought of no hot shower or toilets….Yes pre-judging again, I will learn soon not to do this. yet again worrying for no reason as there was a shower block and toilets for us to use freely when we wish….Phew! these was just a short distance away and was being checked and cleaned regularly.

Coping through the night….

Coping through the night was a big worry of mine as I absolutely HATE being cold, I thought I’d be sleeping on the floor and end up freezing cold but yet again I was wrong. There was camp beds supplied and the sleeping bags kept us more than warm enough, in fact we slept right through the night comfortably, I was shocked. We did take plenty of blankets with us just incase any of us got cold. Lee and Bradley had no problems settling down at bed time, in fact Bradley had to be woken up on the first morning as he was still fast asleep when we had all been awake for quite a while, his cousins Emily and Harry found it rather amusing when we said to go bundle him and wake him up.

The boy’s loved staying in the tent, they found it great fun..

camping in the new forest

Brad decided we all should play guess what the hand reflection is…

camping in the forest

Smiles all round in our tent…

Our final thoughts of camping…

One thing I never ever thought I would enjoy and that would be camping, but guess what………I did it, we went camping in the new forest and we ALL loved it, enjoyed it, had an amazing time and we ALL want to go again, yes ALL of us….Including me! I hate bugs and ALL creepy crawlies but I survived. I hate being cold but I coped. I hated the thought of sleeping in a tent but guess what, yes you got it I survived, it really wasn’t as bad as I pre-judged.

Will we go camping again…

Hell yes, it was an awesome experience, Lee and Bradley had a great time making new friends and exploring the new forest, they never once said that they was bored, they never even worried about chatting to friends back home. Consoles and gadgets, what consoles and gadgets? they was long forgot about, they was swapped for fresh-air fun and adventures.

camping in the forest

The face say’s it all…

Our best moments of camping….

This would be the whole experience of camping, finding out how wrong my thoughts of camping was, the non-stop fun, the laughter, watching the boy’s explore and enjoy being outdoors, all of us meeting new people and making new friends and simply enjoying the ways of camping life with no distractions getting in the way.

Fun had by all..

There was fun had by all this weekend, we never had thought it would be so much fun, we went on a bug hunt, played rounders, cricket, the boys learned how to play bowls, we was able to borrow bikes, the boy’s played football and hide-an-seek with the other kids on camp, the boy’s climbed trees and we went off and explored on bikes together.

camping in the new forest

Learning about bugs with the park ranger…

camping in the new forest

On a bug hunt…

camping in the new forest

Exploring the beautiful surrounds…

camping in the new forest

Enjoying fun times with their cousins Emily and Harry from Emmy’s Mummy

Before we even made it back home we had decided we would love to take up camping and go on more fun and adventures, but before we do so we will need to kit ourselves out properly with camping equipment.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Camping in the forest for having us for the weekend, we had a fantastic time, made some very happy memories and lovely new friends, we are now converted to the camping life. Once kitted out properly we are looking forward to more fun and adventures camping.

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A brief guide to Cork

A brief guide to Cork

A Brief Guide to Cork
As the second largest city in Ireland, Cork continues to be in the shadow of Dublin, with many people from across the world choosing to visit the thriving capital year after year. However, cast your eye a little further and opt for a mini-break in the southwest of Ireland, and you will be able to base yourself in the beautiful city of Cork. Summer is just around the corner, which would be a perfect opportunity to appreciate Cork with your loved ones; simply head over to to book your break and start planning your Irish adventure.
Cork has long been established as a prolific sea port and because of this, it’s full of history and heritage for you to admire. The infectious atmosphere will be enough to reel you in, and once you spend some time exploring within, and beyond, the city limits, you’ll want to return again and again.
If you hope to delve deep into the history of the city, join one of the many walking tours that run throughout the week. Alternatively, grab your guide book and set off on your own – lose yourself in the city for a couple of hours and appreciate everything that you pass. Highlights of the city include St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, with its imposing Gothic architecture and intricate detailing, and the Cork City Gaol, situated in Sunday’s Well, which played a pivotal part in the city’s crime and punishment regime. The audio description, as you walk around the gaol, adds to the experience, too.
Don’t lose sight of where you are, though. Cork isn’t just about what the city holds – it’s what can be found in the outskirts, too. Take the renowned Blarney Castle, for example. It is here where you’ll find the Blarney Stone, which supposedly gives you the gift of the gab if you kiss it. The castle itself is one of the oldest in Ireland, and well worth a visit – try and get there early though, to avoid the crowds.
County Cork is full of unique and beautiful sights, just waiting to be discovered. Take a couple of days off work and spend some time exploring Cork – you’ll be planning your return visit in no time. 
Disclosure : This is a sponsored post.

Welcome to our family blog

A brief guide to Cork

Welcome to our family blog


Hello, welcome to our family blog. We are a family of five who will be blogging about family life with lots of fun along the way. We are a very busy working family with lots of fun always going on, we have a love of the great outdoors and we are always having lots of fun together indoors and out.

You can meet the family here and find out more about us, our interests and hobbies.

We love adventure, arts and crafts, science, reading, football (big spurs fans here) fishing, swimming, theme parks, museums, family walks, anything active and outdoors

Being a full-time working family our family time is extra special and we make the most of every moment together.

Please do leave a comment to say hi and to introduce yourself and your blog if you have one (we always like to meet new people)

At the moment we are on a health kick and trying to loose weight, we currently attend Slimming World on a Wednesday evening, I have currently lost 3 stone 3 lb and Ian has currently lost 2 stone.

We have also taken up camping and will be having lots of fun adventures as a family.

Connect with us on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and youtube we would love for you to join us.