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Staying Active During Lockdown This Winter

Staying Active During Lockdown This Winter

The last six months for most of us have been a huge change of pace in life and a strange new world to get used to. When we have a family with children, being in the house for so long can be a huge challenge and many of us have struggled to keep everyone sane and healthy throughout these trying times. 

One of the biggest challenges during the pandemic has been to keep ourselves and our family active and fit. When it’s not possible to hit the gym and go to the playground: staying fit becomes much more of a challenge and it may seem impossible to achieve. 

Today though we want to share with you a few of the ways that you can stay fit and active during the winter, and during lockdown at home. 

Use YouTube Videos 

One of the best resources that we all have available to use these days is YouTube. If you are stuck at home, YouTube offers a huge range of videos from workouts to meditation, physiotherapy and even craft videos for the kids. Utilise YouTube for yourself and your children by selecting a workout you can all do together in the living room every day. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, it will make a big difference to all of you and keep you for and active at home. 

Explore your local area 

There are not many activities we can do at the moment that involve being active; however walking is always an option. After being stuck in lockdown for a long time those same four walls can be torture, and that’s why you should take the chance to go out into your local area for a walk. Set off from home and see where the walk takes you. You might be surprised at some of the places you notice during your walk! 

Do some DIY 

If you want to stay active at home but the weather is looking worse and worse, DIY is a great idea. After being at home for months on end, a change of scenery could make all the difference so why not do some decorating? Make the most of the time you have at home to complete those niggling projects you haven’t done before, and spruce the place up too. Not only will it improve the mood in the house but it will keep you active too. 

Practice Yoga 

As important as it is to perform cardio and strength workouts to keep yourself fit; you also need to work on flexibility. Yoga is a practice which is accessible to all members of the family and it can be a great activity to share with your kids. Yoga teaches flexibility and strength as well as calm. Take the opportunity to watch YouTube Yoga videos and find your flow at home. 

Get gardening 

If you have an outdoor space at home, now is a great time to get outside and prune some of your hardy shrubs as well as mow the lawn for the last time until spring. Bring the children out into the garden with you and get them involved! 

There are plenty of ways to stay active even when you are stuck at home, so we hope these ideas helped you today! 


Ways to beat the winter blues

ways to beat the winter blues

Ways to beat the winter blues

Now that we’re past Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, and well on the way to Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that we’re definitely entering the winter months. And whilst there is something magical about winter, it can often present us all with an unfortunate case of the winter blues.

I’m not sure whether it’s something to do with lack of sunlight causing a few instances of the notorious seasonal-affective disorder, or even just the fact that most of us might have overspent on Christmas presents by now!

But regardless of the cause, I’ve found that some of these fun activities can take the pain out of the winter blues.

Indoor camping

ways to beat the winter blues

If you’re like me and have kid’s causing chaos around the house, it can be tricky to find a way for them to let off steam when it’s cold and wet outside. So why not try and recreate the fun of the great outdoors in your own home with some of these great indoor camping ideas that I found on Pinterest.

All of these ideas can be done with just a little bit of craft know-how and some childlike imagination. But if you’re concerned about the little ones getting enough sleep when indoor camping, then there’s a wide range of playful children’s beds that can make the camping experience all the more exciting!

Retail therapy

ways to beat the winter blues

I’m sure I’m not the only one who might have overspent already this Christmas, but the fact is that doing a bit of online window-shopping is an easy way to pass the time and look forward to the January sales.

It can also be a good way to include the kids in buying presents for the family and their friends. In particular, sites such as the wildly colourful have a great range of vibrant youthful gifts that could be great to show off in the classroom – just make sure that you let Santa know too!

Embracing the winter spirit

ways to beat the winter blues

However, I find that the best way for me to shake off the chilly feeling of winter is simply to get out there and celebrate the exciting time of year. The run-up to Christmas has to be one of the most magical times to be a child, and all up and down the country there are many fun Christmas fairs and markets to attend.

And even if you’ve run out of ideas with indoor camping, online shopping and enjoying Christmas fairs, then you can simply get out there on a bike and burn off that excess energy!

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