Teen Corner

Teen Corner

Hello and welcome to Teen Corner. This is the Teens corner of the blog where they will be sharing all of their news and reviews with you. Our teens are sporty, adventurous and love nothing more than a new gadget to play about with. Lee is currently in college studying sports and Bradley is currently doing his exams and is going off to college in September to study Engineering. Our eldest son Danny is 21 and currently works in the building industry.

Kid's cornerMoney-saving help

Starting out the new year with child modeling

Soon to be black belt

Conker poem

Change in my confidence





kids cornerMy thought’s of the FA junior leaders training

A day fishing

Celebrating football season

Becoming a junior football leader

Homemade parachute





kids cornerSporty Lee

Awards evening

X-plosion club night

Brad has a secret to share

Tin can carnival game





Kid's corner  Easter ideas for teens

From white belt to black

Our games room

Easter holidays





kids cornerGoing on a field trip

Virgin Active

Learning photography

Career decisions

Hotel tycoon


Pandamonium ChessingtonGamar App

Bradley’s tie and waistcoat t-shirt

Learning how to shave

Skylanders trap team preview

Labyrinth board game


super 11WWE stackdown universe

Eiffel tower

Super 11

Wicked uncle



Starwars jigsaw puzzle

Panda natural drinks

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