Are These The Reasons Why Your Energy Bills Are So High?

Are These The Reasons Why Your Energy Bills Are So High?

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Love them or loathe them (admit it, it’s the latter), you can’t get away from your energy bills. Oh sure, you could barricade your mailbox to deter the mailman from gaining access, but your energy bill companies would still find a way to reach you. 

If your energy bills aren’t too high, you probably aren’t that worried about them. But if they seem to be escalating, there has to be a reason why.

So, consider the following. Are these the reasons why your energy bills are so high?

You haven’t shopped around

When it comes to all of your expenses, you should make an effort to find the best deals. This way, you won’t pay more money than you should and you will have more to put in your savings.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it has been announced that many energy companies are hiking up their prices. You can still pay less by comparing deals online, however, and switching if you find a better deal than you are on at the moment. You might still have to pay more than normal because of the price hikes but you should be more better off than you otherwise might have been.

Your home isn’t well-insulated

If you regularly turn up the heating because your home is overly chilly, it might be because your home isn’t well-insulated. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to benefit from that extra heat, as it will escape through your walls, roof, and windows. 

So, rather than turn your thermostat up another extra notch, now might be the time to insulate your home. You can do this in a number of ways, such as paying for loft insulation or by replacing old windows with energy-efficient uPVC windows. Sure, there will be an expense, but as your home will stay warm, you will have lower energy bills as you won’t have to keep cranking up the thermostat.

There have been changes in your energy use

Are you using more energy than you used to be? If you have recently bought any appliances that aren’t energy-efficient, this could be one reason why you are facing bigger expenses. 

It might be that people in your home have stopped using energy-saving habits too. If they are leaving their devices plugged in when they aren’t using them, and if they are leaving your home lit up like a Christmas tree as they move around the house, then you will see a hike in your energy bills. 

You can monitor the energy usage in your home with a smart meter, so if you haven’t already, contact your energy company and get one fitted. 


These are just some of the reasons why your energy bills could be higher than expected. However, we haven’t covered everything here. Your gas and electricity meters could be faulty, so the fault might not be yours. Contact your utility company if you suspect this could be the case. And it might also be that you are using certain appliances more often than is normal. This was certainly the case for many of us during the pandemic. So, consider where the problem might lie and then take any steps necessary to reduce your bills. 


Where Is Your Get Up And Go?

Where Is Your Get Up And Go?

***Collaborative post***

From time to time, we can all feel a little bit flat – and that is fine. We need space to deflate sometimes and just take stock of everything going on in our lives. 

But if you find your motivation for things you love slipping away, it might be time to give yourself a little pep-up!

Take a break

If you find that the pep in your step has gone, that might be your body’s way of telling you that you need a break. 

So take a break for a few days and simply recoup those energy stores. 

After a few days, you should be well-rested and ready to take on the world again!

Hire motivation

If you are skipping your workouts, or you keep meaning to go to the gym, it’s time to hire someone who will make sure you reach your goals even on your worst day. 

The best personal trainers will get you up and out and ready to tackle a workout. 

Working out and any type of exercise increases the happy hormones in our body. Those happy hormones give us a big natural boost of get-up-and-go. 


Most humans have this great trick – if you set a goal, you become motivated to meet it and even excel beyond it. 

It is similar to setting deadlines and completing to-do lists. 

You get a tremendous sense of achievement when you check the goals off, which fills us with joy and purpose. 

If you aren’t setting regular goals for things, it might be time to try it out and see if it works for you. 

Watch stuff

There are so many content creators out there that you are bound to find one that you enjoy. Look for content creators that focus on motivation, productivity, and simple tricks to help people be their best selves. 

LifeHack has a great list of 20 videos that might give you some great ideas and get you up and going again. 

Future Fun

We talked about setting goals, but it is time to plan something fun. Try to find an event, place, or person that you want to see in the future. 

Consider everything you need to do between then and now, and another task closer to the fun thing. 

You can also plan a fun thing to do each day too so that once you have tackled your day with the ferocity of a hungry lion, you can do something fun. 

Find your peace

You might be feeling a little worn down or restless and unmotivated because you have a lot going on. Finding areas of your day to create a little bit of peace is essential. 

Peace comes from many places. You might incorporate a walk into your daily life, where you are surrounded by greenery and silence. Or perhaps listening to a podcast or sleep story can help you gain a little clarity. 

Most of the time, we push ourselves a little too hard for a little too long when what we need is to sleep a little longer and love ourselves a little more. 

Get more great tips from my Health, Fitness + Wellbeing posts! 


Do Teeth Naturally Fall Out Over Time? Or Is It Our Lifestyle?

Do Teeth Naturally Fall Out Over Time? Or Is It Our Lifestyle?

***Collaborative post***

Most adults start losing their teeth in their thirties. It starts as small things – the odd filling here and there. But then as we get into our forties and fifties, the pace increases. Eventually, more than 90 percent of people have missing teeth, fillings or a combination of both. 

So what’s going on here? Is it natural? 

The answer is not really. Yes, when people get very old – we’re talking over 90 – the gum starts to become less capable of holding teeth in place. But the vast majority of tooth loss before that time happens either because of illness, trauma or decay. 

Serious Illness

In some cases, serious illness can lead to tooth loss. It turns out that many diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, lead to a loss of oral health which, in turn, makes tooth loss and extractions more likely. 


Some people also lose their teeth because of trauma. Physical blows to the face can knock teeth out of the jaw. 

The good news is that dentists can repair many teeth that get knocked out. Often just storing the tooth in a glass of milk and then handing it to the dentist can enable them to reposition it and hold it in place. 

Trauma can also result from chronic jaw clenching. If you grind your teeth at night because you’re stressed out all the time, then that can weaken the gum over time. 

Gum Disease

However, by far the biggest cause of tooth loss is gum disease. This is where bacteria slip down the side of the tooth and cause infection that weakens the gum holding it in place. 


Decay is also a problem. This occurs when bacteria get inside the tooth itself and cause it to rot – something you can learn more about here. 

How To Prevent Tooth Loss

The good news is that you can actually prevent tooth loss over the long-run. It just requires getting oral hygiene right. 

Having a healthy mouth involves more than just brushing your teeth, flossing or using mouthwash. It also requires eating the right way. 

The biggest problem in the Western diet is “sticky” foods. These are foods that your saliva can’t easily sweep away, causing them to remain in your mouth for longer. Because they are in your mouth for a long time, it gives bacteria more time to feast on them. That way, they can churn out more harmful byproducts, causing disease and infection. 

The biggest culprit is sugar – something that our bodies never evolved to handle. But there are other threats too. Anything containing refined flours, such as breads, cookies and so on, is a major issue. Small particles remain in the mouth for a long time, and bacteria love to feed on them. 

To keep yourself safe, avoid these foods. Stick to whole foods if you can. Not only will it make your teeth healthier, but the rest of your body will thank you for it as well. 

Tooth loss isn’t one of life’s inevitabilities. But preventing it requires a change in lifestyle. 


Keep Your Kids Safe From Some Of The Greatest Dangers

Keep Your Kids Safe From Some Of The Greatest Dangers

***Collaborative post***

As a parent, it’s important to understand some of the key dangers that your child can face. We’d like to believe that our kids are perfectly safe and totally free from home, but this isn’t always the case. That’s certainly true once they start gaining more independence and living their own life. Here are some of the dangers that you need to be aware of and the steps that you can take to guarantee that your child is protected. 

Physical Harm

First, you need to make sure that your child is safe from the threat of physical harm. Your child can be put in harm’s way when they are walking home from school or when they are out with their friends. They might even be being bullied which we will discuss more a little further down. If you are worried about the danger here, then you need to make sure that you are teaching your child how to defend themselves. You can do this by looking at martial arts classes for kids. This is a great way to guarantee that they do learn self defense. 

Online Activity 

Be aware that not all the dangers that your child could face are physical. It’s equally possible that your child will face dangers online. The greatest threat here is going to be your child speaking to someone that they don’t know. This is quite common these days in the world of online gaming such as Fortnite and Among Us. Both of these are highly popular with children under the age of 15. You can keep your child safe by ensuring that they understand how to protect themselves. For instance, you should alert them that they should never give personal details out to someone they don’t know online. 


As mentioned, bullying can lead to significant danger for children. Some parents see bullying as a way to help their child develop a thicker skin. While this can be a benefit, bullying can also get serious very quickly. You need to make sure that you  are on top of the situation and you should be aware of everything that is happening to your child in real time. This could include activity online and in person. You should also not be afraid to get the school involved if things start to get out of control. 

Self Harm

Finally, it’s important for you to understand as a parent that self harm is far more common than most people realize. Some reports suggest that as many as 70% of teens will self harm before they reach the age of eighteen. That number might scare you and perhaps it should. Since we’re on the subject of self harm it’s also important to note that this isn’t always about gaining attention. This form of harm can be addictive, similar to drinking or even drugs. As such, your child might need the support of a therapist to recover.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to ensure that your child is safe from some of the common dangers that they could face in the world today. 

budget travel

How To Save For Your Next Holiday

How to Save for Your Next Holiday

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Travelling is one of life’s great experiences. Seeing new cultures, amazing landscapes, and revelling in other countries’ rich histories. It’s unparalleled.

The only catch is that these experiences are often expensive. First, there is the abroad travel, whether you go by car, boat, or plane. Then there’s the cost of staying somewhere, the cost of food, plus the cost of any experiences you have, like entry to a museum or a ticket to see a show. Then, on top of this, there are all the nitty-gritty costs you forget about.

It can feel overwhelming, looking at how much it will cost you to go on holiday – especially when you have a big family to pay for.

But it doesn’t need to overwhelm you. By starting early and using these easy saving tips, you don’t need the cost to stop you from having a great holiday.

Start saving early

Last minute holidays are really tricky to save for because you have to come up with the money in no time at all. Instead, book your holidays well in advance. Not only will they be cheaper this way, but you’ll also have more time to save. Once you’ve got a date in mind, start saving immediately. The earlier you start, the less financial burden you’ll feel.

Make saving part of your routine

Saving always feels easier when it’s just a part of everyday life. In the same way you budget so much money towards your food budget, you should also budget a certain amount to be saved each month. It doesn’t have to be loads – look at the date you’d like to go on holiday, and divide the amount by your amount of time. This terrifyingly big number should divide into something much more manageable and less scary looking.  

Put your savings somewhere smart

It can be tempting to use your savings. Maybe something comes up, like a car maintenance issue, or you’ve got a wedding and need a new outfit. In these moments, you might think to yourself: “It can’t hurt to just dip into the holiday savings.”

The problem is that, once you’ve dipped in once, it’s easy to dip in again. Before you know it, you don’t have enough savings to afford your holiday.

For this reason, you should think carefully about where to store your savings. Putting them in a savings account means it’s harder to access them immediately, so your impulse control is mostly done for you.

Another perk of a savings account is that you can earn interest on them, adding to your savings. The interest level will depend from bank to bank, so shop around for your best option.

If you want to risk making even more money, you could put your savings into an investment in the hopes that, when you need them, you can sell it off and make even money. This could be an investment in stocks or even currencies like Terra (LUNA). Make sure you do your research first to ensure you aren’t taking an unnecessary risk.

product review

Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Review

Noah's Ark Wooden Toy Review

Disclaimer – We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Have you heard of Jaques Of London? they are a family run business who have been inventing and making toys and games since 1795. They believe in the power of play and quality family time spent together.

Dylan has had great fun playing with the Noah’s Ark Wooden Animal Toy. This toy has a removable lid, 14 wooden animals and 2 wooden people. All of which are painted beautifully in a non-toxic paint, making them perfectly safe to play with. The wooden toy is made of premium 100% FSC approved wood and the craftsmanship is beautiful.

Curiosity Can Be Fun

When Dylan was playing with this wooden toy set his curiosity kicked in and he had great fun removing the lid to find it has two storeys and even a folding bridge too. He loved all the brightly colored animals which we enjoyed playing with together. The fun with this toy is endless, we enjoyed finding the right animal to go in the right cut space in the ark, we enjoyed teaching Dylan about the animals, colours, sounds the animals make and Dylan’s most favorite thing he enjoyed was picking the animals up and putting them inside the ark, which really helps with his fine motor skills.

Quality Time Through Play

Bradley enjoyed reliving his youth and shared the tale of Noah’s Ark with Dylan, whilst using the ark and animals as a visual stimulus to play along. I am not sure who had the most fun out of the two as they both loved the quality time together listening to Daddies story whilst playing. Bradley was even doing the animal sounds and singing which really grabbed Dylan’s attention. The size of the animal pieces are of a perfect size and the ark itself is 25.5 cm x 20 cm x 14 cm.

Imagination Is A Beautiful Thing

Noah’s Ark has so many educational benefits and will help develop Dylan’s imagination beautifully. This Ark has already helped engage Dylan’s imagination, as it is already starting to show when having story time using the ark as a visual. Learning should be a natural process and whilst playing with the Ark this will help Dylan to practice stacking, recognize shapes, colours, encourage creative play and help Dylan’s recognition of animals. There are endless ways to learn whilst playing with Noah’s Ark and Dylan’s creativity can be well and truly unleashed.

Play is such an important part of any child’s development and all of Jaques Of London toys are lovingly hand-crafted and designed perfectly to give children multiple benefits.

Noah’s Ark is perfect for children aged 1+ and with Dylan just turned one years old this made a perfect gift. Look how beautifully wrapped it arrives. It arrives gift perfect!

We have already been looking at toys for 2 year olds to plan ahead and they have an awesome selection.

Jaques of London even offer you the opportunity to get 15% off. To take advantage of this offer pop over to where you will find more details.

Whether you are looking for a gift idea, something educational or simply something fun Jaques Of London have you covered.


A Little Thank You – Amazon Voucher

A Little Thank You - Amazon Voucher

Disclaimer: This is a blogger collaboration competition.

As a massive thank you to all of our readers we have teamed up with a few other bloggers to give you our readers a chance to win one of the two prizes up for grabs. Myself and my family have been blogging here at The House That Never Rests for a good few years now and we would like to thank each and every one of our readers for following our journey to where we are today.

For today’s competition, we have two prizes to offer you. The first prize is a £100 Amazon Voucher and the second prize is a £25 Amazon voucher. Both of these awesome prizes will come in handy for Christmas this year. What will you buy with your voucher?

You could treat yourself to something nice, or put it towards a Christmas gift for someone special to help ease the Christmas stress a little. Whatever you decide to do if you win we hope you enjoy your prize. This competition ends on the 29th September 2021.

Who Brings You This Competition?

A collaboration of bloggers have got together to bring this prize to you, the prize comes out of their pocket as a thank you for supporting them over the past year. You will find the links below, please pop over and visit them. You never know, you might find a blog that you really relate to. Sometimes we think we are the only person going through something, when in fact there are others. These bloggers share their ups and downs so that nobody ever feels alone. 

Links To Some Awesome Blogs

Miss LJ Beauty /Me Him, The Dog And The Baby / The Little House By The Sea / Miss Tilly And Me / Mindful Slow Life / Jennie Pennie / The Heaton Fam / Mum Making Money / Just Average JenThe Free From Mummy / We Made This Life / Blog Bay Bee / Claire Mac Ricecakes And Raisins / Life With Jupiter and DannChildfree / Fruit Picking Farms / Best Lodges With Hot Tubs / A Suffolk Mum / At Home With Alice / Its Me Chrissy J / Simple Reveries / Two Hearts One Roof / Lilac Storm / My Healthy Temple / Real Girls Wobble / The Amazing Adventures Of Me 

How Can I Enter This Competition?

In order to be entered to win the vouchers, you need to leave a comment on the blog post. Click on the rafflecopter and it gives you the instructions to do this. Then there are other options to follow the bloggers on their social media. The more entries that you complete, the more chances you have of winning a voucher (or even both vouchers). You don’t have to complete all of the entries to be entered, but each one you complete is an entry. 

Good luck to all that enter!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms And Condition:

  • UK Entries only.
  • Ends 29th September 2021
  • Blog comments must be over 8 words long otherwise it usually goes to the spam file.
  • This is a collaborated competition and is not associated with Tesco or any other company.
  • You must be over 18 to enter this competition.
  • You don’t need to enter all of the other requirements but if you do say you have completed them, please ensure that you have. Otherwise, your entry is void.
  • You have 28 days to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen. 
  • After you have claimed your prize, you will receive the voucher within 28 days
product review

Baigio UK Waterproof Handlebar Phone Holder Review

Baigio UK Waterproof Handlebar Phone Holder Review

***Disclaimer – We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.***

Do you struggle with somewhere to store your items when out enjoying a bike ride? is your mobile phone something you are going to want to hand?

We have currently been reviewing the Baigio Selighting Bike Handlebar Bag. This handle bar phone holder has been extremely handy to have and use. It not only helps me to have my phone to hand to see who is calling me, I can use it to help direct me to destinations and see the map, It can help me listen to music and make calls.

A closer look at the Baigio Handlebar Phone Holder!

  • The Baigio is suitable for any phone under 6 inches.
  • The bag is waterproof and wear-resistant. Made of 900D nylon material.
  • You can use the phone via the transparent touchscreen cover.
  • Dimensions of the bag are: 18 x 10.5 x 11 cm – 7.1″x 4.1″x 4.3″ suitable for smartphones within 6″.
  • The bag is easy to use, it has a Velcro strap design for ease of use without the need for tools.
  • This bag is suitable for most design of bikes, such as mountain, road and even fast riding bikes.
  • Features a sun visor.
  • There is a insert section for if you wish to use wired earphones.
  • Capacity of this bag is perfect. A perfect size for storing your keys, bike tool, bank card, small snack, phone charger and any other hand held items.
  • You have a choice of colours to chose from.

Use of the phone holder

The installation on the phone holder took us seconds to attach to our bike with the ease of the Velcro straps. With the bag having a visor, we found this a great design, as it helped protect from splashes and also protection from the sun to give us much more viability. It was great to be able to have our phone to hand and to be able to use our phone through the transparent cover. Unfortunately our touch ID fingerprint doesn’t work through the cover (as expected) so we just used our pin code instead to gain full use of our phone. When setting off out on a bike ride the storage capacity allowed us to store our keys and portable phone charger, bank card and some change, along with a small snack and small bike repair items. When cycling in the rain my phone and items remained nice and protected. All items were easily accessible via the the strong double zips, even when attached to the bike. We did worry that the bag would move when cycling, but it remained perfectly in position throughout our journey.

With everything to hand and protected all that leaves now is for us to plan our next bike ride!


Simple Things to Remember When Starting a Business on a Budget

Simple Things to Remember When Starting a Business on a Budget

***Collaborative post***

Starting out in the business world is both a thrilling and exciting adventure. 

The adrenaline that you get from taking the leap is one that you’ll want to hold onto. It’s easy to get caught up in the midst of it all. However, when starting on a budget, this can be when your budget goes out the window. 

Whether you are on a budget or not, you’ve got to hone in and focus. The excitement is easy to get lost in, however, smart moves are well thought out ones. 

Build your future business’ foundation with these simple but important things to remember:

Do Research – Take Risks

Tapping into competitor research is one of your most valuable business tools. Research is also free. Dig deep and find out all about your competitors, what they are doing, and most importantly, what they are not. 

Finding the information you need takes time and patience. However, this is where you will make your best decisions and find room to take risks. 

Choosing to take a risk doesn’t come from picking something random and running with it. Risks are an opportunity to learn from going down avenues that you wouldn’t normally. Research is your best tool to find them. 

Use Freelancers to Your Advantage 

To save on costs, work as streamline as possible. While you can’t run your business alone, you can run with a minimalistic team. 

A great way to do this is to outsource projects that you don’t need to monitor with a freelancer. For easy projects, you can look for entry-level freelancers. For more advanced projects, there are professionals who will complete a task in the time it would take you to hire someone in the office. 

Keep your freelancers close to you. Having regular trusted people at hand to do projects as and when you need them can accelerate your business plans. 

Know Your Budget

Running businesses on a budget requires meticulous calculations; from outlining your business plan to getting your first clients in the bag. You have to know how much everything is going to cost and predict any extra expenses that might come along the way. 

Start your accounting plan early. If you don’t know anything about it, take a quick course in accounting to cover the basics so that you can do it by yourself. 

Monitor your incomings and outgoings and set up your retained earning statement to analyse your numbers. By doing this regularly, you can keep an eye on any leads that you might not know you had. 

Be the Best

A great business idea solves a problem. Start small and be the best.

The quality of your product is measured by its ability to deliver its promises. When you start out, focus on a small number of customers and be willing to adapt to their needs. The changes that you make for your first clients could be the changes that make your business a success.

Starting a business is a steep learning curve that, when done right, has great rewards. Think smart, learn all that you can and you’ll be paving your own way to success before you know it. 

Health and fitness

How to Stay Balanced

How to Stay Balanced

***Collaborative post***

As we go through life creating our presents and creating our futures, we can overdo it and fall out of balance. Balance is very important to staying centered so that you can focus on your life and make good choices that will give you an even better existence. Here are a few ways you can maintain balance in your life.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is so important. When you eat light, healthy foods, you are more likely to be more alert, feel better, and make better choices. When you make better choices, you will do more good for your life than bad. Your relationships will be better and you can remain on track as you reach all of your goals. When we eat poorly we are more sluggish and more likely to have clouded thinking, which leads to bad choices and lots of regret. 

Find the Time to Relax

Relaxation is important for balanced health and balanced mental health. There are ways to slow yourself down like breathing exercises or taking the time to go to a spa and get a massage or facial. Meditating is great for relaxing as is journaling and just simply finding a quiet space in your world where you can be still. There are also supplements that you can take for relaxation like inhaling essential oils or ingesting capsules that will help you relax from the inside out. Click here to find out how these alternatives work. 

Exercise Your Body and Mind

Exercising releases endorphins that make you happy. Exercising is also great for your mental health because you have the comfort of knowing that you are treating yourself and your body well. Physically, exercise helps us stay more vibrant and agile and helps us to continue to do the things we love to do. Mentally, exercise keeps us sharp and focused and that helps us to be on top of things, organized, and feeling as if we are in control of our lives. Get out and move and you will see a huge improvement to your life balance. 


Nothing opens up your mind and life more than some travel. Getting to learn new languages or seeing new places is great for expanding your mind and helping you realize there are more ways to live than just what you know. You become more balanced when you begin to see and experience new adventures. Travel can also give you time away from work or time away from the usual stresses of life that can cause you to become unbalanced. Get out and see the world. A new perspective may be exactly what you need to switch things up. 


We all need play time, and socializing is a great way to balance your life at work with your life at home. Hanging with friends doing activities is an effective method to blowing off steam and feeling your best. It’s also a way to share some of your feelings and anxieties, which is a stress reliever. 


5 Tips to Organize the Makeup Corner in your Room

5 Tips to Organize the Makeup Corner in your Room

***Collaborative post***

Your bedroom cosmetics vanity is most likely your favorite little nook in your bedroom, where you sit every morning and night. Making a makeup corner and setting up to your convenience is very important in order to enjoy your beauty routines and a hassle free day. Having all the products from skincare to makeup in one place is just perfect. Below are some of the organizing tips that will help you to create a beautiful makeup corner in your room.

Discard the useless stuff

In order to start, de-cluttering is the main step to do. Discard all of the makeup products that you no longer use or are expired. Go through all of your makeup, lipstick, and brushes first. Any that are broken or past their prime should be discarded. Look for the time restriction that is printed on the box. Changing your mascara, eye pencil and liner after a year will help you save from the harmful bacteria. Cosmetics can be bought again when you throw away all of your previous makeup products.

Sort and Separate

In order to organize the makeup corner, sort and separate your products. Make two or three portions and arrange them accordingly. You can buy small organizers online to put in all the skincare products and makeup separately. Sort your all makeup by category. It makes sense for many people to divide their regular makeup from that needed to create special event or nighttime looks. Preparative cosmetics should be kept together, primers and powders should be kept together, lipsticks should be kept together, eye shadows and palettes should be kept together, and so on. Keep brush holders; one for eye brushes and second for face brushes. 

Divide the Drawers

Cosmetics draw dividers will be your greatest friend if you have a large makeup collection and want to keep some products hidden. It also helps you to organize the makeup corner efficiently. There are several methods to arrange your cosmetic drawers; simply select one that works best for you based on the sort of makeup you use. This will help you decide whether to keep your cosmetics in a countertop organizer or in a drawer. Also, what you use every day should be visible at all times, while what you use less frequently should be tucked away in the background. Also create a separate rack or drawer solely for nail polishes, hand and foot, body care, and hair care. 

Light it up

Add a lit beauty mirror to convert your space into a genuine cosmetics station. Two sconces are used to frame a contemporary mirror. Just remember to keep an eye on the scale. You’ll be surprised at how much better your makeup looks when you apply it in excellent lighting. Not to mention how useful it is to have a magnifying mirror that can be adjusted to the ideal angle. 

Decorate a Cute Vanity

Add a little bit of warm tones to your vanity. You can get a wallpaper done on the vanity wall. Even if you have a little area, you may convert your cosmetic station into a lovely refuge by adding a few small accents. Decorate it with your favorite quotations, framed photos of family and friends, wall art, and an antique vanity clock. 


Get inventive with your vanity decor to really show off your decorating abilities. Buy cutesy stuff to organize the makeup corner. It also doesn’t have to be expensive since if you think outside the box, you may use commonplace materials. You can keep a cool ash tray or cake stands in order to add beauty and decency to your vanity.  

Pet care.

Is Your Lifestyle Suited For A Dog?

Is Your Lifestyle Suited For A Dog?

***Collaborative post***

A lot of people want to get a dog, but not everyone currently has the kind of lifestyle that a dog really needs in order to be cared for and respected properly. A dog is an animal with emotions that needs to be given the attention, love and care it deserves, and if your lifestyle prohibits you from being able to do all that, then it is not going to be worthwhile getting a dog. You will need to change aspects of your lifestyle first, or consider getting another pet which has different demands and needs altogether.

Let’s look now at some of the aspects you will need to consider when you are trying to work out whether your lifestyle is suited for a dog or not. As long as you have thought about the following, you are much more likely to be able to get a dog.

Do You Have Space?

Generally, a dog needs quite a lot of space in order to live happily. While you can technically have a dog in a smaller area, and of course this is much easier if the dog is of a breed which tends to be quite small on the whole, you should nonetheless make sure that you have as much space as possible before you even think about getting a dog. Dogs need to move around freely and be able to exercise, which is why having a yard or garden is really important, even if you are also taking them for regular walks. If you don’t think that you have enough space in your home, then you might not be able to get a dog.

Are You Active?

You personally need to be at least fairly active physically if you want to keep a dog, for the obvious reason that they are going to need to be taken for regular walks, and if you are not able to do this then you are not really able to look after them properly. That doesn’t mean that you have to be running marathons every day – but you should have no problem with going for an hour’s long walk every day, and perhaps even twice a day. If you need help, you could of course hire someone or ask a friend to help you, and if you can do that routinely then you could still comfortably get a dog and ensure they are looked after properly.

As well as being active enough to take them for walks, you need to be strong enough to ensure that they don’t get away from you when near to busy traffic and other dangerous situations. You’ll want to get a good quality, strong leash from a Dog Friendly Co, and you’ll also need to make sure that you are able to keep your dog under control no matter what. If you think you might not be able to do that, or the walker that you have hired can’t, then the dog might end up getting into danger.

How Often Are You Home?

Many dogs are left home alone for hours each day. As long as they are comfortable, well-fed and watered, and have lots of things to play with safely, then this is not too much of a problem, except for certain larger breeds who might feel a little stuck indoors this way! But you do need to make sure that you are not going to be out all of the time, as that can pose a very big problem indeed if you have a dog. If you have a lifestyle that keeps you out of the house for ten or twelve hours every day, with nobody home to care for the dog, then you are probably not in a position to have a dog just yet. Wait until your lifestyle is a little less busy before thinking about getting a pooch.

Can You Love Them?

Finally, what a dog really needs most of all is love, care and attention. The main and final question you need to be asking yourself is whether you have it in you to put all of your devotion into your little pooch. If you think that you can do this, then that is the single most important thing, and it’s a good sign that you are ready to have a dog. If not, then you are going to need to make sure that you are building up and developing this quality within yourself first. After all, your dog needs love just like you.

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Jungle Themed Bedroom

Jungle Themed Bedroom

Disclaimer – We were gifted the wallpaper and decorators set in exchanged for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own!

Have you heard of Photowall? we hadn’t until recently. Photowall are a top rated Swedish wall art company. They are a brand who are passionate about helping you transform your home to reflect your personality. They specialise in wall murals, photo wallpapers, posters, prints and much more. Photowall work with some inspiring designers that all have their own unique style and story.

If you are stuck for ideas, or need some help, then you can also find some inspiration and be guided by some amazing collections and even get some fantastic tips on the latest trends and interior designs.

Savanna Animals With Photowall

We have recently become first time homeowners and moved into our new home this year. With becoming Grandparents to Dylan, born September 2020, we wanted to turn one of our rooms into a room for him and also any future grandchildren. With browsing the many wonderful designs on Photowalls website, we opted for the Savanna Animals Mural. We chose this design as it was bright, colourful and very cheerful looking. We thought it was the perfect design that could grow with our grandchildren. We also thought it would help bring their imaginations to life, with the help of the bright cheerful colours, and cute animal prints, in a stunning jungle themed setting. This design helps to bring a modern yet fun feel to our grandchildren’s bedroom.

Ordering With Photowall

When ordering with Photowall it will ask you for the measurements of the surface to be wallpapered. Allowing extra for margin of error. Once you have your measurements it will ask you to add them with the extra for margin of error. Once the measurements are added it will show you what it will look like with the measurements provided and also give you your price.

Once happy with the design you can then go on to choose your wallpaper type and quality. You can either have standard, which is made of sturdy and durable nonwoven material. Or there is the premium selection which features an extra layer that gives a Matt finish. It is also extra-resistant to scrapes and does not reflect sunlight.

We opted for the premium selection as we thought this would be a better option for a baby/toddler room. If you are unsure on what option to choose then Photowall offer for you to purchase a sample to help you decide.

We also opted to get a wallpaper kit. The kit consisted of a glue brush, seam roller, a paper hanging brush, a knife, cutting guide, level and pencil. All of which came in extremely handy.

Once you have ordered the delivery is very quick. We received an email confirming our delivery day, which was only a 3 day wait.

Hanging The Mural

In the box with the mural were some very handy instructions/tips for hanging the mural. We have never hung a mural before so these tips were very welcomed. The tips given are a list of recommended tools, how best to prepare for the mural and then tips on how best to hang the mural.

The Mural itself came in a box as one big roll. It was very well securely packaged. In total we had 8 drops to hang in the room. I won’t lie, we were rather nervous about hanging the mural, but we followed the tips and instructions provided and we were fine.

As I said above, the mural arrives as one big roll of wall paper, as you can see in the picture above it is sectioned off to the height measurements you provided. It then shows you where to cut between each sheet/drop that needs hanging. You then paste and hang each one and see the mural come together.

Unlike other wallpapers we have hung before in the past, this paper has a lovely thickness to it and was very easy/nice to work with and line up the patterns. The patterns lined up perfectly. With each drop being numbered and instructions on each drop guiding us on what way to hang the paper, we really couldn’t go wrong and the stress was minimized massively. With this mural being taylor-made this helps to minimize wastage, which is an added bonus.

The Finished Savanna Animals Mural With Photowall

We are now excited to see Dylan’s face when he sees his Jungle themed bedroom. We are planning to add soft furnishings, teddy bears and toys to continue the theme on and bring the room to life as much as possible. We can’t wait to see our grandchildren’s imaginations fill the room.

Photowall are kindly giving our readers a 25% discount off of anything from their website. Just enter the code: thehousethatneverrests25 at the checkout.

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Getting Older? Here’s How To Stay Feeling Young

Getting Older? Here's How To Stay Feeling Young

***Collaborative post***

Getting older is an unfortunate fact of life. While that can come with a range of advantages, it can also have its negatives. Chief among these are the physical effects that it can have, such as wrinkles, joint issues, and much more.

If you think that these are just the facts of aging, then you’d be wrong. Though certain things can’t be avoided, you can minimize if not outright avoid certain age-related conditions. You wouldn’t need to see a doctor for most of these.

How To Keep Feeling Young

Keeping a few things in mind and changing your lifestyle a little bit can help you to keep feeling you as you get older.

Swap Refined Carbs For Unprocessed Carbs

Anyone interested in fitness can tell you about carbs. While you might assume that all carbs are the same, they aren’t. Instead, there are what’s called ‘refined carbs’ and ‘unprocessed carbs.’ Most people will be familiar with the former, as it’s in a lot of food.

By swapping to unprocessed carbs, such as brown rice and wheat flour, you can eliminate the impact refined carbs have on your life. Coupled with that are the age-related benefits, including reducing the risks of heart disease.

Try Cannabis Seeds

When many people hear the word ‘cannabis,’ they automatically think illegal. While that’s the case of some parts of the plant, it’s not true of all parts. As a result, you can work a certain amount of it into your diet, provided you’re getting it from the right source, such as ICE Cannabis Seeds.

There are numerous health benefits associated with this, including better digestion. When it comes to aging and feeling healthy, you should see just as many benefits. Using seeds and other parts in your diet can help with joint issues, skin issues, and much more.

That will help you negate many of the effects that you will typically expect with aging.

Eat More Fatty Fish

Nutrition will be a key part of getting older. That doesn’t mean sticking with the same diet that’s done you so far. Instead, you might need to adjust as you get older, as that will help you stay feeling younger. One of the more notable foods you should work into your diet is fatty fish.

That’s because of its high omega-3 fatty acid count, which can provide a wealth of benefits as you get older. These will primarily help with heart issues, brain issues, low energy, and much more. Those benefits should help you stay feeling young over time.

Wrapping Up

If you’re worried about the effects of aging, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much. By adding a few things to your diet and lifestyle, you can avoid many of the issues often associated with aging.

While some of these can’t be avoided outright, you can minimize their impact on your life over time. The earlier you start these, the better, as they can have a much larger effect on your life.

There can be multiple other things to factor into your life. Starting with the basics, however, will help create a foundation for you to build on.


The Snowball Effect – Small Steps Now Can Help You Overcome Bad Habits

The Snowball Effect - Small Steps Now Can Help You Overcome Bad Habits

***Collaborative post***

Picture a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger as it goes. Yes, it only starts off small, but the momentum it picks up means it grows and grows almost without any effort. The great news is that you can harness this effect when it comes to making positive changes in your life and kicking bad habits to the curb. Keep reading to find out how. 

Snowball your exercise habit 

One of the most effective ways to use the snowball technique is when it comes to building up a regular habit of exercise. Indeed, starting very small, by getting off the bus at a stop early, walking on your lunch break, or even doing just 5 minutes of yoga in the morning before breakfast can with time and consistency snowball into much more sustained practice. 

In particular, starting small with exercise means you get that instant hit of adrenaline because it’s so easy to achieve your goal. Once you get used to this and are used to building at least some activity into your day, moving on to larger and more substantial goals like doing a 30-minute class or a couch to 5K becomes so much easier. 

Snowball your smoking habit 

Of course, when it comes to smoking the snowball effect we are looking for is to reduce our consumption with a view of quitting altogether. However, because of the addictive and habit-forming nature of nicotine, the thought of going cold turkey can be enough to put smokers off from trying to quit. 

Luckily, the power of the snowball can help here too, as it’s entirely OK to start small and build up your ability to resist over time. Indeed, many people in the process of quitting smoking will begin by cutting out one or two cigarettes a day, and once they have built their confidence, increase this number. 

Others may choose to use intermediary products such as vapes which provide the sensation of smoking but contain far less of the dangerous chemical of cigarettes. Such supplies can be bought from an online Vape Shop, and you can even get liquid with different amounts of nicotine. Thus allowing you to slowly reduce your nicotine consumption and build your confidence that you don’t need to be reliant on this substance. 

Snowball your overeating habit 

Overeating is something that many of us find so easy to do. After all, if something tastes good, it is natural to want to keep consuming it. Traditionally, the solution for overeating and the weight gain it causes is to go on a restrictive diet. Unfortunately, such ways of eating can do more harm than good. 

Indeed, by restricting the amount of food you consume, and limiting the types of food you allow yourself to eat, it sends the message to the brain that food is scarce, something which can contribute to eating more than you need, rather than helping you to achieve a better balance. 

Instead, a better approach is to start small by tuning into your body, and stopping when you feel full. In this way, you can begin to develop a much healthier relationship with food that over time will help you to develop a healthier mind and body.